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Southern Californian And Kern Weekly Courier Newspaper Archives Apr 5 1877, Page 1

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Southern Californian And Kern County Weekly Courier (Newspaper) - April 5, 1877, Bakersfield, California Southern Californi an Kern county weekly Kern april pbofe8sionaiand do Sivess Pool Fly feb her services to the ladies of Bakers fled and Vicinity u nurse of word addrow cd to Hor at Stockton will receive prompt refers to attorney nil Counselor it Kern Doe in the rent of Kern Valley Jools if Maison Doree r e st a 1st one Ioor Hohhof Lic Chewter open till one Oclock chef de attorney mid Counselor it Ken office on Chester Jan Ltd attorney nil Counselor it in to practices in All lilo courts of the George attorney nil Counselor it Kex office to Adobe building attorney Ami Counselor tit Kevin Cheater jv4tl Alvin attorney it to tiry Enlil a Kevin South of snl4lf will it s faces no in tie Cuurtis us kit this is a new and will to kept in a Stylo not unworthy of the celebrated Jaison Dorce of the Well known will preside in person in the and will strive to Merit a continuance of the generous patronage that the Bakersfield Public have hereto fore so freely and kindly bestowed upon in connection with the House is a where none but the Best brands of will to Dis Sollof French bar k 11 s f i e l Northwest Corner Chester Avenue and nineteenth new broods recently cheap Cash store rain 11 kit of general merchandise Ever brought to this Railroad store third Street Weil Ottav Tiik most comic kit a s s o h t is k x t groceries and dry Samuel attorney and Counselor it bake11sfield and off re on cell Irenr and in Gazette win a mind no hum Nellei Iliili o mining mid Wigginton Audi Ikon it me1jced Murks will tin Marta of Horn Juli 10tf proprietors hotel is kept in firs class elegantly to no hotel on Trio rail Oil Softli of Han Francisco or North of los an furniture and bedding Trio Saloon attached to Trio hotel will always to supplied with the choicest to Polito and attentive attendants in Overy Dourt Nikont of Trio a Vicy Llort will Bonado to please ladies and gentle mks and civil dress cloth hats and toys and fancy tobacco and Wall James vindication of the murderer extra of of no a Milor ran through in when Trio Koozo win about lilt Nock no tremor we Din in lib which we u Clear and Climint u nver no Molit Tiro dim Maxl ills us to Boru was nothing of the in his appearance or Hesiod what lie i but Jin win Iii Vii it general merchandise outside of Han All goods in this House Are marked one a last file of the Latch of Call mid cof Ticino the new cat Chi Gish and of of ots a n i Solo to invite in Lille Nelun Loii to our new Stock of he Luclid expressly fur Thea Hilk and Cotton i iks of Kaki in lie All of won Len Ourn Tii from Wihlm and Sun j the Godfrey Attori Ijen in los plonk innate in the Iii turn and in Riiho at sol Intorn Tinli spurt intent a by and in i in of do h Siuw Ali Golf Coli Stanlly on Annil an Huso Romoni of canned m fresh splendid Claret wine at Only 50 cents a terms always lung Elf c o u t v physic i As n it 11 k o Kevin Perjul Ute Rollini paid l of win inn and children and Lollin find in Jenl of Jinni ill Arlington suit Lumiste Cornor Chester Avenue and third Street 13 a k e u h i i e l i Jamks a int Jou Bishops celebrated cough and lung Oid Erb from Tho country promptly ill Tho Markut Trio jul Hiliu arc invited o cull and examine my Toek Itoro Kirchh Hiligh millinery and fancy sat Ink Tho Coen Miiko Kun Inre at unit Keri Dancu it Arlington wit of lace Willi Ali Dpi Lin can Lio i unil it nil in dirt of thu and in Trio no Hin Deputy Kikin Inch Btu Panfir Sclass tie popular Neil 1ms Soli und exc Eusivo control of Trio Dinizio Kino Furnis toil in ipod can i Luis l i litre billiard Saloon Ami Bur on tins first Polito Kiuon diets in every de Josef James nineteenth Jav Uii am ke1ix bbl ment of Liny and Iraln and inh Sif Packard having located in Sec Ond door South of Tho Ollers to Tho indies of simmer and Vicinity a Complete Lissor Tineil of and Kancov of Tho latest and most fashion milk fitting and dress my Kinor Imide n Call and see and satisfy painting from Tho a Nyiri Mavili Villi tiny Fli noon to veiled Trio prisoner in Iii n ii and found Lilin apparently in a con Alnio of he Vinai Cuil j nil and Hie end of which to y chewed an hi1 in cd with great Voln k i Mitre Len Urikh the window to Tom inn who Trio i to with pc Ukini of Finui if he tid Tiu pot Jin lie Siml we Iii nit jul if Lind any list Flint Lii ill ill to he Willi unit Lin did inn think Lio Lind a fund in Kirn county hint Insil lint unit nut one i Lind Iii in Liviu in he Iii Linn in t al Iii ii ill veil till liven of n Titan nil whom hid nil Ulin Hin Izmir mime Yin ii Milinn the City hot lint pc Iod Iti at Tytul Tinius intent ii lit tinny Iii of Len wins n deserter and earful of to Lin Rippl and Nyu Iohd in Llo stun Bur Eihud Hii cd Ilii liven of he others Liin Lin wan n 1 have Hii cd Hov ii in lint a Micro is Lii Iii i id Sivc there wat nol Liivik or winning in Liis Toni or i de hint he ii the Iii Nini ii of Tun crowded upon Ilia feat in Vui Zimnik runt lie Willi Pride Tun us one Luu Kiil it the i Insey and in in ii pm intelligent and Delit Wilned it Riih ill Ilion ill to Deli in Hie will to Nile incl Anil Ilie play Adcul in pacify in perform of and Lii Ide Linin and Letl him in hire to Rouill Lud snap ii n Tih to thinly of what he in nil my lilt he in Light Iii i Lilly received no Ieli Jimim ii Siml or Ellen Duinen no to in Hull hurl to Nee him Hilt Ihu i Limner did nut in i Luither however lie chum a till to n nil Kite the i Lent no Nril i incl on Tom in the i Venni i Nlle Iliin wailed upon Lam i in Leim Noiin with him Lor Mari Hun ii no won Lin the 1rlrnl then tint i him Ishik my a blinded him Enlil Len u i i Ishii r fat Liei Ain Ilir Siml it und lust Nihl and Ilie i Moner Wim Tell alone Mill inn n pm Hud conic nver in serve Billy Heliin he i Weill x imn link Tinl then enl inti All Wilny no Inlet Ihn Winnd in Luish in Hud unit in would Etc licit Ihn win n he annl in lid in slim sliiihiihiii1 and after the Prim Imit Hud Hen in he hymn limn in i in Ute and Enlil i i in Emily Ihn in pm Nikon hint i Pronh in in Wiluin the and Hend him in Olmi an unlit in Priori Izier would inc n in in e in Inonu Lull Llullyn no in n whorl Init in went to sleep and Klepl in Iriny nil thin i n n i in Wilny he with vomiting a in huh Lur Hill he Riihl line l Iii Len loll n Ilelle Hill ill let Ihn Only h enold n i Iii 1111 m d Himl i Uel Nili Neil Wilh him iome inn Julic veve Lelm al Eltoh ill ill Krelll Lliel no Inlet Nuvoli and Remus ind Uilah Ihn Dun mind Man mild Ihn Nii Hiir of Pii Ojile Lium do nil Minim and in Iii Arnm to the f Einn of Lam d in to Wilm Kkt Dell Rel Lejins i i eni Iun in lieu i i limn Wanh Alsed for liner Juht Urie or two and in inn Lam up kill Bdl Lill Liuell in Lluella Luw Nillon Hie unit of Lenin Wei Clil my ibid Iii Idi Malmin Wein of Ite Ici d n Mimer of Jilin Luneil a the Icci Rivo Iii Matt til my crowd d la the Immler of in Haply in him Iii the a d within Tiik i at i i the in no j non of the jail item d nil Ilii d h ppm by filling Anillio nil him ii Linn it Unmil in Hie Len Lungi he plan noun Ichih up nil al ii it Reid la Verdi Joi ii in i no i i Hie l pie m re maj n Pii d ill i Sheie i in Pirint Ihn Hihi de the i Innon r Lilia Iii Killil Willhi Iii Lle Pullim 111 ably n Ritvo Ito not under lilo unc Tito of Blum Nannt Othor than hint of own Iron nil from groceries and Kwech Mtnlion Ihn and and curio Iii Oiler m Del agents for the vines and 1 Liili n Premium it ii clip Lennil the no in Vilna la cull and a Minn Mir Tiitu h new Era in Trade Terr Liui Kenn wus to Nikot Uvyn Hiti ene Nivea an unwilling it u dim to Trio officers to that Ilia Crew nolo in Teloh div Olvinia upon them were with Pieti Iun Dud and in All the Ilia and n Lle Otlang Credill upon Tho us Rico of Trio Crimo for a Lilli ii ice Tony in inti paid the inn Ltd Wilh his in Olill Treitli in inn do of our Rielly they non an on the Nalii of october but recently a darned to Tho Vicinity of entered he a noon of in Tinl and with Tiu announce Tom Yon my i Pluto and tired it who inn behind in Louin hot Leigh no ski in Lett Planiol in thu Niu Iii Iniss Ilu Noi Kizik downward and Ink Hie the wounded Ninn hit n d fur Ihn door Linik of Tom Lull Lead Iii o Tho lining when Luyen tired it Mccond the kill inulin Ellet in the Lloyed then in Iii hide and i App non that in and coins to town in n Lri Miklik k i rho Willi Len then hired n hold in when to immediately uti Ppd in hid no jul the Lily Wim at let Kii the Hodiw and inn Ihn Hor i lid when Llu Yert ran tint the Lierno and and Honn join u lord to Ninlin Hix Csc non on to Irvin lied Lam following Lei Ivonna wife and three the on Ikid n Treut Deal id feeling Rewn nah Wero offered by tin1 Erlton Nodhy Ihn Frlix Ink of Iho murdered the Ely Orch nol Hlinik with heard of hint for Union when Linlor Niolion with Neil noned by tin a Allieri of Lii Over on Tho App nored and Iii urine Tui Olla eth Tunit Mnych and coins on foot to hire pined on Kern univ Grid Milch Lindlow the any and and the univ Kmin to the coi Ihl Eire kind the Helenf hint he could Lam accordingly in and in Only Sherlf sithi Dworsh a holed in and on their or avid it Ono Llanio Hind Iii on Ihn Hon Smiht in Genii Iii of their in Orch with humid Luhn ill n a null Iii Iii near Iho inn Iii for n Hihun Nur hint inn Iii but to a Nihon or n count in which to and in they Eppro need the Iii Iii Lolly mid Hiir Primel Ihn link live ill n incl ii lie hint no limn to Ninlin in with Ipi Antly Miili ired and to i at Ilii Irbid Liei d Lii in 4 not Ulm in to the of nun and whim Delelli d Liy tin Why in n verdict of Annii ill ill Vircil Artri in Tirlok Iii fit Var and he for in Pirih in Seiil fur allele ruin Linin in Dell Fri they upon to Den and in in in Var duct no Iii in a Clenen i him d Jiun the and h with i pm ii in led to hid to n will l in 01 the Duyol Lioi if i al Ilene Ulven it the a Lizeh in hid Rel Neil ii ii Penth n col without n Hendow of Ino Tiv Allier limn Lam implied one of nine cd of i 11 Ali lion i v hint Ilie al link inn Iho i hid ii n from n porn Vilim m in which i Uhvin Onilio r i i Dilir Citron Nimni Uil Leil n Ninn mine Niini Linin duller and Lonyi i Iii and ii h Lam in Len the Only Flint Ilii Vei lulled Joi i in to Levchu the Denih of a jul i in i of id win for Lio Lugii it in Pii Oier to d Lam net ii Xii Ernley i invert Nulli Ineil Iii i no holing Ihn any Hefron his hint Lodwin Hud i Renli m d in ild him when if Nofiu i Quinti a in n k to i Chester Tiik stalks Llull lilt i i ill mems nil m Bray Trio Jamks i Avinor Hoon by Trio is kept in As Yood list can he found in thu Hutto sign and Carriage and paper All its ladies Deess table outs and shoes made loonies from selected gents business cheap and Tulare Irinyi Lam on hint Iii Tinl Ono line Grid i Llumi ill Rich unit Indio their Wilbur lit in i or in Lii wont in Nin and into Mil Ihn thu Siml Ini n nut Wim Lam Wilick up hid Nii Tun by Lam i up nit itt h in i lilith it in Imp n Rinir und Liy what in Lei Len d Cut cuing any Lam a cond Onn de Neil with it the i nil of Lam old Hunlow loll i ii and nut in lined Lur be lurid pc non Lam lit Ihn Heidi of Jiom in in nil the Hend Kuln shut Down Wiluin it Lam ii in Lucli out in purim in Luei Kowler in pin Dill it hand i r Iii new owned i Lii i in toe Pill Lien own Elk in i d inn on the turn tin m Len or untied to do the Lin in Bilu put on the roof of Lam new of die ill Iii in by ool ban Mylly Cheis Tadeos i i 3d tej Law Nurt Lek to ii Iwu in turn Iliad of of or Noi stain and him Ulm h in Vurlis Tull it by i sew York a firs class Saloon is attached to the Ami Ijar is supplied with the very Best of the Tho list Mun nor Kavork Dono in and with Liy John nineteenth Herret next door to Kuril John Stanley patrons of the will find excellent Good polite Ami every thing that will add to their a amt diagonals for dress nil Lunray bought fur him al Iho lowest Gimli in wines and 110 Ilont ban provisions and Mark we nut Rook Rilli any Anri Inu 4 our hindi Uris Iraln it it hoi of ugh Mil Johnston mid Lilly Flandi i i till Noil Lin Sicul Hii now and to my Lidi t Purceli Izui or i tiny will Ramhi Lvpl his if Neil ii Iii a lion r Ilin r Lui tin nil it in Iii pit flit want in Lam mini of Lam and ii Clear Lii Iii unit n i lie uni cd of Ollir i Miziul i to i i Tikili ii ilium i Only in Ivo h nun Lur we Iii i inn it mul in id him Lucli Lex Siml Trio Iii Iii ill Tinl in Fuller Antii Lleni n id Ilir Chi Ollil i till Ili Lilloll ill ill no Kiln Imri Iii thu Ilii a Scrill Kiil Linn us Hiil Ilia Lilli in Iii ill Iii Lull w Iii n Clit u Hii Nill ii Ivi lit Lam Mill n Linn Iwin Liia Iii nil Ali al Iii Xii no in i la ii Nisi r Ijiri Vidil or Jav ii Willinel n a Kiili u Iii ii Llwis i to Humi Tinl he us Kiln Imam in i ilium win m h Hill Lii ii ii Iii Iwu Jiuhui u Ini lil Ilia Linn Nii lil Levu Iii Iwuh Iii i Tiu but Wuh i Kimiji u to lion Kuitu limn Tinl Winil Iliin d until Ilia lit Lull we Lull it Hull cell Lilly Tho Ull wiil to Kiiu time win n la with rut Ilii Wii mul in Lam Rcd Winil Box pict Ait fur l in Tiu Irr Wii Dlin Rebd Anil till we pm atm in Iho Ali War al Xor if Linn Trio a Luil Enlil Luxl a the will Quinn Iii ii Iii Jaliel Hiil of Tho Juji Niiori notes on chronic a writer in the in Rule of health takes u hopeful View of is Capo from the so Perii Anent Ilia under which Ninny uru to Anys cd ironic in the general of Tho is simply a condition resulting from n want of life or vital Energy within Tho physical not but functional in und hence but How Cir nolo i an by simply Tho i left Mio of life or Vitiel it life forum or vital on orgy 1 supplied to the physical system meet u Tuluii Uncyk if How by simply supplying Tho Stoiu with Proner 1 Tat the physical system ii n single Ryan has one dominant to develop or pro Ticu life Vitiel Assimilable and i to a function of human As a single s to develop from proper food mix this und life staining from tins Point of View Tho fatal error of Tom past is clearly seen und arbitrary and pernicious rules and Stii is Are seen usurping thu Platco nit can naturally Only by filled by in a Reform in Lam dietetic system f the present age is found Tho Only tie Iii itty for chronic Tut this Reform must be based upon philosophical physiological Laws must to Force has its origin in food my in food of a Peculiar he human body has its Active and massive what u storm on mho or water wheel is in u Intuni ii luring the Norvola Issue is among the other organs of he human it is Tho life Iwakiri icing and Foi during t is lilo 111n Tho life he Oiler organs novo and act Only is they Are moved upon and Actu und by its us function is be Universal function of lilo Sluiman and it rip tires to Supply its waste in proper Ion to it activity and it Rico Tho natural demand for food to Supply Tho with tit of Lam in Routt is much Frei Tutor than from imy other form by Tom physical and the almost Niter deficiency of n and brain food in the diet of the masses naturally suggests phys ical debility and mental incapacity just those physical and mental conditions Are known to lion by Lam term chronic and to Mattko i Dimitor Intro unnecessary cements in the form of fill forming and a Tholo forming not Cirals Are for Tiu Supply requisite for lilo nervous then is Tho True secret of physical ill intellectual health i to Supply Tho gusto in on Eli Tisik of Lam physical system with a Rei Pisito amount of proper Assimilable fond Anil to avoid burdening tin organs of digestion Wilh an lore is Lam i to philosophy of the i Otobio it May All be summed up in seven words Supply lilo waste in the physical Ilii possible Ticson d into Tieso Ienco As a Means of uplifting the human Nico urn practically a Hoti thy physical system is today the rather than Trio that lint divine capabilities of Tho human soul can Only find a just expression through a perfect physical is a fact that is not at pres ent in Uii just Dugarm that chronic disease is in Only it just punishment for a violation of natural a Lotio rather than a natural Uei Pieno of infill Cotmil culture and i Hull i h Lor Lam Dell Iii id in fails to and a Lizeri with Iii Hirr Elviry Iii h of fill in Morii Lioy a void and Liml the of Tom amt m in Muriul nine Lam it will Ink Lor tint id to lower the one it Wum duo timid unit Hie Rilke m no in Loi Iki mid Nouyi nil men of Lehi i w week in hindu tin on he on Mulji Ikid onion Modny Milit list Wuh to the Innone ii Luin null Nii nored inuit pull inn mid in nation a Kijja him Ishii Ali Iii whirl will in Iii Ihu Willior if Tom Kiriu Iii Iii Hill if till in in i i font ill Hui Roll null Hud Dor u h i of ally Ihu nil Spinu for Oil Lin to and mini Lam Eua for turn re and Tom i Ihn eur Elloh Euillia i Mill to Point in the Hui Thi in Ines by mintling nil with he to Lith in my of we mrs i Ali Lul vely lined in thu of eel lain a Mien if Pihir mid Imper Musliu Lor told he ii u i Ilin Mon Vul of Iii Silleri lie Ink Umpire Only nil Sipply of ilium Lien Tarn Hutu Huum worm fur Tom Purpi Hubof stir Ailiin Lam Ilu Truf Lam a Luis u Prudi Icid in Tom form of la in i Jill Khz Yipu it to Ihu Iii und Ilia Purlin h la Tiu to Law to Ardwino March till n joint Rii Calion of in inn i inti and roti icily in by Tho Public Linin will Continuo to Visil upon Trio Tho Juat due to u viol Ilion of Trio Nohl import int Law of a Siirid that Otic Pound of cop Ilia Bulvid in Onu quart of we tits will Ulfo tinally Caiiou Norato mid Din Troy Tho full but Oil Lionard to thigh und about Liutik mid other Trio to in nothing to Riidu to purify Trio simple Irron in tiny Shitik under Iho will Ron or other place from in list Mug Hotoi und who Rover lint dih hoho punch mid Hiiri Klo it and a Fow Datil Trio Bonoll will pass if u cat or in ouzo about ii ouzo and Hui id Forth an Pluto Boi Iio diabolo in Coppe itt an opon Voo sol near Tho Pleli whore Tho Nult Unoo and purify Tho Moro of musings to you fro
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