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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Aug 30 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - August 30, 1877, Bakersfield, California Thern californian Kern county weekly professional and business Kern August o Pool lieu services to Tbs ladles of Baker Flold Fly Unity i Norse of Worth cd Draudt to her at Stoe Toni will prompt to h february attorney connector at Kern u rear of the Kera Valler a Attar attorney and Counselor at Inyo la All coir mar 187t George counsel or at Kern business at i Peculiar advantages Ford Ingall land office 16or Tatt of Cura ape dra j ii a Kern Valley Bank Comer Cheater Avenue ind eighteenth incorporated february directors John Seix Jjon san Francisco and the principal i Tiet of tho Pacific and interest allowed at the rate of 9 Par cent per if left six exc Uyai and Legal tenders bought and draw direct on All the principal foreign collections made state and Donn to and warrants and every kind of legitimate banking business april new goods recently cheap Cash store Best of general merchandise Ever brought to this const Mylor sat Kern Coon shelter May to weft salary Kern door in nah of mar real estate and Iansiti Maxce local Cottrn Romont nil Railroad Laidi ail Elfei attention to uni Leri pertaining to procures land and mining Aad soldiers and Ballon Bounty negotiates loan on Iteal Aad Takei Rollo Coluni of Iouin of a Lenetti and a Tondt to paying Parlin tithing to their properly by or exc arc trill do Well by a plug Patten inn at Lull i have for Thirn build Fri and residence and Landi Linen ipod and i lie several Good Mountain Konni Alio Simp and in Loir Lotti for Sale groceries and a w re8no win la tho Courta of play Samuel attorney and Counselor at Dike shield and Ossee on Gli sur and in Ali will lie found it hum morn lug paid my Silas Aad May millinery Packard located in door Louth of tie Kera Valley offers to the ladles of sunnier and a Complete assortment of Luiu Luckjr and fancy consisting of the latter and Mont fashionable dry me watchmaker and in ii Zimara Iivo Nort Tut Corner nineteenth Fil Roet aa4 Shtiler tract s of 40 five Miles South of Bakers Feltl Sweet Home i they Ivo Bonomo household clothed in the Swo lost Mel Ody Tomt Singer Over Yot to How Ninny Tocao words no Only a und in How Ninny hearts Thero is to responsive chord to their tho poet tells flow ers of Don to still inherit but tho Trail of tho Serpent is Over them the Flowers of Homo arc Murk us often by Trio Trail of the this is tho blight that rubs our household roses of their perfume and their Bloom this is tho Durk Shadow that rests line of the Kern Island Charles attorney Cottini Mylor it Merold ii wll Prtrt Lweln Ibe Curti of Ken january c o 1 h t v 1miysiciax and s us Kern attention Imd to Ali eaten of women and Ckodre faced Saoe Aad in to Dieury Jackion k in nor Thimitra part of juju air 1877 Fitt Ixa and Diu Nakina made u the Ladli Are invited to Call and examine my ladies and gentlemen and childrens hats and toys and fancy tobacco and Wall Otto having located in for the purpose of carrying on i would Reipe fully Lolly it tho patronage of the cell lieu of Oivin nud my be Antl i ill guarantee All work done by me to give place of Liui Luiei in blur Nepie drug opposite to Arlington june heavily upon its pleasant and drives out the coition this it is that inn is tho Melody and produces Only discord this it is that makes n place of torture of what ought to to a pure Sidon of happiness and could to Only take n Jook into nil the Homes of to would see How True this it May be lilo fathers violent temper Tomt prod ii yes the discordant sounds which mar the mimic of it May be the mothers scolding Tongue drops Gall when it should drop it my to the sons line Ali Tomt Low and Kern Emrys Dru Lle Ildene at the Arl Lartee and Kern la Liu Napa drus Calle attended at kill hears the Uay and May i fire Sirn Vukob and dirty Mirml in rear of Kern vally january Doe fall Kyndi sew it Ilalia Ceinor sure Yang and pump All a ends of Edge tools and Fob All work Dowie and at Arraio Noble May constantly on hand an Astor tract of canned and fresh painting sign and Carriage and paper in All its work done in tho Best manner and with by John Lee nineteenth Street next door to Nemer Anri Tumi lure words and rude viol Cifuo that in Mij jury clamor through the House or it May be the passionate tones o thu wilful who forgets what an thing in Oinui is a Low the misery caused by this Ininns lie cannot be told it Breaks up drives Asunci those god has joined sends sons incident of Napoleon in tho your of 1834 tho fall iou in new York Hud been d by a Campaign of unusual tho Grant do Moc ratio William was candidate of his party for t was expected that Thero to Lively times on tho Day of lion in the City of now and several Hartford merchants de logo Down together see und at tho same time take of tho trip to Prohl Sample bide Chester Dak Eufie old 1iude11t the coolest Retreat in the town of splendid Claret wine at Only 50 cents a sole agent for Bishops celebrated cough and lung orders from Trio country promptly at ibo Lowed Markot tho Public Aro invite cd to Call Aad Camino Tny Stock before purchasing january in the the Best Una Market at Thea Moores pick Stipic ii a 111 0 Maui in Wurum to the 1 Mil in Nuil Ken Lunnun Nhu dial re Ilin per inn of n flue Lull of Tomt Ilie Hui uni id her la nor Vav hunh bin now been Buduru the Millio fur u Fly Mitru of Tiru Yurt Ami Hue in ii it Lim Tuanuu Tinl Lre to Klinl it Nii Iliin Zirul or in Bounre Ureil in Kilili him it u to Premont Uulu Fulling out flit four Well Kuuku Lino us Miil Neil Lingo i per in my it will Prui Luru full flowing drop of Imler on nil of Emu in turnout it will Jire Vunt Uulu for non Luri Lnu forwarded to All Paru of Ibe our of three Market Twentyfive dollars per t on third Cash on third in one and on third in two water upon and Daugh Tims on a weary Pilgrim ago the Muir Podaru and it men am who have sworn to Lov mind Zitay with each Oiler until death parts an i Ovond fur Xinmin Tirol of their 1 thin Dan Lilor and Souh Art very Fimi Lomp cd t 1orhiilci their Dulien to in runs by thin destroyer of Homo head to Livorno re cons in you wish to Siso this misery that Tompor Sidh All Over tho you will tho Trail of this even to tin very who ii tho Ioor culprit that through ils com mittaud Homo can never Lio Swoot Home they arrived in the City by oat on the morning of election ind took rooms it tho now York which stood on tho present site of Down town store on Chambers among tho number Woro David Lark and s tho whole visited some of tho ind saw the which Many Street fights and minor Zimring tho afternoon Clark and Porter wore looking Over the papers in the Reading room of the and were seated at the cad of tho room was the Clark was busily engaged Reading his attracted by loud among j which to recognized and looking up saw three Fellows somewhat excitedly cd in conversation with he went at once to learn tho of the and found that strangers wore demanding Porter should pay for a of wino which they alleged to lost on n of made no and the Fellows attempting to impose on deed Llinat brought him agents july i 1877 Isia office with id the rear of Kern Talley May w brat of and Ghazi a mar Job printing b to Stirt will be pleased to tee ult old Stanley importers a Wagon making and Morgan a in ounces to the Uumo that ii r Hax taken and largely extended and Linari rioted the shop formerly occupied by and is now prepared to execute All work in und id a Neaton dub Luellal Nta great reduction in in variety of Job fruiting Ween Ted on Mott wines and 410 front ban new Branch Luik Tai i in ing the people and Kern county opened n a Rannou lumber Yard in untie Forti Lilure North of the court where will be a Neil selected Stuek in Hie Lizul Dlug Mali As Oregon Finoli if and 1x1 in 10 Stull 31 full 1x3 Ixl Oregon Rufil Wool und Nair Faicco a Edward Lle Woad cell Iii Oregon in Oarling Ilia pcs in Lodi alternate tracts Only for Sale blacksmithing and Wagon making material furnished the Trade at easy particular will paid to Laler Ferente will Allme oof the roof and of Ihebom will he attended to by a skillful carloads shipped from Stockton at greatly reduced All of our rough and is slut d Well Lew soued Peluro Ulvi Pluf of Abiog us gel More an Ilia i Well w your bom and Well Lew soued Peluro Ulvi Pluf of Abiog us us gel More an Ilia i Well w your bom tight Ami free Fiona which is of Lia Portano in dry you Sirlei Laport Ani Fleary 0 feel out to Ardvar on Short a oboe uber for and head Antei or i id not ims tbsp co m until Pence prevails and not until the Demon i on per is rooted out of its every Nook and Corner can to truly Call it Sweet Joil Kutish tho solitary together in not to Inako but to help mid cheer not to crush All tho Lowers of but to tend and expand them into greater Richer happier than any Uli icing Palace is that Home Over which nestles with while wings the Beautiful an gel of Popien fur beneath the Shad of its pinions Only can Homo really to Sweet eve ii Isaim Lily morning tho dutch women Wash their houses them from pavement to any Point Tomt is too High fur Broom or ladder they reach by u forcing on of nearly every window May to seen u bar Lehing in Rolf half Way with a Brush and doth reaching after some fancied dirt or dashing n pull of water at it is a thin Timo that the town is Given up to und tho passersby on Loiti pavement below Liao no right to complain if Lime gut Shower of water Neil Hinds Over their tho kid cry Havu been driven entirely out of or left it in nil i do not think 1 Ever Clark was then a spare As portly Asho is music Muir and Strong and was a Dan Gorosh subject in u rough and turn1 when to the spokes Man of tho parly of three declare hat unless Porter paid the every Bone in his body should be he stepped up to tho fellow ind said you try that poll Tuko every one of you did throw you out of that window to a window not fart up from the tho blustering Man looked at tho tall form Lenore and seeing two Minnie lists and Long arms ready for took the hint to ind his companions wont with j Clark was considerably Lor Chuml in the and r Lio left new Learned that the fellow to Imd tallied with was who who then leading fast and reckless life in Mot otrop1 when to flaw tho Man again it was in but h wan in and the youth was emperor often French and Clark did not it advisable to introduce Hin self Ait lilo lera ii who i wont Odd Soarf before showed Light in location Viii to tho exit Mont was at its height in a ital wart fell tho necessity of bracing himself mayor had j de the closing of nil saloons and drinking and tho police had Onlo roed tho regulations 4 mul Thoro was n Bank door in Gin go Broud and behind tho bar Tiniro was Long Ringo lightning citizen crop got hid drink and bout a Retreat soon lit wan overwhelmed with burning sensations in his something Soemod to be blazing t and to burst into a d exclaiming for pump to u wrong with you inquired lands Are in a condition for immediate for further a Drew Caw ally anywhere in the no swallows Uro allowed to Dirle up their Lio Imos or it Rongu to to sees no i Fords about exc Cpl lilo Onni proof Iii which by spot jul to build their nests in the owing to a particular veneration which the dutch Liao for this Likely acc also it is n or minor a water and land fowl like tin dutch an amphibious Kwh Aisup As you go through u dutch town the most common night is the women washing in Tiu on both from Ono end of tho Street to tho Lioy May boat All Tjuina of tho Wash ing Froina baby Stock ing to a Tablecloth when Almy Lii Ivo nothing olso to they Wash out their brooms Ami brushes und tubs and sometimes lilo whole Boumil has tho updo Trunco of allowing with tho dutch Ivo Lon Rod tho Art of and everything Oon noted with to Woll Tomt other countries often need their line to to win Hod and bleached tho Largo manufacturers pin got tho Mooi Lowa outbid of a Uutola town Uro fairly White with Wichot articles Etro Tohoni Over world is by and t n Good my in i in tho pump ready pin burning up i took own on they Uvo put n Job up on i and tho doctor Ito Posod i Liing myself open in the patient to found a Iolo to Iron Iii choir n Din motor d in the Whilo tul wart Citison wan taken of drink to Hail dropped a Cigar Letwon his Waistcoat and didst you Supoll smoke Aik us tho youre x lid but i thought it was coming it of my go Nakhai Chook that t character of Indian Oha Ngod within tho last Broo Ilio Indiana no now often Irinod with Breed loading rifled Tolian Ovon tho of Dorol Tutti Thoy always Whoso Export onto the Indiana ought try give Hiso i 4 ions to tho Avob oct unusual we that Iii almost est Aryl i at trim blk with the done Thorn by people in of world has to urn scorn Juo

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