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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Feb 1 1877, Page 3

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - February 1, 1877, Bakersfield, California Fre88 poor a co Tum omntj9ot a Gnu Cut Ullh Hoe hand for perfumery at l in taxes Baa nearly completed lag on him lands on the North Joh Ottok pc Ore receiving a targe their grocery and a n Jar dancing priv o flt the Tad Henry edger on arrived on tuesday to attend upon the District shout cum offers a standing Reward of for the arrest and conviction of horse thieves in this tax barn of John with its Eon was destroyed by fire in the night of the Der Arlo the Gale on saturday a Hay two Hundred and Twenty feet on a farm was blown of Altos has the finest assortment of pistols to be found in the a sizes and Uzup bad head of cattle Are be ing fitted on Alfalfa Bay on the Haggin can having two farms some Miles offers one of 160 acres for it is a rare Opportunity for one looking for an improved Hirs build have added Many new goods which seem much like a Spring they Are making preparations to do an immense business in taxes will be with fire per for till the third of aft so that time fifty cents extra will be payable for each piece of property Kern River Rose two feet during the has now gone Down to its former the dust is Laid in the streets for the first time this out of reach of the water two horses of Mann were stolen monday night from the North Sido of the the owner wits on track of them and Hopes to catch we Are pleased to learn that the insurance of on his will beat once and to will commence re construction on a larger after Clearing up for the old begins the new with a Complete Stock of every thing pertaining to a country t it la a hardly possible to Call anything he cannot now of bos been in town this we Are glad to learn to proposes to return to and will probably take Down and remove his hotel at cull onto to this the subscriptions for the James As Are payable the Kern Valley the subscribers Are re Quested to make their payments there without individual just As the town ditches were cleared and prepared for another Supply of the rain came pouring Down from the Foothills above completely filling Tho Kern Island Boon after it commenced washing Over and made a break in it fifty feet in it will take the whole Force several Days to repair a formerly a prominent Citi Mii of la Banta Barbara and once a frequent and Welcome visitor to Kern is now manager of Tho govern ment farm in he has just rent Rcd Home on a the demand for Tho number of of rfcs of California has induced i to Send for an extra up Artuer would do Well to buy a copy and its notes upon Kern con Tymako it of special value to thin Jolln Fonk e learn that Tho rain in the Foothills of the san Emidio and Tejon commenced at Daylight and lasted till half past Tho san pol to and Touya creeks ran the for Tho rain fell in torrents and extended quite to the Stock men now look Forward to the most favourable season for after a Gale of wind from the Southeast on saturday rain commenced falling at half past nine sunday and continued heavily until Balf past the ground was soaked for a jut three heavy fall of Snow in Trio mountains a indicated by the unusually covering extending from the sierras All Tho coast the Kern Island canal company has been engaged the past two with a gang of Twenty two under tin management of in Clearing and widening Tho main town and its connection with the new Bridge has been constructed across the main its whole it was a much needed to Fabrino Price of the american the most useful of All the agricultural papers is to per to subscribers for 1877 we offer the Arioul real the following tuft it worded for the 1 Wmk ending i Glenn to late lot in tract of Fittge 28 Alto weit a Tarter end North wet Al Eutz Turow of Al w j to town lots to John Dunn to Mill machinery and with situated on about 84 Miles Northwest from the of upon John 3 8 w b at Charles a o b b Arock to Ambrose theal Nell the 1st North bib and Oki Buuri Uwi Pic Al d and All improve tote the Al Bunnell Usu i improvements to d m the Allpin claim and Buena Ventura also All interest in All claims within two Miles of the Bunnell Tunnel Quarto Mil and improvement d m cof Oil plan claim Man Ling Ventura lode or Al f mining certain Mill and machinery to Bunnell mining com Januell 1st Northeast 5th and 6th Southwest Exten improv8merits on to i California in Green Mountain mining i n ui0 Tho Tho Ord ref together with Erastras and improve Burke to Erskine county Manoko Bros is e returned verdict for motion Mado for new and stay of proceedings ordered for fifteen special grand jury the following special grand jurors were sworn in j m w h w w s f o 0 j w h f d we a Forsyth and 0 ii 1 the grand jury to turned the following indictments people is w h for people is j for grand Lar people is go James James Fulton and Divia for people is same indicted for grand larceny grand jury Jan people is we h pleads people is George Purcell of for trial ordered that venire Issue for u Rei turntable february prom the hot Keysville and Erskine Advance in mining inter eats on the South hot Borm though no rain of consequence More Grain Baa been put to on the South Jork than any pre Vious water u plenty in the and in Case of irrigation will be resorted to on an extensive the mining Engineer of the Boll Bun of operations Are to commence there in the prospects of that Camp prove constantly in Spile of the general dullness in mining the fight Ovir to looks in the big City cannot Stop the digging in the and just much Bullion will be pro the Wildcat speculators cant stand in Tho Way of that amount to to a company Are preparing to erect a Mill on Ersk no Creek at there is every encouragement in the i howling made so and Erskine Creek will yet secure the name promised it so Many Yean borne extraordinary Rich Oro has Boon struck in the big but the working party we driven but by Tho now and powerful will dry it out in a few Tho Placer mining at Roysville is still going paying with Good Prospect of increase Large quantities of lumber off to loads go out making a considerable business for this the accommodations at the hot Springs hotel Havo very considerably Tho place is attracting morn and Moro with Good the benefits derived from the Waters by some strangers recently hero Havo interested a Good Many out of the it is Likely to become one of Tho most attract Ive sanitary resorts in Southern the conveniences for giving attention to in valid have greatly and arc sure of Good for Sale that Well known proper for the twelve Model Ediith of comprising Tulare Tulare Jannery Trio Tolaro City Ilioiu barrels per Thomas Blunt it was Hla Olio was committed to the peril who lives Alx Miles from Las an Orange treo fifteen yearn we Aioli Linn men bearing Dino the fruit is of Buo a sunday school Normal class has been Tom i it i of Fine with Vocale tottered for Sale on reasonable for further enquire of John nov23tf Bakerski ocl furniture dealer a la Hob and varied As int of oha1r8 All jobbing and it whorl in connection furniture it Kerpe and Vamp its every in Flo Thorn Visal 8ttbbatb in prom Tho Iron a number of the Potro Lium Springs in thin West of Trio have Mccu Nelv bom Liim up Midur Trio Mike Rel land it Liutti or such a location will hold May Well to doubt most of tin locutions to which we have referred Are in tar about Tufty Miles Southwest of Stevenson had a very Flo horse Stolon Ron Trio wont hide of last Trio business of borne stealing is becoming very common hero Only a am Days a Home that wan Stolon hero Hii Man this ago in o town in n the owner of the Tynin Trio horse at More it it the a Ilyf was in not yet on tuesday last Tho workmen on Tho new court House commenced to elevate to their f m Vulf lilt tourist and the cobweb for which la Bat 10 per year for our making it the cheapest country paper in Boutu Eru tub business advantages of Bakon Field Are being appreciated we have several from persons whip have spent severs Days in Bloh the nay a Kenfield and activity la not to be found anywhere All that is needed now it the building up of orb Effiew to Alvo the whole county this look of spirit and unequalled in Tho Interior of lower is the Only other town la the to need dozen and inert is plenty of farm of Souther is now in there Are about acres Tho land has Umo Miof Usu Nui Uii Inirio of ii oho Culph next an Vul ilium will Homo a Hovav Tho had cups to i people is Ilos atrial Sot for february i positions the cant Iron Corii ordered that Charles is Ilah wi1i at Are to surmount the different Palau Liams and j h Green to paid each out of i intr to Alul Trio sides of Ilio Trio general for expenses As ordered that m w Bailey to paid As indigent people a w m sentenced to one year in state a a mix Vij a 11 dered for District to following actions Havo commenced in the District oort Kate a Norton is j b Norton people is j Shephard it Al Puoplo is c d for atoll it Al people is v Smith it Al people is h Taysor it Al people is j w Bullet Al Puoplo is 0 ii hindi Man of Al people a j p Strothier it Al people is m l Phillips it Al people is j t Walnea people is 11a Tia do of Al people is h Roth it Al people is j c Troen it Al peo ple vhf j Garner it Al Puoplo is ii Miller Otal Puoplo is 0 a Bonestell it Al people is ii 0 the general land Agency of 405 Coli Cornu of Siulte Dank of 1jboeive8 and re upon and Uther Tutwil of nil Lonnie Lei a Trot worthy agent to to county 8ut of ooh and in Kukri Iho Conn Cluni and to promote and Laoura Puro Miori fur Lunil to it fair ill Rall Neil to full Dirrl Plovc Caln Lugtig widely and Hyall other Ickell Kimta in by Al Leo oompr181kq ladies dress table boots trod shoes made to order from selected gents business cheap and diagonals for dress furn Hino goods and fancy groceries bought for end sold at Tho lowest Cash provisions and adtanok8 made on Wool Domestic and foreign to Oom us inv land Amnuoy of the a Olallo it and Trio of All by Alneil Cal Euleil to noun door and a with for my Lulf ii Usu us ii to Iii windows of thu third Story Bavo also been placed in and look from Tulare of mity a the Safe it trampling ground for Boru to Levis in the and no i Kiwi paper Ruport can Mauo it Moro to keep run of the Stock Sci Illus other Capers Cut tip by trn Pii and vagabonds would Remiro thu services of a Adeoul Thov mingle now to inf mod in Tho Tion of the court Houyu in brought from Fol Somi Tho informs us that to have a much of Uranto in Tho Foothills oust or the Ninn Iuit wanted in this to for iad Ospur Tincu in diff Roht to Tho Ali Uceny the url ii Iother for m Atkins it Al Puoplo is ii Norton it Al people Oxcell Enco of or Public Thurni Iuli is Al King Otal people is ii e Dowdal of shipping and Cross shippers and Grain and All farm products bought and sold on having in Are to of nil thu Piru Ducoli of Ilia vaunt lit Bast Market do not Rook lie Rny Apollon or Ocean John our Loiti Truro the in Talosi Hui of of in Johnston of Nulty incl Lei Hla to free Nodi to Mil i Inion of Hli now Lime Slih tour Thev will court Umily Palace Saloon and gardens Corner third Sirr Jot East and second Street a Choice suburban v j Enuine Lukee Beer can be obtained and at in Tho blankets and boots and shoes of the beat and misses ladies and f embroideries and Fino iss Artmont of trip a Complete assortment of Staple and Woholo and Crocker and table and farm no every Branch Complete in we Are also agents for the celebrated shuttler farm and freight a Buckeye mov John Deere and Shaw Haig Kuhst the celebrated Humboldt having unusual facilities in buying our goods the firm gives his entire attention to selecting and buy advantageous to Are enabled to under soil and to can easily convince the Public of calling at the store of dto4tl from 11 to his in vat by Tho is Al King Otal people is ii e Dowdall of Al people people vhf j credited with Manv Greenwodd it Alj people a c e Wilson of Al us oct of furl no Wiuf tha of Puoplo is f l of Al people 8 b i hut h till Dunco cml by of Swony at Al people is e ticket it Al Puoplo i it a Brodwick Etal people is g Borney of Al roat Lumu n a Wand it could not about have been put in the Arm is Well Worth a and in a Short time the Grain will be waving with a Luxuriance which should make glad the stolid bronc the late rain be Gili from the Southeast continued near the mount for two weeping everything before borne with their sheep on the of the South Side of Kern Luke were unable to follow their about Bead were driven by the wind to shelter of die Brush near the aft the rain my the ground became and the weak from sink in the Toft ground and died 7 in they he in where to get above one i Gruel it Al people is o f Thuoy Etal people in a Birdet Al Puoplo vhf w h slay of Al a m Gallol is j 0 b Green w t 11 e Houghton and a w Dup till p a Tracy it Al Amy and Ardizzi is j w Blackburn of Al Brauel Bodison Hodl old it Al j b Liagin is j o Jackson e 0 bin Letory is John fault and a j Ila Hitous e 0 single Story is l f we Sharon and a j tip two horses stolen from met Roper were recovered last and returned on one of them was found strayed into los with a Ropo attached to a piece of Broom tie other strayed into the stable at Lyons in that and was afterwards called for by a but there being Homo delay in the delivery to him of the be and said to would re turn for to never came on hut urday while Boxer Ami i Logam were in the stage going to Uliey recon died a mexican who answered to Tho Denci Tiona Thuman who called for the horse at Lyons being easily recognized by a scar on his they mat Deputy on the and him into and turned it a round to Tho court House before the what Luloh on twin i Tunu to Riley Otnel Runau to Iii Nti any other As to Puoplo is j Mckent of Al Puoplo is ii 8 Tho grand jury report in a Gruel Etal people is o f Huey Etal people f in that whore a has Hijii charged loan what Benent could Ilio of Eccl from snob a cheap article Hecto in Tolaro we use Maurn Worth Tai into for m Lloro the que ton of our roads with washed Saiid from thai Crook and Manpiro from the is Aasu Mizik mini fuse pro and to Hope our grand jury and Board of will not to backward in giving it duo con try Din hopi imperil the Dulle l0 4w Oan fun Cue Wagon making and both of which were worn push Chi Emit thu to Iii holding a diploma from ruin medical in the slate of in dated february holding diploma from Oblo Igo College of id the slate of and dated Roll age of and in Tho 8tale of and dated february 1878 holding a diploma from i Luis medical in ibo stale of and dated february ism holding a diploma from the Cincinnati College of Modi of and dated june 1874 Howard holding a diploma from of pm Osylva and dated March 1871 Otla from the Board of n my it Lollin nine applies to medicines Well Iii Pioneer drug nineteenth Opp Cito Arlington Morgan a nnounck8to tub i Julio that Jib link Multi n und and Lin proved Hie by und it now to nil work in and id a neat and Nib it Antul at a great reduction in blacksmithing and Wagon making material furnished the Trade at easy Par Loular att Englun will paid u ii Ulter will is sail All Nierli of the Boot and Ulber of the Horm will be and Txooj Reno of liquors and Railroad store third stent Weil the Bank Cheater in Fine wines and Havana and Domestic Javk the of out Ildo of san All goods in this House marked 03sti3 a in Lindal we gallon of Lutol of otai1d duly London Dock i omit no Letb Iio Jand ill Ltd and Monty Vokn Civ vol the Pacific ice Soltzer and Napa soda and Holland John to a Lull pc Ludg Kolni third Call and examine hit Nei Reil Deh Lam Mil Belt of boots and Shock we fall at Lenolan to our new Stock of comic Rhino silk and Cotton ladies read made suits of the latest Eastern european styles silk a Dwerl Polom atom Tom it just 1 and for Sale oa8h real the largest and Best merchandise Ever Brt this Market sons a this m mail is of pub Faltot or lilo infill lilt in widow or Kotori Eutaw of i loud for Smrdl Ontl and fat All Boom of the Day or 1 Ullh of us to cows for ill sizes Iron and and Hardwi lumber for promptly attended on Rezonable groceries and provisions tinware pm Oam cd agents for the celebrated a v i
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