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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Feb 15 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - February 15, 1877, Bakersfield, California Baj Kerf fun rotary business Pool Heb services the ladies of Baki rifled and to Lotty is a Norsk of word addressed to Al Stockton will prompt Beferie to feb8tf Aud Counselor at Kobs off Sci la the rear of Kern Valley attorney Nurt Conni Eclov at Kern office on Chaitar tanl8tf Sample rooms hide Chester Albi ged3ey an Venura new Slock of liquors a on Bill Phillipn to Stanley 1 t i wholesale attorney Aud Counselor at into to All the court of the i2flyl George and Counselor at office in Chesters Adobe and Counselor at b a fun co Reade Chester Alvin attorney it notary wines and i 410 front ban travelling and Ames 110 san dive Corner i to Sabelli is kept in a Cpd As can to found intestate a firs class Saloon is attached to the and the bar is supplied with Ilio very boat Quality of patrons of the Hoti Sti will find excellent Good polite and every thing that will add to their inn self Fabb and i ions a Lents an1 every Nie offs of real Bun leis full fully Iii Edcil Nuil prompt return Bux Otto Ataii exist and one door South of Olympio will practice in the courts of Kern Samuel attorney Hud Counselor at office on Chester and in Ive gain the will he found it hum Ner morn link and to mining Law and does All kinds of bowing balances or surveying and pumps All Klucz of Edge tools Hen Rcd mud Roic All work done and at Reh Tonubee jnn33 Arlington Southeast ave null and third Street James will cubs Tbs constantly in band Aid rut id sort Manl of and nor Raj and to tact fancy also agent for the san Francisco Dault Post and weekly Kern Valley Conneh c1iesteh Avenue and second Street pub Beauy capital John lumber interests of Dom or Convene Torao Forth in Trio Tat Delta with arg Monu Mil prom lied Reed to of Uio Lumbar Lutent of our clearly to Elbow unit it Rimml Grexon in our by Uio dalt Orlum of our own in Plo to nut Imu Illing thin All Iro pontaut Aue Atluru u it i Hook no More Auppl clout Alnio could pliant Lulf to Havo this subject Ali roughly Toul Lutcz limn Tiu who out West Are Rura our Gnupp Oliou Tho Abl at ecu of Tho Wotli Vul co Nuil a to tha to Economy Aud in nil our former unities of doing Bomi Ulm Atul to to till by Duru lot to our own did o not 1m by tha waru lug that u heralded a Fuifui Tiu Dally of Tiu Ninny Fri Horta Aud general of and suffering omit do by to Buuri Ctm Puiul mud will u Kun Iii idly by and boo Trio Unumb of dolls re Luau in dully Lor lumber to will con Miu to a it we do not Luil other any of Luu ilor to Turkut than thu prenup it ii it will pay i build v and to by utilized in bundling lumber to Erlna Ito Maruquin other Purton u Iho it cheap it i will do thu Mil no her for our buy and sell Exchange on san Fra Olson and cities of Pae Flo in urn and Legal tenders bought nine collections state and county Iliadi and bought and Perety Klad oflegltliku4 Allf government land for Sale i Wigginton Atto Rubym Counselor it Marks will attend the courts of Kern feb 10tf Godfrey if coup moloch at lob Coll Entenni made in Tho Southern of uncles and in him Uttend to business Belore the depict Lents by and to of land Llu a general Law Ali r Kyrm of Seoul Alt Mitlon paid to a Niehsen of Woinich and Cal litre and of bin and residence on Back of Juines Jun 1tf Blaney formerly i to Exchange main Rimie Ahour Housh 1ms been Reli Nill and x newly Worthe Ollie travelling Slih Hio tar ten Anil ruin Well Puiul uru Hin Glo or in the t1ik will Lui Lurnis Lyhl with the inn Iho him rail mid every Ulley ilium a Jiobu to the Ogi Furt of Stathis Arr vhf Bud Thedro u in with i Riiho a a Holcli in with thu of and proprietor january ii United states hotel Panfir Sclass Tho popular and experienced sole and exclusive control of the dining Fino fungi slide in modern Dionise l dark elegant billiard Saloon and bar on the first Iolite Uttend Anta in every de je8tf so Tutki of Tiik Boutu pork of Korn six Miles South East of Tho flourishing town of All fenced it ditch to zilch irrigates 400 i Tim 100 acres of nun Llin Bir land 76 acres of in endow inuit Good Homo and of her is olt Croil apply to Brown go Woldon Kuril own Protection Wonifat uni old fru Iii iintuix1 Tami vant Boily of ilm Lior f in and Ili too it on Trio Tiu Huntu t compote with it will not by when to Iovu hol Voil Tiu Tawlu of from Trio till to will Plavo our Liinar Pino on Hun Ilmi Ulmo big ill our ii jul Lay our Iron on to Len from our own Pirn Utu Iii in our til ii of Puli wires on our own flu Tiwell Utu n ictus by Anlo Knotig Trio line of Ilio fur South Utu cant a nil Iii toil of of in Alluin Ulivi tit us to will put thu Stihi Ulvah in thu Uiki condition hut Nomo of our Nyrl Linin co Juliun Cru which to Iovu Iii Tiu helping to prices at Tho risk of calling upon us Tho us theirs of Shoho who work Tut to Assort that Tho prices for most kinds of labor Tiro too High for those nil not in keeping with Tho Ruth sift other Bod tons of Tho there no soc Rvl reasons Why to hero than in Trio Lilor and will not Only Ptiip Tiu of Money fur but Omi Lii Xvi u riving a Fiorin la Halo 11 c thu Only unit Rimini inn Tiu Cliv upset Iii Ilii to Tiuliu Liis in tool wraith our and Protection Rioin lmpovt1 mum Tel Cru tin Minnii Kii Lytfi tried in Ricau Tuil in a Van Lect Tho nil Iii and in Fauvor of Tiu Fui Iii Tho prov Lulu muru Tny mind null in Iho Iro it Anil a urn will thin Tiu Iii Inch Iii Len Puiul Tho fur Mirn until Nhoh Inu air Nimrick Lur tin Alre Nily Ull Liliu Hui Arnulio Niin Iii of Liy Noh w any Puiul Euth h i Iii Groin whih to Holp any lie Mirin Lirl Luis Iii nil id i French Northwest Conn cd Cloi Avonzo and minut Cunt Howard states office at Dunn deo7tr physician and 8 v ii e o n Ken a Offlee lit Drury Datuk Neil Douce it the Arl Lulun mull j3hysician ahm Kin Odivee with where he can be found hours of the la the evening at his the Anil Leutel South of turn Sofij Kava to inform Tho to Nicl Ilik a Lublin unit they ii huh in Mil Ilij Truin Tanir truly Kiev Puiul lit Iru mid train Bilut lieu Pilurs Neil Hud n Kur in Lalii we have suits of at Giuili Rifin Ilin to i Vii for Ineil that Hli Ite Willi the Nelly is n Mill list unit Ihu Iii us Wil a huh by their Anil we Hhall Imi a havoc in him Lituin Nur by Kue Piug it Hie ii Nubla Alluria fat our mid the can Lofft our Wii All lids at this Totmin Call and Jan Ltd 1 Tysnes Ivor Rieborn this hotel is kept in irs Melass is elegantly furnished second to no hotel on the Railroad Ruuth of san fam Citico or North of los an furniture and bedding Trio Saloon attached to Tho hold will always to supplied with the choicest Etc polite and attentive attendants in every department of the very Effort will to made to please p alien terms always land Ltd Maison Doree 1st land for i in aches of to Kohl farm Leo land on Kurn Inland All Funo Eil j3 Nirri la with in Oil Glenal Ashuro in Tiu stink of Tho Bent in thu Dutches lire on Tho farm sons to Rou Dlly admit of thu of Rory it in olt Vireil it thu of a Fanner can i Ziuko Iii Prouo in one for Tims Tii la Thyri comity Vitry Viry lucidly Iii Iti in in n nil inti roof ugh no ii Sutt Lod but Thoro a no Roii Hott Why Florio of Ini Lustris in the ont qty Hii Llor Bonuso pro Ziotis Lujeti Wasity Hua a now Intro to break Sluti is not Tunit distinction both Loti skilled and unskilled labor tit Itic there should Tho inuit who taken the Lead Anil Tho work Utu Bingo Marin is entitled to better pay than Tho one who can work Only us to a told to no the Man who is obliged to Furni Tih Ilia own Bleep in the barn or in the Hay Kutiuk Puiul Wuu Ilia own food should to bettor paid than one who receives Home of Tho Eom Fortu n1 Lio Iii in addition to Hiti lint the i groundings of the labourer Are very similar1 nil Over Tho Stato and litre Jhno reason Tho Hiti Ile Hor views to Hotilda a Omland thirty and thirty list dollars Pur month that receive Only Twenty dollars in other men who Herd Hoep Lisa business Havo from thirty to forty ill Lara Pur it Only Horo while ii other Norih and further they Are Nirid from Twenty to Twenty Livo Dolliem per it is in unpleasant it is Troj but it no great ii mount of no great any Sion nil investment of a Pitzl or Ilio sheep business top of not nay at i t 1 1 t i r formerly the Teri know in the first p Falfa and in the treat i Cut it or How to e Oupor Iodico what Trofo is in both t aka now alfalfa1 is the Bert 1 in i Woi prodded in any Oiher Alsalm Boot wants a Kcf at least to the id clot the Ami instead f but Eye ii it out or fibfqjf6tho roed be Gitti to the Best time to out at Falfa fur Hay is i m in full Dove Topi Cutti Bay if Cut thus oar properly the Liay us if it be dried in the but wilted should to raked into Elj Jiniv Winro Wund put into to by dried tha und without Dir oath Toj Loci to to those who Are going sow Alfalfa will boar in to mud one Aero thick on the to More Ali Obj Tinios Tho risk in great old and Liliu is Liuro any Winthon Why Tho busing is should udi1hi Lodi Buhl woo i Ifland Lillior Hiiro Trio Rich and Iho Puiul Iii Ini Agulnik when or Emilil Ilu Liny Mill we Luvin usury re Simiu toll Sun Hiir Iii n portion of tin on Tho do list Iii Iii it it i Hirist Tiu it Niort Iii Iorii a lowly nine Jimh ill i Tzvi new Hlll in Lino Llulu ill Liholm will i unit of u Lulf Iii fur till ill cwt of Llull ulily Llull to nine Hij will to with out it a lion now to t Ilio nil urn Nofu Ilmi ring nil u tent Tiliti Tiluy i Vii Pat Jiniv nil in Ilio nil to Ihring Lime look for Irir hip part Puiul Ulicy claim in must Tyml in ii Honolu Lam Ponton in Tiu Liilo cuu Penl Liy u i infill poor alike should Bear Elln Burden of hard und Eitler the Price of labor must come Down or Many for Sale or Ulli Llu superintendent Public Kehn res Deooe sear North end of Chester Vonty Suh Levoll Deputy Mineral Cau Ilon lets up Inch Btu and Ilonne Lilik school fur Young u 11 d third Between Ihbe Mimi Oal inst Iwanon he 1 Ilin Glit lifter Tom Inott Ini proved or main la the Llo Aidini school n Thuro Nuli Why Newl mid in rental Odu action is in rants living i the of entry can Liun hid to inlay of do Nishik to mar Aii Kuizin a drools under most Niro Ful at Ihu Inui Pluto Iuka Iii will in Given in thu or inn Lan literature Aud pro femur inn Cihlor it the la Rooklyn v of us Lulu a Iii Niovi Milf Christa Doros id Ilner Dye is the safest und i1ms i it Hill mini natural shades of Itu Pii not stain Standard t Well Nopio filed toilet for lady or Gem if by Kern but pent of won Hay and Oruro bought and brat and Gbain commission Wylte Olio door Neitli t Liu open till one Oclock chef do this is a new will be kept in a Stylo not unworthy of Tho celebrated Maison Dover of the Well known will preside in i a 4mhnk i 160 or Siumui Ipoh Kahm Tili in Lii mires in with a stir an Amund inf it Tifty u inter fur tkhm8 of Oak Pouniu Ca Iii m two a tin inc interest at 10 per cent Pur Tho farm will be Ini willing mid Furin for a if taut a Lull Inch a slut Nuil i jul in Lam Hin will d fully they worn win oilily at work in Iii Uin Jii Shilg ii clip Iii unit cowl Linn in Xii of us nine Uliey will not top now fur Liny Inilla or Nln irn if Chin help Lioy Hupci no ii Miichi Ciocu Nln iut Cut Urlik p Iii Iii Lani Nii Lii Iii it Thoy of n Bikini Nina in in Hun Lac Mlih in Niziul to View Lam cipro inlay Kiil Lihui nine of ill thu Nulo Puiul let lie no Jiru Oritiz of the White working Manh Causo by a of but Thart by a muted Landing among All of the Slowik men and intr mesh in this and Hose who hire out for Unruh will Ipi hotly to hitch u of list will stun form to Eris join throughout the Mill to in keeping with these hard All our Rte Tiit works in Airvoy Ilig it will be found the the handle of the is design Tud an of you have but u big bettor nov Ilia your land and wait to sow thu Balano Baudot it is almost Lii Olson Tho stand by Aow inor Styblo my e p directly of Tho punt your Prius but of i Ali unit Ami hour expo Lii of Losili Tinl Hll Vir la 1ttclllo Ami i Hincu Lilu duct of lib Kulil Puiul Ull Vur cd pure in land for of 11iokjb land oru Oft ired fur Sulo on the lauds Giro Liliu bout they lire with Abidin Lieut Wurr fur i Riga and Are Philly to persons who Ivyll Culi Vale them Tho most Yuri into terms null to for Andreij lands for Sale or rank Mil til 1c Al described lands in Kern roundly Al Cavil it lakh ill t 30 h in 000 Siut Anil la Nair us pure in 2u in Kan mint in of mint from 1h5i i we Kij ii Xiii t Lulu in Liy Uta in r i Niport it Hun Ili Inouchi in in Wisiol in 50 Point Psi Nii licit in in Jinni Iii of o ii nil Pacillo in of Hunt Iriti Ali cello Luil Nuil in Pru Luct of in 111 Vii Ink ban Lin of no in Han Friuli claw in i Iii sikh i in capital of Iho Han Jollu him Trio Upp site the from the North the lint published Acu Ourbit of Ihm Niet Lionil Lii us we have Boen Noble in Lind in in a Rovi hed edition of Aliel work on published in will Eli Ulato method to Lam with to by Munch of it no Peart that thin Moile of Ruu toning Hud been in into Tinoi if for Home time Pruvli Ottly but we Havo not been Able to Lind by whom or when it in 1 800 Alloth wan opposite i osiris but a retrograde movement of the Laititi of about 20 he iinds it Alioth at tin Chent Ujj Minini Iluff and Lam brio Ovid hear in the within Livo Ini Neteh of biting opposite to in 15 yeah will to of Kelly Iol Ariti is on the Meridian l Inin fast that at any would mat already ground to fill and cd u that it the flowing Danu Well at lira 8ov to Tsujii oth and Curie us and you will the bos for Eatlo or or any eating a to it 11 to ready Soh emos Are being Eon for controlling Tho next Logia Latu of in tha election to Tako Pluto Uvo Republican Vot tul Tiro will Zinb Ifft to 8 thing Nitro than a Uihero and we it Detura Blo that Publio Anh Chii Louato in upon a thorough Tho a Lio Pulman election for Dol Gatea to thu in to believe that hits never been known in 4hib county Oxe opt in one or two thu gorrymandorintf1 by which half the Ami two Nordb of the voters thrown into Ono Previn it Popren Enaud by it a Lent that can by by Ono is a thing that cannot to Tolent Lod by Tho Mahs of item Hubli Lieford to go into another state olo Titian we Wint a of thu party by a convention of delegates from every Pree Inot in the when that convention Moon one Man Ali Ould to Alfo Wod to claim by his Mph dial inh Oritano to 1 m i i1 Alioth parried Tho and live Inin Tum to Liiro to Rohert in illustrations with of thou saudi of Hie Best Klutts and Vega Baliles in to Lei null for a Vlcan Floral 28 eels a Al Ckuj Plover Rutigl 90 Ceu is la paper la elegant Siuth 91 Jamb a n the Dakar Enofio Public Foro so freely and kindly upon in connection with Tho House in a futo tabs Thuro none but Tho boat brands of will to dig no own a wonderful in Lam hit few Ilid now Listul m nip Lilly in Well in Many a Lix Anil Olin r to uru i Woicul la Nuudi to Muir Iii two to Ilio pllll4 Elf Llu Huil Hlili Hilll Lold of Iii Ilax Forust to ii tiny Zifcu away with ilk Iii Siuw Tor will Iii shh Iii Oling and Imrij farm for 160 of together Wlllie twelve Vitoros of Bouse and other mail Sbare id the Belne is offered for a rare part pay Sut wll i men la i lure it Tobii or Toniy we Tuncil Dir to Tho Yii Ami lilo unlit we saw Tiu Lam of u Mill Ami Ami but in Clu Kiir Loul it in Only Tiu ours of a Tau Murnu Silino ill up Unin Trio a Han Iknon Lii is in Noil of ii Riiho we Wui ild dial Liny Lului a Lii Jull fur his Nover Nail u mho that Liu Illint i unit out 1 following a Truol from Ilio Waltl Iorii val lilo of a vilify to Ana As a nation we have been a Cosmod of vanity and an All have Boen and Aro that abound with vhf Unity Ami pm Auguh i rift if Anie Rioa in the recently told huh Ungro Littion that if that Ludith of hut ii uru would give up their three Button gel ova and Wear on Bulton go ovum Ono Gli Money would to have to support an Orphin House whereupon of Trio Lahm Fitzig Gowitt to their a thu to visibility of saving out 6f Cigar Money of thu male a Emboli of the from the Rotor enough to carry on Onje or Are proud of England r we fail to use the Pride of to Luu been Kiteli that to can hardly Aii Keritu ii it nation at or a nation Eliut Hohu Oij Ual with hid a National Pridu i in Kijuu in to u Krone Hun to Gifu in nothing nuts do of Franco that in Worth the nation con enl Avith i shelf and Ith and few Frenchi nun emigrate or 1hogunriunm waterland in the Bemo of his night i impairing Tho Tho All pot thu Poa two Thuy that Throo Button gloves do no Nikii u Dir j or uns Ivory Odoff fun that they have no dilute riot Fofoa on Tho Nervon of the Ladu Wear Thorn on the a Tel thu Brethren would to he motor and healthier if i quit Tho Raoof Tun Engin oors 111 ice Ilia uni Road Poilu i of thu North end of i Tho and Tho Tho us fur no serial Boon found in tin Tho route from the or of Linuan Lii Wundrok about Tiu i Ruou it Lulo or Ami mini Liotina of Trio or who la any or other limn Miulli m u kept for lodging Pur hot Liotti Trio of Liliu lives in or owner title Tyml Tuluo ovary Luwill or Clis Maluto Anil about of Iii mid usury Moa Ira Kuril u a mid Usu Ulmo y la ibo county not tin of to 6f Pride we Overy their if Ain it to be Primm who Vum iia Alnut Iroku in Licu Topi Vii i 11 n i will out any lawful us try Idle try distance Timu Valley c Lino Lewi Tynin ton Miloa w s Jena will a Lino think n year enough for u Woi Niin to anon on and when u Multi of inn Reudy thin but Ament to goes and Tolla he Wilo thai while tier in Tho Groin time Pool lived Buico Tun a Tomb thing in parm duo Kri or ladles Linen for or Oyabu Are to Tho of Tot from to
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