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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Jan 11 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - January 11, 1877, Bakersfield, California Thern Iet id Kern county weekly Kern january weekly courier debt thu say Monino by Julius in tub chs8twi i son one Bis one in tire Ion 9 fur regular Bat Neu payable and in eclat flirt kaon per t in Lei known Money required in Adranne Tor Alt Vertle in goal rending a drat insertion menu per line for Inbi quent profess Ionadi Phy Erielan and special attention paid to Blaim women and children and of Floe pm Rul Dence on Bank of Jamu Jan 4tf Stetson Hough Tot attorneys Anil Counselor at 816 California san Janif Howard uk1ted imitates of Bce at the Arlington attorney and Counselor at Ana distr lol attorney of Kern county attorney and Counselor at Dixo in ill the of tha Coyl v Ftp attorney into Talog counsel Oil at nine us strict of Floe on Gli Aeter Cne Tuor mute of the Kern Valley bunt 18tf vena3le attorney and Cou Sekon at Ono door North of client or open till one Oclock chef do this is a new and will to kept in a style not unworthy of tha celebrated Maison Doreo of Tho Well known will preside in person in the and will strive to Merit a continuance of the generous patronage that the buyers Field Public have hereto fore so freely and kindly bestowed upon in connection with the House is a whore none but the Best brands of brandies will to Dis Sci Ltd opt Iuelle coarser Cullu Rulus in at in Buster Avo rms f alv1n Law nota11y South of the olympic 3e at i Lentek Viii in All of w to in will practice ibo Cluro of Kern Taw offi Gican Punk Guttu be found it Natl Noti Odtus flu Luis Law Ulm 1 attorneys 4 Henold in ibo hi1 Matt Hill but Wigginton of jounbelor8 at Dunk front d Hie Couch u of Peru 10li county physician and ooze dear bunk Block Homond Urot ult it Arlington Southeast Corner Avenue and third Street James proprietor Panfir Sclass the popular and experienced Lias and exclusive control of the dining Fine furnished if Rosilen House l dark elegant billiard Saloon and a on the first polite attendants in every do jc8tf French Bakers Northwest Corner Chester Avenue and nineteenth Jole Otio f Hyb Ician and office in the arhonton a Lovite App note will found lilt Suluoo wan not on 75ni33 us Ureon of Floe at the French Colf physio Ian and offem we i Mac Limpin Olio to he run to in Trio proprietors this hotel is kept in firs Clasi is elegantly to no hotel on Tho Railroad South o san Francisco or North of los an furniture and bedding new the Saloon attached to the Hole will always be supplied with the choicest Etc polite and attentive Atten Dun in every department of the House every Effort will to made to pleas terms always reasonable Jan emf Bli Beardsley Flurey intendant puj3uu Itter North fail of i esd Deputy i Hay and ural a night Mountain proprietor Imit House is new and will con with Ingla nud Liu Uble Ali i Blu Well a pulled with Evort Ling afforded b the re Rollo Valley of Trio prop Letu Oukei in making Kilili an 111 for Lodi and lie Pullo to Home and will be pared in Amke Uusi for Rutily of Godfrey Counselor a at mis o Colle Ottoni to Southern to until and Ait and to be or lie Partin Tii do h in w it Botto i yarn a Mochan of i of film i t w ii i t use Tow a Topanga hotel main Independence Inie above Hough rebuilt in i newly f i cubed for of in impel log the Jarvie und for Wall and in or in Yulii fur of the will be Lur Libed with Ibe Tiff Market and attention Comfort of arrive and depart rally there u la lib Ibe to ii a Blob u Funi lied Ellb the of la a Coons news Agency circulating newspapers books and v Largo and complot assortment of miscellaneous comprising juvenile and Blank suitable for Holograph and autograph Gold pens and cribbage stereoscopic View Sund toilet gents dressing Combs and hand razors and Best toilet and shaving Lubins and toys toys comprising a varied assortment of Crandall music in great arranged expressly for the Pacific Standard deluding paper and Blank Bristol Junying Vyr Itin pocket cull Bella Cali Gluss and Bronze few books received direct from the Coons invite the to Cal and examine his Stock at lilo expos ind Telegraph Chester Avo Icar nineteenth s Baker Nield Remington sewing fire agricultural the bum Toton 8bwino Mam Tanh he in Lilly into a Tho oiimiiinat1on of Slont Piaf it it is a 8hntil Mol line Wlllie into motto Imp Deelou Tomii Alful nil the very tha Maui Lith Hai Prii Vilums at Omny pal i the in Ltd and without a tort Tonk tie Clanni medial of medal that Nir Arild it the late Vlen in works Olio la Uree loading in in apart with Patent joint a unit Tel of of Lelih and no thu my Minton h1fik8 nil opted by nine different of Enol turini about world for lit Nilong and tort act All Klandl of Zulfie melt lilo agricultural a proven mowing Sukul it Iirth Noad Pat St Koa a i Hay Cotton Ikon Good agents fond for in millinery and moods Packard Laving located in Sec Onil door South of Tho offers o Tho ladies of and Vicinity a Complete Assor men of millinery and Fanci in nuking of Tho Lutes ind most styles fitting and dross making made a Call am Ace and satisfy ii21tf lo58lf Remington Nim cal1founia Eclectic Magazine foreign Tim Rop Lnla from All Thyl foreign nil Hilr Seln Itilio Moo of i Ruvolo Tux und Tiu hold of flex Tun i Tity and to lib Bluit Iho Kol Kicic hid higher Rinrix Liiri of Ullh Fuluio than any Merit kit can hypo la Ilu trial putt Kim it a Kuiv Uminn of tie Ati rent of Otylior to nil who would Kopp with Tom Pernu twit of the Hun Mii and Trio indeed the Only in Telb within u and at u Ino Furuto Wiluth Tii Ilund in reent numbers f Tui am the it jut n to at Thouy Hatlon to licit 0 Corn a in Ilion in my Max Nii Minnii Urr Rrt hid Tii Lumert pop fully if Fidem the Tirol Mhz in the of Tho mice urn four Orl Thuu Bdl Turull no Kurt Kii he Louth and and rep Ifird to the olm Ratibor of Tho relent urn aim of Tho in to lie we Tymul being and wet Hunt Outing Telvi while Ilith Nui Zibil Huttt Tilou t Jerry incan Pun Fen of tha jut Billy to that of in it to hoc it profit us Well trinum Muot in he 1 the i up of rom Ling Ono i Iii but of dim a Lino steel ii imply u executed in Tom or Distio must tier t Tun Zuj u fur in rain thu hoc tic und f1 Mirn Zsofi to Onu Ltd 1obtugu Froe to nil Addran u Luud now Cantu Onn ropy Onu j tvo till furniture dealer undertaker Kepi in Lihue a ii Akob and Viii i of Lou Niika Chaiho will loan Tiff 1lrturo jobbing und Doug it in Nonne Oloti Kurn Cluro Lio Lenjis of every he Al run none in a Vuyo of Fettu to Hilt to it United states hotel los Tho Liiri Foit and Moat Tommo Dlouis Hutzol South of Siva Francisco 1 the Buff Iran Infurna the Iri Vul rtt Pohlut him they Listini Olivir Ami truly in lint und uan Blunt Hun flon of ban Fri Clico door a kit of the French cutting and pitting made a Plain and fancy sowing of All kinds done on reasonable apprentices Tho patronage of the ladies of sunnier and surround ing country respectfully it Paim Timpl sign an Carriage and v paper in All its work done in Tho Best manner and with by John strut door in Rel life Illel ii rur Pri Nih i y Timve Mill of a we Iva forint to a Lvi Tui a Lull Tea Illy u to ill unit Homo wll in i Luile Jvn alld nil we no in nor to Titi Repici Nilon by Kulp Leif Ihu inuit Iii Nutoni Lur our unit Ali Olio Liht tint i our in Ull hurl no it Diu tar ii cull inn Ltd h Ammel Dew i Steps Ami Tor and third lion Ripon Tui 1 and Hellman my by Altor i Init improved of rms in that Ilo Urdong Hub Oul a Ali Rongi in Loul nil Iii Elul Uduc Tenn i Kii pure Iii Mil ugly the ii ulry eau ill Opimo inn Ltd of uting to liver Bibl Markn Viagelt Mibu ult Root Pum Ful Al it Iii Lulu it Dioni will in Pruim lao Litu Maiuri and t put Tiina Flat Liml Ruolo at in Luru Uklyn 0 of it Jan i Orlf Fllch of Christ adores i 3d 5t ii Llali i hakk8t an Busti it Sou turn Burlog urn no Lump Bhadai of Taok or mro Woi Klain Ibn and u an fort Fidy Vul by wow m i a upon Job of and blk outed Katl oat of Obhi Aji of Fly the following excellent from Trio commercial Herald of this will to Road with Groat in Terest by every one who takes Tho slightest interest in this most important of our California Trade a review of Tho Wool Trade of California Tor the Post year is necessarily to some extent a history of Tho Trade throughout the country for that our clip has become of such Jinpo Tianco to Tho dealer and manufacturer that Sun Francisco is now admitted to be the Market which regulates the prices for wools grown whether foreign or a brisk demand and in Active Competition carries Tho Price of the Staple up to the extreme limit that buyers can Alt Ord to pay for and our Farmers arc Al ways assured of a ready Market at its full the Spring clip showed a Good Deal of scabby and diseased but was in Tho main Well grown and in Light condition it was sold Oil readily within Tho Range of ton to Twenty cents As sex which was a if not a itis factory when we consider dullness and stagnation in Wool and the frequent failures f manufacturers and cloth High amounted to a continuous Aniio in thu Trade for Tho first eight ont Lis of Tho bringing the Rice of Michigan and Ohio washed Voces from currency year to to currency six months there Wos Little fluctuation i i to prices for the the ii was bundled rapidly and Din Oso of As eagerly on Trio other do it prices giving Only n Small Omini Sion to the denier Man fac tempted by relative used it and by 10 first of november no desirable ots of Spring California to bound in any of the Eastern 3ur entire clip of thirty million Omus had been placed whore it would do the Moat Good in Trio bunds f fall Wool began o arrive in and although was very not More than our months it found u Cady Market at from lie a copts were Large in und icing of better Price had gradually advanced until Voro Tho the Market Vii and the although Nuch larger Ian any Oisiu had sup would probably All have been old had not Tho Sprehi Montial Oloc Ion and Tho herewith intervened to chock the Irmund and Stop the orders from the it Tho of december found us with a Stock of about four million pounds Oft out of More than Twenty two enl indifference on the part of buyers and All parties seem to agree that nothing will to done now before Tho Middle of by which time a bettor Domond is of Tho prices quotable for Wool should to considered no sales could to made it still holders would if there was a to willing to take much Ilum Boldt wools Are Olloren in lines at Good Mountain and As for Condi inferior clips Are difficult to place at any and purchasers of thu class would to in favor of the sales at it is too curly yet Market for million o forecast the Spring to can Only Kay that Tho rude is in a satisfactory Tho Stock of Wool on Tho Allan Lio sen Boa id is not in excess of the wants of nor is the Stock of Woolen goods in Advance of requirements of till Trade is Dull but with u jct Coll solution of the presidential imbroglio i to Outlook is fluttering or Good prices and an Active Market Icet Tho Prosperity of the Wool Market in California upon the growth of Fine wools armours cannot exercise too much Uro in Iho selection of warns for a rocking per Potosi a win Lily sheep always gives a course alike the dread of the and und where Hoy Irvn to to shorn twice a is in most sections of our 8 Short for any for a coding purposes the smooth Nerino arc always Tho Boot their woo is Yohb and longer since Mutton is and will probably re Mairi to Low that it Oan Iii rely Lio calculated upon of a source of profit to Tho to think it would to a Grout improve nout to introduce Tom the Wool of which is much inor than Tho spa Irish or Chi of Bull cont Staple to boar twice a More euro it hould to Xor Eihud in Tho packing f Wool for it is downright die honesty to puck scabby tag dead Chuop or trash in the Center of the Olio to no buyer can do Teot it until it is opened for a Law to Ona Tud making hitch a felony to protect Tho Zouler and Tho to not grower from Tho Diuro put Uble tricks of his Dahho not Thoro was much Fuluso if not in n on Horn Wool lust Spring u from other from several Wolthorn counties Trio reboot ions on tha Gra Ding floor would run from Throe to five per to Hope hat our Wool especially in those which product Tho Host will boo to it that Thoro is no cheating Tohitta Oroon in Tho packing of their a Little care in this particular will lend to tha nigh reputation which their have heretofore the tone of the spot Market scorns to be Tim hums As a printing press id a mighty that Vornn presses but a press that cannot Bro Atho Solon try without Patent now York blur oui editorials and Tho county is not much of an Iho More Possession of a printing press and a Fow galleys of Typo does not give their owner Oha Ravior or and Oan never make people to kept him As an intelligent and trustworthy or As reputable unless to proves it by his conduct Bosforo the Public but it May prove him n blackguard and u liar before to is aware of it is and not says an that men Anil the Man without Bruins i Iii no particular advantage though to May have Boi Iio one hired to put his words in a now Papor hns in Lucico and commands because it in a but to Aniio its sentiments Ciui Uiol them Olvea to their Good if it is edited by a with no ideas above a it merely develops Trio fact that the hoodlum is a hoodlum at Tho sight of Servile Praise or fulsome adulation bestowed upon All decent men shrink with nowhere is the murder of the English language Moro conspicuously exhibited than through the and nothing be Truro Tho journalistic impostor sooner than the unwarranted liberties which to takes with orthography and the when the qualities referred to Are combined in an nothing can to added to Tho Bill of deficiencies that would add any weight to the indict to icon Victola goes walking in a dark forgo poll least Tho heels of her boots Giro not half an Inch Trio soles Uro Broad and and they Are never 8ho always welcomes news of Tho improvements in uie Irman their health and their an Poar she declares that visiting Imp Humble subjects is bettor than going to the Whon one of her scotch de who Princis herself some what on her great Good looks and is Only seventy the not Long about tie Star in the Shu promptly raised the forefinger of Wiur right hand an said you must not ask Iheson ask Whai you will about Tho to Are and How to Lovo 1 shall answer you with Tho Gold Hill Nurst judge of had a narrow escape from a pit of Appo proxy this a Man named Mullion was up before charged with Drunken conduct and disturbing Trio Tho accused objected to the admission of the testimony of u certain it is ugh lbt Tho your to admit Tho Testi Mony of such a mul said Tho with u Sarcas tic for Points of Law Tsidro is Likely of to considerable differ ence or opinion Boi Waon you lipid i should think so responded Tho briskly i should have very Little respect for myself if Thoro Constable Tsmith hurriedly handed his Honor a sluts of which revived my Suomi entry to sentence Mullion i e i i a Chance Fob i in have now had a snads seasons in which Tho Ratib been up to or above Art of and As a consequence the lands of the Groat Plati Tho state have been fully each Winter or Rainy have produced abundant Cro occupants of them have almost to believe that there had rout change come Over the but that such a dry son us and never again the continued dry How shaking the Faith of these people this supposition very matoral and they now see that there is d Gor on Tho other Haiti River Bottoms have Hud it Rath wet for Comfort and Large crops i Good they have also of to accept it As a certainty that m future Winters were to and that High water and Olorf Lowil wore 0 to Tho Rule instead of to they especially Ompoc during the present employed All their in strengthening their weak u and in building new now begin to feel that May not have expended their Hobor Ana Money in thin regard with tit yet they May not Havck immediate use for those extra i and that they last Likely to Homo out Tho wheel of Fontno is should the season prove As dry Woty now nil Tho Bottom lands s will produce in Grout a prices will rate Nonoru of to limbo lands will Good your of to secure Tiro Evita of this favourable not a moment nor a should to lot every and every plow to put to work and lot Ull the available land to turned Over ready for Tho the Lowood lauds Oan be seeded As Luo us Tho month As Iho prospects now ar6 that wheat will Rule High for the Yea vip not altogether because own dry but on the complications in Tho political it May to Well to sow her gel of this wherever entire Juji probability of making a a Fiuk i bus asked us How to hive this in subject which to have Given much but to should suppose Tho Way would to to wait until the arc und Tun go around pick them one by with a pair of Longs and drop them into Tho great care should Yukon to drop Hutn in so As not to disturb Thor boo suddenly awakened Bat More Courno Hun an also More Dnn gof i Forf Terey we Road in an ofe sos to to somewhat posted agricultural and Domestic that a smooth pole is Host for i Riih to Roost our Ienco is hint a Man tin Rob to i Roost just Tho name though l Poloson it smoother than a by put a 1 und key on Tho door guard Over your Honory Howit Xor than i polds in to of oili1 Rou Doig will allow Tho Sci to to mib Lod by thin i Dai Mahvi Wauck got Oiler morning la a dreamy tier mind of die Happy and in an absent tried to put pan her and she in to a lit of passion mud Lye before she recovered 1v saw what the she sat Down on Tho bad Odiol with the jogs of those n brooches and Orlo half an Kef to thirty Days in Alexo the Curzon Elvor in Nevada Uro Somo of the most remarkable Salt formations in the they Are i it fact mountains of for More than thirty the Salt lies under a shallow of und is raised by most of is perfectly and so Clear that Lino Penni can be through a foot of wonderful Are Tho Silt in Tho Mimo boo Ono of which it 75 feet in do it Netwood of great filled with water no Salt that a person bathing in it will float on it Elko n the indications Are that this Region we onto occupied by a halt Austin handsome Ore spool m booking of Wuh a still happier a to in ado Hor Tia in sati hot Klaus Hajii it a Tho Rook to it is not to dung Bruni to Moit men to do sir wow
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