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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - December 13, 1877, Bakersfield, California Southern Gal Kern county weekly Kern december weekly published every thursday morning by to Xoi in tub town Chester six Adaku tisius u ten lined for regular pc ill Keitth subsequent i inn the Money rtt Ilercil in All Inlet Irwin to foal re Velinir couts a Flat in Berlin it per Hup for s Dunc Pusl Clini nil of Lico it Drury drug pics Milinco on Eili Bentli oppo to Hie Docot professional and business attorney Mill Counselor a kki1x in rear of tie Kirn Jami Sriry attorney and lit into la All the of the my 1877 George nil at Kex to tiring Kivo Pfaul i Tor All in in Ollari Pioneer drug pinot month opposite the ahm botox hotel Tius is Tim lakok8t and most Coin plot of Trio kind in tills Purl tho St Tea Largo of Suhk toilet nil i Tula of 1attmt Mullion a Coli a rising up Coulsn for every known it seas Cou stantly on the a nest Bartuls of Hulee Titt Nihil Eiting compounded at Hougui or Iii Uay us in Nuiry e first Izmir Eust us dry May 1877 1rundagh Attis it it Kun Ojito cumin new i May new goods recently cheap Cash store Hick ii kit of general merchandise Iver brought to this land for Sale 1 alv1n attorney u a Shuy ke11x if tint Delyi Viilu May will the u of turn j May Samuel Akorn Jami coi Insl at baked Spiel and Ollie on cd instr und Hill win Roll cml ill no Lull morn Iii Anil Urti Sulur pin e Pool wok to tho pm lion of Ami Vicinity As a Hultse of word to her at Stock Tony will Rigi Sivu porn input to ii Ishi Quiry French formerly the quit House City Jacob t Charles Ami 4 Merck a m null pin Hisiu in the of kit ii Jive Tilary inv Shjan s i in ii i o Khun attention Jymiil to due airs Wunsun and Billr ii to Itu Rupa Kes Miou North of on k juin Mit t bag pm or ins Pink ii Sukk it m Iii Giulii 1 a Lipri rail air invites a Linro of lid Pill Ilki if in la in thu Lii trois nun of by upon in him1 in Atli and every attention Liu Kivin to that a it n Atli thu of Zirul innit nil Jaxn 1 in 111 in fill Hlll Tenil lit Tinl Lidi Ippun Len Trio Job printing every variety of glinting Taccati it jul ii i Fotieo Ulm on Tiu moist Cru Sonjii talc tracts of 40 f i v m 1 e s groceries and try and gentlemen South of Tiiu line of the Kern Island a now definition of 1 Havo nor fashion of him who lain them but after the 11v tho Polo which Century has Iju idd by its Al tho reception tendered by the Goethe club to William navigator on the sea and the wanderer on the May co last the like lilo Poel made a pleasant in which he accounted for the mountains which Hurnel the Clouds and gather the rain or Tion which was shown to by 1 11 Anil and scud now and amusing lie to of Jive life and 1 cannot accept 1 he1 compliments which have been paid me As if the Fields you become like the Iii were justly my and if 1 ancient which ripens j c i not Parry most of them and put them aside 1 should have reason of the Earth for successive of and at to stand abashed and confused in of every Day leaves in the you sky a glorious memory of Low me to ascribe he Bright which has been shown my this has not Ejrain i ing to a eau so which Ami will honest and Elf to be sullied entry obvious in the most to the uni life which 1 have manner in tin 1 urls of 1 the late old Uvo which 1 have cities who has not seen de an existence prolonged Blac guarded and 1 Elgrably beyond the common out who has passed Raher bashful Jujen Leuieu 1 St and harried old poop i Sicly beyond the milestones and Mark the stages of life up to and Alvro cited by lawyers score is looked upon by the rest of Mankind with u cer Laiu compassionate feeling he cannot do pretend to be All they should be tho is Only Loo and disgraceful w More they naturally is thousands of justly and Llie Relner May safely be Ilis further stay upon the Earth necessarily persons of character and position have unch a dread of attorney s Luil under j and in is therefore i charitable i circumstances can they to make slay to enter a at Tiik and clllldkkns1 hats and toys and fancy tobacco and Wall o w on a nil in Usu orment of my and fresh cla1jkt Wink at Only 5u cent ii a sole agent Foit Bishops celebrated cough Anil lung Kahn Olloe it Drury unik Kin Hnin i a r link Tun Kikin i in let Julia Ullon Iliili to at nil Bourn Utility Anil Liny Bakersfield i Vioiet Beck proprietor Deputy a lilt did in thu of Kin Juni iary e with in Ilia cur of tho Kopti Valley my Niu Tiik in Kitti Ikon the Best accommodation for and the most stylish and attractive and Grain for january Bucks for of a Ninny Mil Chilt run a at in Sjur Irmi Jones with 12 elegant Oil innit for Illel Rall Dellit Fullwo it Nutku glad eur fi1knch Ami Merino Jiu Chrt Tor in Good and free from apply at Onur from the country promptly at he i Irlue Trio Pii Lilii Cru in Vircil to cull Neil of Mainino by lie Furi Juni Iury Twentyfive dollars per t in huh s on third Cash on third in on and on third in two water upon alternate tracts Only for Sale he has by Riison no his very few u Mirt of curiosity i ran1 my Niri to value Price to this Iris which arc in t i in to Insi Eikill v me Jinx mi1 a Bille Ilire lie ii Hildn Jils to Nive ii Delin Ilioiu of tin term Lihi i on Jineen i drily the Lin Kin race inn All other Nir inhabitants of this plane some have Dolindo mini ii a talk not the in Tince of the Piir nit s Une Nunlie Iii Alt Linth then l liven and some is the Only minimal Hill roasts overlooking he ancient Iri Lilion of the them Ai Elean natures shrink from what is capable of slain in r repel Alii his they always Alii advantage of Kern Valley Lank Curnyr Clienter a Yjinio Una fki3uuahy u 1 it e u t o it s John k n o location healthy they love to to b Point their linger to innocent whom for the Lime Thev have at their they me like most Are juju i cause i Hev Are towards enjoy pain to amiable and Nollen or when thy Eatch a Ofsa Pliny from Respo Sibil july Ami no in the l i or what notch Only have this privilege of mor a i it i is Neor id his Fel Iraq the nuts from the lire i will venture to Viive another to Wlinich i think no of Mclinn can Well be i Clini Man As the animal thai do in no other in Ealero rashers up the relics of Nisi yours and deposits them in museums Ulm guards them Wilh Mil Points them on to the wonder of 11 is Only Man who diff ruins of Ell ies destroyed Ilir in order to Tinea la th1 implements and personal adornments of Lii human race when it wan in in Selio Muni and others Aro think Iii themselves for innate in proportion in the in Oiler words the of Ollen Ces against than their deserts if they unfortunate Yak no Miniri Ere ii they very we of 1 be Wasan de in his warm in and ii nolo no Rev in he Lucind a Friend in a while entitled was in resin to his my Feare 11 san were to hear u Edilh Pliest if Man kids old in Hearth of he earrings Ulm Nee Kalees of those who lived in the Lime of the Tio Jiin we a hold be i Nick Wilh and would Al once be sent to Darwin by hit Dihe Jiles Thill Here was a new Pinna of Llie due trim of hut older Trinni and Are 111 Iii Iliria of t he Lake Igwel Ulm Jet ipod the worlds when men lived in built bile Yei Rrt lie hits Boon in to thai Iii friends that Lite Bountiful nature made to Weir liven not be no Vilys Lor Liui worhol Al ii he lingered and Ihen foil Inlo the ii rim of he having been for two weeks victim of delirium promo ii Franklin and the the celebrated Experiment of Ben by which to demonstrated tho identity of lightning and the common elect ii was formed by him in at having made a Cross Slick to covered it witha silk instead of so that it would stand attached a tho upper the Cross had an Iron Connor led to the string to lilo usual Kite which was of to tho Lovvor end of tho Cord an Iron was and to that n Short ugh of silk As a no noon by which lilo would to safely hold in tho hot on tho approach of a Thunder storm in proceeded common near tho cily and with tho Asshur no tin tho Ere Long the Thunder Cloud the electricity Canio Down tho Kite and standing under a received thu electric Sparks Vrh his which Hoap Iii ii to tho and changed his putting his conductors with thai rain then which improved conductivity of tho 1 and tho electricity appeared in increased tho news of tho wonderful Experiment rapidly spread Over tho and was extensively in Ivo Rossor roman made a kilo seven feet with a Fine wire interwoven in tho tho kilo was raised Livo Hundred and Lily and is alleged to Havo yielded Hughes of electric lire ten Iii in professor while attempt ing to repeat Franklins Export received so heavy a Onarga f electricity that to fell this was in a Man who marries u woman for Hor or her or her and finds after to is firmly that he has Wodwod a if surely to to to know some men have survived such an and Havo afterwards shown that they had some but men Rise or fall Wilh their Choice of a and it is generally beyond their Power to control Elle Lually All lilo Coroum with which they surround themselves by a false to know Many men who have been struggling a whole life against the in Cuenco of an unlucky but a fool cannot learn Wisdom and if a woman hah not common she can to ill 110 Seoi a companion for a reason Able on tho her whole behaviour must to disgusting and tin Homo to every Ono that knows especially to a who is obliged to to in Hor company More than any Ono on fore must see Intro of her Folly Chiin any one olso and must suffer More from lilo shame of As being More nearly Conn clod with than any Oiler of a woman has some Small share of whal maim can u husband use to in up tin Timber i i drifts and costs in Day the lire Wood costs or candles burned in per Day ers of a per Day used in Cooling the water for drinking in the lower Levels per wharves Over Lite Waterall Vised consolidated Virginia there Only do arc of metals not cd Stone Sims and Stone s car head have been tip from lie mud of them of time when warriors hammered each other to death Wilh rude weapons of and Thene have been diligently collected and Dain tily and ail tip in Cali incl of and at and won dered and made he subject of and elaborate and All their of Lii illum in in Ipp valid Tel Al a Maine Farmer being provided Wilh materials of Susle j Nance for he fed them with pork cooked with the Rind upon i a Man of the her right in any error of con Luel Inlo which who will naturally run no for a fool id i hut and if she Havo not a Little Good Nii Tiro to lotto met to ii Dihe her will to Only arguing with u Lem pull or running a Dia incs or a Nheiva inane life pub thai when he Tiik lands Are in a condition for on Hun Irinio Letco Zutl tho Cit Ith of Trio 1uciflu Piid in Tircht no Lowed it hid Ruth of j por Cunt Eicr if left he Kast Kiis Kex Cianak and a Toul tend cry unit Iii a direct on All Trio Pri Cipul foreign und county joint in mud and Erory Licud of legitimate booking april for further mh8tf this books Vii i that Oiler portion l Liy Ilia to Tim in Trio Iii Iny f in tin workmen Mil Kii Siplo Oiler one of Ali Iii to u Hooili Iliin to in n Vijh Anil in would Rule i t with Jonii Highl by fully Antinov Iliff ills Oul Kido Dovi thu lilt or v to Isit Trio Rivil Ulm All to a Limuli Toni youth All old in m it Oil for Vinco tells Noii now Infin who Lorl i Mimi Down a with and left the to Venlo Argielo in my he could nol be Haid to Mil it it to a list thai May Lino it in fell i and to inv lie would laugh Al the i Strum Cal and demand i axe of it ejected Asil would be for Luck of Utility in ministering to our or our in yet made much of in is written and talked and men Ken in in it whole chapter of the history of 1 have thus shown How natural it is unit those who Are left Iota Dan to very old Liscome by that Khmo the objects of kind Huttt Lor Shtieh Tiht Iino Niflis of thin Kin Ineis us i have coi cd huh i with my my Good wining May you All who Huar Moyot i Ojomo not after Trio of tho it do Nuu to Linker you know what you no Here Loro i leave my Hom John thai lie May to North Ami learn How to play the Ami Trio to a n interest in him which has us Rita huh no less Sihau private jul tie morality Ihnn Tomanda thai the truth Arioul ii in should to for to has worn a and a Solfi boat Aline hint ii humid lilo Pali Ollman of Arnold von tho wit Ness who or who thinks he he Oxild by for it is Moro input Ait to thu general thai tho Chura Clor of Eucha Runau Hiliu wild to Lului lilo food Inge of his should by nor will Prin Siplo Tond to the writing of Gorilow ing with vitriol upon fair and Boot Lor Ivory portion whole opinion would ulivo any in Lonco Over reputation Enre Nown knows that o is Hini Holf upon trial in his own Trio Ono thing to to seen and known is tho character of thu tho diary of John Quincy for Lori Linns tho goner no impression of him self which his whole our Cor and nil testimony had and in nothing Intro than in tho tone in of Haid to his Chiw in Onu even Iii i Conn led Inonu Oil n my timed in Toni Hoenl it the Mieia Chara Eler of lilo Inu Vonly Lionil which to describes other fur per11 Public a taxpayer in Wil hits amounting to Kun ii All in Uon Pur is governor Rico in a seed looking Man of the of tho Brunswick Boston few nights said 1 to tho walking inv of it Itu u wet and hour catch cold if to was tick thousand rosebuds lavish now York dinner
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