Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier in Bakersfield, California
11 Jan 1877

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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier in Bakersfield, California
11 Jan 1877

Read an issue on 11 Jan 1877 in Bakersfield, California and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier.

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - January 11, 1877, Bakersfield, California P of a vis 1 Thi if Knob Coram Lylw of Jacard of it of an Anneo action on Thi Raeto at teen Lisl Mizii t ref ii u tto Luw to Ibert m no Effort in notion of Fourl moan Man member who Bud a noted oppose lion id remorse of Law poo from ibid Zubor Fultn us of Iho Tel cuff the people at w0n Hal fun id hopping the building dwells were half Tow Mem Board comm inked action before in Mir District Lon Blitz upon directed oot not to w Tho real Priles in or want action and real inv of the original in Tom of do on Faith of Tow centring Burn Twili of to War paid Law on the and Fedr and Neter found an attorney who bad is mined Iton Validity of Dew frito the original a Der Law Patent do not own of Tow land in Homo of ii bae changed bands Many Home have in for on Ellb nut a sup Mai that i Brongs la could into an nuo for ibo to Toko Back its by a egmont of a upon of w fan Orng he Cal Florou it the relation a to mow storms in wed Tor an Petal Long at Saaw we but buyers at Stockton were offering m u on ibo celebrated Tegro my Natrul in new Tork on Ibe 8d Cotow tax new Tork on 4lb b Otway a to make tolerably Good a Alum Baa been Ducot ered wll bin hit Law Bercy of Tod Law a Borer Limtt ilm in or Wii of uniform among Bleb u Eon to us stain womb or new f men on pay Nam to made Jolon to win uni in end Oft be h now Farmer of end often Aube of to unsettled mind of a burst in two weeks Wisl u i in Okay a web Soma poo where men can gel Teller mid barn to result is Ripon site to and the is bum is Toon after found loafing around Romett Public bating it turned from Bla tramp and out of it lib on Iris Niy which a Cprrea us Farrow of wrong on Tow Purl of Iho part of Bis m than Bown Advance Money to audio u unable to compete with Ibe to Irr w iry More than ten Cara would inflict Jurgot punishment on but wimm Natur upon hundreds of thus line is fraught with my Law thirteenth and Good to met supreme and list tribunal lid judge decision from the in order to obtain the injun Ilon a igl Reft in of county Sgal nit Cwman and dam loft county bad Hough 10 deltoid the and on Iho he Lufi of the in promo Ruurt in Dond upon Tho for costs Grid Willob were Ollowa Allan i by the of Lam Board of he Jarboo and err run new ii u in rur n it to Tow Borer for Wlzlo Muni Miff or fur firf0tflj Nso i and eight territories re children Nell Ltd to from ban prgo Donn to Are tin in great to Namo of the Colcon advocate has been banged to colion Pomti Bim makes Bowly Roan bind Nso i roaming is Iscem of ibo so who is Bur to fur roaming prop ii Long la Ellabea it ire to Lam plane of Dussler Llian a and if Venniro Llumi the a Coral Onno Lattim k must on surm in nil Siom acc plod Hie it Udo of Tiu Butu for to Fuu Iid Alton of Ali or Bond go atm by to recover the coeds am of do aul Tho i Ronty bad expended upwards of Allim unit to milkmen fur Lam thu we swim rally Broi Glit Boorn the Minn Hill Tiik or Rue iou wry the the honors Blo dui ird of of Kirn of inny litre new Psi link in oui slut Nuri of Tiu dam pm for Kuril Wisla skin him Vulku of Ilia Llulu to Ilio Tii Wii of Lindi r f thu i Horuff by Titi Tho of Kern Voln no Jurty Iii i uni lir Lilli Dir Lvii Niin i Enlil to Minim and Linn Ito Ltd it waa done did by who demurred to Thieu no in Soonrae of to argument on Tom Hong Ion found Bowlls Tom Omlga rambo Robsn and in rep on to ibo in Yluan and of ibo both halon wok Oro Ailun to express in Row bal nth tint ibo oort Boum Tonko i cwt ibo in ten Tom oort Ana Lalund and Ilin Nikki wipe Ltd logo to the a nerf to com from Law v Otey Wjk d us blot lot judge or Dir and Iho Camtan d this of won Jinrong of the District court and motion wan Matin by until of Moaiedi and Iho plaintiff a Wii al Nus and jul a wat f upwards of and a county lit a Buslof about Bull property will Boinpally lost Viiu Vii by him of my to Loul Rico iras la Lii Ltd Liliu in stroll wlm i duty it is Tull of said in us a Flornoy Uiki or Nitu of Thi of until Anil has abandoned Tom of Liliu no Iuit so vim be of Mill nil Nirgi title Pra Ynith ugly la or Niue or null ill i Iblis Anil in Liliu Lux to Kelly Liuigi Thini new ii Lucid i Jui Pinky by tin Llola if Tiu Nam Vul Pui Ollun 1illiu wizard of super prvs undid on my Lidiia slut Iii by a Conni Iii Ollir f Ihu Fruto thu Wiro Fli Lvpl on in Fallu Witik on Lam uni stir being Nimni Lonel in Ihu Niit Nura Ichih original unit Iho Anglun pull ii Juls riot Ouirl Nhit list item self ail and thai ibo Ali Orney Yiu a rooted to Dis roles tint Mioli n Trupo Wai to to to Nav was unlink own in Lullu of of urn uni lot dist lot win Iho Duniy Opp owl Tom Rof in ibo of and to Orier we wily possible taxi Man gluon by Lam mends of to Traoy Baa Ihu of Bung an isl own and Itla act in Tho mutter Ihu thoughtful Niu Bora of Tiu out Tumilty in i Ellb Bun Luniw it Jwia Wail natural that to slum old Dan artist the of Bla who was Uio writ us Lull lilt Imd h Ilia but on in thu limn in found Hill Luwi him that Ihu comity Nilk one of Tiu Hill Buti sled in Jib Ali Plit i s Llanil he bad the county fur Ami Bizil Rcpt Rod in him in Lila Smisl fill Linit Tho oui Only bad put to in build Luj Jii i mid to wan Loival Ull with Tom of Tom Hoard Oaise Lucli Leil dial if Iho Daids were tint ii Nide mix Nimir Lnu by Mility Stoulil hur Niy intend Ihu Liisu in thu Dan trim lion no Neil to by on Tho Istik Tiu Ilo ital controlling the general opposition t this in american big oiled Tho contract system to the Farmer would be Able to put All Bis ready momus would be assured of Bis help fur thu Soa ovum Isy out Bis work without Ihu no i silly fur neglect of any part for fear of Ift and Yuul i Lulu the vast adv Sibug of Mun who bad Buou Ino Wilh Tom work of Hie and Fml Llor with the plans a huh Are so necessary to on thu other Tom Lalio ror would be it the the Tow Farmer would provision for him us a Zombor of the Tho would not by squandered in Ihu of thu and the Wisto of irregular and Horary employment would be do Tiu away the labourer have not Luena matter of proper consideration a Ruth thu Furni he u loft to sleep in Ibe barn or in any whore to could spread his a cosy evening by a pleasant al Ropaco Boon it Lito Aliso Thorn in no Fiel ing of Mutual interests and Mutual depend ence Between employer and the Farmer bus i Mut Leo to improve upon lie Vandillon of thu migratory Clits which Only to thu Horary and to Souro Udu pts Ilia frail silent practice of merely puss ing away Tiu without refer uncut la it is ibis Indef for Enos on sides which Iii Attru Uewl the argument la Iii orders have Purul Teu of lieu n Atli Stilian of men in Gard in Trio of Ihu City Aud Tho Luw Cun it Beilein to Tiver Fumu limn by a system of contracts we Lii nil Ihl a Walt in Benefit id All Pur Ilu to the Ltd to Liliu the results u in a Grout inti Inre Firmien and Tull Libo rur he result will Colliu Nav Lui of Liu whole years str pro a Barb he ii begin be Ink Luik of a a taif for to Flat Are Baring strawberries in ban Bor the coloured a Nelor hmm is a plan for and a native of us i Stout and Tomato Are ripening in and Apple tree leaves Cross Green As in lays Ilic Tun scram no pen sol it is Tope of in friends Bat ii May Lluhi Chron Ilcau Tho next the Ibe Weott and hotel for Sal rare Ireat an1 nine any liar n Uli tit promptly Offlie of a c b soft f Spiik a Kentfield of most w1 mail Pfilf of for or will ilm Nii a ii if car Aii pair in Bray Wool and Grain commission Milf for w ant thoroughbred Durham at a a sort Flower bean Nib of the most Able running vinessn4 Pertll a a pts Shaws the Mah be31 Twitt Ineram in fill id j look at newest Fadwat Quality of f boots and we Call attention to our new by oct Olfelt jt7 for Sale l6o cohpbi8ino silk and Cotton boots and and Valise l ii nil Hiing Lilun Rull Rund com Promow apply Tim to Nasr Lytik has Lioon now nor of thu As bulb in this a publican of n 0 t i c Rullo Irlam Ile Norlea were put in slim or inv Coll he cml ten null in in by i noun Divitti Iann i in southwos1 of sixty ties in Ilion Ourley ill Toh with Utar by atm Udint a or for in Rigulo terms of Sale on fourth balance in two and Throe interest por the farm will b Ling i i an of Woolen from the Mission and san re Odom Ide i dts of the latest Evlern and Elf Ropcean 811k Wooler this Jig Una do Tsche Hancho in in Chin Nyu ing previous to by Iii Mannli a Florid for Sulu in Sciull the Murys Vullo Tho Only Nort born Cutlir urls alive ban Vii Rcd upon bus Hie in Nunnink he dirt by Ripi along thu Tux lieu put on tub income of Trio Loirro Ludo Rrell Itlen Compi Iny is reported at expanses Are nut Given Tim Mercury Talca that Orn Vullo Tirb in proved morn Ihu past ear Lorat Vernl years five daily stats it Rlou there to Ltd Lou Ai Ibibs reports one of Unmil Lynx f Ihu fall Bisl of Clivi Asnien uru Btung he Ovid in in front Mclilly tint div Nora Ono whole pegu i thu ill Nalii Binl speeches of Ihu ii huh inc Flung n hint Rily lust diction Ircink Uio no Tun of on incr Irwin in Iho Oregon soil operator of to u cedi nil company at Foj Luconda uitts Dond in bin of Lou a Bull two Oil cult n Ilio it term 21 Fakhr formerly of Kern Runyn it Moo y Thlu of or the i Hill intr l will to t at Kern Valley groceries and provisions a Tine lot of Chester ave no Ond second North int voted in Tho a Sango of snub in s uti to inn by Hie oui Only Galus Ivd or Lii Lam a lilt Liml to 11 us if he Vonlil give a Oard tar had oxus Luil ills glued to ten county Limo by mid a Ltd Iho delivery Unell Ibe Elhiu Sli Kulil uni Imlau lie film Wolf Tofu Rulu Hoard with Dudi and Tif tur the a county Jiu Lnu Camu in Ellb f Troni of m Whu Baa a debt upon the comity of u Baa a sad thu of urls Tiven won in bit pram and via Oato Putnoi up in Usu do tilt Umyn a annul due to thu Oli Armun of to i Hyrtl of connived to Ubillu a order and Aorl Vanlue in Vrbik Blu ii by bin attorney and unlit in ii Rilos Lih i lit in Liuni Atli Tom Pii Lilliin fair unit to Bwl Bottura put Kimii january 1877 Eulton 1 Wooll Ellhu to Malio Sotiriu inquiries thru huh Yui the yarn of Myk Tirlich to and Ull Ullh whom i what lit use of Kir for anything Ity a Mil the pour Ooi titty u the lust Limo inns to Liliu tin to have Iwami Ilio Liu Linlor Liliu Blitz to on to Dull Sci and now to find it is Board of no urn to Ghoul the county of Len they or Uroil Liliu Dunt Nuisl us Loii of to county to recover the re rid upon Ishuin by Ihu chairman of Liliu of the Leal Road cum All know that to principal will full Steh Toni tally nod toiled no torment of Cai idiot Toboco and toilet a Tioila Oto incorporated capital in the run kit Ilsoo daily Post nil fln7ir for Sale it in Lily John the Aud and other too to mention agents i for the celebrated Coc Mungo wines and native Trio Coon Noco took 1 Premium at tie Aud cd amino mj8 afr to Sirp bin by Xiv Lor the Vii Journ Wil Lionil in Lou it 000 Home of tub gom Jan Eha begun the new year wit i anew Aud highly and g too extra Ftp Len were it Iho Only fully paper Publ shed in und la gaining oily Neil in san Fra ouzo and Nullon if in Iurillo j of tenders Bourett Tea Csepi in Imit Well to re e Queen Hsu do Sun in inn Iii Olimpo and or com lieu in Wren of Oujo cd Visio Conul Ning unto of ibo fool if Anil u ii Bruak of Law Cinti Muti i in Bobary oui Only Ihu Well known that sumo Plint of pub Llu prepared by wimp of hit Tho in based upon that All thu Lutcs Hern ibo Puoplo is a a who 0 by a of Lulal to loud of Jjuan in Bla Lulu Kiili we loll h to i fowl from Lila to Tom Likiu fur ins Cilicia a Bate Niin stud my to u Elili tir m of bar bad Biu uht fun Vurtle Tuuli t am Tutu Roatus la Tomt Jill a tall de Lluu to void Puu ship Lolet bad Buti Aio Naud by us Blhut wlm was Ihu al Turnoy of to Trio bad Mil Ai Tuniks the court at but no up Law r arum in Tuat n Voltl have Bow Uver do t any Aid Youw ii Vul Ixia us of Islda of to who i jul Neil him la worry out Liliu Bat whom la oui it Largo Nuin Jwj of Bla de Yilli absolute i upon hits aut Luik Asau al of rub admit of i Baskit to to lilt la ban b Aya Lunt our Len to Tow in Lillie Umb r y in Tot Aal to on dump Rwy to Vum whom or wort jury v Fiir Llor not Tom ism of thu uni Ohil Ivo of Tiu Nirmul Man in Llma Anit draws Inonu Muir by jul of thu t Usi Irv to twin any other if and a grit Many of the of Traoy Wii uld Bolo know what excuse can to Alvun for his you Wllbur Uichi Isalt in ills Lah this action it by o to All my Bat we annl rust him to Maln inc irom All ring Emu it does tint Neeton possible thai both ignorant of the minds of 1 this Oai Inot by surprised lit Many of them inquire now Mali of new this 12 elegant Oil i Liy no in Mitil Liroi ill Iwry the Adobe twelve Miles South of a comprising a tract of Fino with valuable is offered for Aale on reasonable Tor further enquire of John no Simf 15uu Era fluid b oiik8tkii in dirt of tilt al full i 11 Coli qty l in out of Lam j ills Roll Ali oni Ivity if Stull ill Linly ii f cling Roii Vanl on of in Milt Oil o ii 119 n ilm Puiul of i the general land Agency of 405 Calif Oniu of a oppt Ittu Bank of twist Smith John 1 at sign of the Dij Windmill new outfit of Mac Tinory and at and salts Forion the Arndt my Piid with Tiet Stock of Ull Kivuls manufactured to t1ns within g la nil its Brash s i prompt Lar windmills for Sale iry general Daliy f Tom Emu of a Julliet Iphil lust Weik info i wet Bini a Plant Lyl with by Aud i Flurr thu by Henry Eil Rlou Lorn our and unto Riby and tin liver Nero Ami by War roil thu Ilia us to All i Tua aug mid in Urti Hub a in air of wlm Uio taxi bal he Cut it would i Lilu again a thu 0 u ilm r claim Aud All in favor of thu Bellur known a thu to Fawal Lowewl m Amend ihuli1 Kuiv stir Budura the trial us Turnbu ruling of the the tour ii Wiir by May i of Anieul of Tuupo Ihu Umi Irnel such in Iho oui Itin Vaiar Onuk of Lulo Mallou on Thisu would Bull Kun Tunny Coli qua by in into Latu we would also in id know fur nun i mid if Itu Many Ilavu Liliu mute no Nln f ii in ilm i Knur until Kin Lxiv null 51 Luln Liliu Liu Lehil Neil Luvin item in nil i lie Tutlo and inti Robt Ali Mill i Iii j8 ii Day of Lam i Hlili nor Hiril ill Tii Klinl t 111 r Winch lir a Iii Inivie in in i i in inn Lientu floor Lucid in Uund of ibo p Miny grand t and Bow 1 Toner w0ivmiy Louw of la Atli Beau of on i of Watun isl to ilm Utu Inal in Usu to win Afi Vrlin Trent bus it re Fundy As a Mailer of al to Mizuo Laitin of Law Kilk Tiluy Lim him al unit All Usu ii Botilde pursue sub a Ottmo As us away with any Liim Plouri tul uht in al a 15 bul Lam Tummy for of Anler tint if in Upit Itu Arlick Lam la doubt Aatu any Puluria ii Uund i aug us by Iwu u to Kalilu la do Lorman Ami a Tauaa anal Asulo on court Suno Noril that no further be thrown upon thu Aud have its Agai at Liliu january 0 Kutob your Muni of Jan teary 4ui i idiot lipid an Urt Lulu Hail Vil no tour among As a Lowral i us in Taro this u no doubt Truet Ivun in Aneli a to Elbl we Marti can by duty to earn a living Day la i Turu at5 or thai my of Ducong in two Baku 1 Ibur id Lino Tiu Mlot turd of Kitfu to a our a Comfort Blu by imps Only 10 Oil to All dlr jul in Gnu no Hal by Tow Marc Lesa uru bulb Hua Sun Ihu iwo familial to Kurtov Lylw Juhn Atou and to tiny Oumi Illtyd to do Pitt six in Liliu of mutually to Supply Tutill Mutu Diu Quill Hoy wit Cru i no Douw Tyml any Buus buld a High k i of Cpl Lii Lawn Tilp in Ond my h w t of motion re Ieuv so Ili Willii Nillus n Judi mrs in in l town it mum of Tail Iris i will u nil re Vav High blur any tin Lilli Miil Hirl Imil is or Wiloh Mil in i lil flu it Piid la dated at exclusively upon Croni Fioriti Neil Ohio Tuil of nil Nittoli Folva 1 tins n Skint at to county Hunt Audi in in i promo Nair Winlun Anil Suc Tiru i r Luil ii Ihk Zibil to it i Neil by full by nil Iii let Imit by Wal leu per Sioui aim t by the Nam nil it Luibil by it Pillion it our shop Hunts Oil Ourk Miili Rei Iivo Promp hard and Ezcry thing Foundton a Oon try new goods latest styles constantly Tho blah Cut Price Pic for All kinds of pro Ord ii in 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mid at be other place la Tua t from 11 oct Omsk the Best wines liquors and pm to Lett Tuuk Tow to outta Mas Luis but Nai bettor we incl loud to Duil Ellb Ibe duly of Havluy a of easily por work us anal Eudel of Ouy Tulsa to Hie of coving no Anim nil a to Wio Alul a we Ftp my of ban a Pra Allyl worker in to Sulur Arr we at us Vail Afir lure oyling Uio to Tiu plam to proc rtt will Karu fur Conlen Wii Yuu Awn cd by a bold a aug ibo Ore moved of a Iron it u inlaid cd to prot out Fuu Itu Ait a a and Burty a a a Blip of lilo morally industrially Aud and if one will to Brukin tit try la Amilt Lintl Anil Awin Eiblum to Moor of 0ul of Lla Evv f Wullen from Punk Fot i w May in h k i b w i motion Monoa Butir of 19 o v it unit al won mid in and Wuy to for f ims in Tyr cows for head or Milu Cowb fou a Turda Buforo first will deliver citizens Sumner Zintl Vicinity 10 finous poltto whole smile or in Quantity in to at from air to Tivol Jonts Par full farm for Ono Hundred and sixty arms n a Porior Furm land for wit twelve acres of House an other together we one share in the Irrig win a we trill be in fatso by per of i All l Brant and o d in Lila inuit a Ihu fori ubut it al Tai Buivol Mitiu null Lucill tort Ortii and All Nir View o up Blu reme act of slam oui ame Tvr Havlik to Multi d by f a be will a for ii Lily return twin will 10 ftth1 of i

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