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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Feb 8 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - February 8, 1877, Bakersfield, California I Jurj Ujj weekly professional and business Kern february attorney Kkt by Offlee in of Kara Valley Janet of attorney and Counselor at office on Chetter tank Btu Sample okd hey v j an Ito Etc of a vow on nineteenth will Riam pills Blockly m Bud a co and Toplitt Puum in the Jamks hotel Havi purchased by Frane Uoo daily Post Tod Counselor info Valley a Amulet in All courts of Tho George and Counselor a Star a Knob and second office in Chesters building Rob quart 94 bar from the the weather and the Wint in All 1 of Ting at complaints against Offlio a citizen gives in his i from a Jar editor will you give us space in urns for a Friendly Many and a about our local he Fang there by to become with Tho dwellers in juju on Tho and in otb1 Mountain a daily us in communication the Groat world and Jib Lasant editor enclosed i Send you an item out from Tho Sui nor Coin j men Ting upon a letter from a Kern words Tho impression to to had from the item is a false and 1 Hope you will Cor oct Tho facts that at the Christmas festival held at Peterson Nelsons Hall in this on a disturbance of and knt co once Arcade Obeiter jt4h Alvin attorney at pc notary us one door sent of olympic Tiute if 110 Flat Corner Han of tax Patti cur att Hsioh to the Saij or and patrons of Tho House will find excellent Good polite and every thing that will add to their i will practice in the of Kern attorney and Counselor in Sautte win to found at bumper Moro log and particular attention to Man inf Law and i Koukl Renu and every ipe Lei of real estate buil Neu Foll fully attended and prompt return Box Otto 7mtachixist and Arlington Southeast Corner Chester Avenue and third Street James by cheerful Firosz Driml in Hoer less tenements by Aro not Sot in fan Tho the Pointe danc Tho solitary but where Tho Disep sick the Ray How to Arp is and direct Oral Jewett Preil Dant Houghton John by j1 and Lell on san Fra Molioo and principal of Pao Flo Depoliti Eastern Leal tender Bon Cut and Woolle Cilloni state and county and warm Nti bought and error or kind of banking All if Moro than and being Doronda moot our varied much our Well on Tho Good will Wigg Dyton Counselor Mark will attend the of Iceni Feblot Ooziah kinds sewing balances or surveying and pumps All hindi of Bdge Ilc Biurad hid ovn8 for Nul work done and at reasonable Jauss Planit Sclass and ability of Tho editor to furnish Tho mental food since the rain 6f Tho 17th weather tuts Boon nil to could Nak sunny delightful Moonlight an Ntinos Phuros so Puro it Tho Lind government land for Sale i attorney i made in the you Tern Alt attend to Busl Neit Beloro the be part Inonu to the of land to Lei do a general Law incl of n a n liar 4l physician and special alien ton paid to due meet of women and 1 off of and on 21 it Back of James v Blaney formerly the Exchange hotel main Ryle above House has been rebuilt and newly furnished forthe of Tho travelling Tho rooms Are Large and com Well and Are arranged sin Gle or in suits for the accommodation of the tables will be furnished with the Best the Market and every attention Given to the Comfort of the and depart there is in with the House a Wiloh is furnished with the Best of quota and proprietor january Tho popular and experienced has sole and exclusive control of Tho dining Fine furnished in modern House l dark elegant billiard Saloon und bar on Tho first polite attendants in every de je8tf 640 b1tuatkd on Tiik Bouth Fork of Kern six Mallei Louth East of the flourishing town of fenced a ditch Wiloh irrigate 400 Morei 100 Morei of one Timber Laud 76 Morei of Meadow land Good Houie and other la offered apply to Brown mgl Weldon Kern French Northwest Corner Chester Avenue and nineteenth land for 160 Howard to Al i ted states a at and of Floe it Drury drug residence at the Arlington ni8tr or and office with where he can be found at All hours of the the ten lbs at his Kwh residence North end of Chester Nylus United states hotel los the Largotta and Mott command lout hotel Nouth of Ham the leave in inform the travel ing Public that they have leaned this Well known from their experience oho truly say that Here permanent and transient boarders will and a for private we have suits of at moderate the extensive acquaintance we have formed throughout the state Ruth the travelled Community is a sufficient guarantee that this Houie Ali always be their favorite and we shall Endeavor to Mal Talu our reputation by keeping the Belt the markets afford for our and the choicest wines and la Quot at our we have All Spring Undt at this terms and Jan Ltd Hamm to Founty subveyo0 Deputy Hin bral 8 musical Institute boat Dong school for and third Between main and hell Maas lot 1hb musical will by 1 taught after the most improved Oer Inao in the boarding Hosool a thorough physical and mental education it and parents living in the country can have the Opportunity of tending Belr children to lot Angelet schools under the most careful at Institute Settani will Given in the Herman Lan literature and proprietors hotel is kept in firs class is elegantly to no hotel on Tho Railroad South of san Francisco or North of lob an furniture and bedding Tho Saloon attached to Tho hotel will always to supplied with Tho choicest polite and attentive attendants in every department of Tho every Effort will to made to please p Atron terms always Jan Ltd aches or Croick fab Minu land on Keri Island All fenced 39 acres in with put half of an original Lhart in the Stine of the Belt in the ditches Are Honsl quoted on the farm so at to readily admit of the irrigation of every it is offered at the Low Price of prudent Farmer can make its Price in one for address this is a luxury to breathe chronic weather grumbles their occupation for yesterday another rain came gently Down in such Abund Unoo that Tho thirsty soil would drink no and All out doors is washed Ami dressed in fresher that Gladden the co with Promise of meantime the work goes Tho minors in their eight hour course Aro delving into Tho bowels of Mother developing her hidden Tho Lingo Mill keeps with its ceaseless Day and hotels and restaurants Aro Busy and Tho big Mountain with their astonishing loads of and All kind sol Frog hand Merchan Dize Aro on the St roots As Carpon tort Aro at to the houses and shops Are in Evans has a now House nearly finished on the site of Tho burned up stunner of puts to occupy it for a Storo and now that a faithful night watchman our Rod in the caused by a Drunken Man named to was quietly but soon Anpo Arod at Tho door carrying on his harmless Nansen so and in Tho Alsonso of our whisk dozed Thomp son assumed to himself Tho responsibility of running the shoved Manning off Tho Tell of his pistol and Mic Tsing his Man but striking Tia it understood that had As much of Tho ardent on Board As Tho wounded is a inoffensive Man and was passing quietly along Tho Street when to was shot Down in its Tho shot being fired in to crowd of women and Justice Sumner caused his Soforo Tho evidence in will unt Farmer numerous real under Yoba wheat farming it it no Doul Eastern people w our immense crops of j is necessary that they stand Tho conditions q California before they paced to believe to Aro in 1 will speak facilities to what Grawin s composed Jet Tho san very an Orn an Voly for Sale or 160 Aud Ken Phlp Tonj Ilay and Grabi bought com9u88ioh 10 weary ban j01i of eve Juv promptly at Lull 01 the rust Readio Iubelt k Brookl hip Destructor at the it 4 co hair Dye it db8t act t Tordet of Blok or Crown Doe the safest and natural invade of Black or Rowit Joes stain the and it easily it is a Lasard and upon Tatry Well appoint id toilet for Irbid a or quid by new York drug us if Maison Doree re a 3st one door Worth of the French Chest or open till one Oclock chef do Achim of Ftp Shiok farm ten Miles Southwest of sixty acres in thoroughly with water an abundant Supply of water fur tkhm8 or Okroi Ortii Gaiti Balasck in two Anu to Ciuc interest at 10 per cent per the farm will be including wagons and farm for a great Mohito land for dual Lukk nbction1 ii oboe tale on very Liberal the lands Are of hit Best Tyty Are supplied with abundant water for i Riga and Are partly to persons Whu will but Lovate Tittin the most Laro Rable terms will be for address patrols Tho Puoplo ily soc can go to this lands for Sale or i Leaf Etc or told 10 county at sleep comparatively Succuro from further ravages by the school is very with its two efficient and go to 70 Trio to is a Sabbath school with Good and preach ing every sunday evening by Tho pastor of Tho m with abundance of material for right at our with All Tho elements of growth and culture for mind and Why should any sit with folded hands complaining of hard times Why not improve Tho facilities placed in our open now cultivate Tho soil and establish Man Ufa Csurics of articles needed at from any of Tho Hills about town we can Suo Largo areas of irrigable from which no Ono because no one hns it has Boon demonstrated that this soil yields Largo returns of every needed fruit and vegetable the climate is and Korn River never Rios Hunt Liori and gardeners or Tula Ivor and door sixty Miles a uyt find it pays to bring their products Over Hills and to soil in Tho markets of will it pay to grow Thorn at Homo will someone who knows give wan no no Wordy Tir Toneo of Macedonia when to said of a cynic of the if Woro not Alexander i would to dog it was his impulse to Illus trate manhood thoroughly in n particular direction lacking this in to would have been driven to that different sphere illustrated placing him in charge of Thorn p Bobbin on the trial b Justice Sui nor All wont to show that Thompson did Tho Ono Man swearing positively to have noon Thomp son shove Manning off the poor and without Liny provocation Pul his pistol nud lire at with a almost fatal the Community is astonished that Limo Justice acquitted Tho prisoner on this Tho adm Iimura lion of Tho Law is a Mattor of too much consequence to Tho people of this place to have such proceedings taken As will release men charged with decent t Hope you will do what can to Dene to have Tho Mattor brought be fore Tho grand i dont think editors should Dodge their duties in thin they Aro expected to hold up criminals for and to see that the whole to Minuni to in shown wherein officers fail in their if you will enquire in to this mutter you will find that people hero to a Man Aro of my opinion of this insult to a peaceable and if the officers Whoso duty it h to attend to such affairs will enquire carefully they will find other evidence still boiler than that produced at Tho 1 Bucauto the witnesses Are afraid to Hay their souls Aro their own in this i Hope you will reach out for Tho facts in this and not us think Lloro is no paper on Tho coast but Tho san Francisco Al tronyale bold enough to Call things by their right and ready to protect Tho people against and occasions Aro bom Etimos ruthlessly a wedding u Thorn he same Tye Sanjiv Otter acquaint land is almost except in tha1 a Tor to soil is gone and n turf Prowitz i take advantage of Jing the most Impi both to put i to Harvest it Stead of using sit Guj ton or i Nohos of to use so plows in a driven by Man Tho Nui Udor of plows Only limited amount of that can conveniently be puts Abood sowing Attar Limont is crop used with the Gati with a Light at end of Naohi entirely completed plow has gone the Rod no that no bit should there to that part of the tog Ethl of hindu Tho a Abbyj As far Ai seed is All s can eat it and of spoil instance of Tho amount Bible with such an thoroughly prepared f workup i Hill a munition that i know or Jwj ing twelve animals Alt Phoolo gang of Tolvo out inches to each to sowing Tho seed with from fifteen to acres per from this easily see what Ono Man complis in party in for broken up by Tho arrest of was play illustration with descriptions of thousands of the Best Flowers and vegetables la to and the Way to flow to befall two postage Vurtal if eels a Vick to and tent Alt 80 in paper to elegant Ruth Jakk n in Mortby of Oeleis Doree o the Wolf town will preside in person in the will strive to Merit a continuance of Tho generous patronage that Tho Bakers Field Public have hereto fore to freely and kindly bestowed upon in connection with the House is a fiust Cubit whore none but the Best brands of will to Dis i to Kur in Ortii farm for Tiu for nov Guiou together with twelve Cartt of Uhm u4 Uthaw line u la Stilt irrigating it offered fur a nut Uvyn in Utu re at ibis part will be thoroughness by his Sto Puro Ciarico through All bridegroom and Throo of his friends for and at a burial in the men who had Boon hired to fill the fought Over their task and used two being killed in the Progo Noo of the says Tho wife of an Oxton fed Erate now a representative in Congress Tho southerners arc now the very Best Union to have tried rebellion and know Only tap Well All its to nov or want to fight again to know that there is safety for us oily in the preservation of the Union All to want is that to May have Tho Opportunity to rebuild our for once started will keep alive weeks or two months with As it gels a deep r slowed three Inch enough to plow wheat land but when the toil deeper blowing will it and keep the Mai Bur when deep j is to be the seed Tao Mont cannot be would cover the lived Tea after the soil is prepare proo Obs As above Desorb blowing for Throe Nohos with and or the u with a Ina Light Wulc Good Lively walk lug Tea from acres per wit Quiri Bozof animals Arnal from seven to Nito inches per Day from Short readers will readily with twelve Cap cultivate Hundred ing speak of diff amount of Cost of Ali bought or attic Jun thy editor offered to make a Christmas Proi ont of who truly Tho lord of w weep for morn to in a world of a note would never a life of let All to of Nival enough to admit Tho Glinin Iier of Light that All that will but make room for effulgent and the of will to swept in Sunshine there u no reason Why All Bould not to Vonti Nunley of men Delight in use Ringwood you Solo Theiu Otoi for being no longer in a condition ook Thoo to run in debt a re All Gino Murod a coloured yer Nigga a Mout Jesa Weir git Roady for not Lve shall to his no Figahs Oai Job wat Side you pie we 5 twi to take uie Wannda Tizie Korn county Calvo miam the div Siigri of the Dondo brother Antl must to Orao Kod ditto Iff in horse
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