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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Feb 22 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - February 22, 1877, Bakersfield, California Southern Kern county weekly Volvo Kern february and business o1 Pool affers Heb services to the ladies of Bakersfield and Vicinity u nurse of word addressed to her at Stockton will receive prompt Kufera to be Whf attorney mid Counselor at Kehn Omen in the rear of Kern Vallejr janl8tf attorney and Counselor at Kern who a Kubb it Aadi the care of a to Nayudu and fruit and ornamental steady employment to a Flatt out inquire at thu my2j Sample bide Clesten All 4fc an entire new Stock of la Quot and clean on James nineteenth Phillips in je15 j011n of Floe on Heiter janl8tf attorney and Counselor at Jyo prot Lei in All the of the i26yl George attorney and Counselor at Kern oboe in Che Teri Aube attorney and Counselor at Kern jv4tf Alvin attorney at Law notary Kos in door Toab of olympic e4tf Stanley importers Kaleus in wines am 110 front san Francisco for travelling Trouse Ahod estate q t 110 first Street Corner san will aids attention to the Sale of Laumb and Hents and every species o Refl estate business Kiili bully prompt returns hox w to in fbe8no will practice in the of Kern Samuel attorney Counselor at bakeb8field and office on can tar and in t1e Oatle be found it Hiu if Uio Rulnik Neil attention i jul Luning Law and Wigginton attorney Counselor at merged will attend the courts of Kern Fob 10tf Godfrey attorn can Counselor at los collections made in the a outliers Nurt in Altona Kino attend to butane in Piluru Hie Menli at and to Tom invest Ginlun of do a general Law in Iluff Otto i does Ull kinds of bowing machines balances or surviving Aud pumps All of Edge let pulic Mill Fob All Woric done und it sit i an and Kern special attention paid to die ate of women and children and office unit residence on Back of James Jun 4tf Howard a United states Kern office at in Una duo dec7tf Blaney formerly Iho Exchange hotel main Independence tie above House bus been room let in newly furnished for Tom unit travelling Public Roii Ini urn Lur it nil o Well Nuil nit Glenr in Mil in for Tom no tub will Jib Lumli Iliili nth thu i Urkel Ulm every Tutu Willou Given t Coti Ifert of tin auks arrive ii tid Llopart Dally there in in Romm Cilmi Ull i i Homo n Fin which in furn Lilied the butt at Quorn Aud proprietor january United states Mote Keun office at Drury residence at the Arlington no Der and Kern of Floe with where be can lie found All Nuri of the mud in the evening it Liu a Huil the Neil Conion Loii Ilo lol Nouli of Neil i the in pave in inform Tho Travi ing Hun Irvn Ifa Viil la Iii from to nor truly i thai Pirrin aunt unit True iolent in land u Kur Prev nut we Timve Mitt inti Kerutt Tho to Livan for Moil state Wlllie the lint nil or Chinmu Katy in u until lint Kuuri Lutko unit ii Thrim by the nor fun Dorilu and we Imi Dzavik to Aiulu Saiu our Roui Tumour Liy i wiling this Bent Dib Niu Keu it Vord Tor our mud Tho to licit at on to Ruvii nil a prong i Timon Al Terii tji ill Anil Biff Juu Lotf the James hotel having Boon or closed by the is ept in Good As Good As can c found in Tho state a firs class Saloon s attached to the and the bar is supplied with the very bust Quality of patrons of the House will find Iscol Lent Good polite and every Hing that will add to their Comfort 1un23tf Arlington Southeast nil third Bakersfield Corner Chester Avenue Street tames proprietor Panfir Sclass Trio popular and experienced is sole and exclusive control of the dining Fine furnished in motion House l dark elegant billiard Saloon and Bui on the first polite attendants in every do je8tf French hotel bar e h s f i e l Northwest Corner Chester Avenir and nineteenth i 8ukvkyou and Mineral Kern room Ilo Wetli Mui Pietr Kevin Moutell proprietors this hotel kept in first Lens is leg imply Filini Islieb soon to no Liuell on the Ruil rond South o san Antii Eiiseo or North of los an furniture and building now Trio Saloon attached to Ilio Hole will always to supplied Wilh the choicest Etc Iolite and attentive Atlen Duni in every department of tic hous every Dort will be made to Picas terms always reasonable Anil Ltd Maison Doree re St ant of lie 1renoh will Campbells Chester epee oort rally on hand Wigt and varied a torment of Addiks and tobacco and Toiuo fancy gent or the sin Pranc Uoo daily Post and weekly farm for 160 of super Ion farm so in we Liln Tiro Ellen it be town of bordering on old watered by the Stone with Imell dwell this is a rare Opportunity to secure a Good apply to full St government land for Sale 640 sit latin of till Beulh Fork of kith ill my Len South a Nitus Lawn of ii Coil a ill Tab Irr Agatui 100 urea 100 Nirei of Flo in flier Lund 75 Nacron it Lunil stud a ruin my other in Uli Urmi apply to mown Wolynn Kuril land for i on acres or Faiu ainu land on Korn ii nud Ull fenced s3 Boron in nth on half of original Salmre in Tiu stink of bout in the ditches Are on thu farm no a t readily Udint of thu Irr Gullon of every it is offered it the Low Price of a prudent fur incr can Kinnke its Price in one for Sikli Russ this the contract labor Tho commenting Mem Ernie co omit re Marti of Trio Llo Cord Union concerning Rul Orui in farm states that in Tom soul Liutti part of Ilio Tato Trio conditions generally Aro favourable to Trio introduction of Tiu contract and Ali Atillio Arm Trio to Aro a in Trio ban Joi Pilu Anil Hao rainout precluded from Uil opting that Ayatey b Tho uniformity or Elmir under Trio Thuro Liuro acelus no Good ruano Why Iho contract not at Unco by Aavo Trio allegation Tomt Grunt Wortley Wilto Aro Dildo ult to inclined to think that Tho far Mcra Ivo Utill a Good Many to Mako in thur Tylo of living Aud Ihu of their holdings Bosforo they run declare hint they Ivo Dono their whole duty to their and that All Tho fault of Fui Luro lies with the Toaru fully Uwarow that there u in thin Hutu n Dunn of no Ninny Worth ohm of n Noi Nadio Uuro Given to and in Ninny calculated to try thu Pii Ienco of Tho Bent tempered hut we should like to know whether any Farmer Whoso Modo of farming Ronde a thu Experiment focal Halo has Yot offered to labor hitch in would Trumpl in Tionel mull to Ulio up n a Poilu with 1or in co Iii to a quite no Buhl hint in n Fanner wan known to provide Good fur he if to lodged them and led them and put in tin in Way Hiilei of Nodal inter Cornu Iii Beluga no Tiluy to expo Lonco Liu diff rally in Ling tool her and keeping Oki hut Ulmond of fill Ifill and Irani worthy Lex Wiuli in Heine fitly carried he until inac n Dieux Troix the fact would far Tii Wurdy the of employing and Lare tinny to will to note Tom fact that whether while or cd Minim Walior in Lohu Pichaj itch dope Max ullo it upon pro Uio of int Erin und in m Limo ill or land hint however much politicians indy the u very per cent go of Hie pimple of Enli Lorain Cunlif quid employ Ilijin in Ilo tin hic und for the null silent roaming that a Vito help Ceniu to incl under us and Vii hour thin Yontl Nimeh to to Tho Tho and Muni Reh Thlu labor will he und no Union Ito political will Ivo Niiya upon the ii the Farmer la nil that by Iii ill Liik Hini Helf to Whilo Hilbor in can Only procure u Uii Arnm id ugh ii lilo in nil1 und Linzu him it him time of he ii Nihil Lio blamed Lor lulling in Hinio they will do what Lime Lound can to tin ted to Olney nil and Are not lint lie lore the Ili Rmer Eun Havo n Riklis in ii Hii i Tinl Lio in driven in Milny in Nihill to Willu he Tiht have lion ext Endo Ivor to Mirt Tho Condit Lynnh tinder which Uhi Iio re Liulin Wilto Lii her can to no Man Van old cry a Whito hand Ilin Hirn to Hleen und n Hill if a id on hut can pre Tond hut he i Iii Ilioiu Hon pin t of Tho duly Iii Tully Divisi Lalni upon and urn ploy und Enlil Ueo Thul Uny in Shii of on car mesh Uro pre pared to Muni we into a Hiir Hull inv in Thi mutter of to mint a Miro on opinion us to Tho of Tho hot us labor and land in the cd Oiler a incr Meriea Publ Tilix by Trio Han Frau Taco tout under Tiu general title of count the Pool ton a Simou by colonel loll Lestur on Tho labor Ipi Bilon ii Ira vurned at Boi Iio thu writer of Tiu in ii Uglum und on Hanoi Bir born Fri end arcu in one that lib Whilo farm labour la very they to ill cell both an i i ii who und rein for Sale or 160 or Nuiji Cion inn Lullio Xiulan Vul o 8lxly Urei in thoroughly with Wittur Ubu Pilaut of water fur Tohms of Oxtot Tii in two anti Iii Ink Iii erect at 10 per cent farm will be Inri Illing thru Iii and Furui a Grant lnili2 if land for Ami Lor void ii Mill third Liot Termi mule unit Imie musical install Hixion ii 1 ult Tir that Mill in the u play Sicul Ulm Lien jul ill Iutin in Wihl living in Ihu country can Lute til Lily of Vimit Leif tit for to Helmuts ii Iler Ino it at tin Lii Point will ii in the uru us us literature and porn femur Naolor it Rooklyn Kur of it of Lewlou Jacob bbl Nunt of Wool and Hay and Grain bought Obj of brat and Grain g09i2hi88iok Mkhcyan my if 12 elegant Oil Ilzo by Iii ii of Vonil Cdr Truw Tor ill minted 10 retry christadoro8 Chru Tadori hair Dye ii Tho Anil itch it it Urti Witik Lurlne Trio natural Thad i of or lir Nairn Linci nol stain tie and ii but Fly ii a Albi Zdaril Una u luvs Riidu will toilet fur Ursil by cell Luik Dess if in now Roii of Devorl Pulun Groin poly exocet no at Ihli office an Ike Moit to unable to door open till one Oclock chef do urn in trim for i Lii on very i the Ini Lii lire of Iho bist try no App loud Wlllie Ulicini Ilont water for until Are partly to who will cultivate Thorn Ihu most la voluble Tii Ruis will for address foil of this is a now ind will to kept in a Stylo not unworthy of Tho celebrated Quinon Doreo of Tho Well known will preside in Peison Idillio und will strive to Merit a continuance of Tho generous patronage that Tho Bakhru Lipold Public have hereto Foro so Frowly and kindly bestowed upon in connection with Tho House a fiust cuss whore Nono but Tho boat brands of brandies will Bodia in Init tub Lack Oral no Dorceil Plikh Are ivc ext from skin ii hot Tim Olio Luo in Fruct Henlly he to can Tom und Lucili Rothiii Lor incl Jet will which to improve thu Nativo link of Hardy of Ilio Roo lordly them who Ivo tried Tho former Ivo Biden Iligir Lii it but Flor u few yearn Lien to Voul with Tho limn Iii Iii and thin in Milid und Havor onh Biticon of thu old Iii Hor i Tho Iro Lilu Wilh Tho in hex Ali for Tho Holh in hint they Uro not us Lvi they no of Iho j am no p Anilli Kilim my und Ihler kind i like Tho Vidu fill in Hii und he u Hie leu and to fur Liu Breed in nil hint Conli in Delred hut tin Hannih und Hon Ldora Uro Ino iut for uni the inuit in not nor lid with int him Tho Dur i Lii he thu a Leilis no much Moll wide end la con but Kiich urn n wonderful improve nent upon Iho or Loimil Muy to Inu Ilo very und yet Tho pro portion Between fat and Iran in Iho Iii Iii and urdu work or Bucon la Mich ii ii und fire Hirvo Tho excellence cd of tin Tho Liu Iii Uro i Irin Ulm and Juliy with Mililli ibid no nut Jii Ito i Eulily when penned und by fed in Iho a xxx hut they will Lulu Intili Builter euro of int Lio and when Piline for Liillie Iling indy Bohn Ihl Iid not with half Iho iced thu original him Pollux Vonlil with Many Northern Ami with Titi hrs Conra Tho Kwh of in u morn Proll Lehlu than Tho Bee unto blk Ini Hiru Limox him Taku a lilo no that nil in Gnu Impi to und if Rupil u with him Novar Accel or by moving with plenty i thu Solo Burden of life in to Ali Jill i this lir oed in Pim eminent Iii Unnic thu Hli Iel and excelled by Nono us cat Produn vim Amei iian Tiik him world Xava Homo a Villia Iho write r rend in in Elk Lynli Puper of i disco very by Koine in of i Vishio of Trio Iii in by Iii kit of coh and Homi Werlich Dpi i Iii i Luli ii wit n a Voro we Iii Dii u Denuci Iii of Johm i Ptim Imit in und drunk it on in Trio n Hull with hint it Bioti fit in u Porphir Ulion und Chi and in thu morning u of the cold loud fortnight ski 11 i Rind no Itron Wax wit Inid und in incl Puchini Ull Ove bin und to Overy Iipp Giunco Hudo fir lands for Sale or f skank Oil Nic til 10 following innit in Kern at a1u id t 90 h Sun u u ii ii s7 k in Al j7 id in Kur he imply to to Rol Illin d to to Iliou Julit of Thi und my on Liu unit Lipini und Laid u Troni Nikii Linioul Diacik Zirri by i i Zilik i it our kind Iii u Lor Wim in Piir Lut haul ill till Hixt Only u ill Len frn Iii i Fin Wilo we Mif Virnik Iii ii ii ild it Ilia Linn und title n m cd und found in u a und Inion ill in Inri in our own in Lull Juki Iii Roii Ivel Wilh it Vidins Wotli pain in tin Bink und Illk wan Lowid by u Lilloo Tom hid prism kid u Viry f 1innn a High u or two und to Mininn icily on Tiu kill a Flat Illel to Ilio had Hulom la Uviah Phi Ruhl and Mir Ili Vorlyn Lii wan to Liidi in int Alu iut u Nihil und non Lill und to Ilia or Idle of to any wit urn will today imn Vir crw in Una our Opin Lim hint him do of oily Lia Imlah Tii Ili int Chin u Lur u Tordi Mihi inn pm lid Cury Boily to Tom Liinar of a maid a ii Niin Linn on this Horn in i urdu by i Iii in k purr Luke drawn by nil in her urm und Dri Viii to do not prop Ohio to Rohr Arso Ilia Krijn ment on that but inuit thong Nho Havo not read the Nril clo in que online to obtain monday i 1out and porn olt it a worthy contribution to Tho our part tint is to cull at Minn to Tho Ivi Letico ovary where Ulm to no about to have n n in Wal of thu agitation which cent cart in und around what known us the a Wincko labor Tamru mint in n vol Der and More Intelli Kont of what id Means thereby Thun him Provo Biily it in thu Ismie not to Hij hell lid on much of that Poepl Oxtot no Trinio evil in in in diet nah nil there Nio u variety of involved in Iho Dix Chiudion which comprehend fur Inoru than Tho prep Mico of n Moi Kollnig Popup Nylon in our would not to hero if Colial lion Scro Noi a Vornle to Thor rom Liik and and if Krenly Vilna to the of Lynx not nun Uii Liik them in our wha Ovir Uvil their Volven to Ihu of Hir Jami plan cull Only to not he right Ristivo directly lined no they no Loo time enl in part of Iho wealth ii Wiknik Giulii Niiya nil in Havo Back Ilik and they Uio of Rhein Neoh Loo in in readily if they coulis unit in n a Lirely and Houlde to Ull proper american Melli Odu of drilling with pal the what to know what Lien Hack of it their no i Ryfun inuit Tif divent in Mil the in no i Iii Inay Enn Liol und Tho Iroldo of who Giro to had nil Asiatic pop nation Xuwu Ninni Lill Liik the inn or Inisi Iii of All uni Ninx of and on in n morn in Lix Mii Hilliii repro Decilon of the no Hierro minded them in Solhi Kully Tnp in think of Uliey no not Lilly to willingly uni Render thu pros Kich of an i lean Ilu ilium in hut which Muy Peigh Nice ont of Mizii Nolian Ilii Nuil by n com in tinn of unit Lily and Perl Lenco Vilh Ai Nerion and of hid Aikui Shixun of lie a Lillund of Iho Riv Vidah Iii or of Iho in Uler Prii Niit Hie in n Wilh Ido Hilvid to Iho of wan Newt cer ii Only not of u Plain Quilon und leu Hinish in to Homo extent Loel Tii ironic Tel in Herf Rij Dinul Phin Lur to inn of or we Iii in Lull r i Liyu him Ilsc cd the of men when a hold into Iii town a lieu on i u in Winch Ali Only Kroat niacin of re hex or Povi i him Wuh the Deid of new and it in in Lily the Nam of prox Lurann Iii his Ihu pin Kiuji in ii civil Iho pee Sulur i Inlet d out Hinl Iho Ziec nifty for thu Ugloi uni Xiu connoted m the or Cheney on Ulm Aldo of what in termed of Iho Hinnell Lalii Iii and their in hex who own und till Tho it in on Tolx huh Hin Tinl he xxx Tomt on whole i it exit to m n Cuil Rollin Lilu and Hochul ii Well us in i licit in Iii Cru it duh i they no Tom in Wilhern Tuten or in proof of and Iho one a Trinkin eve Lonc of Ihu we Wilom of und Tho n pm nor Netlon Ulm in in hero in oxen i Ihu rapid no Hinell furn within the Hiu Linn formerly in morn Lunnum Wilh the Nisei in Hnin Iho Norcon of a Lii if Linn by Ihu und hero can by n doubt of u of Ihu cond lion which in Ulim Pii inn i Mclin Civray in Conci Nairn Lynn no Shinil in a Eoin Pani Lively Hinell uni Lior of us Liol Lionor ii mix of Iii Pill ulnar i him m of Burily Lolly wed our Peel or development und uni condition Gulluni Liivik Iho und conduct of on Mhz Iii und other in us Tho in Iceni in Tho exit Llovia labor All i hero co Dillon Ivo been in Cully Zecel erupted by thu new nuke and idol Nylon ill Ihu it Cilc Coil Ulm Iho net lion of thu Union that in Iho Ruhy lint Ihu Ono Kittl economie Prenell uni a Quinnt which Oalin Oniu inn Loboi is hint which Iho o Iho by Loo ult Iii non Rah Dell in Ulm ii Viii it Iho Hext Noli of Hotiu inti Ridln ill Lii Iii which Elini Tii Roii Iii u Winin Iho control in i hid in Nix no who unite in Ihler own Poi Boish Uio Pix Itlen of Inho ror und pro dancer and the Timinal com Polo in fact Iho Only Noli lion of Iho Lii bar in under blood i win to liar Ihu labourer by Cancun Lii or mini Kolluri lies ill Iho Hereu Liik a pal landed and Ihu Lii Klein ill n Tho of Xiu idl which Olny will Only Ivan Ilijin Velix to urn will no Iii int i Hin own when v Nihil Ihu inuit Iii und promotion of n Phil uni Linen which will oven by la moral Eoin i Iho Ohio in of Iho hindu n to Holhi Lividini Ulm i ii to hid Hii who i thu Iii Hlll Ullin Shilu tonne u an Lex Lon Dur nil old nigh bal mini it if Uli Longini in in ii Iii Udo Anil und keep i Iii Ajili on hint i i Albi i i hindu to to Hii ild Upu Lile which will n me lot ind Linn Lor Hoon Riillo und in Silivi Ikley u on Parx Nellh Nom Chiin u now Lynli Tho will to a Rolind 01 Wlllie thu of Ann i i Iii Al and in barium of Tho hu1 medical it la Sayf lha that Al in and area h lie work Hondo to of he know Trio Defrei Noim of Tbs Heally Karla Ollu bold Nom in Prea bribing ally to vrho not after Tho kill or Aud Ino Illy kill it Teula r Tho thu Bur Vivang relation to of it icon id patient initially think that he would Avo died the Niedl inn in in Tho Patio it a hold not the Drogi Ink in Tho with All Tho Dato Teddy of in Medlong and Tho Lillo buoy ill to Joy Flou by a Nulo Tho Good done by 10 Clem or to Naglit of the of id Saludy of and of Tho Comet inc Plum of Hyk Lioio Liaa Iwu leaning to Kimii kind in in Ordor to Roalizo Thea we Only to o Al Iho Cuth Liuti of Largo european Altim Eon Murlun and to Hod that Iralou of Trio Thun mortal Alkum Liao of to dlr Dang Rota and Vernl other Dix enact Havo become Uny Penalu then Llod and Roswell Illus of at present u u no longer Loring i Tho Tomp Urato and Tho Roa Aoa that Iho improved dral Nago and Olean leak i Tho Purl of Tho Puoplo in general Havo Lump thu Delappo Armanoo of Trio foggy id unto ally Atmo Ashuro which Ion the Dull Liskh in ovary Dot Muly populated or he oily formerly Ninny do Elba now it la Oldom mul pox Wax the Nixt All or Vic time by Tho and v or bin Ditzik of them by Lio led hourly and Trio plague pah tiled every year but now they e Ull Dix Emineh of Tho and by Rozion Tho morn Correct Linow Lilno of their a Tro and Iho Yunim Rhaull Lilg oath fat i n loll or Al Loyat in id Dix Coho a Moro mild form and favourable which Siml appeared in Ropo in yearn by a Butler knowl Iid of in lout Homo of ill Fortner fall Lold it in thu Aunio with soar Lnu and to enter upon Trio thro hold of to in Eli knowl Udoji Tho Laturo of that we May jointly Hope to so of Bacomo More and More and thin by Pruun Talvo to implied when Thuro u a tonic hey in that i la slowly attaining Ich n do kick of Tomt the time u it very dial not Whon Tho occur onto of an i Demio will to in repro Ali to City govern while Tho Chalul Fuu Ulinna of Tho Foo Nihi phys Lechma will to Iho Prohor Patlon of Iho no Lii thin Ana Rodly will to a moan bin and Tho or count boards of 111 our Laruo u a Iii Vii in the and Liaa already ecu n Punelll to thu Inha Vilanta which Thoy in idiot Vulus at Loo u a word for Thuro a vat amount of Lext non prove Illinik Nom Tho Labouring Alaa Aea if All and an i Menno army of Idle Nen Cru to to found i All our contort of pop in common with other journal i Ivo rend to Linin Frei Mcmo Hom Alloa on their duly in neck for work in thu but when to a to Aru of Mollod to admit to do that a tramp waa i hot by to Iii Mir void murmur who mistook him for a or Tihor Al mylar you idea to Onu of Ali Usu unfortunate Toni it lond to i Jivoin Piu Iho in in Row we i hid Iho Tolhur Dikiy of Iho Oano of a a pc Blablo Young Man in this u by bin put ii to neck inn Layment in in he could not land u in the him Lul Olinn bin Joi Yinoy on and after ii Iii in vain Lor about it week can Clurid to Niti irn Home hear i Ivins it an inn Onu us uling Lio found aug Thor Irnine had arrived before Almy were Iii leu in Ench after Pertak Iii of very Thoy wont to and soon Nallur worn Roi uhly Aron Ivd from Ihler Xii Ishuin by adopt Lily her if Aud and forced to Xii Ali to u Crill Cul examination on u Clarko of in thing a a Fow Dayn be for ilium to lib did not boar Ihu Hiitt Ruhim Khinoo to Tho and to Neil la who Hud Addun Amu Twenty Alloa to Vii Lucuil waa not vory Holou in thu Ian he to of prexy Ilin of Iho men who had flu Rod him on Mich a wild lint thu Nur Volin Oil in Tho Yousik Niana mind Prevan Tod Hon Mali Iii any Fin ther Ellort to procure work in Iho in Luis Huo uld do u in Lomo other in Iii Thun an it in Kiir Pean count flux provision in made Fri Hill a a Utulo Lii Hlanko la found in Ihu he binary of u Man named John Lui by flux Nilor Vulpo an Ilio Man of if on memory Borvch to had left Lux Iii thu town in poverty and Gono to mid Iiller to Iii Voy noun Ruth Rod to Hon Home an u Anil club Mil Lla boil hut inn Troa Lud with Anoh tinkled Nam Ulm to next Day Irbid it neighbouring town la Iho Nino Llo Lnu Iron Tod kindly a Noll lid and Houmu id lending mar Tiant of hid and Hon memory in clip Lahea to Day who Rover Iosua poem of the Man of ilium in and that in All Over to in Linlie undid to Ihu i Idle of Tho Iron a to it Lime Cru proverbial in their own country for Ihler Yohji Allty to Iho Tomt la with in Iligir Whilo Iho Othlia of Tho Leitich whom Tomt the it Runyon a Odon Goat i i will land it not Only inn and and Chi Cal Niue h help in i i they wll Leonii Leurn hint Ihler Liiri Jinil Drei imn of Proll i will to in int u Bihua Tillo by Hidu of Iho Nilly unit Fol inn Mizik no Reizin of Kim Tern Ini Ivery Diioro Iii in Mirent u in shul a Heiligh in Iho Largo out of and Tho Loo Pill kind by Tiu Luud 1rancinco Bun farm for 160 act in of hip Kuisun fau9i to Gutler twelve Tuinei of Home Cuil other und one Obure in the Stluke ii Ulfe Reil fur a rare fart Ukalo a quire Al Ihli if a und about for tar rom by Oexle Lomen enjoyed thu that either of hta oxen can Trot a hello in Ilo Olora to hut airy amount of Uio Noy that he can Load a Wagon Iio Nidin of attach four and Muko better Llinus to Jend Woiydi limn any four or Inlo Toimi Wilh Tho Tamo Load can possibly in Tao of punishing Tho ind who pictures on bin Tho Loving master Puta him to mulling am gently shown him How i proof ecu with his Lii igers Tho plot Ren that float in ids lira Ltd i unload of rebuking Ida Imeln Tyty and con Tho Keilhau Yoke Thorn to in Leaf of Cluck Long Iii Childs new Toleat Imp no to play Roll Liru Irav Ilia i Hli Olkin Mil in hum i ploy of Knirko a Iiri Iati 1 in Jinx u Max Lidia Nui Ziril Oil flip in of in him mail ital Enlil try i four Winit jiikiiiui111 qua Oisiu of Tom it ii writ or i mho Piilini Uli ulv Rit or line Icah a flair Liu 1iliiidit of on h Mill u Wurr unt for in in Lillon Liim Tufoni Ivelio Imp Iii u warrant Oriler Leif pro must to Iskui Buforo Tho to Lili Wui Liulin in Lono 1lno Inu in on Tom i Aurim Yuri him Iti Loii wan net for hurl ii by the comity judo at rut Hie Pritton Ivorn Cou Uithol failed to put in in a thu oxi Uit court Ilio Pru onor to Amiin Olio waa Dean Ilku to Luko the or loner to Kern thu second of Tho Nikii Hididd Robbera mid m Iho thin to of Tho Gnu Bud i Joii nipped pro a Smialy in Tho of thai county will Havo of Coulson to prov do in Novino Way for the Nolod with llilinialtot1 Havo produced consid fun Long in Lur turn Imu ii to Oai Quot us Dorako Tho h to forbear com that Counce Loii tin Soluma Hun Hau Tytla to nay of the farm of Tho John Ono of the firm of Luau of of Tho Tejon Ranfelt in Kurn county John us lox being Ono of the Nurmat Prodis Iurii of i ill Palava More Una Modi of Ull Lilnda than Uny Man in the Bora tue Iii Homo Pitou on Tho air Kin contains but la it joined on Tho next by n tract of ipod in lust Mia you he in in 2 you Arch of which averaged 37 in Heht u to Aero my Aorta of Wei Batik lieu of i in Linn n ii Kun a Nibur if Good Ami Eun Entile 2 Joraboy Bull la ill nil or Neil Cowx a thorough bred Thiu oughtred a Nellona 1ji thoroughbred Young inn Hen 20 Well red trotting Marchaj j8 Lino Eai Ilage Lio sea 12 Well Rod while Hor Imit Toniu of them 00 Herd m i cod thorium Harjd How lab i inn Whei p 10 71 work log in Bun Rol Mimi Ono in and tie in Nevada John Hough and ruler own a Tine inn in not Elope Volloy of will Mil lust year we in a Hunt u the of Infin nah John bog town a turn Portwi Privi Vitaliy for n i i i 5 is a Bui new look aunt Ihli Lulli hem from i Isis pm Pap i Ona Onohan dial workmen Are employed Uit Vii making Ouirl Gim for Tho Brooma Torow in Laking no food fur five or Bill Puntil of ill Lylw uhe lab i i ill in us i Nat Dauan that Klugle in Auw devour Alx Thuri Winil club to a to tvo Ibe i
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