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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Feb 1 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - February 1, 1877, Bakersfield, California Tiv s t 1j onal add business cab fat Kuik Iod of hour attract m by com intent to to diet us of women mov children office on1 Slit Street 8t James Jvn if Howard United states at dry Rrt Draff attorney at 1kto Cotton tit Pouch a in theol Ruof the i26yl George Venable attorney and Lott Selor at opposite in Aduche store Bruno attorney at l a on Heiter Tenn to atom attorney at Law notary door South of the Olympio it Zed practice la the Courti of Kern Samuel Law of Roekern Valley bunk Ken Dinette Tui be found at stunner naming Neil i mention to Alining Luw and Wigginton attobnby8 oounselok8 at t Ivy in the Merced bunk front Sittl Marks we ii attend of Kein county phys10ian and office fat Drury drug Chaster he Tidence it the Arlington n28ir physician and office w i Wilert at All Ligoura of the and in Iko at Tina n7 it Nitro fat beards by superintendent Public Sosoo Ste Ildene Nuur North cod of Heiter Myles of county Surveyor and Mineral room 5 Hunt Sun build if of v Mobil st Ortli West Corner Chester Avenue and nineteenth proprietors 0 in s i r f t it Sis Agency circulating newspapers and books and a Largo and completo assortment of miscellaneous comprising juvenile and Blank suitable for i photograph and autograph Gold tons and Cribb Ngo chess Boa Stonio Scopio views and toilet gents dressing Combs and hand razors and Best toilet and shaving Lubirl and re Uinos toys toys comprising n varied assortment of Crandus music i diaries in great variety arranged expressly for Tho Pacific including paper and Blank brits lol laying writing pocket Call Cash Glass nud few books received direct from the i ii will cuts Tbs Oon stantly to bind a top Mil tufted dior Lmont of Cindie and Tobago to to trial to lot fancy agent or the ban fun ouzo daily Post and weekly Kern Valley Bank Corner Chestor Avonzo and Botond Stroot Ifko Hauy t if the editor of the Visalia Delta in Korn Passino Lordo a Fow Tho Road Bonds to Tho leaving a Koral old to Trio and reaching Tho Edgo of Tho Plains where Tho now town of Hui Ink is Siloro we found quite Oxton Sivo a round House for six a turn in go switches and Side not Oinga Largo Liko a California with a Hopper to Anil a Shu Tofor Tho Diso Largo of to Learned upon inquiry that it contained and for Tho use of locomotives going up Diomes for Rell Abla and in find permanent capital Job Watt Hou Flyton Josim by and Tell sex Alonge on Sun Frai Olica and principal Olllie of Fuu Flo do Polilli Eulem exc Binge and Legal Toni Ort bought and Oullet Lent stale and county Llu Nili and warrant i bought Anil every kind of Boh Ollir i to engine is of turn government land for Sale Rar Annn situated of thai Smith Fork of icon Nix Miles Innab oin luf the flour Lillig town of in Ruvello rented ditch who i Orrl Fruto too Iio Roj 100 of Lino a Tabor incl to Nore of Mendow Laius Gnu Liliuo and Ute for u Ollard apply to known nil Korn land for Coons invites Tho Public to Coll and examine his Stock at Trio express and Telegraph Chester near nineteenth Godfrey attorneys t1iob for Marty at 4 in Tom Southe itt and to Pfannen 4vt win Lugt and lot d Southern car anti and Tho and Farmer Maud Pope 1 i slut c mar Grain this hotel is kept in firs Clasa is elegantly to no hotel on Tho Railroad South of san Francisco or North of los an furniture and bedding Tho Saloon attached to Tho hotel will always be supplied with the choicest Etc polite and attentive attendants in every department of the every Effort will to made to please Patron terms always a Nylof millinery and fancy Maison Doree forwarding and Kerutt shipment of won and Grain bought instr ouse and Beal estate 116 first Street Corner san Wix Pivk to tub a mrs 0v va1iu8 and my Renolf nod every ipe Olei of Seal Eit Ute Bailleu Fittl Tully attended and prompt f Box Packard having located in Sec Ond door South of the offers to Tho ladies of Skinner and Vicinity a Complete assortment of millinery and fancy consisting of Tho latest and most fashion aisle fitting and dress making made a Call and Soo and satisfy de21tf i Fin acres land on Kern Uland nil fono pjs Torci in Wlllie Noel Gulf of tin original Sloto in the Stine Ilio in to Jil Clim Are on Tiu Furni i on i Iii met of the Irrl Fulton of every it l of Orud it Tho Low Proa of a Iri dont funny Robin Onttko i Prole in Oun this for Sale or 160 ton sixty litres in Ivl Lii water an at fur yer my of Oao Fortu in Ono two Ana Oliveo in Droit it 10 per the Turin Ivyll lie and Furtun Ishu with a Sand with a valve and pipe discharging Tho Sand in front of the driving wheels at Tho command of Tho Sumner is handsomely eligible to and contains soveral Lino private Ninon which Aro those of Oxsher Iff ail there Aro several i loons ail Torii orly of and Liin Perl have a very and billiard room commuted with a Motul kept in Libit Elam thu sunnier House was Eloson up the Day to by its 1ho Hlorou on Tho kept by that Prince of Good a Sot nil Philo whore thu snivel or can hid i Oil and Here to fell in with agent for Moonkyu to i Iii so far Rou Ovorus from the broken log in to walk with out to a Hirn now building Luu Igod Iid a bottling Anil Leput for this whore Aro Nipa Dontly us Well known us it Viscid Tho Juz Clia where to an old to quiz instance in Iho Poison of formerly of Tho in Ravillo at the time Ono of Tho ably Condo cod Doin Horatic papers in thu of course to Opu stud to hoc Grout but to wore not prepared for so Grout a Uliano urn Tilten place within the pit two or la Iron Trio along the main a troops ulivo Boun closed poor building Havo Given Philo to a bolter Thoro Aro Sov Ontl new uni Ulrome Fri vote Rani Tiutin Tronu Bui Sinohu and a much greater variety of i Radom curried Tho her urls and n and Rio mod full of and to cuned not help con Bixby Sou ii with Iho edit ii i have just Boon Reading the article in your Jisuo of january the Farmer and Tho and must reply to having dec ipod Only to Day that Tho next article of Tho kind that Mot my ayes should to Asp Oeilly that part Shioli gives the impression that the farm hands Are not comfortably provided for have for some time past wanted and Boon trying to find a Roli abet farm hand lit to to introduced into Tho com fort b and by Nofito of Homo spending his evenings Reading Farni or other journals by Tho family to without driving the family away with the rank Smoll of an old or perspiration saturated with c ing Boom or limn have my Homo made so unhealthy and i will Sood All my Philo Down to al fill As Fust to Tacil about Tho was Ironton Iliff Ato Retif of option of Snow on Tho cont Raiff turf Rufi Thoro in us jul and of Hanora tire Fain hew us Able by my own mature it no doubt Thoro Aru others of Tho Samo 1ft tin industrious Man Wilt ing to Tako an Tho lit to live in Tho and willing to Nike it and Trust Tho crop until it was marketable for Tho no capital could to All add that More might to Tho ii would l to glad to do All in my Power to make such a Uno com for Pablo but to borrow Money at to to do crops if to Havo Iho report published in your pay orally Oom Mandod Anc Espoo rally to 6ur i was notion grand Juryj had Havo Favrod n Atron Gei Orfi Tion of him in Tho has not Boon an Amo Balbi county who was justly dose us much Blomo apr oxom Tion of property in Thill re la pros ont or letter of and Start 1 if Tho author of to to do him Usu that Ono Matt of Tho a per cent per month to employ at Folio per through in Folly lilo for Tho a it ought to know tha r of ibid jury Kari go to to oxus tit in Hanot Loyied i do not Walt Jug to in tiny i want it published All Over the Thill any agr Poablo Workman can got plenty to and a comfortable Homo any if will ing work at Reisino Imblon wages and As All Furumura Havo to the crop for 1 in inc any Nuin Bor of such could Hud employ a Imit but if they Init it to Tho ii innit do Tho and Board 1 Boli ovo Tho a Linnaman Doon As Homo crowd himself in but Whito labor failing to ill Tho vacuum stupid Drill Noufel Flint Pur Vaduz Many Olio older of Joks Stanley our door wort i of the Frondi Chester open till one Oclock chef do this is a new and will to kept in a style not unworthy of the celebrated Massori Doroe of theol to will pro Side i and will Anco of Tho Gono Roua Tho Havo Liberoto v v kindly a bestowed a land for wines and 410 san a Tot at san frn Molioo next Doon West of tub Furnoh cutting and fitting made a Plain und fancy sowing of All kinds Dono on reasonable apprentices Tho patronage of Tho ladies of Sumner and surround 4vaktkh not Ion of 0110iob land urn Tift ored fur Uli on very Ullh Kryl the urn of Hie they Ore no Pallud Ivich thu Dunt Fialer fur i Riga Neil Are Jan in to Jio Toui Whu will cultivate them ibo Nimit Tavorn ble will for Adi Lrein this lands for Sale or sell or le48e the follow Long to of minty al ainu Tinl and i Ujiro for the it in in our to Tho Umlor Primo of Iho Pioneer nut who Oll Rod Huir lands for to buy All Tho Grain unit could to raised at living who planned gave Unity took Thoj now Dinor by Tho Hind and Phimol him on a Good Jii Aitor sold him him Bur or groceries hound gave1 Liim work to pity for ith Trio Rit Momu of Trio Koi n Inland Tho Sal Brily of Tho the of its pro they outvoted Thi old Uutinen Ionah p Fiton Tho assessor duo him for any acts if to Liaa fount r proper y Taftt htij1 to has Moro Lyl duty Asun find no Partio ulat l doubt Many of lib Kosbob iriv Oil duly Giro duo to Dolonzo in would to bolter for Trio Kern county to and Sot apart a fund of Rath Orthun elect to Ltd of Lotof so Nimoh for Tho a fa1h Imu Obst id too h u s7 b in 10 rotary in connection with Tho House in a Fth Sclass where none but the Best brands of will to Dis so4tf and not Tiu county i filing it thu cd Nicu now Loci Tod in thu old court we of Druid an old acquaintance in the Pruun of formerly of to also met at thin i ilium Tho of formerly of and the Stuut potato Man of Korn Delta a to Alj Olish Hull hits been pro unlit a Corn Tho a punish it it will probably Bun Long while Soforo Spain give up hoc pot it int Chiodo cd map labor which Turdiu us Tho Dis Pom Oan up against Trio sunny other favorite Trio Ono on which to not tha highest til to und most seriously inculcated upon those who wore on the most Imi Tiitu terms with was a condensation if Olio among the win ont of Tho Prova ilm of Solomon in All Hilior there in profit but Ilio talk of Iho lips fund ctr Only to Tho Commodore had probably nov or read thin Guidon and to cum hardly to hid to Havo Para phrased it in putting it ii Ito ills Luis july us Vito Koop your Mouth this Eliut Lio to Hiu Young upon whom to bused Iii of founding a Only a few Days Bosforo bin own Mouth Waso mod to Hud both giving Tho Young Man Nome word of serious and to ended by haying above i cup your Mouth to Hay that to owed most of what Watt nailed Lii Good Fortune to the proc too of to Hli Solf what he meant to do until lie had Dono and this him Boon the habit of All Groat men who Hanyo done anything during their Evoh to Xci to Trio Wondo Rof Thor follow by important s a or were Bosforo the District one of which out a which involve Del of Tho Stuto to Gable Wiithorn of stator swamp land Tytla from thu us ipod so position of that Tho state Hiu sold c Attru Monhof bound to tako1 font of the to of United Stater in hold the the f per Mont of t do Tormino Olvil Tjioe under from Tho Alio it Deylii rotary on Pylon of t in Tho Stutton land cording to the Roc uni prion go Ingemi Lor Difonso olt Timi lit Liow Liat title Paramount proportion of far morn Lill our mud Iii Thuu than any other hmm of in Tho land to Havo Buforo stated Tho of Whir to to Iho Monotony of Ali or and want of Motif no but stale of thing it idly by of who Lifto Riig Thori Bolos in Ovey of Trio their ton Doh Iluff Aro of u healthful character in Many by tolling Iho huh of things they opon up a now world of thought to Tho cultivator of the which under Tho influx no Slun Ulua Tho to Togo potent in fill Ilia of just give Ifyu Roht Warinor in inkling of Bow to May Mako Timon sign and Carriage ant while it fur in Buluro county for Tho ext Onui of Tiik total Indab Torness of Sam i county on Tho of wan purr not Wui 1 work Dono in the Best manner and with by nineteenth by rat tour la a Snart 3 1 vix
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