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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Aug 2 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - August 2, 1877, Bakersfield, California And business o Pool offers her services to the ladies of Baker sold and Vicinity m nurse of word addressed to her at Stockton will motive prompt to it february Kern Valley Bank Corner Cheater Avenue and eighteenth incorporated february d i r e c t o r s attorney Aud Cou unclog at Kern of Floe in rear of lie Kern Valley january attorney and Counselor at Inyo practice la All the court of May 1877 George attorney Ami Counselor at Kern having birr Lenaa correspondence at 1 Hara Peculiar fur doing All land office door of buro Opi drug May John Tho exodus to profits on Small an acquaintance said Tor soft there is no profit Mads Fhern Kern county Kern August new goods recently cheap Cash store Tuv Ano self Exchange on san Francisco and the Principe in cities of Tho Pacific deposits and interest allowed at Tho rate of 0 Pur cent por if loft eix eau Tex Exchange and Legal tenders bought and drug direct on All the principal foreign collections made state and county Bonds and warrants Aud every kind of legitimate banking business Auril Atto Rucy Ami Louii Navior at Kern count new Clienter Alvin Ai Torcy it if i votary k1siin door Louth of Iho olympic 1iir rest selection of real estate 4 i if 8 u Ninci land for Sale t general merchandise Ever brought to this groceries and millinery Packard dry w it Al Fresno will practice in Tho courts of Kern my n of Samuel attorney Nurt Counselor at Bakersfield and Olloe on of Hester and in tie will to found it hum Lier morning and i articular Ulle Iliin paid to mining Law and my Charles attorney Ami Counselor it Merced m will Pru Clra in the courts of Korn county january second door South of Trio Kern Valley to the in lies of Suluner and it of millinery and Flincy conium Ling or the latent Ami 3joit ladies and gentlemen and childrens hats and fitting and Zineb Makina Radaje tie ladies Are invited to Call Ami Camino my toys and fancy tobacco and Wall government Neil i Tourond Intuit Anil attention to pertaining to Skoie Law Neil mining and suld Leri and sell nov Lluu Uty Loam in Ittel nil makes of Ronti Louns and Chargo of no and it Sotuk to pay inc in Lilling to clip Knoof their properly by Rio or excl Niin will Ilo Well by leaving Lam at Ihu i have for town uni Antu and Rel Dodoo and lands in proved and throughout the Sci Oral ipod Mountain Farnus Alio Shopp and in Juno the general land Agency or 405 California Nan Oppio Tolu rank of Lecei Vrol and Exour Siekky upon Piv rms Neil other a flail kit Tito of nil uni a Apont it county scat of finh Active Hill Titi c n Ihu a a lung to promote and of Truro Purrini Florn fur land to u for adv Erlingh lib rally Ntuli by full Catiti Angnos a Idoly and by nil other us Wio us Liy no tit its Ninn to Lio Iho Moat Noil Aetui Vutla Ulm Rul Tulilo ii Una a Giuy of Tho and tutors to Allty Titial tit Iho trans Motlon f nil Bua Nosb otitis Tel to tracts of 40 five Miles South of Tho Liberia fever took hold of amnio thousands of Blacks Down in South Carolina very suddenly Tho oltion it was probably Ono of those Hii Dou Ini pulse which some times Sway Large classes of ignorant somebody had been talk org the advantages of it Hud been pictured As a Hind teem ing with Cotton Anil every desirable emigration agencies Lorod Tho wore Natii Blishok and Tho churches used to help on line of the Kern Island at ton or fifteen thousand blocks assembled in Charleston on thu 4th of drawn together by their interest in this immigration it has been evident enough for some time that the coloured population of the South wore More or less disappointed with the result of they Aro enfranchised it is lint their forty acres of land and a nude they have not re and never will news they work for Tho Black been expecting ton idleness does not insure Llo must now work out his salvation or his is no worse than Tom of Mil Lions of while labourers who arc toil no for Homes and who Are amass in Small the Shiek As to and him at to dont Vii int much of a a hut und a Small Garden Patch if he get this find a few Days to dont As Pire to a nigh Inorio in some parts of Tho South the negro hns a hard lie is shiftless mid and Suvo in his nominal Freedom lie is not much belter Oil than he was crimes by Small Farmers in sections where land is High tit Only Largo faint ors with Largo who can Malco the Busl Whilo it May be True Many Small banners in Tho older 80c Lions of Tho country do not make ends meet Ono year with toothed Thoro no a great Many others we Tofu and More they arc obtaining s fair profit for their it is not always Tho largest banners who a Nakif the most Money from their faint of or who the Best returns from their it is Possich Forther owners of Small farms to those farms and per Hups More so for Tho amount in town Many of Tho larger farms Are to their indeed it is a question whether men on Small farms who direct their operations with judgment and skill do not More in return on Tho amount invested than a majority of owners of Largo farms the Yosl of carrying on a Largo farm of no Light and to other expenses and which occur in Tho Ordinary course of farming and the inter est on a fair valuation of the prop Are Tho per of profit on Well managed Small farms will to make it better lint there Are Many Small Farmers potty Llo pots into the c o u m t y Finisi Ciais s v 11 k o m Ken special it Omilion paid la Dit oases of Woitun and of Hildren and Oslo thud residence on Joth in the House Fon curly Ore Pineil by two doors of the Adobe p a Snurr 1877 m Otto act Jmst am b a k e b s f i e l d Kehn Ottee Drury drug Arl Lutton Renido Uco it the does nil Kiili of sewing balance four surveying and pumps All Kuntu of Edge repaired Piid tempered am work done and at Kern offload in Ilner naps drug Calls attended to Al All hours of the Day and May constantly on Rimml no Nufler finont of canned and fresh splendid Claret wine at Only do cents a truth link agent uru Daom and agents for Korn Inyl fit me watchmaker and in Miro Norl Lumel Corner a riot mid Twenty five Dollaus per t in s jail and not is but because he had nil her steal than or even work when it in this is one phase of his condition not thu Best it is Boci Mso to find him Tangor to and most of that his children should be Edu when be became enfranchised there wus no tangible ichor lie was not obliged to work for his old but to Tiht work for somebody or technical Freedom did not clothe did not furnish him Corn and und did not Curry with it Tho of clod forty acres of land and a when therefore the natural wealth of Liberia wus set before Tho i May Sample e my Cizik Semi Bakers 8ukvkyoh am Deputy Kern off lot in the rent of the Kern Volly january Komi hot sole agent foil Bishoff celebrated cough and lung orders from Trio country promptly at the Loucht Market Tho Public Aro invited to Call Anil can Rotmil my Stock before january Jay Init what i in for thai Jui Prosn of on thai i Kroutil Kul lilt Trio per Nango of Hie of Lown Neil my it 111 lie Nril i will nil work done to la Ilisco of in 8 Norn Puii june f on third Cash on third in one and on third in two water upon i Iki coloured Man took 1 no tar to Trio in Filipu our which to had been Llovio Tiu lord who do not make us of their of and to this fact is duo much of Tho complaint of poor Suc Cess in the does not yield As abundantly As it ought and Thor Ophilo not As fair in qual Ity As they ought to Inamuro when it is ready for Market it does not bring us much us that of a Rich Fanner a huge Tho Small Farmer need not expect to keep Pace he Widen Wake either in the Juanity por or Quality of his or Choho has to unto Soho employ a hoi Nething More to Linin Blind routine in Tho management of his by Uinos nor can to exp get to obtain Tho High ont rain Root Poco for what to has to in farming upon a Large or Shinall if it is to lie made Prol Stablo it must to conducted with a View of scouring the most Haliti factory what is Worth doing at idl is Worth doing is a Maxim that applied with Peculiar Force to to Ami offload with in the rent of Tho Kern Valley my the coolest Retreat in Tho town of die vat Minori Neil 111 the Market drape Neil at thai god will be Plenie to see his old june in o a w a n i i a Kern shipment of Wool Hay Aud Oralu bought and May w 0 Bray or Aud g r a i California ill 3 Wagon making and Morgan a in ounces to tub that prov Ulii Ivory Liling for and in could Himic under Iii Liu and live u i Iff of Druaine hauling How Silty or a imn Dinul Trio Liriand to film Iii in n and that with no Nonoy of Lumir in a problem which even the negro mind i Iii not in former Linen twin Colo society Lead a mild Nort of by which Thuy Keiit one or two cargoes of free Dincin us ii ally to haded us u Hind of poultice to draw off Lam inflammation of but thu Colon society Are not now very be live in the Liu Hinesh of flipping Black men Back to nor in it Likely any better Fato Wou lil await ilium in that Tim negro Ini iat work unt his thu leu Peculiar Loco to Tiutko the profitable Tho ii o us k sign and Carriage and paper in All its work Dono in the Bont manner mid with by John life by nil nit floor to Neller aurs furl Turr alternate tracts Only for Sale Tion Ali Iii Iki to Tho it hah hoi Iio of the of the nation to hot him Tho 1vderal lius been Stanley importers a in whom spam wines and 410 front san the formerly occur Iroil by and l now porn Piirand to to Auto All work in he Lino with Neil in Neata Obb it Antral Al a great reduction in blacksmithing and Wagon making material furnished the Trade at easy particular attention will be paid to will be and Allu Norof Theli oof Aud other due uti of the Lucirn to by and Moores location Tii ii Aib o Woidill inn Juniie to the Lulun und who in Clurn tie Horn meet of n null of Ilia Tun put Vantuil Hur Ulel Emtil la nor Wlinich i now been Tho in Bolo for n of Neil lieu in Ivory Lut Tunon Millen u la Eliut it n Iri Nural or Ilum Kluk bum Ritico und in Tulili Neil u u la or front liner Fiill Ink out Ufler will known of bul inuit live Hern Suwim Reilly Iris jul in my f it will porn Ilkiw it full Lusink crop of Liula on All Ila ii of even to Iii Inoel u Imler from Tii Rulnik fori railed to All Paru of hip if on aft three Market Man agents july 167v lands Are in a condition for immediate for my St tins amended for his labor h reasonably prod Elive where he Fuji Lully and his Mich its he must now mitigate for the More intelligent lie Bce Omen and the More no Joity he by Iii own icon it the More a will to a great Deal of Heo Irlar nigh Honary work Nedri to be done at the the negro Maul be laight that inti itry in u virtue j that he must Coits to be an idler and a must have something of the Pride of be Able to Point to Prosper our to Kolmetz and ii the Bourn of hold if he Iii not live in tie South and where to is a where Tho Oliunte in and where Iii labor h in Good to will Nile poor headway anywhere else Liberia is no but a poor struggling Colony where Tho Black Man will find Tho Law of Tho survival of the ii Toht an much in fore ii in any Oiler part of to Farmers labors must u6 directed by Intelli onco and and in pro portion As Elioso enter into on Deavors will Hia Hisiu comb this a the history of All and it Al ways will lie Tho marvelous Progress which has taken Price in agriculture is due to Tho Intilli Govico and enter Prino which hits been in Fusell into and heroin is a lesion fur us if wit would achieve Tho Best results in Tho various depart innels of Rural pursuits we must keep abreast with the to to left it to Sii Crilio Mooui Wittry advantage at on liar of fan is and Small oink or deism and old prejudices and Moth ods must give Way to improved i processes and letter in order to inc roast Tho yield Aero Onil lesson the Cost of product Tion of crops and to must raise do Mostic animals which give Tho boat profits with Tho least the Hini ill Farmers of some euro Pean Colin Arias obtain results which May Well Challi Migo our i Franco Natl Hinds that Liao Boon in actual Cul ligation for Moro than a yield Corni Riih Asu Ipoh As when in their Virgin to Lollon this fact to show what it is to do on a limited number f mutter preparation of Tho hotter hotter culture and i Ore care will largely rot its of faring m this act turn air Iio cod a doctor of Tho apothecary did Gro i got Trio Medicino 1 ordered i Grobb replied for 1 Nav Crupo on Iho Doorknob thin morn wins a Man Roa obon Tho top o a to Luis and it tempt to make on More top Tho to nation is a perplexing As if to had attempts to kick a dog that want there love arid a truly Aro wig har to i Cipun of in oks thin Ltd that voc to Storina and other Jhnon Genii coincide with certain Loiti Riih of the to cites l Groat number of Eacell notably Tho Sand Vich Lulan Dizin the California ind Oregon of he hot weather of 1870 and Tho re Orit Stongh out and olaini8f that thu positions of Tho Plano tip at Hose times Confirma his bomb very Noti Dablo joing on in Tho River fat port March Doha Tho format Haa and Tho Banks for a Sinilo t a Liko Wyllo at Lindson a bar in rent Rod As is ing ii Cross that to Wiott of in Road ton Ninish at ton Ortonio lower town 11 a Bannino it an Refuge in the Hunt provision in old
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