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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Jan 4 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - January 4, 1877, Bakersfield, California Thern Kern county weekly Ivy the town a bested ave Mur i six it Kirk land per m for or gun any nolo it Flatt each Labser umut per to Fate up born by Money required in All mover la first inner lion per for pbope88ional business Hotard United states us Counselor at and of Kern count and counsel on at Law tvo Mot la All the Ciarli of Ilia Icyl Kern january v attorney and Counselor at Law practising in the Doltl rect a Obeiter one door mute of i Ken Valley 181 f George Venable attorney and Counselor at Law in store at Law reads on Chester Avenue attorney at Law notary Public door South or Tua Olgui Jill Lawrence attorneys at n be ctr will ii Chr Luuri if l re y e will tie Courm of Kern Law vol spy hunk v Ciu ii nor and particular mining Law Neil a vhf attorneys at to the al cried a link front Markl null attend court us Kutu Keb Loti county physician and of Floe near Bank Block soc and Street Nult Bole tic physician and in the Arlington in Poulte Ike will Aumi be found Hon a Luu not on Proem Lonuel surgeon it the Amneh Mif physician and once we h Lla Rhuma Wurche ran be at All of i to Ami in uni Sinif Hli Beardsley 8uperintexdent 1uhlio ked Dente North Ond of Chester Tny str county Surveyor and Deputy Mineral Boom t Mol Btu and Keun of won Liny and Grain bought cod Inho if formerly of Godfrey 3rneys c blobs at ores one door Ortli of he French to Chester open t la one Oclock chef de f this is a new and will ibo kept in a style not worry of the celebrated Maison 3oree of veil known will de in person in the and Ulii strive to Merit a continuance o to generous patronage that the Public have hereto fore so freely and kindly bestowed upon in connection with the House is a Iii Sorcuss where none but Tho Best brands of will be Dis Seuff Arlington Suu theatt Chester Arnite and third Street James european furnished in modern j Myli la Niue Klo Kuni ill Lynnl in Znoj Nihil Huron i Olita i French hotel a Tho Tum Well Lac in ilog Hilly o no Lio lol on Usu Hill roil not tilt of Sun o North of los Ture Nail Berio Lonj the Saloon sithi Click to thu hotel will us woj6 be a Ltd Clio Luu Bevc Nirun Itil Mill the Public will Dud polite und Itti Nilvo in every of the every extort will lie Init do to Alcuse Tor inn us Njg Harding mib Liot Job 18 and ton with Ilugbo and Doii Blo the Awn Noil everything offi riled by he Firlle of the an in a Mukluk Nuil null Ling Lili the in mid Rhein that an Pulun will be to Nake Vliem b Lan by House main formerly the Exchange us Aboujr hou8b bin rebuilt rave the Quonn Urio and to it Sugeil tin to Iron my fur if will be Furuli Lizul a Ltd the but in Ivory Ollieu Loii Irineo la Comfort us Arr i and depart Tuere ii in Conan Cilmi a Ltd the Houck Welsb l a Ltd the toll of Uoti and t1iomi80j United states hotel if of if pro to k r if Wool commission in i f men and women if Ontl our to that Ili runt cow Iofe to puff c4n truly first till Boji Dork will in 0 me we two Stu of room i Hurald Price i to Ivo fort to la sul Ollu Hie tit but i a guard Noii thai til Pajibo Tumir favorite be to us Uneata oui Ilia to our table Nio Iccil wind and at our Jikari a great bargain firs class lands on Kern of Choice agricultural twelve muoi from the with three shares of the Stock of the Pioneer ditch company to each Section of Tho Pioneer canal is forty foot in eleven Miles in entirely completed with the lands Are in parcels of Tho with an abundance for fuel and for or Boot they Aro unsurpassed in Tho the adjacent Laos have the present forty bushels of Grain to the an Avenue of growing Trees is to be planted this year from these lands to the town of a Large settlement is growing up near Tho Lai and great improvements Havo been mud the past they Are offered in one body at per or in smaller parcels on Hulf balance in five at 10 por Pur an num the offer will be made Only for a Short the Price to less than on half ti1eiu Cash t they will be bold in parcels of not less than forty acres on those favourable no such Opportunity 0 for procuring firs class farms has been offered in Kern parties desiring to examine the lands will to taken to and an examination of t Thorn is if for farther apply to thle Rio of of san Francl Tco next Dooh West of Tiik in Sci cutting and fitting Mado a plan in and fancy sowing of All kinds Dorffi on reasonable ices receive Tho Petrr Xingu Tho indies of Sui nor and surround ing country respectfully Imi it Puim Timpl sign and Carriage and in paper All its work done in Tho Best inane or and with by John Ninou Ionti Strath next floor to a Tirol Ture ili2imf june inst Ituk Ami Sci tool voting null third ill non Mph Raul Hilli Miu in i in will motor the Init Nind on Rieflin in him Llou Denji silk in u Tiu Toiliili ii in or Nihil Hilum Loii is lev lift in Iii fun wintry run have Ospur ninety of Ali per Hil Mrtin in in Nii int Onn Rul at limit title will al Gnu in hid Annun Luis Llort line prior it Iho la Malilyn null Lulli 0 pc sewing Firo agricultural Tho Ilekis Lotfin f a Ruimy into Lin in Sikly Rumi in it Muich Lii Slih drop Infin Laiful ii nil him mtg Tim Kwim Macrini Rerigh Piwin link it Many Kalaii i the ilmrtrifi1 my dial mud ii unit win Huun Liml at hib Lulu Lii no kit Iii Wilks mib now shul Linn map und Irith Ulni u of mini he Mihiron by no 1 i Mill Trifil All or Millu real in Nam i Mill agricultural Iii Ioki my win Matji Linkh Boad Sathm 1mrtl May thu skiis Cotton 1udx Good Gonta fur Clerc Ulni in kk1sinotox Dussl 1877 Eclectic Magazine on foreign tub from my clip cml Mill i Iii hour Sci Neil Ilie to Ltd of the Lilliin in Viry und ii in to unveil dial und Itomi divird of Ifni Uhny in Ludl us can Hope Ludu Tiit m Luilly a knowledge of the Iii real Hinr Ulikia of Oiler Infin Vrlik in to nil i ind Effii with the Hiim Nii mid the if Furu Iho Indrid in Uhalu Lulik a Kilili h it u Iniel Miu Ai Timur die or Lauri in Urvi no in Inetri of thu the la lion Inmee Auto inf mall life blunts Hubert my John Alfred fax butt will Len Ili Luv ill Lenl Jurii nivre Jim and i lie Arkular girl Lola in Iho Hii ily of thu irl Gtimm kill Ursul Lutu purr Anil Mil with Reif Uril to i character Iho lie Klui Ivusic u la ill Lieut hid Ali Huftil luring Orivl Hullo Falli rim Man Tuut thax Lur st win Lar of family it old Ruiyi it to Liml Gram us to Ruhl Trull m la How ind Mai bit of Flim Hui k n in Mutt Nittlo 5 a Lii Unn Ivy not to Lii for 1kstage to til Hood e3i Christ adobes heir list u 0afr8t he kit h Irod urlus of ha4m of blink or Howo not the local during Tho last Twenty years the local or country nows Puper hns grown to Lio Ono of Tia most of Krnc Tori Stio Anil important of american no other Ono is so extensively and universally dil Tsail Ali Zotigh every part of Anil in no of liar is there so Emu that is homogeneous in its develop whether it appears in the form of a four column daily or a nine column its principal features no almost Tho its a local is expression and encouragement of the in Cress that May belting to the particular Community in which it circulates and As those interests May Chance to be limited or expanded in their Tho tone and purposes of the local newspaper Are quite sure to Bear toward them n reciprocal to May assume that the first object of ii Public thur of a local Paas it is that of every sensible business is to provide a maintenance for himself and no by any Numa despising Ilu incidental profits that May result from his list tin True functions of the journalist do nol Ond for his paper must occupy to some extent the position of a Iblis from which to without Chu lishness toward the Community and Moro or loss in jury to his own entirely exclude the popular on the other hand the newspaper which permits itself to be the Mere Organ through which individuals or clip pies May Advance their personal or political interests is of popular and is not often Pecunia Rily Independence and self respect May charac the i Faiu weekly of Lite Backwoods or the As fitly Ais the same a Tiliti i re sustained in the an adherence to them in every sit ratio in will lie found among the surest Means of obtaining a permit not the skillful and successful editor will understand Trio Art of adapting his Thoi Iglins and their expression to Iho general tone of the Community in which he is placed without incurring any Sac Silico of personal Independence or when he Murks out a which he believes to be Soi Nible and and in ranch it with honesty and he not Only accomplishes a great step in establishing his a Orsonne reputation tit is almost sure to be met with a substantial Rosput Sihu from the constituency which he thu merits of a country new spa As of nearly everything else in Trio May be measured by its if it is Low in character and meagre in nothing More Likely to end in but As it rises in the scale of value it will Advance proportionately in other desirable the grand font of every local there should to devoted to making itself indispensable to its if the publisher by coi Klain and vigilant create n want that will be sati lied by what he is Able to Oiler to Tho the great Point has been Lii Prosperity afterwards rents in own with this Tjo lid base upon which to build his Kuban Rient he Rangoon indefinitely in the work of and Ivory Imir of labor und every Dollar of capital can be made to toll to Iho Best Ilio country editor and publisher who Hiir cads in reaching this Poai Ion in Pray tidally ind cd As Ong Asho Chlebos to retain Junio fairly built up on Lon Tho business of Good Loritt As tangible and permanent an my Othor of a commercial we need not preach Iho your ago a co Ninnin jut the courage to live to be est in of poverty and nog kit to Bis True though All is dark except where Hope in to faithful Hough Huu Vons fall and Hortn break and Friendship turns to we must teach inn to darn to be to Boatload of Trio to follow the voice of though u lends into Tho to toll Tho Devil to his face that he and 10 Iivo him his act which requires Tho courage at a new paper says that Tho nov add Linn it sings like n to Havo heard Tho Nevada Linnet sing Juis music sounds to our car very much like Tho notes hat Ujj Aaland Saddle horse used to and neck race too Placo last Friday Between n Spring Wagon and Tho menu Karoo out preying Burve Yina some Limo Sinoto Tho util Lotin printed a correspondence from Goose detailing Iho of Pori Mont made by a prominent Farmer in that Region in planting and using a Small amount ols nod to Tho which has since provoked num Troua co month from Tho the result of that Experiment Wah at Tho Rale of 80 isl oils of wheat from one Pound of the vory idea would soom yet this result has Boon attained in oth or it will not be to conclude that any Ono or Twenty a altered Over an Aero of ground in the Ordi nary will produce such to Mark Abl results As those mentioned wore Tho not to much of seeding As of Cultivar the Grin pm wore planted in such a manner ii to permit of the ground being ind to this fact May to attributed the enormous there Aro Many arguments in favor of thick seed lit our dry climate it is most essential the ground should to shaded by Tui growing grains a Early in the seasons As with planted in rows on tin try the North winds and hot Sun would Noii up every ves Tige of moisture from the no protected and Iho Heads would never this recent Experiment is vory suggestive of improvement in wheat and leads to the though that if Corn requires Multi Why will not the same Rulo apply to it is a fact too Well established to argument that to sow Corn broadcast would to Timo and for this season it is always planted in rows and generously there hulls of Lutio experiments Are peculiarly inti ironing to those who Aro prepared to irrigate their the danger to irrigate wheat Laid a lies in Iho fact that certain polls after having been Bunko in the hot and to crust Tel Rich forms on the sur face of thu ground prevents the wheat from spooling f planted in with room enough be tween for water to Tho roots would receive moisture without being actually and the Center could then be readily stirred with a cultivator or Small this plan of irrigation has Many advantages Over Thi water Bong More Masily conducted in i Elies than Over the entire surface of the in flooding a fluid of wheat a great Deal must of necessity to dug up or trodden lev planting in rows would to no another advantage would be hat the rows could Belaid out according to dope of the and others length of Tho the amount water no Cestary to irrigate an acre of ground in Thiu manner would not be More than half Iho volume required for a general wheat will undoubtedly Stool out More in Mollow land than when the surface and irrigation and planning in thin manner Muni he accompanied by the Multi such a system involves additional but if the product of ii Field can to doubled or trebled by it will certainly a All Ovunc Sulho experimental Fanner he Sucic Khaul and i who a bag of Ripples by a bag of Simily inc auselis father did the Mutino before will never grow Rich cultivating Iho Tiik and night Hawk arc thu guard ilium of thu at they Check Trio Inorg who of in tots Bluit would otherwise overload croon and chickadees Are the Guardi ans of the trunks of Warb lers Vij flycatchers protect Tho and of the a Alpo and to soil under the each Ribo has its respective duties la perform in Tho Economy of nature it is i undoubted fact if the Birds wore All swept off from the Man could not live upon vegetation would Wither and insects would noon Bencomo so numerous that no living thing could withstand their Tho wholesale Den Tino Tion occasioned by which have lately Dev rated Tho is undoubtedly Cauton by Trio thinning out Iho Birds Sulci As Prtt Frie which feed upon the great und inestimable service done to Iho Gar donor und forint by Tho ouly boat utting known by sad Spiro Iho birth and save your fruit the Little torn and fruit taken by them Iri pro than compensated by Iho of Leta Illies of thl following is from Trio de shirt for Gomo tilt to past the Farmer of this 8tato perceived that their Way of working farms was defective in More aspects Ihan and against bust instead ing steady labourers by Tho 1 potent and who would work for Moderack of giving Proforo Noo to nor rid men and fathers of it they could count on All the Farmer hns preferred Moat of the Timo to give employment tuft my first capable or during Tho hurry of Hai sending them away As unon us such hurry hut thu Farmer has had to pay very dear for those tramps who Hapij literally rendered them Small with a Light increase of oxen nuns the coulis to surd All Tho year round of Good and reliable men who would take Art interest in their work on Tho farms whore they would to living with their the fan tuts residing in Tho valleys of Sonoma Are ted Only ottos who have taken age of Tho system of which to with Tho end in View of keeping their farm hands a Truia Hoy Havo built for Thoin molest but comfortable Cotta Obj with Gaiden at where Tho workmen at times can cultivate their own raining and keeping and a cow to furnish milk Ijar ul8 thanks to such a thu labourer finds bin Hull at to Monad of a where to can Niviso his family and live Happy in for it is to to do sind this system should spread through the lid majority of our Farmers Havo Nob Sutiri civil and Hondo they hos Italo to Inaugurato a although a Lilile exp Nuivo it lid commune to till have Iuri olt Bini clips in Ijo Yovor this want of Money May be the Ajo Cochu of the practice made in Sonoma 14 moot of Tho Emi quilts who come to California sock ing work on farms Are without enough to Purchase Landi by Rico thing opportunities such As they would find moans to Suji port their and thus bbl Poinc a source of wealth and Lippi Irish to Tho Melvus and to the tins common dislike to tends is being Rove Sud in Whorff their Sor victim Ore highly App Spoja instead of knocking them Over with Hoys can now get1 a shilling a piece in longhand fur a Good Load ill the London who tiny Aro sold for one Pound a Doz ii to farm a writer in european a Piper Stales that Ono May so those imported toads in Trio Market gardens whore Iho Noil Iff Ami lilo own is of these Ileith Uvon pc Piiru sultor for i Many Giavon persons have shaken their Heads when they heard of Codsi whim of Iho Ujj Inglish but laugh Bott who laugh Tho Tenn time the icing list arc in thu Tho Toad very helpful to Iho Husbandman As n destroy or of injurious insects upon chiefly Toudy int Ciu curious net lilo which they throw out no quickly to Iraq that a Fly s not Vigilo to up Iio Tho harm us and useful and Tho dear Lido Birds that Mii Haist on insects which destroy our1 fruit and Trio president of Tho fair Nieth club of Tho Amoric Tii in situate owns u farm Worth in Connor Coutv onco stated o Tho cd Tab that he Scarf to pay Zenil once for which Ciu put on farm to destroy to pm Ftp Hamill Piscos of Board Over Little Dof in Tho Gaidon Ami it bout Iho us Rof Ugoda for Utt Ofui in a tir Are Road More than thy Trio Ulii us they Are lie nit a Largo class of r in Tho inure who doing by Sinosan in a Distant takes up the local Popof and advertising columns sues Pio Tiro of the men lifts to with a its its Home and in Aji nost Ivory Cuso to Matt Tho Cha Moter of who Are solid Ting to Public Fth Man of Tho i Nio pal Chiti fast Iii of Trio
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