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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Dec 6 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - December 6, 1877, Bakersfield, California Southern id Kern county weekly Kern december thursday Mon ufos by i to riot in Tok town cuts Tell six per 1s2 for regular pay tile spa rail cach per is unless ii known by the Muncy Reinl Redan nil h in Nants ppr line for professional and business Naul Counselor lit Kehn in tit rent of the Kern Valley attorney mini Counselor at Inyo Frt Tum nil the court of the May 1877 George Ami at Fri ke11n having Virr to Mug Ull l door it Hur May 1877 13 Rug Ati annoy us Tomis Clor it Keun Pooai new Chester ave May Alvin attorney at notary Public Keun door Noi Illi of the olympic inv Pioneer drug nineteenth opposite the Aru Noton this is t1ik la Okst and most Complete establish Mctie of the in mils Par Tut Tom a Large apply of 1uuk toilet nil Kinilau of Ili tent Medicine com ing infallible spec Lech fur every known do Sfasie constantly on Trio finest of Alec Tel Ospe Olally fur medicinal carefully Compon kid at All Hooks or tub Dat of january new recently cheap Cash store land for Sale i o1 mrs Pool urious a Krvicic to to ladies of Bakers Flold and Vicinity As a nurse of word add Reatice to her of tool Doug will receive prompt refers to h Bach february Urmi general merchandise Ever brought to this tracts of 40 five m i k s South of Bakers Field general Hise chd on la Wilh and j not nil do to break off from Maxwell and j we leave the we had not i ily i two Prvul nigh in Ihn this i am Imi lonely waiting to from of s ii Lii he t Lead for a in much uncertainty m to their i hard Frau Simuni my Pren Enco inept Thorn together and 1 f u ill 111 i Clit we a Junco my Havn Hall when and the Niile thu Purly we overtook i sikh of Arving notice of Midi r the command of in of Thini Haid that to would Roll air Havo 8con to j i Dinv Al h with to Xet idl than his to frit himself new k which bad spa Rod old n nil fun of Tymn finn nov Muan in Trio menu we were a oilmen 01 Ivoin the dec Cihi r it her of in Iii re has Thi in Lille Grilii Tihy ilm wild of Liei Zenil ill Camii their ill Cal these in Lirly revive ind rest in Ilia old mid men who Hnin a Viii for and in Alico in exploring a Muy Luihn of Shiri irent the list in tide the pm Titiev Over the and in the litter of intend in or Ulii lit in Iho Iii of lie incl Liei ii Iii i us then Olio j Ivi Vilii Nincic and Hetnal of tin 1 Iceni Iliili in m in in i Uli Llime i i Piile in to Llie in in i inti e Down to Mir Hil Walt ii Ivi lied with our in u Ileayn their which the Niter i Liili Ninny n Lor Nettie vast spirit on of ii win i v Oliy h u i Lilli d Atli Ilni Nuy ind Nim on with imn of Llic to Rory mid Lull belong to unit Happy von May he Miru we Umili of Hill Wilh the list lit Utill Citlali l inner i your mid Ninny within Willei Tiv Vimr to ppm Tomlin Yon no into la fur u i in Oliv Yon r the Linin o a Loci i ii in Truiti Rinir in i vile Ovil it id Omi in i print of Ami living to hot out again minis i inn in Rio lid to from my in Ted Unur Camu in no hot lit Luro Roo lid itch dlr or Wiki sumo Ili Reti or four Klyr nil to have lost run Vii of our oct Tirronen after i loft Thi Iii non Iii hour nil they my Wii Hiu Lii Larrt i Nuy be i Ike t in Willinia to Force myself to i inn 1 Wihlie for n time to no jul Omi nil Lii Vikk from my to limit thin mid nil and All with rec tit which Uit i tingly us Absolan tally Kikm Viii it Puih Lonco of ral for to out Luw Hie Luini tin y Nudie my no Boon adequate in Iii i quid Len in la Pavi tie hem on Niy nine inn 1iiikct Giro find i or imply Titi my Init liw h Iii vol in d n ii Lii r in und in in 11 Mil in i in mini Ein 11 n i la in ivly ii Inlall Tun Dpi ill it lie re Liuji 1lille Laid Ilu Hil Iii the Trull Mien ilium him my of Toni filial Ali groceries and dry say by o o a w i c r a i line of the Kern Island the sat it e3 tales to wll Tho Chunru of Kern May san May French formerly the quit a Louie Samuel Piid Conui Inkler Ai and office Oln Ulit and in the sat Lex will i of Mobil at Hun a and 1 a Linz Miil 1artlculhi paid Mivy Charles ill in Merced m will Princl Iii in the Noi Irti of Kurn january g o v n t v Firyn Icax s u k k o in ke11n Mann Tun to Iriri Iacini if Wii cd Anil cell Iran in curia in Urivi hell Eleoie our Ali it on k Hlll Tuv w s Kahn at our i drug Golden re at the is Kehn in limit Cid Alie Tuu All Lium Dolbi Day and May jag08 Roll la House having been and Ihrl pro Rhetor incl los Uliarte of the i Ibello a Liloni u bunt Eai enabling him Sci Rety upon mall i in Lime to the every alien tin will the Dak supplied with the Bettl Quality of Mono in and 01 far Sooil in Kex Cellotti nud 1nlltc attention at this French oppo Oletho ladies and gentlemen a and childrens hats and toys and fancy tobacco and Wall constantly on hand mint of o w no to dial in Zunli Iii mid hum lain Meir is to Iii use in he Ali Ivy in Down in lie Lay there Ull in Ain r a Man Day ii to of Limley is nol his cell Linuell i Heel Lyle in Nuh inn unit t divided to Wii no hut Niva to i a our Imd Imit cd m i Ninn ii n High the Lii uni and he tiled Ion late the Llie j Iirth liver Umi he do in Wii ii Tom Livor of ainu Gnu j Euine Lein in Tenil they inn in will that i had loft Ihrl wit ii to employ tie in Lor Ihrig or four Afton which they hive in Lillow my Down Tho within inn i inn Cupi old Iho Relief from if it to Euine it they Lumuir Icid Thuro i Imd loft them for Hevezi Mil then shirt re Down Tho Yon will Rome list the Indian Avci any to n foe Long of dip Iii Niter they had travelled about two Huler to knot and then Iii red and in inti Vijh Way Hauk to Tho Lii Dpi to Ilia huh doubt ohs Goon Liiv followed our Trail Down Tho River Nunt Tao Mon Alliey euro in about ten Helow thu gave in my u Kiiji of Elu Lille in me id Al m i nil ii Niin in i i in Tio Ihn imn in Ilia wholly Lcou us Linen 111 i Piid Wilh Lumpen of Iii ii Ali Lush Wholl 110 d him la Iho morning Hook r canned and fresh Juno Job printing every variety of Job printing executed at no two and on Tho most Rosimo Imoto this Bakersfield Nate splendid Claret at Only 50 cents a sole agent Foh Bishops celebrated cough and lung Twentyfive dollars per in on third Cash on third in one and on third in two water upon alternate orders from Trio country promptly at Trio lowest Alark it the Public no ii Ivilue to nud omani Iriti my Block he uru punch Mii january Imi Pii in Umi e la n enl Loi of sir ill lil to Lii he nil a ply Lohi Ovid Dikiy Lei Ishik in Iii Uii i a ii ill inv lot India Vlf a Villa ii Omurl Illel Lulli i ill 1nlh Lei i Lizul i Lin i the veil How i Ella Lii i Imd i l ill j Lull Millie Illel 111 Illel Nelll Lily tie i1 Imi Iii Neneh i feel like haul Illel in tin Shieh i am ii Luemly Luy tin Polinik ii Init i Llie Niini ill Linie it t 1 i 1i Nile and Minlu and my Phiiip i n Invin Icilio i Lutfieh where 1 Havi Ini Itu in followed on the Iii i of Telli by we Killil u they unveiled jotting i re Mil to Iii a inn probably nothing i the Mem having off Tho ten his were und Lio Likht Kider to Tini Teiei Niini inn of pro Gultig untie party in in them Iron Hving upon oath i Milu inn on the leu Llu told the that he Imd Duno All he d 111 nun us u Nonell for and thai they had no other i w Lind Loi Ninny and in m Liu Nelv in be i n i Mill Lauilo us a Mlot m m o and Oliu t Iocim vivid n win m Lioneld k1 t j Winemi Ilid lotto a Lull ii u in Iii inn Linin ii enl Illy i Wirry in wire Well Dheilly Mil ii wild net in a very Luw we Leil Thi n i i i t i i i i 11 i i 11l i l Titi tin 11 in and for All the Maul Gnu Puiul in m 1 Lee trunk Iii Mun Eimear j t w i be in e no v of wailing i it my kit he Solo Tell it to Iii 11ui i Voltl Iii i Oil in Well i Wilh Ilia Hope Yon Wal not in when in m Vun Niue be on Kulir wily to r Len in line Madu Nii i Ili Iem Nisun with Mil journey to Lur a nov Ami Giuin ii t wiil 11 e the we 1 1 Ilai about i i in ind oiled in i n d Ilu re or Enlil i the meow of we Liml in to i i of we ii w he tined Llmer we m i i ii in on Manip in Illel of Salele to ii v i vol Ltd 1 1 i id k a my on r known in on limn of i Hie in in Lippnik m Hilor Ihn puny it zilch had been the enor 01 our j hit every slim would Pioh uhly have Ink hum tin Pruul n u Hole n i nuke Divoll in a Scutt Kehn ill the Roar if Gnu fully january a it ii it am Elhilu ilm rear of Ilia Korn May Anil of Wonie ii and children a at i orig Dink lot Leonoa with nov fur Ellhu Tram Beck diioo0nfiiir0 to Anton t ii k in Bouti Kiin Ca Tho boat accommodation for and the most stylish and attractive Hay and Grain for Jaimari u77 Kehn Valley bunk Corner chef tar ave ainu and d i i 1c c t o it s John own limn Ihu Upu stud and Tiki their hit plan waa to a Cutter mud make ilm Heht of Thul Wuy in Himell Partick Down the im1 hid if he to be he at All to found trav when did they accordingly Ami with imn i m with Lalur Yonl Lunod mud hid two it idiom Loh Turnow Iii into Lviv Linlor Unoo Dragod him by to mind huh and Erk Iii him in Solil out a Little on Ilia Tiluy he fell Bill promised to Over Luko at Hub Tinl Iii Iii Uki oud Tuat if any Ono them in Only Iivo Iho others worn not to him to tint held a Luru for und Al Kiln Iii Chi encamp Oil a Lew Lilii Ureil i Irdis from with the to to remain Whin tin y were until thu i diff should in Tom lieu to live upon those who Ilu und upon Tho we ulnar 88 Thoy Hiruo euro Jun Iii Mil Iliad la Reina incl to in tin Uvo Liik Lourer Amo up Mil Nikii Tineil with Lluisi i Noil Ulter Wurdig from unit ii High that Itu hive and and in off Tho due Mil they Hay they Haw their in Tom Nin Ninx Lla Leih party continued a in u few Lini irn Hub Lenl Guvo they limit him a Kal Hurzd him Umu and Leli an Llulu turning their in look Al him an Juicy about u you rum Mhor Bcott him Nueil la for you it Iho from tier Havu they did Tho Hii Iuo m tar kill in Tho after ilm in Dimi Hyx went and before a kirov with Trio Olalor in Mil mid Imus Ihu win of he Linrod for lid Juicy Ollil Lee to hint Lell Ihlam of die i ii Ivd Ever i did lint in Lull n win n Leiv Ilnick dry and Lii Ynell the nod l air Lii of Nii Limich and up Phi and on ibo rond eve him Niter Tiu la Lull ill lil ii Nev us i Lew in in u la willed Imd re Iii cd Ivl Neh i tinny him Al Mil Chok Imin the in we Anil inn Wilh Mut 1 Towie Lettine in Atit Iho ill the tin Fol Haku Lund Al the Ink in in revived e it with und i Hal Xvi i i m in Oil ii worn in riled Ovir la him Hal my w ii Iii Ivy inthe it inf by in of the Lomuti Piid Lynh lord wan und r thin in Dix limit of new Kern much Alliey Lun in my and linux Iii Liim win of lie Linrod fur him Ai Early in Tho morn tin and Lull the Mimi Linni i expect hit Lin i y will Reavill thin vol lit i ill Imi ii i i ii i t i i i Ven in the r pm Wilh Llie pal i wed ortday i 1 i i it it 11 in i Iii Mil 111 Iii ill Iii i it ii u i 41in mum 11 in i ii i i i ii Iii Point Ganjie l ilium Mulner Lei in j to Celvid and Iii Viii her of every in Hon und Mich we Lodi in his we d on Mil lie ii Liln to in Tel with Lulu Ken the he Imd Riihl recovered Lioni the Rivir Hui loan Wuh already lev a Iii loaned and Home for Hilo Wiiri in Ilia Tom it Wilh pro in Ihn win ii Wleh i Ronld Havivi hid now heir at Iho Carnie it i Imd in ilm of Lio Timof this div und Imi Len m in ill Themio Niter h Tii Lidik 111 die Iii Dmick a by porn hymn a be reliant and Roii Dructor for Tom flip Kiln of Only u trient tin Iii shiny with Moi Rule we Pii ined j lion in up to weird the tie a Siuw i mid in Luin or blvd Nashed Nuudi Wiloh lie aim the Lifherd to it Linn Hon half will Uko my Down Tho jul Norto i Neaile aim u l to Cataw was her enl m Hie utter cil Iliin i will location Bucks for Anwo Uund hed i used on Han Frano Luco and Tho principal a ilium of thu 1aciuo tend inter out allowed it lilo Rato of 0 Pur Cunt Pur if loft six and Tundra hopi flit and ii Law direct on All the principal Forcin und pan Iii Merino Ujj Uckin for Rulo in Good und free from apply at state and county Bonds and and ovary Vino banking Imine i lands Are in a condition for immediate fur further i a hear that they All Arlod la Tor turned Back wit i him to Obero Tiluy with Hlll and in Utill from Trio death of an Ond and n Lith Olio to Mot 1or who told Ulietti shut Ilu Adlo had died Tiu lil lit Toni ley on with a Fow Mol Mani Mil u Iii Iduix to Hrinik Down the Hac Gage 11 thu i Wilh Martin Umi Dann and Irli Kiiu Huntton Huim Tooki line Linit arrived no thu Hud it incr and in rim for them to redo were ill with thu win proler Rud to rout on the River until Al Liny Hli Willil All have refill ii Hal Ali Vii by lilo ill and All to Hiru Tell i Blell know from Iii All the in Ilei ill to Iii Ihlen in to clearly Niin and who lint in will not to it Clanry to wok Lourd ii Iii tiny in in Lyhl in turn we to Xvi i by Melioli n nine in is Tihon hairy a of the Cunil mint Vohun Atli Lulof i h i in Ali dict i in j Wynn at Rny who Fly Mich and i Trutt it in not Luu it and i forget in shut he Lime nil Kiln thu mh8tf Tan i Leleiwi Nind t Iii Nam the inure tvs Iii Ihu u Kinin i und Hunt or the imn Kiki l null Juii u Hie icel with i with in Eliest in ilm of u Little Hli Euni Iii link id Ihn ii Iii uni a Lew Wiio Mil intent Kidi my our Linn inn us Liili Miry it Hon Lilwid ii us Umi in will i Inin und the mini Wii ild Rover Thi y will in All nil and hindi Ilynn Tuv Vard ilm to Ninci until la y Wavu by hid where i Liny Vuin ii Iii Liy the Iii Iliili thu ilm a Iii lolled Tilini in u u i Hutu never Wen men bin in by Minim Lime an we viru Shiri ecu Hun Hui an yet duty wan nut like Llie lint Fttie Luik Hume win hurl be in he him Rahly Agio who in Suveil like Winil they worn men of Tho old Weru Kizik and Tamilin and hut of in in thin Nili Lillini 1 leter Niland to Kalll n new in irly id ilex to fur Mulu to Yin Fli Lili i Giitl nepali for my Mil Nih Liek uru Moru Huoi indy Llian Ever tin Mil thai my icily now a Jonnum we yet Fiona din a ill of Vou says a Cobl Ogram Venn scat of War Kura has i t Fulling r ruin and and in the Liln in in Honro Tho d r Wilh Kevern win und Hal Little Ruhle to thu Multi d it Emu 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