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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Apr 12 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - April 12, 1877, Bakersfield, California Bour in californian Kern april professional and business Pool of fees Yieh service to the ladles of bake Rafoeld and Vicinity u Norse of word cd Dreisow to her at will receive prompt refers to attorney nud Counselor at Kern in the rear of Kern Valley Jants if one door North of the French Chester open till one Oclock attorney Anil Counselor at Kern office on Chester attorney Anil Counselor at Inyo practice in All the court of the igy1 George attorney and Counselor it Keun office in Che Teri Aube attorney and Counselor at Kern Chester jv4tl Alvin attorney at raw notary Kern door South of olympic Leulf chef de this is a new and will be kept in a style not unworthy of the celebrated Maison Doree of the Well known vill preside in person in the Kite and will strive to Merit a continue nce of the generous patronage that he Bakersfield Public have hereto Oro so freely and kindly bestowed upon in connection with the House is i where none but he Best brands of will be Dis se4tf Fresno will practice in the our to of Kern Samuel attorney Mill Counselor it Bakersfield and on in the Gaulle will ii ii mud ill hum morn Luk Ami Turtle tilter attention o mining Law Anil Apfl Wigginton attorneys a Counselor at Merced Marki will attend the Onditi of Kern Kel 10tf Godfrey it l08 made to the pout Horn Munt Len urn in Arizona it Leto Utt Foitl tit Lin Toru dip dirt infants it Kim to the in vent Mulin i land Durt a Luerul Itow Uil Lotf o in to pity Siciak s v it i u x Kern spent no Talent Lam Puld to it women am children and Oihi and in Buck of Jurinen 4tf Keun Orloe by Drury Druer Kei licence it the Ken of Floe with Liere lie run lie found at Hll Hotin of the find in the evening at lit in half Suu Vovou Deputy Mineral i s Kern i Cwm Unitan uiclil8if sum Nett Keun sol Penl lit and Grain Tim Igli mid a liver br4y 31i2uciiaxt8 san to Nylof Christa Doros i id it Ohrlin Itani Luis Dye ii the a fret an duh i it Mil the Muir my of or lir own Ilot no Anu u Bailly it ii a Underd and a upon Erer Well Appel Altu tulle fur lady or sold to tits sew Maison Doree French Northwest Corner Chester Avenue and nineteenth proprietors this hotel is kept in first less is elegantly o no hotel on the Railroad South of san Francisco or North of los an furniture and bedding the Saloon attached to the hotel always be supplied with the choicest Etc polite and attentive it tendons n every department of the every Effort will be made to please terms always reasonable lung Ltd flew goods recently cheap Cash store of Hue i1est selection of general merchandise Ever brought to this groceries and dry Adies and gentlemen and childrens its and toys and fancy pin tobacco and Wall Arlington Southeast Corner Chester Avenue and third Street Bakers proprietor the popular and experienced has Soli and exclusive control of the dining Fine furnished in modern l dark elegant billiard Saloon and Jat on tho first Polito attendants in every do Johnf James nineteenth the James hotel having been purchased by tho is kept in Good As Yood As cat to found in the slate a firs class Saloon is attached to the and tin 13ar Iri bup plied with he very Best Quality of patrons of the House will fim excellent Good polite and every thing that will add to their Comfort fall of Railroad Storel third Street Weil Cave the most Complete a s s o it t m e of t general merchandise outside of ban All goods in this House Are marked one Large selection of the latest styles of boots to Ivilo Public attention to our new Stock of selected expressly for Tali ilk Cotton ladies outfitting of Everty of constantly on Imnel an assortment of canned and fresh splendid Claret wine at Only so cents a sole agent Fok Bishops celebrated cough and lung orders from tho country promptly a in Market Trio Public Uro in vital to cell and cd Minini my Block before pure Muing millinery and fancy goods Packard having located in hoc and door South of tho offers to the ladies of sunnier Imd Vicinity a Complete of millinery and fancy consisting of tho latest find most stylus fitting and dress inking made a Call uni Sec and satisfy Dewilt Painti mgl sign and Carriage and in All its work done in the in Annei and with Liy John nineteenth he ret Neit door in Kurn lure John Stanley a and in wines and 410 of joint Han franc ibo of All Ami tho a Woit designs Anil Best Quality of shoe Erin trip him of Woolen goods from Tiu Miami us Ami Sun Jon Woulcie groceries and la Iii Kwahk and Cawien Tew mid Varouh Ollit agents for the celebrated Lingo winks and Ilio wino inn i a Premium at tin Tim Public Ken Tully uru inv toil to Only Anil Mif a new Era in Trade Jay pc con new Hoster Bako Rafoeld latest stylus Tiik lowest tucks comp Ishino ladies dress table hoots and Simon Imeln to order from selected the report of the state we have Given such extracts from the report of the West Side commissioners As were of interest to thin below to give tho conclusion of the to which of irrigation in general and the character of the work already done in California irrigation has employed by men in different lands for experience has compelled Man to assist nature in its application of water simply to the it has not Only been employed whore there Lias Boon a Scarcity of but in some lands when the rainfall yearly was very but coining during a limited leaving Many dry with no rainfall Hunce Man lists stored up the Supply in Many different and kept it to be expended when most when to look into tho history of irrigation we that in has almost invariably followed a douse not preceded thai in has Boon a Plant of slow commencing in thu and lining increased As Little by Little hence in those places in has been highly in other cases where Large irrigation schemes have been planned and carried Sim ply on failure him been the like every other commercial is subject to the Law of Supply and demand Thuro fore in All schemes of irrigation not Only is water but also the labourer to make use o it should also be remembered that like Oiler May to so expensive us to become a Iho reach of men of Ordinary to find thai irrigable lands Lavt attained very High prices in some in and and it must be Lio Iii in mind that every other circumstance preceded water to Ollet this the grand works of irrigation curried on in by the wore n it was boiler to Spontyl Largo sums in thai Way than to have the constantly recurring or to furnish sup plies of food to the slaving when we Como to our stale and give honest attention to the As before it is suggested thin the same rules in those eases whore thu parties taking nut the water did so in quantities need lid for the work it Groat has followed the Elli irl drop of water was turned into hut How is in with Lamse Largo either ii Revenue from Sale of water or for the purpose of controlling extended we yet to hear til the first dividend on water and in most of the latter cases an immense production has not met with a paying if a parly can work Only one or ii Hundred acres of in incomes a Ipi Oulion of calculation ii order to Liao water for thai Hundred he can afford to pay Lor water for ten thousand acres it is True Llinat in a sense his land ii greatly increased in provided he can find a customer to Pur Liast in the san Joaquin country in is undoubtedly True that where parties live been nolo to gel water they Lave Largo meanly ind wealth i Iii sprung up in desert Al is that lands live risen in value from three ii gents business cheap and diagonals for dress Kurn Liing goods and fancy groceries bought for and hold at the lowest cosh provisions adv ankh Mauk on Wooi Noy aun Iloner Rhein Johi do not by ilium of ohm lire Truat Luv Buu Iee of lie or Johnston inv let ill olt Mendi to Anil Imide of till new my wet Birtley to Zuraj Iwer Iber i our dollars Iho Aero to forty or fifty and ii me or two colonies to still highe it is Irue that in county one can see must wonderful results from and there can la Nodi it thai in a full Supply if water could he fisc wished to the woh Sulo irrigation Ami properly Madu thu thai u Section Low Hilling in dust and almost positive ruin would Bloom and Limson and hear immense it is not Sci Midbrod necessary to give any Itu Ristics if results from irrigation to tho people of Whitt Dii Riel the Liao Henzil of if not seen those to hut in would be unjust to cull attention to thu necessity which Musl arise for heavy out Luv both of work and Ovon apply Lite water Kultur thu main Cana is in is proper that Wacl one should have Boine idea of wha the coat will even after the mail is what will in be Ivor Bably there is no question 01 which there in u greater i Flurence of after careful i Muir to can Only nay thai it boo Given to us from one Dollar to dollars per it depends Grout upon the nature of the and it natural relation to the water Supply if a Handy easily from the the of Penis to the Farmer should be 1 t is Henry Adobe with of much lying very Irreg it will to very if of tho expense still to Incavo to our successors to pub so plans for tho primary and Sec nary but in tho proper so of water to would add a at hot Ducra Flat we wore in Onciul that tho while grow in still was a Disep ointment after arose from tho in killed and too fro Nso of the complaint have been made after irrigation on Black lands West would Anil beneath Voltl to very thus sub acting tho Grain to two and Van killing undoubtedly tit if such soil was thrown into and irrigated in tho ditches r and not by submersion f the whole Ridge being veil Dillor ont effect would Ilavu been is on much land it is in Ossi Bli to arrange tho checks so s to Hood All parts of tho yield this arises from one of to causes either that tho party inking tho checks was ignorant of is or that tho ground wifi o uneven it should have Boon prop Ray levelled Lio Foro in a in can Only to said that the Roper application of and the until icy to be made Uso must o Learned by actual so taken from other there tho soil has been under Cul Iva lion for can to relied Pon in our now lie results of any one Section of the or con of adjoining vill not necessarily follow in any 1ooplo must study to nature of tho the nearness f or tho Lay of lie and then determine tho ind and Ipi Anli y of irrigation need As an Sandy lands such As on Mussel Slough can be Anil and cheaply irrigated by per Whilo heavy soils can to totter irrigated by there an to no As n result of our that in very Many irrigation has Beon made very a pensive from want of experience my want of Engineer no and an imperfect know Edge of tho proper Nso of water in elation to the Dill front soils and Lille rent i to estimate Given in this is will to is Only tho Cost of to main primary ditches i isl lie and Klicsu 10 Laid out with Greal care and on i Nocing As Thev arc the Only on Roe from which Limo water can 10 drawn by tho parties the of i Host ditches will vary con id Rahic in Diller enl and lil Lerchl the of tho Stales up Luin lot by act of Page estimates that in order 0 irrigate two thousand four him 1 Rod Acront it will to Neces sary to build live Miles of primary and tho Cost per acre about Ivo of to Sim and King s River anal estimates tho Cost f primary Dilchus at about one Dol a per i of makers and Uriah of i adors have also Esli Inucci in this and its Sheho gentle Nen lire Woll known to tho people if their both for personal and also their know Lodge if practical to unix his part of our report letters to a veil from Thorn in answer to 0111 of under tin Ernie of the tho main canal is to to Jiromi ibid for primary and other Dilchus must in Milt at Iho Cost of tho proprietors Ising 1 to have Boon Uteri ally aided in their work lion nral unit Cir Static and return Khoii Hanks for his Hen Ray specially under tho Circum it was not in their Pooi to give any Hub Stantial return for Iii accompanying this to Mil will to found a Lector from him ind to also Ope i to append u tho King indoors report u Moro do tailed stat Mont of his views upon the Ong norring work in great Prairo in duo to Ali or onor Ulm Ablo hit if w for his perseverance in thu performance of his work in Dur circumstances Moat i you want of Fiul Lucienl coining Irreg Lurly to j lit a Sulls of his labor his ability ii an Lull the desire to return inn la ankh for his hourly cooperation thu also Odubiro u Render to Thos Puljic spirit jul Gont Loignon who liar adv cod Iho by which Tuluii thin work could Liuyu to cannot Clono our Rop Orl with out ton Dor ing to your sex Collons our Wurmst Tom non for tho untiring kindness with which you have i his Tod and onco Ragou us m of we have tho Honor to remain Ery your obedient Francis do a new Colo Ulo legislature has passed a we has Beon signed by the governor and become making Radical changes in it grand jury under the revisions of tho now airy hearings or examinations Ermine whether or not persons sus Ector of Crimo shall to hold for As to understand the Meas an indictment by a grand jury i dispensed with in cases where Roll i Miry examinations Revoal Ull Sciont to warrant the accused ii tics in being held for tho a Joel desired to to reached is renter Economy in tho and ministry i of the Bill abolishes 10 grand jury system in its pros it Ami instead pro duh for a court of consist of Throe persons Prosman Lily impartial Ami Lor orighly qualified to Deal with Idi Cial it is contended y the friends of Iho measure that ii Iho re still of a preliminary n person accused of or crime is held for rial in Ihu court having jurisdiction i the any further in Bostiga Ion by a grand jury is unnecessary and Only time spent and expense involved to Little or no sensible a person suspected of rime can to in and Over for or hold to wer without Ami brought Mil trial without necessitating a or Thor investigation Anil formal in ice mint by a grand tho of tho new Bill took the ground that competent magistrates who discharge their duty Are quite s if not somewhat lied to sift an dedication and do a Niino i to morits or demerits of a Hargo of As the average hand they Miler the present grand jury ays great injustice is done and Wardship wrought upon tho inno who May to indicted by the Nisi swearing of wholly Irres Ponsi it although abundant too in oily May be it Ham to establish heir the legislature disposed to Rar inti Racli Jid Iho recommendations of f Iju Vurnor Mccook in hid last to recommended i to i volition of tho grand jury nit the Good people of the Torri Ory wore not then prepared to in Torso the views of Iho a Lieving the change Haig Gostol to i too Radical Anil More Iti the a Uro of a wild Experiment than a practical Hoy to Liao Iha Ngod choir and now of Cido truth tho governors tho practical o Fleet of tho Tow Meir suit will double less to watched with Groat interest by the Ico Plo Oiler Don kit Lakis is located in tho ild esl canyons of Iho Sierra be High Riuo on three sides of tho and i to cold seems to con Contrato upon its sur a very year heretofore Don i or has been covered with ice five or six inches thick Long before the mid Hoof skating has been Iscol hit on Iho hike when Many of Ponds and reservoirs in Iho Vicinity were partly this your ins Boon one of Iho coldest on and the Ico at Schafft trs and it the Ico Pond is ton or eleven Lichen Unnur Luke recently wan not entirely Frozen and he Ico was Only about an Inch thick n portions whore it was Many of the old settlers have Boon la Weir brains Over Iho Onig Ami it is portly generally thai hot Springs must have first Forth in some portion of the bed in Sui Force us to prevent temperature of the water from being lowered to tho congealing such Springs Uro common in but so far us is there bus never been any in editor of tho Call fur i u Jeri Ittin boasts us a minister and administrator of duh Ciolino in the for thirty four lie has never had to Deal with one Case of in and that during thin lung us Niue to never saw a communicant of Iho Church drink it Glass of wino the doctor writes in Rol Uke of a converted Moth in the columns of Iho Delaros that methodist stomachs need a Little wino every Tok Puutio county assessor tax Eit Farmers to More for summer fair Lowed growing Atid Pep Aero for Winter cropabo1 ppr Nal
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