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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Aug 15 1878, Page 3

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - August 15, 1878, Bakersfield, California Los n last Friday Shippes seven fihe Deer to san v j us Azorr 1s78 to elect a supervisor m second supervisor Reata motion of Wii Prescript Orange in the i if san Jose this lost Soho Olmus Toh con stable firs accepted and Mentell appointed in his report of Chubb and Lurdy und Road overseer of Panama District to open a beginning it Corner of and 34 in t in s r 28 running thence n 3 Miles therice w 1 connecting wit Woad running to ordered that Road overseer of Esre Oson or Gaues Sells his insurance jets keen greatly reduced by mov Brick Slid in Frey of the canal from the i Clifton on kern1 in have so much hot Plo Mocumber and get fac of those Ricoo Cool refreshing inks that he has and hear the Birds the indians Are causing a great veal of trouble since the soldiers have left fort and citizens Are arming it is said Tehi Chopa be directed to open a county Road beginning at Teloh Epa Summit run Ming thence b on s Side Railroad track to e line of 26 t b2 s r 31 thence s id no bus Ido of said till it inter sects present ordered that plans and specifications for Bridge Over two presented by be Board of water commissioners of John bar and or Anck for right to construct a canal commencing near Mouth the Canon of Kern River was ordered that he county Clork be directed to Advertus for sealed Sals for building Bridge Over creak to to received up to 10th 25 80 Lenl Hynum Gibson printing v Blanks n Murphy jurors 25 Mclatn i Luction 11 40 i Larry toll Road 10 25 Fuoly 80 Roberts Road 00 Stoutenburgh examining Snedden Road 00 Walsort toll 10 00 Hospital Armond digging 5 00 Booth conveying patients 4 00 Bernard conveying 60 Burnop Metal Quine for him 81 Endicott r boarding patients it 92 l j my to jew Alf b u a Ronlad with to wiling Low in it Tulett Ltd and Hab let Bwl i n us United nod vow or in bit to pm Mia Chooim Ilo Orea of few of Hoadim my to u pot ovum of inf hard to retail in Nln Simiry Roumi Zero Waful tvo Chw Reich 01 Ritly the of the ilm Osl Thi staqb8 thin it Wal Tau fur Auto walk but of 4 r quote my of Blac Feitli Eldridge making Doltin 10 00 George in Buical a Ancet so 00 Hospital sup 30 Furni 5l 00 Hirshfield plies Neiderauer Hospital Ture proposals Coso Cree they Are planning a raid on the the following is a description of m cow which is posted in front of j Murphys Giitl is the subject of a great Deal of ridicule the cow was White with dark Nook and spot on horns Large Brand on hip m c had u d inner Bell on calf had Halter on with nails in front age six v we learn that Lundy was injured a Tow Days since by be ing caught threshing his clothes caught in the tumbling Rod and were nearly torn off he fortunately received but slight tie Rosaio Elf flu Kali in grand improvement added to a Hort co harness ordered that reports of county county physician and superintendent of Public schools be approved mid placed on Board adjourned to Bills county Ashe of justices 00 Anderson work on and jury 25 Adams jurors 25 Bachnan attend at 50 use of Twain und jury 50 Rogers salary As county Tibbetts boarding a Zontini int Bancroft station 10 Crair Estir Cassago 12 10 Singer Collins Safe for court co Wickwar postage Steps for time put it Hill win generally in Ilmet t Riidu of we Oara to la ii Ood upon the but sctt Onida Oil la Lute Mill and we up mud Fri Una Muou that nil Tiiu Ivul xxx p Ilmet Usu pm Rel upon the la Mckonl of uni nutty Lii Xvi to we Aioli will Adit to thu Mifty ant of Elbrt of Trio travelling Puutio who Fernr ilium with their pin Mitt i Tomt Tiluy Wilnot be Echt pad in Lulu Din lion by Aliv other Rall Puiul in Tiu us Kim Thiemt constr Nettl Trio Vullman Palace Poitr twp Clilly for Tiiu Lonter thu him i Over Uvis Lla Lul aim Init Vul Council Bluttal on the Atlantic Aud run Twining a to Oli Toigo each Day i Iii i us thu amt Lynnd Imp r Ami urea Faitt will to hotel cant Louvou Calm to on Tiiu 0 ill injuries and is now up and about Justice we Are Pond to note the close of stores 1aatsundayvand Hope the practice Majl the Ness men will it will hot Only be a Benefit to hut their clerks will go to work mon Day morning with a More willing it two proven so every where it has Burn and to do not think will be an the Clist Guynal says that a live and very not Avo Volcano Hiis muffle its Nippo Annico in tho mail River Range after tho last saturday it was throwing out fire and rocks in the most approved it in said that an earthquake always a Volca Iio or o but this is the we be that has pro cup cd any land in Ilum Boldt Howlett and Brittain re turned today from an extended tour through the they drove own and their route through tho big Trees and Over the sierras to the neighbourhood of sail they describe their rip As a very inter Esting but rather severe on both themselves and their Filey look bronzed and pay Are glad to got Back Homo Bower guarding jail 472 of Bludworth dons fees 175 00 or 40 Bower sheriffs 40 Blu Worth 8000 hauling Safe 10 00 meals for jurors 7 00 Chubb 31 75 Craig Jesus iguana for fined or Luda sin the a Unity in default of which he wont to i Ergo Vurnor on charge of pm was Joseph Davis charged with grand larceny plead Miguel i on it Way for disturbing the fined Fotio or 10 Days in comity in default of which to went to Post office letter 34 00 r Fornin sex piss Anali Day in to on tint train Kiivit Ruuk first flu our will by r jurors Certini Tiitu 2 25 Chittendon justices is 9 Oil for to Davis i milage As juror 50 Dwyer John 50 Konneh military Roll 00 Endicott a padding Pris 00 Eldridge election 0 00 Endicott Testi Mony v 50 dist attorn is 00 Fillebrown surveying 73 40 Goodale Loution 0 0 i 0 00 Gates 0 00 air shield Wood for 00 Henning jailor 276 00 a o list of lottery remaining in a Kirsti Oll Postilli just hum Dayi Ivri ios calling for adv or Lisull lot lors or if not known to to Folinas must by duly Julia at Ivins m m Tuulo of finn ice Howell for n Alianto u to Iii Pimo Gurii b mud in either Lyric ten Cru a Blud i in Veulla lieu or Mulh in and but Luau Tea Lull no Irv Uluig Only objection hint him Over Boon Ralio Ngu inst Tiiu Tiu of Loti 1 Iwuh Oon Noo Tuil with t Oil Ora of an we in to ifs hut Busti ont Irule us Viutti i no Rutur Luis Ojiri Lutour he or Kha my will Lavulo Init a Kiiji Elmiina Oil thin in Tiiu Blini ii our Yuu Iti truly yet in i iia you Ali Niggli i Pitini Yuu my Thuv vol Cuil not toil Tor Tiiu coat Limu m m to Nuku Ruiu fur a Viilu i Ulione liok1 ours your Burth la nil you own for thu Luis Kali of your Ami it in your or Innig Wiiki Aluf pling mid Outing Pur us your own in your urn fit it in not Viiu imply of Lnu Hurt Zatur our Tiiu Unjiro Lungin 01 any Rii ulu Invy Ura Takin nut Oil to Iruin m Tinori while Ali fun i Oil earn Usu Iii Ilu h thu unil run in Liliu Minu Nuy in vim hit car tub Tuur ii Lily All with muoi my i thu buil Lui Lilii u m Liv Hunt Pumi Lilu Iii cum Uilkie Wilu Tii Nir my inti wll Lilu Kab buy unil wan an Milf lieu in Ami Huil Luli ii us Dun to Impi Olvil in Rul Luray in Tlitha unil ilium Tom Pinilo o Lulli Irvyl unil wiil Juli wit ii timid Malinik Ilio Liviu in thu und Lluu Rul Inuvik fount of Tiu limit a Uuie ital is by gently located in Dake Flold for the to Rome of Muu fast Nrang we Lolliot a Bare of the Patroon be of Boie i need of anything in Nur we keep my Etan Lyon hand and manufacture to order eve Erst blog atnally kept in a Flat Elan eau Bull we none bal the Best employ or Tenn Mil u cheap and guarantee Atli Frotton to machine made Hanmi kept on All honest handwork of our own prices reduced to suit the hating Auperle fall Loloi forgoing i to id build to Ortw it btjc3oie3s or Tynt Hanff that rum on v p Al j m v u Fri wiil 0 u Olimi y n i j w y w Otto w a Leming u i i if w Jill null i Kulia Aijen Loilit Kilt Raj Bud Africa map Dunn and m a Entler Ai in ban fran on band a Good Amor Mont of Lap Fly spurs of moist a and convince you Neurei Ivalyon Ean do better by trading with i Tom shop and at rens Nabla Tention Given to All kinds of repairing and Olal i an horse shoe Psi having in connection with tha Wagon shop a firs class paint i am pro Uroil to do cur Ringo and Oren Montull printing in Bottor Tylo and at lower Tuttos Thieu a in Advance of the school construction House in the new school District South on the Kern was opened at tho court to 85 70 justices1 is 00 Hall election tour blurt 10 Harding meals for jurors 1 8 00 of air shield 43 Huniston justices1 is we 1 j u f 3 w w j u u u Khun Jii Lui inn it t in 3 school t Wilt miss tates As Enterprise citizens of that District is most the Are greatly indebted to May and Hepburn fur forwarding the tho assessment for the new school House ban Boon complo de and ago Oil building will be in readiness tit an Early a match game of Bull was Ali ipod last sunday Between the Sumner boys Trio infants of this resulting in the defeat of thu sum Ner there was Otisi durable betting in both we Aro t sorry to have to notice a game be ing and think the Phi yera might find some other Day a play than breaking in on the Only Day of rest we have during the through Pat ent san we have received the following latest list of patents a Sou to inventors of tho Pacific coast Amos san Sun tial Camp t Abraham Forest water lift Byron Hugh Oregon is Visinand Kut Jev Vett jurors j4 Kern Valley Bank jurors car i 00 kissing election services 18 of Lemoyn cons fens 5 30 0 00 a 20 Murphy supplies 13 Mil Lii ii Ilia re t f Mutton b i 0 j or 0 r j Wui u e b Manser 3 Munro Mirlam j Muroni Wal lit Iii id la to l n Oul Liin j Umili w win d til Mills witness Moore shingles and 33 50 00 00 Sruv v w Niheu 0 a 2 our uni u it a j r a bin Nora ii d Itin Tonial is Vury a gent Ali Itic uhly Usu i Swintt Auu Liliu u to Ivy a Smriti Lii Ivul Lilik him n sikh Cui Iuno n in ular of und Linn Nii Iii y m hit in title Nii nral of he Unnik k Woy Furnnie Sirim it Tiiu Lii Wunt a Hehlo Iurii Hutting Init ii la Siblo at nil Unity and Tiiu ii us Nizu and duh thu mime work us Uny in Tomt hell it 1uuii Trio Liuro in no Nizio Liinus no Uny Orloo or Tomt will do Len r or muru mid cur mainly Yunu w Low in Prii i by inny thu in wimbly known in i Uhd in of Ittel his in thu Kahti Iii mid old flu und dully incoming in thu it will tin Volt it Vitril Iii Iii Over in ii Nii Ilioiu Ilia work i hit or will a Itron four or for any Man or Dumun win Hunt for u in in thu Witroil Kurt Mach lieu in Talmin to Doit Iii Lus thu Troi Infin mid Linen t Hll Toli Yut in unil in fully ail to Lumund Iril Fenily Huolun for dour flu fun Droud to f 2 dolls Grid it your no Nial tur Low you Niue re and mid re Iii and ii kit porn Lutu thin univ lil Nril Olim a Nadu to Miil or Tiv link Aghub thur we Iovu Niini if Liuro in no want Ikier Yoi ii Hviid your Nijor dlr Fot to the add Rich John Kon Jull t new 3s1otioe1 Mooers Thor Man in tho Anuno my work tho Public fro invited Tolo All it a i it my oink wll Lull til tilt Lii Lei nil who this Purin Nal u Witik will of Tomt tin Hai Llulu a lilo i Minn Bonini Lloil Putillo fur n of ii Iii Linn in Lulu him Al rim ii in wlm ill Pri Jinun no my unruly or Gnu Ingeni ii Nuil in Hili unit Ivlin in prow Iii Luile Fulling Nul Ufir Fiir will known of Linkla Nilluka Imon trim id i in my it will n full Lii Wynn nip of Lis run Awn in in Moo it will Luile ruin Lur Liik Parli of by Market one Lliel Turce i Irschfeld ban Irano i008x Mirett of Leibla agents july Maude milage he juror Murley guarding mix Ooi Nern 70 Miller justices Oil county furniture Owen jurors 75 Odonnell work us 00 Pope bul Unoo on water 85 Prater e election of Road jnilfir8 00 Sumner licit no prison Orti 25 Elmo Tiomi of juatiobs1 00 said election services 0 00 Bungato 00 Vns sur election u 00 10 Wilkinson Jiu Titov 00 Weil 81 00 Wheeler election 0 00 Wallace skgvb13 a Aud 9iol per the Bubu Braot Asb n8vm out of Obb Eil Homestead sewing Sonn pm Hail horrible a lilo Touk Noii Tialii unit cured by a huh in n ii rating in thu to Lin of p Ilii Iliin and run Torim Tuo Ort my to a Augys machine for Domestic with lib e and fixtures de to Najr a oni it Naif Anil the crust of tartan by Lucca Ilia birr Foo of Luelli upon a huh this Ilion milk and in Llu Oncu of Hou Ulmont u am no can inf Iii n Nuhim Ivor Lun up on a huh it la it a unit off Tot Nunn tint in it Luis via a Vury Biml i n Rumour Iii Tom Bra Ali if tho by Ril Imil Wotli it nut Tiv Taulo of thu Louco ii u Tifrit Luvly an an aus Loury to Pirisi Ozial moan not too highly by Wagon making and uld by Arii i him Fumii Lam Vii or a immune a Bililly us or u Doyve u u 00 00 00 j t n r have Yon irined ii Thuro u Raul Plum Niro in Fioro for Hipply our mini Nerur aft Imti Tubo Ivill Kurtt for unit will a Bobilu of Tiiu August Williams Milan Yates Road Deatly Road 75 Uli Urb viewing Load uu4 6 50 will Lttie rout 59 Hudson Road Over in for us Jambon w month Newry it 10 j 65 wetland walk eat e in Mil in to do i never nut if Anil will a him with to Undi Tanil Ana nil nil Al no k i f who no Kofl Piunt 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Jitt Koi Luti u Lioi by a Juii at of Hool july a now Pilota and if Houf w by a to Farmers Bisulk Huaroto of for dwt Ojong Paris for Ilot Royln a Tiff Tod worm ii i Liol of fully fur f4inllr j l k i Wii us Al of 2 Liuro i Ulovle Puu Onia Iii nut Umof a Nauin cold Oyln it thu Kuril Valley full Cornu a huh Liln site Winant Uliuli of us Quimn r1
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