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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Apr 26 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - April 26, 1877, Bakersfield, California Southern californian Kern county weekly it pbofe88ional and business Kern april o Pool fers Heb service so to tho ladles of bake Rafoeld and Vicinity u a Norse of word add ewed to Ber at Stockton will Decotie prompt Ranferi to Maison Doree he a is attorney and Counselor at Kern to the rms of Kern Valley Jan St attorney Ami coun Clor it Kehn on Chester new goods recently attorney Counselor at Inyo prot Letl in All the court of the George attorney and Counselor at Kern in Chestere Adobe attorney and Counselor at Kehn Cheater jv4l one door Forth of the French Chester open till one Oclock chef de this is a new and will be kept in a style not unworthy of tho celebrated Maison Doreo of the Well known will preside in person in the and will strive to Merit a continuance of the generous patronage Llinat the Bakersfield Public have hereto fore so freely and kindly bestowed upon in connection with the House is a where none but the Best brands of cheap Cash store Railroad store third Street m he it selection or Weil h the most Complete a n s o ii t m e m t general merchandise Ever brought to this groceries and dry Alvin attorney at door Louth of Olympio Sohtz y in Fresno will practice in the courts of Kern Samuel attorney nil Counselor at Bakersfield and of Floe of client or and in the Gazette wiil be found it sum Ner morning and particular o mining Luw and will be Dis Sollof ladies and gentlemen general merchandise outside of ban All goods in this House arc marked Ono a Large selection of the latest styles of Call and examine Trio newest designs Ami Host Quality of hoots a n d s ii o e Selling the old there is a constant buying and Selling of farms going on from year to year in our this restlessness on the part of tho and this desire to change a present location for another one hundreds of Miles is so Filip Dontly witnessed in our Day that to Toaso to wonder it in tho time of our when a Man was settled on a to commonly continued on it through and then loft it for his in Timos gone the same farm was first occupied by tho and then by the son and then the Good old Homestead was and the occupancy of it was esteemed a great there was a Satis faction Felt by tho successor that his predecessor was his cultivated tho sumo wan dered by tho same traversed the same and ate of tho fruit of tho Samo then Thorn was a Home Homo Assoc a and Homo now the Farmer looks More to his Mccu French b a k e 11 s f i e l Northwest Corner Chester Avenue and nineteenth Wigginton a at Merced or Marks will attend the on uru of Kern fell 10lf and childrens hats and toys and fancy tobacco and Wall Godfrey attorn com Al los collections made in the Noii Ulieru Ami in Arizona attend to Bounre tie of Parl at a Iii to la of do a general Law incl uhf this hotel is kept in firs class elegantly to no hotel on the Railroad South of san Francisco or North of los an furniture and budding the Saloon attached to tho hotel will always to supplied with the choicest polite and attentive attendants in every department of the every Effort will be Nigado to please terms always Iun Lotf to invite Public attention to our new Stock of Bol Clud Cipr Cugsly for Tiu Hilk and Cotton ladies outf1ttin08 of every Muhaw of i him diary and when Olford a Largo Price for his hesitates not to to quits his Beautiful his Well cultivated emirates to the far and com Numes a life of hardship that he never dreamed it can to safely said that where one Man succeeds in this undertaking Many if he could Only sell his now How gladly would he hurry Batik to his old now occupied by and the inc Lostro con c to physician s u u i o y Kern special attention paid to Ninon us of women and children and Olla Cenkl on i9ili in the Home formerly Ornis Penl Liy two door of the Adobe Ian Jef Kehn Arlington Southeast Corner Chester Avenue and third Street 11 a k e h s f i e l i Jamks constantly on band an of canned and fresh splendid Clairet wine at Only 50 cents a Hole agent for Bishops celebrated cough and lung orders from tho country promptly it Trio Lowcau Market tho Public arc inv toil to Call and exam inc my Stock before pure lining All of Wuu Lun Clodon from Trio i by Iii and Hun Mcmo Woolen groceries and taming the Graves of his Kindred going to with the Advent of Spring Many will dispose of their farms Anil remove to a far Oil coun to undergo tho privation and troubles incident upon establishing a Home in new our advice is to remain where Yon if you Are comfortably remain to not Exchange a unless powerful reasons Are brought to hear upon to seek a now settlement in u Distant Slick to the old for it has never about salting an Experiment was made by Willard of to see exactly How much Salt por Day each Dairy cow would consume through out tho he reports that they will oat when they Havo free Access to it from three to five ounces por Day each that they will consume less in or when tho grass is Young and than in and loss in july than the Ilia entity of Salt eaten by a cow is also varied by her being in milk or being Whon giving milk she requires Moro his conclusions on Trio whole Are that the older or harder tho Gross or other feed the Moro Salt tho now needs to assist to carry on tho digestive pro else being last at tho request of i placed my four Pel Alderney calves and six yearling Alderney heifers on their usual win Ter minus the this was kept up till tho first of they had been in tho habit of cat ing All the Salt they from the time they began to eat Hay or grass at a few weeks old till novem Ber and then from november till february not having Ono Grain of almost every one hero prophesied that they would not do but i have never had ton head of Young animals Winter any on february we gave them they appeared to be just moderately phased with and ate it with tho sumo relish As if it had Boon their weekly or daily allow Hood Potako Tui hardware and Hucl Yuri Riih Oiler agents for the celebrated failed to Aid Yon in tho limn of Coc Mungo native and Panfir Sclass office at Drury drug Arlington Loii Leuce lit the Kern office with where he ran lie found All of the and in evening at hit a Uliuli key Oil am Deputy Minkiel Kevin hot Letti Aioli Ohlf tho popular and experienced has Soli and exclusive control of tho dining Fine furnished in modern House l dark elegant billiard Saloon and bar on tho first polite attendants in every de Jehef millinery and fancy Trio Winn Loo i Premium it lilo King Fusil he a Ith Odu Island writes in atm Lily As follows if american agriculture hits an unsatisfied it is surely the need for Moro intelligence and Moro outer prising interest on tho part of its working men and Yum Ono end of Lii land to tho its crying by is that its Best in Oiler its Best brains and its Best leaving to sunk other Fields of the influences which lend Liliko Best of tho far More Moith to other occupations is not so much the desire to Inako Moro or Tolinda less laborious Cubit Onciul tho Culillo Cui Slih j uru incl Tel to Call Anil mtg a new Era in Trade is it tho fact that cattle can Riiho suit to assist in softening and i Gosling and in its absence Ditoh Imuro Stop in and furnish hoi Iio other solvent in tho stomach by which about tin Haino result is attained the Hiu Iio expense to tho animals vitality who can toll us where is tho ski lipid Dis him mar of Dairy husbandry who wan never sons Pohlod of knowing anything about tho but who in a Good can Tell us All about a Komanti Riago occurred in London recently which possessed hoi Iio romantic feat a few months ago a Par Agram i in tho papers described a melancholy Accident which Bohol a Young Man Whilo out a stray shot entered Ono of Liis Oyos and extinguished 1his Gonzlo Init was highly educated Ami con though Wilhour and to was Only Twenty three years of to was nought to his in whore to Lay but a wealthy and handsome Young on whose estates i happened to be shooting outran and the among tho Many anecdotes to in cd of we cannot help thinking tho bearing up on tho impertinence and Assumption of judge an among most telling and Ciarac Tenaro at tacks of upon bloated empiric and puffed that Over Ovon Curran forded to tho this tame judge according to lord was tho author of Many slavish and scurrilous political pamphlets by his raised to tho Eminence which to thus very soon after being called to tho on some statement made by judge Robinson before whom to was observed that to had Nev or met Tom is Laid Down Byj is in any Book in his that May said the but i sus noot that your Library is very Curran i find it More my to study Good books than to com pose bad my books May to but tho title Pagos give to the writers1 and my shelf is not disgraced by any such rank absurdities that their very authors Are ashamed to own said tho you Are forgetting tho Rospoch which you two to tho dig nity of the judicial nity exclaimed Curran my upon that Point i shall cite you a Case from a Book of some author with which you not to then briefly re cited tho Story of in Roderick having stripped off his coat to entrusted it to a when tho Battle was and to was Well to turned to resume but tho Man had carried it applied the talc As it is tin desire satisfactory to Load a Moro life whore that Kehn shipment of Wal and und Grain my lift James nineteenth Packard having located in Sec Ond door South of tho oilers to tho ladies of and Vicinity a Complete assortment of mjll1nkky and fancy consisting of tho latest and most fitting and dress making made a Call and see and satisfy de21tf Jay n k s t j k Chester this latest styles Tylli love St t part of ii that has been developed by Trio better education and bolter for which in this Century we have worked so hard and so May find responsive companionship Anil encouraging Intercourse Are to say nothing of the Curran thus my tho person entrusted with the dignity of the judgment seat lays it aside for u moment to outer into a disgraceful personal it is in when to has been worsted in the that to souks to re sume in in vain that Iio trios to shelter himself behind an authority which to has if you say another word ill commit replied the angry to which if your lordship will do we shall both of us Havo the Consolation of that i urn not the worst thing your lord ship has tint College As a rules is bound up in his to has but one Side to and that is always turned toward tho to has no Side turned toward tho to Loaches within the Walls what to hits Anil betrays no of rectification of thought and life in lie gets into his and tween the Young his head sinks below the d to la Lech my Gill of hit world and Bray and Allaix ban i Nylof Christa Doros id hair Dye u tie safest and bests it my Tom natural Tawlu of Buak or drown Lwi not stain Anil ii Bailly it it a Ami u a Malm Nutry will Piip Olota toilet for Tail r Huld r it v tho Jamks having been purchased by lilo is Kepi in Good As Good is can to found in the stale a firs class Saloon is attached to the and lilo bar is supplied with the very Best Ipi ulily of patrons of the House will find excellent Good polite and every thin that will add to their painting sign and Carriage and paper in All its work dorm in tho Best manner and with by John Ninx tenth Hamit null Fluur to Nelile Ruurik Furni Ture ladies dress table hoots and shoes made to order from selected John Stanley importers gents business cheap and diagonals for dross goods and fancy groceries bought for and sold at the lowest Cash provisions and intimacies to choir full nah and their mothers would bit kept from growing old and glum by tho sons land Liolion of their kind and in so fur As a Moro Salis Fao tiry social relation with Ohms Fellowmen gives and Trio Richness of a wider human in in that proportion would the Village life have a Mel lowing Olfert that is not to to found in the Remote nor oven in the sort of neighbourhood to sometimes find in the where several farmhouses Are with in a pin Flor of a mile of ouch tho habit of running in for a moments Whitt Wilh u neighbor is a Good and in gels Bill scant do Zelop mon among a Jeriean til kick was great Sulisz Tolion in an Arkansas town lilo Oiler Day Over lilo Lynching of a newly arrived he had sent ahead and had tho town posted ror two weeks or More with Bills saying old to liable is Over Budy of course expected in was u circus und made Prepis Runions but when old Uel Kublo reached and proved to to nothing Bill when tho Accident came i which grows deeper and deeper and look up her abode in Trio Hii Mej passing years at lust in order to nurse in re was extended though several Trio other Eye sym with that which had Boon was leaving the youth and scholar Hope Lessly and totally hut tin Prilly widow was equal to tho of Hho proposed to tho result was a splendid company alighted at lilo door of it fashionable Church in our neighbor Hood a Beautiful Dame of at leu Oil by her two Little leading a Blind youth of Twenty three to tho there to endow him Wilh All her extensive worldly goods and tho Ivo Are now enjoy ing their honeymoon on the line is whore Tom May mod Dilulo on the ancient sayings which to Loo Luro misfortune Ami Fortune by a a tinny Story regarding and an Scipi Silion in told in tho am Ster dam who was in received the following Telegram return imme you Are a on the of his return his lady determined to play a joke on procured from the neighbor Hood three other placed All four in a Row on a bed in an adjoin ing and covered them embraced his wife in Groat and was then led Forth to see Hiu first when the cover was ruined an Indus Erica an agent Lor some irate no a Andrullo look Surprise overspread his int Livo Liloon ruin countenance Asho to did utes after to announced the in wines and 410 Host Han travelling nov ankh Hladk on Wool in nut recon Leo Hoy auction or Juhu our Loiou urn from Hrit Lioumis of the Mil Johnston Ltd Lilly i Vilm till Frt Undi to Nail and Neir and life Tufer Tuny Puli to him Colima or intr will Siik said she didst a had to to Lieve in second but two or Throe years of widowhood had convinced her that she could tool Over lifes Rac Courso Best in Dou ble an expression of sur prise Hole Over the Faux of her com and so she by Way of you 1 was us Wilys the head Tiosh in tho Tiik Man who first mentioned governor Hayes name in connection with tho presidency is growing alarmingly considering the few vacancies that there Are to to god 1 did any of them got Tiik personal intelligence Man of the now York Herald Munt have been disappointed Wilh Texas when to was or a have written this scene in hotel Good stranger it look like stranger 1 think a shot and tho stranger in rolled out of tho Back Texas it a Fine the world of the differ ence in their influence upon a Between such it Man us this und one who writes Success or preaches or fully in the must in the Nali Iro of very to lilo professor who has met lilo worlds life in any and won u place in lilo worlds thought and and become an outside Power and the student turns us naturally for Iii traction and inspiration us a lower turns Lourd lilo even u single pro in an academic who shows by attractive production that his learning ims really of rectified his will have More influence in determining the College and i hut which goes out from than All the rest of the faculty put to the students know that they Are to if to master there is not a Bright one among them who does not know that his learning will Avail him Little if it does not give him practical Power so that every exhibition of shul Power among those who teach him loads and inspires in a rum Afik architect has just opened an Ollice in a plan of a ii Riiho which she exhibits Nineteen Bay fort seven no place for a Man Tomoko and an enclosed Balcony on each Side from which it is impossible to look Down into the neighbor living the is pronounced y All indies who have examined it Octor confidently and Votmos people never cough after taking Ono bottle of my Tough mix of really quite too far Noro than awfully Bik Nokk fills out hit paragraph with such words a on Guy and thus enabling i perfect rinds to take in ing at a Muri Atic acid poured on wound made by the bite of 11 May prevent but bout Way is to Aboo the he
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