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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Apr 19 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - April 19, 1877, Bakersfield, California Southern californian Kern county weekly Kern april f 60fe83ional and business o1 Pool of fetus her services to the ladies of Bako Rabold and Vicinity u t nurse of word addressed to her at Stockton will receive prompt refers to attorney and Counselor at Kern of Floe in rent of Kern Vallejr june St Colin Clor at office on Chester jnn18tf attorney Puiul coun Clor it Inyo practices in All the Courti of tie Geoege attorney and Counselor Keun office in Heitert Adobe attorney and Counselor it Keun Clienter jul to Maison Doree re St 1st n Akk Esfi one door of lilo French Chester open till one Oclock chef de this is a new and will be kept in a style not unworthy of the celebrated Maison Doree of the Well known will preside in person in the and will strive to Merit a continuance of the generous patronage that tho Bakersfield Public have hereto fore so freely and kindly bestowed upon in connection with the House is a whore none but the Best brands of new goods recently cheap Cash store Railroad store third Street Rel ii bust of general merchandise Ever brought to this groceries and Weil Ottavi tilt most Comparri Anno ii t x t general merchandise outside of Han All goods in this House Are marked one a Luok selection of the latest styles of Southern climate and its wonderful a firm april Willilu Trio past your or two the Southern part of California Intro in id strides than most other parts of Trio slut tho reason of this Luil Large treats of Lunil have a Coli put upon Trio Market Anil that people have found out that the ground is Good fur something hot Tor than to lot herds of cattle or Theop run upon not liar thing also Hiis been proven that that the Grout san a Val Loy As Largo As the states o Massachusetts and will Al Alvin attorney at Dolnry Khun door laugh of olympic Sohtz l w tie Fresno will practice in the courts of will be Dis sell of Samuel attorney and Counselor it Bakersfield and Fibre on Chou tar Neil i ii tax vote will funnel it Minn tier morning and Torti Sulur utter twin ulily o Man Lar Law Anil Wigginton attorney it Merced will attend tie of kith Kelt 10tf French b a k k ii s f i e l Northwest Corner Chester Avenue and nineteenth proprietors dry ladies and shoes gentlemen and childrens hats and toys and fancy tobacco and Wall ways Promise Good crops in cull Ami Trio newest Diu inns bin Hunt Quality of moots and to invite Public attention to our new Stock of kill Ceil cd Privily for i litre am Cotton ladies outfitt1nu8 of Kukuy ill kinds of seasons where irrigation is resorted tho climate is More mild than further and those who emigrate from the Kast to escape the Rigours of Winters Are at Triu Leil almost As much by the temperature of Southern California As by the Fertility and Richness of its thai part of the state has also a Largo area As compared with the for if we count Only the Fertile purls there Are not Moi thin six to the Stpiere whereas several Imir Pean with a soil not Richer by have lot to the Square sparseness of population implies n rapid and it is the proper raising profitable and More Over with tho generality of Intro Money can to made on Small farms in fruit culture than by Rais ing wheat on Largo the climate is such that tho Trees grow fast and mature Early it allows tho temperate and sem tropical kinds to grow Side by the data Palm 1ms n Range of six degrees tho Orange lives in tho open air a far North As 40 tho and tho european which Are too delicate for Tennessee or North extend through eight and the Lemon and pineapple have ripened in the open air on the Southern Trio Small proportion of moisture in the atmosphere and of Cloudy Duys in tho and tho restriction of heavy Rains to a few months in the Winter and Early give Peculiar to the drying of which is destined to to a leading Industry in tho Southern California possesses Peculiar advances with regard to fruit varieties can be raised there unit cannot be produced in tho Northern and these varieties Are such As will easily Bear transportation Ami Are not immediately so that they Al ways have a another Peculiar advantage of the varieties of fruit which can be rained there is that they Are very and Godfrey at los collect com made in the a Thirn Nannt Iii nil in Arizona he Encl to Iii Sineni Lii Liiro Ineatia by Anil to the land do a Iau to Lillif Oak to Rily Sklaw am s it it k o a Keun special Lytten Luil Enlil to Liomel if in Iii Chilli leu unit of Hon Neil Rubi Linck of Jamen this hotel is kept in firs class is elegantly to no Joitel on the Railroad South of san Francisco or North of los an furniture bedding the Saloon attached to the hotel will always be supplied with the choicest Etc polite and attentive atle Dairs in every department of the livery Effort will be made to please terms always on mind in Chhor Turnt of canned and fresh self null Cla Klit Wink at Only 50 a knt a inks r Ami is j All of Woi Ilii of on from tic Mirin on and Kan Woolen groceries and Tion of iiu1 reuse that activity till ant crops Are Large and Al this is the Abund Oase Neil Josl Iti 4tf is Arlington Corner Chester Avenue and third Street b a k k 11 8 i i e l d Jamks Hole to kit Foll Bishops celebrated cough and Panfir Sclass Keun of face it drug Arlin Tun it at tho and Kelt Omee with where he ran in a mini i Iuis of the and in Evin Lair at Lii ii the popular and experienced has sole and exclusive control of the dining Fine furnished in modern a Loibiso l dark elegant billiard Saloon and Bat on the Lisl Iolite attendants in every de Jelf lung orders from Trio country promptly lit Trio lows it Murk it Ilio it Iblis no invited to Call and ont Nanc Swap Psenko tin1 am and Vur Luiis Oiler Nortu agents for the celebrated and Trio com Namiku inn i r Premium it Trio Trio Pul Lii Ken Tully urn invited to cull Ami our nit to business and profit to of this increase in Southern Ali Forniti has been very great of late Ami is a great attraction for settlement Ami in excellent Assurance of the Prosperity of the this Section of country has Only re Henlly become accessible by the cars having made their Lisl through trip from san Francisco to Angeles on the 5th of septem is in the Section of tho country referred to Many of the mini Irra its to California Are turning their no in Stern climate is in lie compared o thai which is generally experienced either with respect to health and Comfort or to the needs of the Horti Cul la is the severity of the of frosts that prevents the cultivation of the porn granule and Dale Olive Ami other delicate Points in South Caro Jeorgia and though i hey thrive in the same latitude on this Side of the the temperature of the summer nights inti Oilang also millinery and fancy anew Era in Trade j a n 10 w Sto l1 and Deputy we dial Keun Stu my Lilbur i Keun shipment of jul Lav Bray Bah Christa Doros 3d to Hilr ii Harbst Iii by inti it Ali the Dot ural Uli Wiet of Laok or it own nol brain clix Anil u Raully it n Ami it Lulu Rex upon i for James nineteenth the Jamks having been pure Luisco by the is it in Good As i accommodations us can tie found in the state a firs class Saloon is attached to tho and tin bar is supplied with he very Best Quality of patrons of the Iio Uko will Fin excellent goo polite and every thing that will add to their Comfort Lungi in Packard having located in Sec Ond door South of the oilers to the ladies of sunnier and Vicinity a of Millix Khz and fancy Ron Sis ing of the latest and most fitting and dross milking Niido n Call and o and satisfy Delill swim Timpl Chester this stalks till p1mchs ladies dress table sign and Carriage and in paper All its done in the Best manner and with by Nln Dimoth a trait Ilir to i Irani John Stanley impo11tkks a wines and boots and shoes Loo Dor from gents business cheap and diagonals for dross Muniu Hinig goods and fancy d miseries bought for and Soli at the lowest Cash provisions and Allram 410 Haji in Mil Rin Hixia Niy our Joii lilo Lori old of Tun ii Juliu a Anoli in they Are so c to i As to secure refreshing while in the at Linlie Stales they Are of porch sively the air is also dry Ami sunstroke Are Many persons suppose that the Southern country is too dry to do anything with but experience has proved that in localities where is irrigation brings hotter crops than in other places where nature alone is relied upon for the desired in entity of Ameri can banners generally have Little idea of the value of irrigation in a coun try where there is not an Inch of ruin in Xvi Sniggs seasons from june to and where even in ill other he Vii months the annual rainfall does not exceed 20 inches in some parts of in i moist the wet Summers and cold Winters of Llie at Linlie they have never fell the want of supplying Walterl Otheir Fields by m Lili Giitl did space we could in Iho Sis will Llie sub thai in Oiler a i in of Llie world whole regions have been enriched nost simply by Irrig and deserts made to Ike the Large districts in Iii Horii California Are much Heller Ida cd to Iri Galion Llian Many which have been irrigated in older h by much chs enterprising than Ilund which will wild Gams and without irrigation will Noi support inure than one sheep upon an nun when irrigated Ami Wil will support and if the Alfilda he nol used for pasture it can be mowed eight times in la yielding two or three tons t Llie acre curb if cultivate in Grain or common Kitchen vege two crops can be gather i in u such facts suggest i few of the reasons Why Irr Galet Fields command prices so mud Center to Iii dry and show t the nuttier the advantage of upon ground i hut is Susco Libles o j lie capacities of Grain raising i the soil of California have Beo proven by such enormous tract Iii extending Ever a period that it is hardly Worth while with the which is now cultivated to piste extensively in South Ern the Orange at eight years from planting out the Nursery or ten years from the will bring t the sixty Trees Are planted to the these Trees Are found in practice to yield at the least Flo Clear profit per or to the this is below the present actual yield of Orai info Orchards in los the first Orange Trees planted in Sun for Bardino Valley in now Bear ing producing As Many As oranges each per Orange Trees Are generally set out at four years old they Sohl fio cents and commence to hear two years after tho yield for several years gradually and when la years old oath tree hears ill least oranges a i some places the Trees Are planted 100 to tin the Raisin is one which is assuming Large proportions in As it has Hoen found very in Llie Atlantic Stales our raisins Are proving formidable rivals to Llie import cd to have Llie natural resources in our slate for the Worth of Tigs and eur ranch thai annually Entile to this stale from tint and they Are pro duets in which we can have no other similar and there Are now several thriving settlements of this kind in Trio Southern coun with a Bright future considerable attention is now being paid to settlements of this Char actor in Fresno where the soil and climate arc excellent and Trio facilities for irrigation except the soil is a Sandy very Rich and adapted to tho growth of All kinds of grains and grasses As Well an and vegetables of every and will boar from irrigation without bilking and be coming unfit for the Railroad pauses through Fresno to los rendering communication with All parts of tho Stato pick and and creating to de Mand for real estate which will naturally greatly increase tho value of the land in a few there Are several colonies in this Section which no prosperous and a new one has just been called tho now in which some now features have been which might to copied by those formed the Here Traut is divided into and each farm has a Porpot Mil water right de Odeil with tho the Only exp cum to the Farmer being the Small assessment Neces sary to keep the ditch in the Centre of the tract a Small town has been Laid out with n 20acro Park in the and about this Are lots reserved for Public build Grange to longing to the settlement in com the purchasers of tho farms Are also entitled to u lot in this 50 by Ito on making their final if they put up a building and improve Competition from other the Lemon Anil Lime Imit also he cultivated Load Vantage and All of those things will grow abundantly in Southern and Willi much less labor or risk thin some of tho Cereal crops in other a very Grout advantage of raising this class of crops m that n hand some Ami permanent income May in obtained from a comparatively Small piece of i he Aeres enough comes nearer being in practice Here limn anywhere else in inc United almost any prudent and Dill int Man who has Wenly or Twenty live acres of land can grow Rich upon it by irrigating id raising lilo class of crops we ave mentioned culture is la one agricultural Industry not heeled by a dry the a qty of crops is such As cannot be rower elsewhere in lilo United and they Are hitch a Good my constantly increasing it must not by any Means to sup Mil Johnston in Ltd ulily Fri rms t Gilill Ami Din now i nil will Courtw Uilk of leu of cok Lulu to to refer to them hut the fruit of California Are among the Chii wonders to Trio exc Ellen and multitude of tho fill Tillous help pm Osheil Iii Lien pc hons to California that they will and a country with Culli Arteil Lig Ami Linmond in every Vilh for he in Vorte is Llie tho by now is Only being reclaimed mini a in Lyle him Iling and t is Only a year Sucu ilm Railroad ins people in most of tho i fictions to Market a hut this h an advantage to us t enables them to buy land very Nizich clip Piper to Linin if the country were thickly Many places Ilavu been Laid of and some places Art filling up nip idly with n Thrifty tho majority of the Orri tory iss Lill open to As Largo tracts Are divided for Kven when the t Hermi Pineter Range As it some the Hunt is not ener us in tho Kum Tern and As stated cases of Sun stroke Are tho system of colonies has Boon largely instrumental in developing Llie re Soroch and bidding to tho population of tho Tani Thern i Tut great Success of tho Lar Tox Putriment of tho kind at Anaheim ments Worth this tract is about six Miles from the Railroad and near the Central California col i he Fresno irrigating canal runs along one hide its entire is u Small District in tho month of pruned known As the Deus which has a commercial Penler called from Llie grapes of this District hero comes a and from this wine there is distilled a celebrated Lipior which is named after the place Ami called tho Cogoiu Brandy District begins at about three Hundred Miles South of in and comprises from Lifty to sixty Square it is divided into live and is Cut in from East to by tho River the parts in Llie order of their importance ases to abolished by lilo i Purily of the Brandy they though in tho inverse order Aslo As follows the Hiramie Chan Diagne tho Clil Champagne tins a strip of Laud along the Banks of tho opposite lilo Grande Ihn Spagno the Kins Bois and tho Bon the country is unduly the dotted with towns and and diversified by occasional tracts of Woodland to swoon Bright Groen pastures on of i her Bank of the is divided in to spotted Wilh Walnut truth and with Rodeo food farm by Broad lined with rows of Lull Olih and the soil is principally Clayey Airl Linly supported by a lied of Chalk or limes Lonu and occasionally of that in tho Randu and Mielit Jim Spagno being of the Bentoi physical american scholar Ami thinker is by Anlo a lie is a nervous this is partly Llie cd cd of partly that of diet and in lilo old Days of bran and Lini yers be fore Daylight in the and Long morning walks before break and Cotui Milivo Hab it required u pretty Tough Man to live through his stud Chat to Are now doing Ali it but we have nol Roach us tho High est outcome of the and hindi not reach Honor Tel p Iru Lew Aegidus our mag of lint we have coma to Llie recognition of Llie fuel that t does not toughen a Man in Reduto his to Mil Short his to Long walks on in empty Stom and to indulge in cold Baths when there in no Woll supported vitality to respond to to have come to the conviction that for a Public brains Are of very Little account if there is no Muscles to do their in to have Lour nod that with met physical tho profound it thu Musl charming and the Best Aro of Little use to a i Blic Mun in Wlms Ever hold of profus Mogul life Honey to he Rinart in in reported that Wendell Phil lips Aco usos Idun by Ward Wicher of having raised the prior of Ijo Zohera cd merging Fop to hours talk on hard tlmos11 my Hoo Iii a cruel Batiron to Many working min motors who do not larger sum for to wholly Sorof
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