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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - December 20, 1877, Bakersfield, California Southern cd Cal Kern county weekly Kern december 47 weekly published every thursday morning by Julius in tub ciie3tei1 six i quire ten lines Jer s3 fur regular and special first Knob iut 41 01m known inthe Money Reinl Reilly nil kit Vertus Rev Long n insertion Simiu per line for Authie quient professional and Itu siness y Tuil Counselor it Kern i rear of lie earn attorney a Iii Counselor no Inyo pro Tim in All the court of the May 1877 George attorney Anil it Kern Harti it i peo Uller forgoing nil Lanil Oll co of Hurnaus May is77 Siml Counselor at Kern Coots new Chester Hay Alvin it notary Kern door South of he olympic inv w y in vjie3nq Wil prot Ilieff la tho courts of Peru May Samuel attorney and Counselor it Bakeh Field and office on Chester Anil in the Vax Etli will Fui ind it Sumer mor loin and particular he Lention paid tilling and May Charles attorney nil at Merced ii will practice in thu courts of Korn county in Nimby n in 1c o Kern Spac Lul attention paid to of Wom Uii and children Anil office in Hii Mph Drutar North of on k Junior a 4 ih77 i Kern at Drury drug Lucs Lyonce at the Arlington Kern Offlie in blur Napili or ilk cull Latte sided at All hours of Ihn Day and May Axi Eliutt Kevin u Ihu rear of the Kein fully Ili Nii january oboe or Ltd in tie rear of Tiu Kern vol any Ihil Clun Dunans of inn inn Una Lii Maui at Jlon Donco with aus s dung plays Ulii and office at Drury drug Hesiki Lyneo on eighteenth or Wito the drug dec gtd Pioneer drug nineteenth Ohio site the tui3 is the largest and mint establishment of the kind in thai Purl of the a Large Supply of Iuka toilet nil kills of Patent com prising for every known vol some constantly on the brands of utile Teil especially for medicinal compound cd at All Louns of the Day on january e Pool Mui to tho ladies of Bauersfield nud Vicinity As a nurse of word addressed to her at Stock Tony will receive prompt refers to ii february French formerly tie Salt ii Riibe Jacob this Iio Umio ii Avino rep lord n nil Ihu proprietor inv ton a Hli tire of the Public ills Long exp Irlandi in the enabling him to in Armintee 1iitrons can rely upon being Nell ii in Lime forthe and every attention will be Given to their Tiik ii a ii in supplied with tho Best Quality of liquors and i Oil in ice Celletia Mill Iolite attention at tho Irr Nch oppo site Dib Juno Job printing every variety of Jolt printing executed it Notino and on Trio Moat reasonable Trio Bakersfield v Mam i n to i Lark it Tiik finkst in South Ikon tho Best accommodation for and the stylish and attractive Hay and Grain for january Bucks for ti1wo Iii Noii and Spanish Merino dim Furnazi elegant of l in Good and free from apply for nil Pireu for j at bul Lovicz i 10 uttry sub i tag new recently cheap Cash store milk Uriost or go neral merchandise Ever brought to this groceries and dry ladies and gentlemen and childrens hats and toys and fancy tobacco and Wall on baud in assortment of canned and fresh splendid Claret wine at Only 50 cents a Bole agent fou Bishops celebrated cough and lung orders from Trio country promptly at tie lowest Market Trio Public Are invited to Call Anil examine my Htu Cli before purchasing january ke11n Valley Sauk Corner Cliv Tor a Aniio and Eiklid Cuth incorporated Ricejr Zahy i i r e c t o it s John Oto an Fiaai on Han Francisico and Tuo principal Eilieth of tho Pacific Dpi whith and intercut allowed at the Rato of 0 per cent per if left Nix Kah Kiin exc Noe and Legal tender bought and Diaw direct on All tho principal foreign moxie made Tato and county Honda and warrant ii and every kind of legit Imato banking Bui inca april land for Sale of 40 f i v e is i l e s South line of the Kern Island o Twentyfive dollars per t in Imi s on third Cash on third in one and on third in two water upon alternate tracts Only for Sale location lands Are in a condition for immediate for further my St this Bermuda Uorn Nide grass is so Cal Loil from tho Island of is native it since was Intro Licud into Trio Southern and spread rap idly annoy nor the planters of Cotton and Eimo while tint South was under the Dominion of and Cotton and Cane growing were the principal agricultural the Lier Muda grass was the great pet of tho As the wild morning glory is in some sections of this state to Orelar discs and vegetable people from the North have settled in these states and carried with them a More general they have found this same Bermuda grass a Messing rather than a j t is one of the very Liest Stock grasses Lith for pastures Anil fur it has a creeping joint Stem under and from this grows up the Numor Ous not Over six to ten inches terminated by three or four purple spreading pikes or the stems seem to form a medium Between the roots proper and the upright Bohnii do not but in the Winter remain in dormant ready to throw up their and stalks in the Early Verv joint of these underground Lenim or and of the tunnels 01 creepers thai run or creep along the surface of the ground is furnished with a Bud from which additional runners or upright steins shoot and from these joints also strike Down into he toil Small Lili Riih branches or Tim Blade or Leaf of this gneiss resemble s in color tin Leaf or Okido of the Bill is not so and except a univ it grows on very Rich mid before it has finely Foniri not so it grows Best on a a inv but will soon Root out All other grasses in any even in those so completely saturated with Alkali that Salt grass will do it grows in the driest soils and Blun wishes Uii Dei sending its ruin hitch to to o surface As if to git breath and and in this Way will live for months covered with la May be propagated by seed or the runners or stems hat run under ground and on he Nilace i broken or Cut into pieces Ami spread Over the surface of Loose ground and harrowed in and slowed will each becoming in Independent Plant throwing runners of a variety of this gnus has found its Way into or is a native of the and for the last four or live years has been spreading Over the River especially the of soil has been covered with the Farmers Here Call joint in some localities it has been called butter on account of the avid Ity with which cows Mil Anil be cause it is supposed o make the milk very Rich and i lie Butler Yel Low and May be seen in a number of private of in Sacia me Lii where it has been planted for a is d instead of Kenlin by Bine la has spread from these lots Lor blocks in every rooting Salt grass out and occupying tin place formerly occupied by i his useless grass along the Side of the the Hod formed by ibis grass is the most and impenetrable that we have Ever Lor sowing on he water Side of to set the Noil and prevent its washing away we think Thise Rass very would also prove a pro Ledion to rail Road embankments Iii nine through tide or Low to How or 1iipid or Waves caused by the new York try Lymui in an article on the grasses of the Speaks thus of Ber Muda grass i hero is a Large extent of coun try in altho Southern be tween tin lands of the coast and the which is not bulled to Timothy or red but grows Clover with great and also some of the this in the so called red lands of the South the great Piedmont there is not an acre in All this Belt will not bring and when fresh or properly fertilized will bring Good while somewhat in the More Southern from the Long continued heal of is probable that in All respects Clover has not its Cupial in value for this consid i ing the excellent condition in which in Leaver that As a Huy crop it can hardly be while Pini Muragu in feeds Caitlin and and enables the Little Busy Bee to ill his cell with Tim Bett pasture grasses for lids Region Are undoubtedly Blue grass and Ber and if properly treated with manure and occasional sprinkling of ground plaster such it pasture will keep for Many years in excellent the mild Winter of this Piedmont Region will not kill the Bermuda and sufficiently nourishes tho Blue while in tho Long tho Bermuda Ilour Luhcs us if with wild Ami while a slight yellow Shade inny Lingo tho Blue grass Leaf tho roots Uro fully protected by tho Bermuda summer or there is Ever a Green Sward pleasant to Iho Eye of Man and delicious to the taste of the in the Days when not ton and the Nigger ruled the South the Bermuda was looked on As a great but our authorities assure us that a More enlightened idea is becoming and thai this duly excellent which is native to that will Ere Long be appreciated As it some have out i for and from Rich surfaces As much As ten tons have been Cut per acre another out Kio and another pounds to the acre two and sometimes three cuttings per acre Are this Lier Muda docs usually grow has almost As value As and Avenel informs us that its analysis shows As much value As it will not grow in North emas it is killed by Posio of the roots to continued it is declared by those who have investigated the subject to be preeminently the grass of the South and Desi sued to become a source of immense wealth to he it Lime keep More sheep to the acre than any other grass in the while perusing a Little volume on lately published in san tho Dili Vrcel Stylos of indulged in by our West Ern girls were vividly called to there Are and with some in is about As awkward a performance As can Well be imagined with others in is a natural and Graceful fact the very poetry of an Austin is Graceful and if she is from she throws her hair jumps up Ami cracks her herds car Ries Oil her partner As Miou Gli a was me Lead struck and knocks Over All obstacles in her mad a Tuscarora Uirl Crooks her body in the Middle like a door takes her Pard by the and makes him mis Erable in trying to hop around her win Ion trending on her a arson girl will now Ami then work in doubles of Lleo Rii hit of a win no Micca Yum closely and i Iii lev up to Hir As if she would like to get into his Vest and away with East icy As the of the Blue Danube sweeps through the an Elko Gih is a natural and docs in an abandon that is a Virginia girl throws both her arms around his Rolls up her and As she duals away is heard to mow the Railroad has cinched us a year ago learns used to come in Here and Lay up a week or i to wait ing for freight Here Usnel to be one or two steamboats lied up to the Bank nearly All the time our stores Good juices for abase for Coal Oil and other things in pro portion a stranger could come in Here and get All the rooms he wan led at our hotels we got papers from san in Ananco within six from publication having forgot ten the week their news seemed fresh to ret of one had to Cross the desert by stage to san and gel to san Ivi Incisco from i Here by three More Days of travel hat caused our to slay at Home and spend their Money among now How More cams Are running liens and freight comes faster limn Alliey can Lake the boats cannot carry All the upriver provisions and clothing Are Helling Al prices that May be Good enough for poor folks and working but thai ruins the profits of our our hotels Are crowded and several new restaurants Luvin been to can get to san inn Eliseo in is hours and our mail from their in the same oysters in the Shell and other Lulu Are causing us to waste our go to where railroads ruin 1nmu is trying the Experiment of a free Schooff Indus which has now fort live schol learning Brack Krench and with classes forming in other thin take hold Well asked Llie smiling replied the unhappy it takes hold but it dont let go Worth u a malicious taxpayer in Wil Mington paid his amounting b0ven All in Copper Buddhist school in it is a spacious ing one or More Largo rooms with Bare boarded and open on to Side at loss to tho winds and to All tho approach in guarded Only by tho numerous wild logs which Trade upon the pious aversion of tho Buddhist to the taking of animal and Lurk among tho pillars upon which the building is ascending the wooden and passing across an open we Are at Onee within tho the sight is for tho moment blinded by the darkness of tho the wooden Walls being unrelieved by any and tho ear is at tho same time deafened by a chorus of Ohil Irens voices repeating with the Ait Power of their lungs the traditional burmese spelling As Ween the now raised higher limn Are found to Issue from forty or fifty boys recumbent on the Bare door in regular each having before him a Small Oblong Black Board which serves tho Pur pose of a a smart tap from i Long Cane on the boarded floor muses instant and tho visit its adv Inee to an in ukr recess where Mats and cushions Aro mid where tho monkish pedagogue in heated on to by his tide arc curiously shaped boxes and Lishes of lacquer work and min Laining Betel water and tho huge Palmleaf fans and monster gilded umbrellas lean against the and in the dim Light to find ourselves surrounded by gilded images of name uniformly Given in Burmah to Lite founder of Marble or piles of Dusty Palm Leaf some of them richly and Boxen of various and form ornamented with gild ing and 11 kind of mosaic or coloured above us coloured lamps hang from the richly carved and amid tint Strango Medley Aro carpets and vessels of English Man in a conspicuous an american eight Day near us lounge a number of tall youths and boys with fair Oliv com dressed in tho uniform Yoi now monastic and attentive to every word or signal from their those Are tho juniors or probationers of tho who min ister to his immediate who daily in solemn procession through t he Village beg for his morning fan him in tho shield him from tint Sun As he or Row him in his boat on a Wear received with an air of apparent and offered a seat on the and while our Host continues to Chew his Betel nut in silence mid to Walls our opening of the con we May note his outward which is striking his skin is dark and his Cheeks thin As if with his tend is Baro and close and his dress is the uniform Togao som Bro yellow cloth so folded As to leave one Arm completely the seams which traverse tho Robo in so Many directions Are relics of tho original injunction that tho Monk should be clothed in rags gathered in the graveyards and stitched to in his hand to holds Rohi iry of and his whole As Peol is that of the roti Luse who has neither part nor lot in tho things of the common As this scene is to those who live in tho it is one worthy of a painters can and to step aside from n met alled High skirted by a Lino of into Onu of those quaint re real is like passing at h step from the nineteenth Century Back to the years before Austin Etc Veillo a gentleman who arrived in town last evening from Smoky Valley reports that Over at in the Vicinity of Birch near Yankee to came to a Cabin by tin Rodo from which came Forth piercing screams and heartrending entering the to saw a woman holding u Man Down on tho floor by tie hair of his and pounding his Skull with u Ana repeating to him if you dare to raise a linger to to youll to tho first Man tied up to that pole up at Austin for the follows that Liok their tho prostrate no doubt with tho fear of tho whippers Post in his raised a Finger to quote language of tho to howled like Blue t j j m i says failure is Success Ivory detection if of what is false directs towards what is True Ivory trial exhausts i tempting form of not so but scarcely any attempt is Tiroly a failure scarcely any t1 the result of steady altogether false no tempting i is without some latent of from an eloquent orator referred the mighty
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