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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Dec 27 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - December 27, 1877, Bakersfield, California Southern 3d Kern county weekly Bakersfield Kern december weekly published mousing by Iii tub Tlam Cizik Hokit six r i i pm r inn Liyim fur ngu1ur j islam my Seal i Iii por kill per ilium no Liivi Init Mii my nil i 11 Linhrt Iii h tar Titiro Talonn Anu business attn wry nil Counselor ill Kevin la Repir of the Kern Valley attorney Ami Counselor at 1nvo la All the Cuurtis of tho Way 1877 George Itlo Icicy Kevin it i k ail i Lulux All Oll Lui Bihi Pientl Ienir of la ring May 1x77 b Mil Keun couih1 non to Listor Alvin it Kahn ilium Iii la of Iho Oliu Jill inv w votes no Itil u i urls at Kern civil qty May Samuel Colini Arlor tit Bakersfield and Monifo in a Lightnr a nil Iii fix c Hull s Viil in r in Shim nil Vii ii pith to i my Charles Loloi Sirj null iouiimiloi1 n me iced m will ainu iture in the of Kuril comity january Cio to n it it o Keun Piui to Dincin Iii if Winnen Mill Ohl Lorrn an i in nil Nair Ali us on k Jinnu Iii i 1177 Keun unix at Llu Arll ton Jiuji Keun of Bih in Llor Niph uru Ullmn Ltd Al nil hours no llu1 Lay ital Axi s Dpi it Keishi ill Rimor f Ken Joli Wylli Iii Milnar of the kit May Neil my Dilu huh if Vui Illel Iii 1 pal Lilloll l of it Ilia or lil ljdilil0 will Ulvi s Dunc phys Lilii nil of Lico at Drury drug lieu Luce on eighteenth Trio of Clit Pioneer nineteenth opposite the Tims is the laiu1e8t and Complete of the in this part of a litre apply of in ii toilet nil Klu Ilif of 1ulelit lung not Oifong for every known to theime on also the finest Linn in of Lect in Srpui Biilly for Paiik kill Coliron Neitli at All nouns of tiie Day on a Nurr e Pool pro Trio Lailius of and Vicinity us u Nitse ol1 word Dndr chased to tier at Stockton vill re Civo i loom to ii be Bruit French formerly to Salt House to jul a i is of t new a tools recently land for Sale cheap Cash store rpm ii St general merchandise Ever brought to this groceries and dry ladies and gentlemen Jacob ins rim Iio Usk ii Vixo nil tin1 porn lit or inv lift n Ulinore of lilo Pil Lilic s Losiff in the him to Kukri inti Iatrou ii run Fly upon in time fort Lin Llull Ivory let Leniun will lie Klavun to their tiie Uail h trip Pleil to Atli the bom i Lully of Imp Unoji i nil Jonil nil mid Roll to attention us Ilio Fri nah oppo site Ilin 1877 Job printing every variety of Job printing Oruci Impi it Short notice and on Trio most Rubo Imblon Ernie it the Bakersfield r sunni air to i Tiik Irv the Best accommodation for and tho most stylish and attractive Hay and far Bucks for and childrens hats Anil Etc toys and fancy liquors tobacco and Wall Coli Brantly on Linnol an of canned and fresh fruits a splendid Claret wine at Only so cents a Bole agent foil Bishops celebrated cough and lung from Trio country promptly u the Niblic invited to cull and oxi Niini my Stock before Biol Dalton Kern Valley hunk Comer climber Avenue no Eiklid Wotli c t o u s i i 1 ii to John Andrei icon elegant Oil buc1 i fur lire fur Lilu Rikiwo Lui Miku ii Adkus Fin ecu and Merino is clix for null in Good mid free from apply at Bull Vici on 81111 fran Clinco mid tho Principe Milieu of to Iii in cilia do Muhith and int credit allowed n Trio of u Pur Cunt Pur if loft i Kas Kiin Mac Iiah and Lifjar to Iii am ii Law direct on Ull Trio principal hindi Hutu and co Biily and a Muntu every Fud of Imato banking april tracts of 40 five Mil e s South of Bakers Icid fruit us Alii Lilloo to up it Tiru tin1 in Llull till lilldrl1 Pulim of Livi Gilill i i Woltil Lite let Iii Tiliti Ilia in Anil Liln his san incur in r limn Tinl univ Dii Nin Ami Anil h in inv lil lil Nib Wildin in with inn by Lull to pin in Iliili Otili in and nod purity i Uius wit i Putty Riili Siisi Irlvy Imti Killil Torrill Neil Tel lir Lovani Wiit so Liap Iii Iluigi Luin in Ami and my Lii girly inn a Trio Odir Liitt Atli Lii Iuli Lulf to input Lulu tin ii ii let of Ritti Neil hit Kintli Neil ii Loudil to in ii Tulita a Liu icy frail in fur the will r 50 limit fir to Linin 51 it Thill Drift in Anil and tin my Lilu 1 on ill line of tie Kern Island Tylli o St pictures from tho Stone of tie slate nor Mill acc Cully delivered a lecture in of which Ilie Twenty t itome Trio theory of Geol is that the world away Ages and sons of like a globule Hie great i nil mass of Liery the Cli ild of Llie my Gra Cooling and condensation of pors a crust was upon and a Piraind came Ellmin out the ill a closing l he Inasi Waler was fur completely covering la Canh Wil a shallow Wilh furl Liei Cooling came enl act Ion and wrinkling of the spots of la m i above Llie with pm respond ing increased Lislap cured in i lie Waters in tin Ioimo is Ruck or lev or Pio five dollars in higher All of ii Soi Iii Ocial elements of i to Densi r Wall pin i lied in for Llie existence in till or then came Llie i an when made i heir in Yeai succeeded by Ivel Diati with the Pei Rance of Pomme forms no plan life upon the 1 his in ceded by the microns a in which the was constantly purified he the inonlimu1 forms of Plant grouch and fostered mospliiii1 tho unassuming tho Montreal recently Inako s from Ino Are now Busy shipping our codfish for foreign it is curious to note the history Ofa cod fish from tho moment on tho Hook of a it is Dragg d from its native till in disappears Down the human Throat on the Hanks of the the Para tie or Iho after a Fow expiring it is a Comfort to Lohy naturalists that Lisle Are almost Itsou silo to pain the cod ii tho i Liormanas Hoal upon the rough where in is received by Iho with a Sharp lays open the Lish across the Throat and the and passes it to Llie i he operator proceeds to extract the which i dropped into a vessel Liy his Side to he Eon veiled into cod liver lie then extracts lie entrails and wrenches Oil he and throws these into another Loho preserved typos As printers did you say de Stuart Globson inquiringly of the reporter a Fow Days aft to was on the Way to a Boston my Doar All our leading actors Havo worked with the stick and the Rulo at the most tho natural thing in tho world for printers to become and in and players to rub elbows to for the to mix buy and Ihui Lor ins 1 no e ure Laken and also to and fresh or Cmel enl of the Lish is then i Issod to the u by a dexterous Nide be the of i this is per on third Cash on third in one and on third in two water upon alternate tracts Only for Sale location i m c 111 Oil till1 he and then and hat on Hue Purl of Llie the t Ter a i a comma High i1 Llian i he of the opera the and t lands Are in a condition for Liy i he warm from which icy traded and away the Cail Rui Bluit i led into step by the Earth was prepared Foi the reception of Llie higher animated until Al la i Llian it i impossible in a Hiigel synopsis to give an idea of and Fivi wild which in speaker unravelled and interpreted he record of inc i i close he mad a com Parison of i lie e a Criollo geological history and their Acom a living c i Maracl with i he Lory of the creation As recorded in ii firs Chapler of lie showing a Mai Vel Loith illness and Cecii Iiley of dim Crip lion Eiven by i he inspired Anchor of lads of the Lee Lori was one of in tense and audience would have Chen Conlen to listen an hour or two the Olivei two Leo litres of the course will he delivered some Lime a do not keep the Alah Aslor boxes of your love and tenderness sealed up until your Frie Lii Are kill Khoii lives with speak up wonk their ears can hear and their head can to thrilled by the things you mean to say when they Liro Heliy before they i he you mean to Send them for their Send to brighten and sweeten their Homos before i hey Leavo if my friends have Alabaster boxes bid a full older fumes of sympathy and which i hey intend to break Over in Bend 1 would rather they bring them out in my weary and open 1 May he re fleshed and cheered by Hun Ulle i need i would rather have a Hare Collin without a and a funeral without an than a life without in Hwi etness of love and Kym Pat let learn loan Point our friends beforehand for their postmortem kindness Doet not Oscor the Bur Donod spirit next ml1 1 1 Iroini All salts and s in a i1 or i i i of time it is to dry on the formed of Spruce n led by a Ivam work on up i i i Lere he i i out Iii ally to by exposure to i he Sun on j Ami this process a cipro Coli Lent at Oron i the approach of they me Maile jul i Little lond tie in which stale hey look very much like Small Hay when the or which for a Lini they in the dried Llie and they Are i Nile for i s i in Heidi conveyed of the expo Alliey Are or in o four known As and or broken the Lirl in the Best the second i the i Luid is intended for i e of and the Wenli is Inea Jimahle of is Al the cod enl Loho Oiin times is packed by Inin Small casks culled for furl her Pai Licu mh8tf 1an llio1 e which m Lottie mod in Are usually in ship Larro Sipian Litvien of dried id him Luiere is hardly an in hailed Corner of that vast Empire where lilo newfound land cod is to be being earned on the backs no mules of Iii the seacoast into the Dis Laul prov Neeti of the Trio no of Llie indies it Denim in us a grateful addition to their vog Calile to All parts of tin Mediterranean in finds its ital Treeka Aud equally of our sea the spaniards Ami i or Are our Best and All Quinny Peninsula the Bavido have been a standing dish hinge Llie Ilayah of who makes i Pieciul Mtnlion of our cod in 1 on under thai i Iii lain and the slates we have thousands of ens in i he Wanner Region of o the people seem to have a special liking for the dried and sailed and to them it ii an almost indispensable article of tho More extensively Ura Italy and Spain Are opened up by Raih Vays and other Means of the greater becomes the do for Astl How do you reason out your theory setting Typo is a Printer you Len t write in u n grammatical Seute nuo if to trite so with writing is but another word from both Are the liter Turo of if you will Al Low t to its Art and its Chi most natural thing in the 1 should for printers to Drift from tho Case Lollio stage or tho editorial of tho actors of tho present Day Are printers by Trade lot to hit id theres one of our Best old men to was a and a Good then heros of Walla Ekse Ono to see him Bowling up Lifty Avenue behind his Hangnail that no was once a is thai tho i hear that to was in some Way connected with a and thai to had had the exception Alvid Vanta Goh of Good surroundings and youve Boon my Iho Gallant that Murray Hill is breaking its heart was a Typo setter on the Lon Don and that at no Remote be then theres Henry Kiwi Rico Barrett both wire Barrett had an hum ble but to had Boon and is now Ono of the Best read men in Iho John of i he fifth Avenue is Aneth tho Best act or of modern once named his bread at the so did that Cap ital crime As did William of and in Irles of of end actors who have achieved world wide William Burton and Ames w a belonged to the John Pur Sollo was a com so was your Humble ser but i think 1 was a bettor Finier t Han i am an i believe Noil Bryant was a flyby and Iain sure Ili Irney Williams was Steve of Liq i full ave Laluo had Nom thing to do with but in not certain that he was Over employed in h compos ing Theodore an other Good Asior was a sub Printer for i had almost forgotten i in Irles to used to stick Type like a Ruoo not Long ago to told me that he went into a pricing Iho first time in 30 lie said to found the Situa Tion of All the boxes except tho receptacle for the interrogation Marks and Llinat wanted to know what the mischief 1 was doing a Job to coax bachelors out of single blessedness and to decrease the Slock of old maids by an in creased demand for wives May Foo if Volvo in Homo statements made to lilo Lii Ninn in regard to the relations existing Between marriage and old in Aida and it rarely attain to extreme old and then it tolls of people living to extraordinary Ages by wedding a Doxon times or while Jacob Jay of Bordeaux died in Jiu Abihu age of 101 having Laid seventeen wives in Trio and Margaret a scotch died in at tho ago of having wept it tho unlikely Iremio of thirteen men Whoso names Olio had borne in to lib far the does not put a very extraordinary tax upon ones capacity for bolting a Tough but Iho Strain is rather severe when it goes on to speak Ofa pair named Hovin who died in Hungary in the Man Agod 170 and the womb a leaving a Lender youth 116 Lor the u Iii re lot on Iho strength of that and new whirl his b together have no Leithon to wish for the ii Lilion of Lent or he reduction of th1 Nui Vilier of fast Ilayah appointed by lilo human Catholic tho advancing prior of ire Uli meats of All kinds in various countries rapidly increasing the demand for and has con Powors on the Colin cant no Ranei d backward a Over Oary Siden Ihly twelve or n Foi Moon i him ago tho average Lish was from to Volvo id Liften per Ipi inti it is now Exa Elly Douille thai Hoy Hoard him say tho a Verc spoiling our croquet ground of claimed you g Day thai Toiv Money in As she came upon her j and who was energetically wielding i Ulualo the help raid father this plot has got to to voted to Boriin Ulanio Bandry d to inv Ati old mans poultry tie 1 1 to had gone a Lino do when the old Loul Deroen nut Liua Dud upon and tho i my now won scrod if theres u Balm in a person who was looking at a House the other Day said he Nitor to to at lilo replied Trio you can borrow flute rom next Eollo and Tea to Road th0 flour und sugar on tho Ooi find theres n big Pilo of Wood Longs to t to Kichool Houyao the Tii this an for tho to cant oat Green to cant fall to Fugh an Ioa to in High around tho parlor his Sib Toth Young mon How m1 Anna chill St glory und How much is Juto tour Linton y
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