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South Holland Star Newspaper Archives Mar 4 1990, Page 3

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South Holland Star (Newspaper) - March 4, 1990, South Holland, Illinois New decade continued from Page Al Bond Sale the City May opt to implement the project in stages. The City also May see a comptroller hired during the first 30 Days of 1990. The mayor said a full time comptroller was needed because of the financial scope of the City. A it has just gotten that big that we need a comptroller or finance director a Stefaniak said. Another change in the City could be the Way trash is picked up. Currently the City runs its own trash collection service. In an attempt to Cut costs the Council has sought bids for trash collection from private scavengers. The bids Are currently being reviewed by the City. But even without All the figures in Stefaniak said a City run garbage pick up program is costly. A a it a a losing proposition for us a Stefaniak said. Even with a monthly charge of $5 to residents for trash service the City still must subsidize the bulk of the program the mayor said. While it costs the City to collect the trash there has been a savings on the recycling program. The Pilot program started in the summer has resulted in lower tipping costs for the City and in some new revenues As the recyclable materials Are sold. A what we can see for our limited recycling is that our tipping fees Are going Down $1,000 to $2,000 a week a Stefaniak said. Residents also will see a major Road resurfacing project in the City in 1990, Stefaniak said adding the $750,000 project will be financed by motor fuel tax dollars which Are already earmarked for the project. And in 1990 Calumet City like every other Community also will be conducting a census this year Stefaniak said. The mayor said he expected the census will show an increase in population from the 40,000 Mark to near 50,000. Areas newest residents arrive just a bit ahead of schedule chiefs Accident a unavoidable by Anita Pfeifer Calumet City police chief Steven a. Rhoads has been cleared of any accountability in a dec. 27 Accident where his unmarked squad car struck the Back of a trailer. The three member Accident review Board met in closed session tuesday to review the Case. After deliberating 30 minutes members came to the unanimous conclusion that a the Accident in question was unavoidable and therefore chief . Rhoads should not be held according to police reports from Calumet City and the Illinois state police Rhoads was following a car which was pulling a trailer when he noticed the vehicle did not have proper registration and there were no taillights on the trailer. Rhoads then reportedly activated the emergency lights on his unmarked squad car to effect a Stop on the vehicle driven by a Calumet City Man. The Driver of the first car pulled into a parking lot and it was there that Rhoads tapped the rear of the trailer. The police report said there was no damage to the trailer and Only minimal damage to the squad car. A a in a even reluctant to Call it an Accident a said Alderman Michael Zimmerman Ward Ione of the members of the review Board. A it Wasny to even a fender Bender. It was a Nick a Zimmerman said there was no damage to the trailer and said it was a almost ridiculous that a report had been made out. However he added that he could see the necessity for the report and hearing to protect All parties involved. The Board made up of mayor Robert Stefaniak Zimmerman and police capt. Anthony Lucito reviewed the Accident As part of a regulation implemented by Rhoads himself. Any Calumet City police officer involved in an Accident while driving a City vehicle must go before the review Board to determine if the officer was at fault or if the Accident could have been avoided. Officers found to be at fault face up to two Days suspension. Rhoads implemented the Rule in part because the insurance company required it but also to be sure that officers Are not taking any unnecessary chances. So far Only one officer has been found at fault in an Accident. Rhoads said that officer was assigned to two Days of extra duty and not suspended. In making their decision with regard to Rhoads Accident the review Board said a there were no lights on the subject trailer and the damage done was Rhoads said the Accident report was made at the request of the other Driver even though no one was injured and there was Only slight damage to the chiefs squad car. A it was a nonsense Accident. There was no damage a Rhoads said. Even though the trailer did not have taillights and the Accident probably could not have been avoided according to the boards decision the chief did take some of the blame. A in this Case it was stupidity on my part a Rhoads said. A i focused my attention on the car and not on the both Zimmerman and Rhoads denied that the Accident review Board was stacked in the chiefs favor. Stefaniak has been a Long time supporter of Rhoads since he was appointed him chief in mid-1988 and Zimmerman chairman of the Public safety committee has also been a proponent of the chiefs since joining the City Council in May of 1988. A i done to think there should be any question about the decision. It was unanimous a said Zimmerman. A look at the three individuals on the Board. The fact that it was unanimous should eliminate Lucito was in the running for the position of chief of police of Calumet City prior to Rhoads appointment. Rhoads was appointed police chief by a 4 to 3 vote by the City Council. Three aldermen favored Lucito for the Job. Zimmerman said had the third member of the review committee been another officer from the police department the decision could have raised an Eyebrow. A i think it was very Wise to appoint capt. Lucito to the Board a Zimmerman said. A a in a very Gratful for capt. Lucito a input. He was Able to contribute a lot. He a the Veteran officer a Zimmerman said. Rhoads also said he had no doubts that the hearing and resulting decision was fair. A Alderman Zimmerman is a very fair individual. If i was to be found wrong he would have voted in that manner a Rhoads said. Stefaniak could not be reached to comment on the hearing wednesday. By Anita Pfeifer arriving Early must have been the height of fashion for the first babies born in the South suburbs in 1990. The first babies of the new year born at Ingalls memorial Hospital in Harvey surprised their moms by coming weeks earlier than they were expected. Lionel Carl Crittenden Iii of Riverdale and Cameron Hunter of Markham the second and third babies respectively to be born at Ingalls both apparently were anxious to get a jump on their new lives at the Start of the new year and the new decade when they made their appearances Well ahead of their mothers due dates. The title of first new years baby at Ingalls went to Sean Leverson who was born at 2 32 . He is the son of Marilyn and Ralph Leverson of Chicago rate Elizabeth Mathews of Lynwood also surprised mom Diane and dad Norman by showing up ahead of schedule at South suburban Hospital in Hazel Crest. A i was surprised. I figured she would be late being my first baby a said Diane Mathews. Rate who was due on Jan. 7, arrived six Days Early on Jan. I at 7 28 ., weighing in at 8 pounds 5 ounces and measuring 20 inches. Diane and Norman Mathews chose the name rate Elizabeth for their daughter because Diane always liked the name rate and Elizabeth is the name of her aunt. Mom and daughter were expend to go Home on wednesday where rate will get the first View of a Nursery that has been waiting for her for a month. Diane Mathews expects her daughter to be spoiled within just a few Days after going Home. Already a number of visitors have stopped by the Hospital to visit mom and baby and Diane a father lives near their Lynwood Home. A a there a no doubt about it. She a going to be spoiled especially by my dad. He lives five minutes away so hell be Over quite often a said Mathews. For Diane Mathews bringing a new baby into the world on new years Day was the Best Way to celebrate the Holiday. A a she a just adorable. I done to know How else to say it. In a just so overwhelmed a Mathews said. At Ingalls both Lionel a and Cameron smothers said their sons also came earlier than expected. A they told me he Wasny to due until the 15th,�?� said Alecia Crittenden of her son Lionel. The baby entered the world at 7 10 . New years Day the second new years baby to make an appearance at Ingalls memorial Hospital. Crittenden said her new baby was in such a hurry to enter the world that he did no to even wait for mom to be wheeled to the delivery room. A we did no to make it to the delivery room a Crittenden said. A the was born in the recovery Lionel was born in the recovery room at 7 10 ., less than a scant two hours after his Mother arrived at the Hospital at 5 30 . Lionel weighed in at 7 lbs., 3 of. And was 20 inches Long. With Lionel a arrival 14 Days Early the new years eve Celebration Crittenden and her husband Lionel for whom the baby is named were planning took on a different twist. A i had plans but the baby was More important so it did no to mess anything up a said Crittenden philosophically looking ahead to future new years Eves and future celebrations. Lionel and his mom were going Home to their Riverdale residence on wednesday where there were going to be greeted by dad and brother Nathan age 2. There was Only about a two hour break Between Lionel a arrival and that of the third new years baby at Ingalls. Cameron Hunter arrived at 9 31 am. On new years Day. Weighing in at 7 lbs. And 5 of. And 19 inches Long he is Crystal Hunters second son. Hunter said she was expecting her baby to be born later in january but did no to mind bringing in a new son along with a new year. A i was just sitting at Home doing nothing till i started hurting a said Hunter. Then it was off to the Hospital where Cameron was born after what mom called a labor that was a not really very the Choice of Cameron a first name Wasny to a problem for Hunter. She said she knew that was the name she wanted for her son. Also its in keeping with her decision to give All her children first names that begin with the same letter. And so Cameron continues the tradition started with Hunters first son 5-year-old brother Clarence. Hunter said Clarence was excited to have a new brother and was anxiously awaiting his first glimpse of the new baby when they arrived in their Markham Home. Just what Cameron a Middle name will be is a decision Hunter and father Melvin Cosby still have to decide on Hunter said tuesday from her Hospital bed. And even though Cameron was in a hurry to enter the world at the Start of 1990, he does no to seem to mind waiting for a Middle name. All the while his mom was talking with the Star Cameron sat cradled in her Content not to say a word and let mom do All the talking. The first baby born in the Chicago land area on new years Day was Roisin Haran. The 7-Pound, 4-ounce girl wearily greeted her parents Siobhan and John Haran of Chicago ride at exactly one second after Midnight on new years Day. Roisin was born at Christ Community Hospital and medical Center in Oak Lawn. Proposition 2 continued from Page Al sure that a separate referendum relating Only to the Village of Lynwood will be on the ballot. This Means that even if proportion 2 does not appear on the ballot statewide or if it is included and Defeated Lynwood residents still would have an Opportunity to voice their opinion. Much like the statewide proposal Lynwood a proportion seeks in an advisory fashion to increase Homeowner and Homestead exemptions Cut 1990 Village expenditures by 5 percent limit future tax increases to the Rise in consumer Price Index and protect people from excessive tax increases due to Market value reassessments. A Lynwood is ignored by Cook county. We done to have a Public transportation system we re paying for garbage removal and our Public employees Are the lowest paid in the area. A Windsor said. A you pay for what you get but our residents Are talking about Selling their Homes because they can to keep up with the Janet Wheeler another member of clout upset Over the Levy hike said a we done to have a Post office Here. We have to use Chicago Heights zip she added a when the time comes to build these necessities Well be maxed out on Lynwood mayor Barclay a a buds Fleming said the higher Levy was necessary to provide Money for the police pension fund. The state Fleming explained requires the Village to contribute to the fund. 911 plan topic of Dolton election 2 charged in attempted murder of Cal City Man by Robin Rosenstein Dolton Village Board members tuesday approved a Resolution to place a 911 emergency Telephone system referendum before voters. The referendum to be conducted a March 20, will ask Village residents to decide whether a 911 system should be installed at a Cost not to exceed $1.25 per household per month. The actual language of the Resolution much of which is technical because of Illinois Commerce commission requirements also acknowledges that the 911 act has been adopted by the state of Illinois and allows the 911 Carrier to deduct a Standard 3 percent administrative charge for service. The 911 system to be installed for approximately 11,000 customers will have enhanced capabilities such As a automatically providing dispatchers m with a callers name address and save Quot i open i i Fri. 10 us . Sit. I 9 us . Sun. 10 us . Bell shaped j a silk lamp shades 1 Telephone number. Dolton officials Are confident that the existing Pool of fire and police dispatchers will be sufficient to handle Calls from 911. A a they la be required to go through advanced telecommunications schooling on 911, but our existing manpower can handle it a said Village communications manager vie Omiecinski. The villages More immediate plan is to mount an extensive Public awareness Campaign on the benefits of a 911 system. A your charge is to get the word out a explained police chief George Pfotenhauer. A we Hope to bring 911 education into the schools to senior citizens to the chamber of Commerce. if it is approved the surcharge to residents will be imposed 30-90 Days following the vote. Implementation of the system would follow. Trustee John Panozzo led the meeting in the absence of mayor j. Michael Peck. A Calumet City woman and a Burnham Man have been charged with attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder in the botched attempt to kill the woman a estranged husband on saturday night. Calumet City police investigator Terrence Boyer said the motive in the attempted murder of Roger l. Kirkpatrick 50, of 35 155th St., was Money. Kirkpatrick survived the gunshot wound to his face and was Able to give police enough information to Lead to the two arrests Boyer said. Kirkpatrick was listed in fair condition at St. Margaret Hospital and health Center in Hammond ind. Boyer said risk Patrick a wife Peggy 31, 435 Plummer and Robert d. Marciniak 34, of 14407 Hoxie made statements to police that they had decided to kill Kirkpatrick for Money risk Patrick a estranged wife said belonged to her. Boyer said the couple had known each other for a month when they allegedly carried out their plan to kill Kirkpatrick. The shooting took place at 6 50 . On saturday night at the red Wagon inn 117155th place in Calumet City. Inside Burnett .c-4 and c-5 classified advertising .c-6 to c-9 a real estate guide a business directory a automotive guide dimensions______________b-1 to b-6 editorial.a-8 food b-7 to b-10 obituaries .a-4 sports. C-1 to c-3 our phone numbers 418-1234 or 755-6161 or. Amp mrs. A a to bloody Mary mix 1 quart Pink a beige a White 79�?o amp 89�?o i hew it used j furniture appliances to a radios j we Are loaded with a about everything i cheap new and used a Village i Flea Market inc. 1750 w. 37th, Gary in 11-94 to Grant s. To 37th of turn West a it s there a 2 Block North of Ridge a Beer wine liquor everyday Low prices Chicago Ridge 300 commons dr., across from Chicago Ridge mall pm 422-8900 Countryside Salem Square re 352-1221 Mattison the new Matteson Plaza pm 747-9980 Burbank 7910 s. Cicero ave. Pm 423-7788 Homewood Park place Plaza pm 206-1444 store open 7 Days a week alcoholic beverage department hours May vary alcoholic beverages available of phut mor stores with licensed department Price. Subject to stale Ond local boxes we Reserve the right to limit quantities and to Correct pricing error rebate dates May vary void where prohibited Check stoles Tor details Wolfschmidt Gordon a Vodka 1.75 liter Gallo table wines 3 liter Fleischmanns Gin Ltd 1.75 liter Seagram so 1.75 liter Ron Rico rum lord Calvert 1.75 liter your Choice our 099 Cost y mail in too rebate a do cocktails for two 200 my .99 .50 our Cost mail in rebate final Cost Sebastiani cabernet Sauvignon White Zinfandel chardonnay 1.5 liter k Ballatore a Yumante Cooke a extra Brut 750 my your Choice Busch 2412-oz. Cans special Export augsburger Lowenbraun Mack 12-oz nor bottles your Choice Gallo Hearty Burgundy White Zinfandel White grenache 750 my i/1000

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