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South Haven Messenger (Newspaper) - April 3, 1846, South Haven, MichiganThe Christian Way religion and Reform Over the world. All la Era to tight la no Taro a school Power to Lead a now life no Morey under the Law foaling and Salen a a poor hand lads at preach i Yea mighty poor i know an i want the Edi cation to make a Peakin show. But of i Hen a to the Larne no or the Grace of Art and Rule i can Tell a Little lesson that i Larned in natures school. Down thar in the Meader swamp Bunch of lilies grow. An some Are ugly Yaller an some As White As Snow an in them snowy chalices Are petals Bright Fez Gold an All the sweetest loveliness yer Ever did behold. But in them Yaller Flowers thar a Nuth in Nice to see. No pretty pollen nor the smell of Sweet perfumery yet though them lilies differ so they re growing in one bed. On what the Silver Flower lives the Yaller Tew is fed. Well lads thet a natures teaching its a Way she Hez to show thet we Are like them lilies in life a Garden where we grow fer seme take from the food of life what a Good an Sweet and glad while others like the Yaller Flowers take what is dark and bad. Power to lend n new life. It is the Power of god unto salvation to every one that believe eth rom. 1 16, it was in the gospel of Christ that Paul based his Confidence and proclaimed his unbounded Trust. It was not the imitation of Christ that be held up -7hen he bid every sinner look and Hope he never gave any kind of a sinner Hope that he could be saved by his own works of righteousness. He did no to say join this Church or that or do this but done to do that. He did no to say be sure to go to Church As much As you can on the Sabbath and never stay away from prayer meetings when the weather is pleasant. Had Paul gone about preaching salvation through works we should never have heard of his receiving stripes persecutions and imprisonment the Powers of darkness were against him because his theme was the Goepel of Christ to proclaimed the gospel of Christ to be the Power of Ood and a Power available for All who would have it what glorious news for men who had come to know their own weakness and helplessness men who had found out that their struggles for Freedom were against something stronger than flesh and blood. Men who had groaned in spirit and shed tears of remorse because they had Learned to their sorrow they could not do the Good they would and the evil they would not do they had to do. To such men and to All men Paul offered the gospel of Christ As the Power of Ood that would enable them to break with sin and Lead a new life. Herod could kill John the Baptist but he get rid of Christ rams Horn. No Moray under the Law a and All Israel stoned him with stones and burned them with Josh. 7 25. The destruction of Achan and his family May seem harsh but it is what must always happen under the reign of Law. Things like it Are taking place All about of in this present Lay and we do not question their Justice. Under the Law the Harvest of sin must always be death. If s Man is imprudent or improvident the innocent of his household must suffer for 1l the stones of want Are thrown upon them without pity. They must die to Comfort because their father has sinned against the conditions by which Only they could enjoy 1l see the drunkard As he is being dragged from the Camp of respectability Thrift and Honor to be stoned to death by the circumstances of use for his sins against society and his own a song. Are not his Little Chu Tren dragged along with him Down into the dark Alley of sorrowful Achor to share the same dreadful judgment that must fall upon him when the Man who holds s High place in business circles becomes an embezzler and default a ire not his wife and children stoned by All the afflictions that Fol of his of sense a mothers Dishonour descends upon the babe in her arms and blights its Ufa. Disease in the blood of the Parent Means death in the veins of the child. Under Law there is no escape for use innocent they Mast suffer with the gouty. Bow Power Gomo or. J. Wilbur Chapman the Well known evangelist recently told How he received the holy spirit and what effect it had upon his daily life. He said i had been struggling for five years. I bad had visions of his Power and glimpses of what i might be if i were filled with the spirit a but All this time like the disciples at Ephesus there was a great lacking. At last i reached the place where i Felt that iwas willing to make a surrender. I reached it by the path marked out by or. Meyer when he asked a Are you not ready to say a in a willing to be made willing about a that seemed easy and alone before god i simply said �?�1 am then he made the Way easy. He brought before me my ambition then my personal eases then my Home then other things came to me and i simply said a i will give them and last of All my a a will was surrendered about everything. Then without any emotion for As or. Meyer said it was a Faith without emotion a i Oaid a my father i now claim from thee the infilling of the holy from that moment to this he has been a living reality. I never knew what it was to love my family before. I question of they Ever knew what it was to love me although we had called ourselves Happy in the love of each other. I never knew what it was to study the Bible before and Why should i for had i not just then found the key i never knew what it was to preach before. A old things Are passed away in my Christian experience a behold All things Are become set Imit not and notion. Honor could a Christian have or desire than a Chance to suffer for Christ a Sake a the Devil walks Home with the Man who goes to Church to criticise the can happen to a Christian except what god is willing should happen. The Man who is growing in Grace is also trying to be we boast of How bad we have been we had better be sure we Are not that Way Horn. A patient. One May imagine a musical instrument left in some old Castle deserted during political revolutions standing warped and cracked with heat and dampness Unstrung untuned and voiceless. But at length the owner returns and the tuner is summoned to put the instrument in order. He lifts the cover and the dust Rolls Back in Clouds. A nah a he says a it is a Noble instrument by the grandest of he strikes a chords a hideous discord rather which drives All hearers from the place. And now As he begins to screw and turn to bring up each key to its proper pitch what waiting and screeching fill the room people would say a that a musical instrument a but the tuner says a wait All will be right in and when the Long work is completed and he sits Down to draw Forth from those strings some Melody or one of Beethoven a Majestic harmonies children and servants flock to listen in amazement and wonder. Thus it is with us in the world. Of be patient while god is inning you now the wailing and the discord by and by the full and perfect Ward Beecher. Through the compre. It would ruin Angels to come Down Here and go in company that some Church members consider is easier to be contented without wealth than with it the Devil trembles when a Good Man we Are willing to be guided we Are not willing to be one Ever made life any brighter for another by complaining that his own Jot was is something wrong with our Faith if we never Praise the lord except when we feel like members who never smile will some Day find out How much harm they have Goi much of his knowledge in the school of love of Money is still making Many a Man betray his is no deception More dangerous than to never know what Man is until we know what he is when he can to have hts own walked into Sodom but left it on the we would Stop looking toward the wrong place we would find it easier to stay in the right Horn. Foaling and salvation. Speaking to Persona who declare that feelings Are necessary to salvation a recent writer says Martin Luther in one of his conflicts with the Devil was asked by the Archenemy if he Felt his sins forgiven. said the great reformer a i done to feel that my sine Are forgiven but 1 know they Are because god says so in his word. Paul did not say believe on the lord Jesus Christ and thou Shalt feel saved but believe on the lord Jesus Christ and thou Shalt be saved. A ask that Man a Host debt was paid by his brother do you feel that your debt is paid no is his reply i Don t feel thet it is paid 1 know from this receipt that it is paid and i feel Happy because i know it is paid. So with you dear Reader. You must believe in gods love to you As revealed at the Cross of Calvary and then you will feel Happy because you May know you Are saved. A dear old Christian on hearing persons speaking of their feelings used to say a feelings feelings done to bother yourself about your feelings. I just stick to the old truth that Christ died for me and he is my surety re gift on to eternity end i la stick to that like a Limpet to the be my feelings what they will Jesus is my Savior still we must be willing to be like Christ a fore we have any right to expect Ted s source of week eee i Tbs Church is that there Ere to Many a Ople who win not repeat the lords Taylet is required a shout. Inti every repentant Tinner list believe before he can Hare peace. The fact thet Ood has taught bees to Tore up Honey and squirrels to Lay up Mil for Winter ought to convince As hit he expert men to make prudent to vision for the Man who she Ood for his Dally Tweed win Mot it it with butter of it unless he deep id beet to Bone etly earn saw Aegis pass up and Down on the ladder m they were net taking men to Paren with made the plan Ijnar fatties before he created the dust at of which the first Man was rank Bora for Lake. Do not make the mistake of thinking you can become Rich by never giving away who Lead children need to keep very close to Chrisl a nothing can strengthen our hearts like knowing that god has promised to be our we think evil we a rail be sure to speak it some Star to Call the Devil by his right Nat Juc lest they offend a Man who is ashamed of his religion has Good reason to be for he has the wrong is a great mistake to think that Money can buy out what god has done for others and you will know what he will do for you. A Are you laying up any treasure where Moth and rust do not trials do not weaken us they Only show us that we Are counts up any faster in heaven than being persecuted Down Here for righteousness never made a Law that was not for our highest Good to Horn. Theme for the thoughtful. The Man who tries to hide his sin forgets that the eyes of the lord Are running to and fro throughout the pays highest for the service upon which we put no is a waste of breath to talk any louder than we the Devil is nearest he generally smells least like course of conduct that has to be defended to the conscience May be set Down As work is never Small work no matter How unimportant it May 1a Good to Pray but our prayer will mean More 11 we first bring All the tithes into the must do the thing god tells us to do before anything else will county it is Good evidence that god la not in the meeting when everybody gets in a hurry to have it Over with. Ali Trai wife. Oftentimes i have seen a tall ship Glide by against the tide As if drawn by some invisible bowline with a Hundred Strong arms pulling it her a Ila unfilled her streamers drooping she had neither Side wheel nor Stern wheel still she moved on stately in Serene Triumph As with her own life. But i knew that on the other Side of the ship hidden beneath the great bulk the swam so majestically there was a Little toilsome tug with a heart of fire and arms of Iron that was tugging it bravely on and i knew that if the Little steam tug entwined her Arm and left the ship it would Wallow and Roll about and Drift hither and thither and go off with the re fluent tide no Man knows whither. And so i have found More than one Genius High decked full freighted Idle failed Gay Pennone that but for the Bare toiling arms and Brave warm beating heart of the faithful Little wife that nettled close to him to that no wind or wave could part them would have gone Down with the Stream and have been heard of no rnore.-. W. Holme. Peninsula rites. Newsy notes of people and things of Michigan. Prominent Holland Mon beat a boy on the Street and n Sermon riot followed Dowagiac grocery blown to pieces Berrien Spring heavy loss by fire. Hiding behind n dram. At one time during the War a Soldier who had just joined the army was surprised and frightened to find that he was in the midst of a Battle. The great Sheila were falling about him and he wanted some Protection and he saw a Large drum lying on the ground and ran and hid behind that he did not seem to realize that the first Bullet that came would easily Pierce that and to he sat Faering perfectly secure not realizing his danger. That la the Way with Many who merely resolve that they Are going to do right and overcome the temptations of satan hut they Are no More Safe while trusting in their own strength than the Soldier was hiding behind the drum. Strata to Fleta dram. Be matter what business the Christian May be engaged in he should it the lord s True attitude of watching for the coming of the lord is to be faithfully doing the things the lord wants the Christian la not biased in giving Hie gift is too Small. The Devil in some shape is a Welcome guest in the borne where the Bible it not Paul was mfr by tents he was looking Tor the lewd to come As Maeh As when he Una higher contrary to lord lit. We wonder sometimes Why people Start to eagerly and get discouraged so quickly Why everything seems might in the beginning and Vry soon full of difficulties that raise doubts and fears la it not because the character must be purged of the evils that Are in it and reformed before the inward peace and Wisdom from the lord Caa find full expression there this work la not an instantaneous work it is a slow progressive work. And More than this it is not an attractive work few it is the work of putting out of our characters or out of our hearts one Fajr one the things which we love but which Are contrary to the lords life and which obstruct our . George amp Wheeler it Good or Aaste. Children Early Oatch the tone of their surroundings and become harsh or tender indifferent or solicitous sympathetic or selfish courteous or rude As those around them. By a Loving Earmma ple or persuasive influence they can be accustomed from the first to take pleasure in each others Joy and to he sorry for each other s pain to try and promote the one and assuage the other to be kind and courteous generous and self sacrificing until such feelings and conduct grow to be the habit of their Uvea. Boy the Schael Frank Sloter an ambitious scribbler yet in his teens was publicly horse whipped at Holland by Tive indignant citizens who tied him to a Telegraph pole and Laid on the lashes till he howled. The assailants were disguised in women s clothing. Sloter was correspondent for the Mascot of grand rapids a sensational Sheet which had recently printed much vile and obscene matter affecting Holland people. As a sequel to the horse whipping episode the following prominent men were arrested charged with assault and Battery s. H. Arleth Girard a. Ranters Len Billings John j. Hadden and Stephen Mohr. An enormous crowd of working Raen held an indignation meeting on the Street As a protest of the assault on a Sloter. They assembled near the Post office where guns were fired. A fire built and threats and wild speeches made against City officers who would allow a gang of men to vent its anger on a boy simply because they were wealthy. When things were getting hot marshal Vanry attempted to arrest a Man and the crowd rallied in support of the fellow. The marshal called for his deputies and they succeeded in jailing the Man after being struck several times with clubs stones and fists. The mob followed to the jail and threatened to Burn or break it open unless the Man was released and the officers were compelled to comply. The Man was hoisted to the shoulders of his victorious friends and carried Back to the Postoff Iee where the mob reassembled. Excitement is at White heat and violence May be the outcome. Store blown to Pelee at Dowagiac. The Frame building occupied by Gates a Ritter grocers at Dowagiac was blown to atoms the roof sailing through the air As if by a Cyclone. Windows for blocks around were shattered. Brick buildings quavered on their foundations and the Shock was Felt by those living on the outskirts of the town. Res Here s feed store on one Side and Horan a Italy a Saloon on the other were badly demoralized and Are now in danger from insecure Walls. The explosion is supposed to have been caused by Gunpowder 25 pounds of which were in the grocery store near the Chimney. Miss Anna Murphy a dressmaker and several others were in her rooms Over the Groc Ery but by a Miracle escaped injury the building will be a total wreck and grocery is scattered to the winds. Both were insured. That no fatality occurred is a Miracle As the streets were full of people. Loss on the build log is 55,000 Stock >3,000. A easy chair Tor the discontented Sennot he found at a furniture store. Trot Gedor near Royal Oak. Will Crocket a Young Man who has not borne the Best reputation attended a party Given by Fred Johnson Aud wife coloured at their shanty on the ten mile Road near Royal Oak. He got into a quarrel with mrs. Johnson and left the House. About 2 a. He returned considerably the worse for liquor. Being denied admission he proceeded to burst the door Down and just As he crossed the threshold Johnson shot him full in the face with a Shotgun. Crocket will die. Johnson is a Young Man and has generally been considered peaceable. He gave himself up and was locked up at Pontiac. Painted n Proa Ehor Hon red. Rev. W. A. Frye of the traverse City m. E. Church has been conducting a Campaign against dancing saloons Etc and the other morning he found that some villains had painted his House a lurid red. He at once Laid it to the door of the bum element As he Calls it and denounces it As the work of the supporters of Aid. Morgan who is up for the nomination of mayor. The affair created considerable talk. A Large Reward has been offered for the detection of the vandals. Mayor Hannah offers $230. Barry an Spring in Tan Houn Baraad the business portion of the Village of Berrien Springs has burned. The fire was discovered in the rear room of a vacant building and must have been the work of an incendiary As there was no fire near seven buildings including the potato slice were burned. They were owned and occupied by Frank Tash n. J. Davis Jacob Lane i. H. Morgan a Stowe and Zerby a son. Only the building owned by Tash was insured the loss on buildings and Stock is 935,000, with 91,500 insurance. Michigan news. A John Colliery a Home burned at Sheridan. Grace Bettr Nam. Aged 13, was killed by a train at grand rapids. A d., g. H. A m. Train killed Bessie Swifink aged 6, at Cooperville. A runaway at Milford resulted in the death of Joaie Kellogg aged 17. The new caucus Law was a failure at grand rapids Jackson and Lansing. Byran Duncan lost his farm residence near Imlay City by fire. Loss 93,000. Thomas White was crushed to death by a log which fell off a Load at grand Rapida the u. Of m. And Chicago University athletic teams will meet at Chicago june 13. The War department estimates that it will Cost 930,000 to construct a 1,000 foot breakwater from Presque Isle into Marquette Harbor which has been asked for. Vandals Are continually mutilating or stealing parts of books and fixtures in the Public Library at Kalamazoo and dire punishment awaits them when discovered. Doya Ruggles jumped into the River at Battle Creek to drown herself but her Mother caught her by the hair and held her until help arrived. The girl had been drinking. The trustees of the Bay View Camp meeting association met at Detroit and decided to extend the water Mains and put in a 95,000 electric Light Plant Camp meeting opens july 0. Chas. Hedinger was soldering his gasoline tank in his store at Clio when it exploded blowing the front of his store out and shaking the whole town. Hedinger was not badly injured. The state fair association and the West Michigan association have come terms whereby the former will hold its fair on the latter a grounds at grand rapids profits to be shared equally. The u. Of m. Is charging 92.50 a week for treating inmates or the state school for the Blind and the officers of the latter done to like it As they treat inmates of the state Public school free. Reports received by Robert l. Hewitt chief of the Bureau of statistics of the state department show that Michigan has not had a More favourable Winter for wheat and fruit in a great Many years. Chauncey e. Mccormick local agent of the Chicago Kalamazoo a Saginaw Railroad at Kalamazoo has disappeared and it is said that there is a Large shortage in his accounts. He was a heavy Drinker. E. J. Wieman of Armada a travelling Salesman for the in. S. Baking co., recently won a horse at a Raffie and his Good Luck has followed him to the extent that he is now the father of triplets two girls and a boy. J. Moriarty of Muskegon challenges the owner of any cow to a butter contest for one week or one Day on the condition that the owner of the successful cow is to claim ownership of All the competing cows. 4the Twenty third annual meeting of the Michigan Branch of the woman s Board of missions of the Interior of the congregational Church held at port Huron reported that Over 91,000 had been received the past year. Nearly 25 fishermen were carried out into Saginaw Bay by the wind breaking the ice and they were in great danger of losing their lives. They reached Shore after 24 hours but had to abandon All of their belongings. The Little son of Joseph Toynton aged two and a half years fell Over a chair at Pontiac and bit his Tongue which bled profusely for some time. Two Days later the wound broke out afresh and despite All the doctors could do the Little boy died. Lewis Madison a freight conductor on the f amp p. M., was switching some cars at Flint and stepped in Between two sections of his train just As they came together. He was caught Between the bumpers and the cd Rafler Loop was forced into his body and he was fatally injured. Rewards aggregating 9500 Are now offered for the conviction of the person or persons who two years ago robbed township treasurer Henry Geier Man of Exeter Monroe county and shot his wife dead in bed. The affair created a sensation at the time and has recently been revived. The body of Matthew Weidenbach a German grocer at 1218 Gratiot Avenue Detroit was found in his woodshed. There was a Bullet Hole in his left Temple. A revolver was lying near and an allay window was open. The dead Man s family believe that he committed suicide out the police insist that he was murdered. Strong Southwest winds parted the ice in Kewaunee Bay near Pequ Aming setting five fishermen adrift their Rescue was regarded a almost impossible but the men waving distress signals were seen by constant Rera Bach a Fisherman near Jacob Seville and he succeeded after great exer tons and much danger to himself in saving All five. The families of the men had Given up Hope of seeing them again. Row. Rich has granted John Medon Aid the alleged murderer of Mulller Beveridge an unconditional Pardon on recommendation of the Pardon Board. He has spent six years in the Marquette prison and after a thorough investigation All concerned believe he is perfectly innocent the murder occurred on nov. 12, 1889, in a shanty occupied As a Homestead about five Miles from the Village of match Wood in Ontonagon county. W of. If. Meyer the travers City merchant arrested for alleged attempt to defraud his creditors has turned on his accusers. At Philadelphia his attorney brought suit in the u. 8. Court against Maniuel l. Jones of Mcsherrystown. Pa., to recover 9100,000 damages for alleged false arrest Jones sold cigars to Meyer giving him credit of 92,000. Last january robbers broke into Meyers store gagged Meyer and stole 94,700. Jones charged that the robbery Story was a ruse and had Moyer arrested. Recently by order of the judge of probate the tour children of mrs. Etta Truax were taken from her and placed in the children s Home at Bay City. A few Days later mrs. Truax sailed at the Home with a Man and asked to see Fier children. When they were brought nto the room she grabbed one in her Arma the Man took another and they then wan to a Rig which was at the door and were driven rapidly away later the police arrested mrs. Truax and we. Taylor at Saginaw and the children were recovered. Hunger and cannibalism fallow my lid or to rat a stronger at it a the then it come to Pate when the moment of keenest agony it reached that the starving Man begins to Eye Hie companion with the Wolf Glare of a beast of prey says science for All. His pangs become paroxysmal. During their greatest intensity there Springs up within him a fierce impulse to slay his neighbor that he May feed upon Bis flesh and slake Hia thirst with his blood. This terrible prompting to cannibalism it May be noted is however rare save in cases of famine from Shipwreck. Although it is customary for be Gaidy it a a common feature of starvation and to make thrilling statements of the frequency with which even mothers will under the goad of hunger kill and eat their children and though startling assertions to this effect have been made by historians of great sieges yet it ought to be said that As a general Rule Welt authenticated cases of cannibalism among civilized people will be found to occur Only at sea. They Are very rarely found on land. And what is More curious still whenever famished shipwrecked men set foot on Shore no matter How desolate and Barren May be their Rock of Refuge they seem As if by magic at once to banish from their minds the very idea of Anthropol phage or Man eating and that too though they might have been resignedly contemplating it As an imperative necessity a few hours before. In the Case of Ensign Prentler of the 84th regiment and his companions who were wrecked on the Barren Island off Cape Breton in 1780, the difference Between famine on Shore and on sea is curiously exemplified. Prentler records that they were Able to endure the most fearful pangs of hunger without Ever so much As a thought of resorting to cannibalism for Relief so Long however and Only so Long As they kept on land. But when they took to their boats and it was not once merely that they experienced this in order to escape from their Rock bound prison though they were not a Whit worse off for food than they were on land yet the moment they put to sea with one Accord they began to think of killing and eating one of their number. On the other hand when they found their attempt to escape futile and put Back to Shore whenever they landed the horrible Ider of cannibalism seemed to vanish. It Cost mrs. Mary Weinlander 9300 at Hillsdale for violating the local option Law. John Peterson had both legs Cut off by a Street car while he was drunk at Menominee. Deal Christie aged 32, of Rives Junction took morphine for a Toothache and is dead. G. W. Burke of Perry was bound Over for trial on the charge of Selling liquor without a License. Frank Gough aged 16, was shot and instantly killed by his brother aged 14, while quarrelling at their Home at Watervliet. Eletr Talty to Wool. Almost anyone who has the habit of observation has noticed that Woolen garments will sometimes crackle and appear to be attracted by the warmth of the hand. This varies greatly in different temperaments some people being to charged with electricity that it literally emanates from All their wearing apparel. A number of instances Are recorded where women have worn a inner wraps what Are known a Crape shawls these being made of Oriental silk heavily wrought with embroidery and with Long thick fringe. After rapid walking especially in the cold if the Woolen outside garment is suddenly dropped off the fringe of the ally instantly rises in a horizontal line and stands out like rays All around the body. One lady has the Power of creating Thia condition at will simply by throwing a Woolen wrap Over the silk one and walking smartly about the room for five minutes. Thia electric peculiarity to much More observable in silk than in Wool although in the latter material it la sufficiently abundant to cause no Little annoyance in fact tree where the raw Staple is worked up. The electric annoyance however is almost always coincident with the extreme cleanliness of the Wool if it is slightly wet and saturated with Oil there is very Little trouble and it May be to heavily weighted in this Way that All inconvenience disappear. In Olden times when women spun their own yarn it was often found Nec Easery to use very pure and warm lard to order that the threads might run More smoothly otherwise the fibres seemed to crinkle and Kink and the thread would be rough and of inf Perior Quality. The fifteenth annual meeting of the woman a Home missionary Union of the goal Ftp Msj Church of Michigan was held at fort the reports showed the society to be floor saing. The treasurer s report showed that 94,088.01 had been received during the put year. Off Leetaft elected were president mrs. T. P. Powell of grand rapids vice presidents mrs w. H. Warren of Lansing mrs. Geo. Melanae of Detroit mrs. T. N. Rhodes of Hancock mrs. D. Bradley of grand rapids corresponding secretory mrs. C c. Dennison of grand rapids recording Secretary mrs. H c. Wyman of Detroit. A dipptato4 a lilt an interesting Story is being told in Washington regarding or. Patenotte the French ambassador. After Congress Paseal the Law empowering the president to Send ambassadors to such countries As would raise the rank of their representatives sir Julian Faun Defoto was the first to inform the president of the intention of Hie country to make hint an ambassador. Patenotte conceived the ambition to be the Dean of the ambassadors and communicated it to his Home government and his commission arrived before 8ir Julian a. He went to the state department in the Hope of immediate recognition a the Bret a Muse Sartor to this country. He was told that or Julian had anticipated my by informing the government of the action of his government. He waa angry and wrote to the president requesting his intervention. He received Tor Tead a Chilly letter from or. Gresham. Tony. The Mikado la the religious Hotd i Tito japanese a Well a their ruler. The pianos la hereditary and it Una Heen. Filled by members of Hia family far Mere than 2,500 year. His la incomparably the most Anc sat lineage known. The Mikado la the 122d of the Ito the founder of it whose Hope of posterity to Bis wildest dream could not Hare equated the result was contemporary eth Nebuchadnezzar 990 b. C. God is not to the Hurr can nor to then earthquake tort to the still Mil nth the world will not he refer Sil a go Towba dads Aad armies tort by my Man Gueary an

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