South Haven Daily Tribune in South-Haven, Michigan
20 May 1963

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South Haven Daily Tribune in South-Haven, Michigan
20 May 1963

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South Haven Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, South Haven, MichiganMonday May 20, 1963 sooth Haven daily Tribune Surv tsp Jtb Burn and Allegan Coates Stree in a lava a i put Lull a f i award from Madill school a to Nara Loti Nertz Muni uni vanity for Type Rapheal Oxee a Ataji of Aaron Kiihn editor and publisher the people speak local Grad voices disappointment May 14, 1963 or. Donald v. Schoenwether editor South Haven daily Tribune South Haven Michigan citizens of South Haven it was with amazement and disappointment that i read about the rejection of the millage hike for education. I was almost sure that the people of South Haven wanted to better the school system instead of making it outdated. If the school system loses its thl column la for la Euralon of Itutti and or conditions not personalities. Contributions Muat to signed and Bearth writers full name and address which will be published. Letters exceeding 300 words arc subject to condensation. The editor reserves the right to reject any contribution. Accreditation rating with the North Central association the students of South Haven High school will find it even harder to enter College than what it is at present. A College education is the key to obtaining a position in today a world and i assure you that your Choice in not helping the leaders of tomorrow reach those positions is a real slap in the face. Because of the expanding needs of education we should All do our part to educate not hinder South havens youth. Be cause of the Lack of funds our school will be forced to drop Many of the courses that Are necessary. Supervision and counselling will have to be brought to a minimum for the individual student. Under these conditions the education Standard of South Haven can do nothing but drop. This will mean the North Central association will reject us As an inadequate system. As a result graduates of our High school will be put at the Bottom of Entrance lists for any College in the nation. It appears that the people of South Haven have put a higher value on their personal finances than the education of their Chil Dren. Can we afford to have this happen being a graduate of the l. C Mohr High school i know that the teachers Are doing More than their Shafe to teach As the should but the duties placed upon the teachers allows them Only a Small amount of time for each student. Yes the student is being cheated from what rightfully his but not by the teacher. He is being cheated by you i know that Many students Are not College material but it costs Money to add vocation classes since we can not even afford to keep the courses that Are considered Standard in most High schools How can we possibly give the vocational minded student Chance la it fair to our existing students to do this is it fair to our future students to do this is it fair to their children to do this no no no if you think that it is the just thing to do then you Are showing that the people of South Haven refuse to open their Mindi to the growing world around us. I will not be the one who suf fers from this a As my education in South Haven was s qualify one a but Why should the students of the future have to Settle for any less yours sincerely David Snyder Washington merry go round they do it every time a. By Jimmy Hado by Drew Pearson Degaulle relents on nuclear Force adm. Anderson Coots his own Goose inexpensive victims is Joseph g. Molner . Aid for arthritis common aspirin we no worse off in expressing his discouragement at the Lack of Progress in achieving a nuclear test ban agreement with Russia president Kennedy a told his May 6th press conference that he was a not hopeful a and repeated the word for emphasis. And in reply to a second question on the subject said that while we seemed to be moving closer to agreement in december but away from it today. He expressed the belief that it will be a a great disaster. If we Don t get an agreement this presumably he sees ahead nothing More encouraging than further rounds of nuclear weapons testing by the user and the us. In that is probably the most bitterly pessimistic remark of his Public life or. Kennedy said in concluding the discussion a if we done to get it a test ban now i would think perhaps the Genie is out of the bottle and Well never get it Back in the presidents disappointment will be shared by All those americans and a 11 the others among the Earth a still free Peoples who continue to cherish the baseless Hope that the reds May some Day Honor an agreement a when they have been telling us flatly for 35 years and proving it repeatedly that communism is their Only ethic and that they will take whatever action is to their advantage in any situation. Realistically the Genie is not now in the bottle a and has not been since Einstein opened it with his relativity equation. What we had most to fear from the decade Long disarmament Talkat Honin Geneva was an agreement a on any inspection terms a an agreement that we would Honor and our enemy avowedly would not. Historically our enemy would ignore this pledge As he has every other when it suited his advantage a As he did after Yalta and repeatedly in Berlin and even in this very area of nuclear control. Or have we forgotten the two year a a moratorium which we so tru Stingly kept no mores turn m big a m co Noi a. Turn ran. Pm a coffin for the Law god had barely Given the Law a mercy seat none of them Ever to Moses when he ordered it to would have been saved be put in a coffin. That a right this old testament Type has coffin. The reason for this lesson for us too for if god dealt a a is that the mosaic covenant clearly stipulated a now therefore if be will obey my voice indeed and keep my covenant. Then be shall be a Peculiar treasure unto me above All people for All the Earth is mine sex. 5 19. Israel of course did not obey gods voice indeed but broke the Law before Moses even got Down from Sinai it was because with us according to our works none of us would Ever be saved but a Christ died for our sins meeting for us the demands of broken Law so that we might be saved by Grace through Faith in his redemptive work. Col. 2 14 says concerning this a handwriting of decrees that was against us a that our lord in death a took it out of the Way. Nailing it to his of this that god in Grace said j Cross a and rom. 7 6 goes on to a and they shall make me ant explain a but now we Are de Ark. A sex. 25 10. This a it. Vered from the Law that a a arks is rendered a a coffin in the j being dead wherein we were last verse of genesis and that is held that we might serve its simple meaning. But Why did in newness of spirit and dear or. Molner what is the Mutual effect of blood pressure and arthritis for soreness of joints but without much pain would sodium Salicylate be beneficial is it preferable to buffered types of aspirin i know someone who takes sodium Salicylate tablets but the druggist recommends Vitamin along with them. Is this necessary . There is no direct relationship Between blood pressure and the common types of arthritis a rheumatoid osteoarthritis or gout. True elevated blood pressure can coexist with any of these types particularly with osteoarthritis and gout which Are More Apt to be found in older and obese persons. Soreness of joint is not unusual in arthritis. In severe cases the pain and stiffness May be much More than you could describe As Mere soreness but moderate although persistent discomfort is the portion which most of us have to combat with arthritis. Of All the medications including cortisone which can be spectacular for limited periods the salicylates aspirin have proved the most dependable the safest and also the least expensive. Read the labels of the various a aspirin and related compounds. Mostly they will contain acetyl a Licy Lic acid and . Quite a few will contain caffeine which is a Pepper upper and also helps conquer some kinds of headaches. I others will contain a a buffering material. This is primarily useful in moderating the irritating effect which some people find upsets the stomachs. Others have no such trouble. In fact most of us done to. In special cases one Type May be preferable. People with a heart condition and on a Low Salt diet which Means Low sodium should avoid sodium Salicylate and stick to straight aspirin or potassium Salicylate. People without that trouble should pay no attention one Way or the other. The Salicylate part is the important one the others Are variations. And All of them barring special cases Are helpful for continued use. Aspirin in its various forms does not lose its effect with repetition. Large doses of salicylates tend to deplete Vitamin c in the body hence if they Are taken a a Upple ment of ascorbic acid is advisable. Dear or. Molner please write concerning encephalitis from measles mumps and other mrs. . Encephalitis Means inflammation of the brain. It is not a frequent complication of measles or mumps usually occurring Only in very severe cases. The important thing is not the Type of virus involved but the spreading of it past the barriers which nature has provided to protect the brain it can occur with age As a result of loss of tissue tone. The supporting tissues May also have been stretched or damaged in childbirth. Not All cases need special attention. The chief problem is infection or irritation when the bladder does not empty completely. If severe surgery is necessary to provide better support. Dear or. Molner is there danger of irritation infection in the use of Lamona by a unmarried girl -h.g. No danger just a matter of preference. Copyright 1963 Field enterprises inc. Editors note the Washington merry go round Toda is written by Drew Pearson a associate Jack Anderson Washington a the French have suddenly dropped their stubborn stand against a nuclear nato Force and quietly agreed to assign two squadrons of French planes to such a Force. They will carry nuclear bombs which will remain strictly under american control. The French squadrons will be trained and equipped to drop the bombs. But the actual bombs can be loaded on Board Only by americans. The nuclear Force will also include 150 British bombers three american Polaris submarines and several fighter planes from other nato countries. The Force will take its orders from general Lyman Lemnitzer the nato commander. This is a big Concession for president de Gaulle and could change president Kennedy a aloofness toward him As Juk goes to Europe next month. Exit Admiral Anderson Only the Navy brass seemed to notice As Admiral George Ander son was speaking to the Navy league awards luncheon in san Jaun p r., that Secretary of the Navy Fred Korth suddenly stood up and walked stiffly out of the room. The whispers immediately began buzzing through the Navy was Korth offended by the speech or did he merely go to the menus room the admirals believe they got their answer a few Days later when Korth recommended that Anderson be dropped As chief of naval operations. This jolted the admirals who expected Anderson not Only to be reappointed but eventually to become the next chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. They read Andersons speech to find out what might have irritated the Secretary of the Navy. The speech seemed harmless enough full of Noble words about the traditions of the sea. But it also called for Confidence in people and respect by senior officers for their juniors. To the sensitive civilians of the new Frontier this could have been interpreted As a Subtle slap at Secretary of defense Robert Mcnamara. He has been criticized around the Pentagon for not showing proper Confidence and respect for his military chiefs. Anderson has also resisted moves by both Mcnamara and Korth to bring the Navy under tighter civilian control. Respect for the Suhary in his luncheon speech Anderson declared a i do not believe i can possibly overemphasize the importance of having Confidence in people. We train them we test them we Drill them but inevitably there comes a time when we must also Trust on the subject of respect he said a i think the first principle to which we adhere is that of respect for people. I recall Reading Many years ago the Story of a ships Captain who asked a new Ensign what the proper attitude of juniors toward seniors should be. A the Ensign answered promptly a respect a the Captain then asked a now sir what is the proper attitude of seniors toward a a the Ensign had no ready reply but the Cap Tam supplied it. The answer is exactly the same sir it is respect. Without respect flowing both ways Between juniors and seniors we have Little Hope of doing the jobs we will be called upon to do. The Admiral added a order Are issued in such a Way As to Tell a Man what to do. But not How to do it. Each Man is expected and required to Exerlia his initiative and responsibility so that the order Ara carried around the Pentagon some people Are still wondering whether these remark caused Korth to walk out in the Middle of the admirals speech and contributed to his decision to get rid of Anderson. Tour the Usa the new . Travel service now bringing More tourists to the United states began its advertising Campaign in a very Subtle Way. In Italy ads appeared in the papers featuring the picture of a pen. Under it was the caption a with this pen you can stay at any hotel or Motel in the this was followed by an and featuring e replica of in italian Drivers License and under it the caption a with this you can drive anywhere in the these ads plus other salesmanship have begun to reverse in some degree the tremendous flow of american tourists to Italy. Part of the reverse flow was a group of 150 italian workers and staff members of the mar Ozz marzotto Wool company which toured Washington last week and is now in route through North Carolina. Count Giannino marzotto who Heads the group believes that his employees will do better jobs if they know something about the rest erf the world and he has largely financed this trip. The schedule was worked out by Voit Gilmore director of the new travel service under Secretary of Commerce Luther Hodges. Before leaving Washington Tho continued on classified Page a Toms Lato berm torts Ixl dear or. Molner i am a woman of 62. My doctor says i have a fallen bladder. What caused it to program schedule Wyzo to Channel s monday 4 30 Edge of night 5 00 clubhouse 5 30 Mickey mouse 6 00 weather 10 00 Garry Moore 11 20 sports 11 00 news 11 30 tonight show 11 10 uth or. Theatre. A Zzz to 1 00 late show Wood to Channel 8 a denotes color monday 6 05 business report 4 30 Early show. 6 15 to sports 6 30 news 6 45 Walter Cronkite 7 00 Tiger baseball 9 30 Andy Griffith 10 00 password 10 30 stump stars 11 00 newsreel 6 15 weather sports Channel 13 a denotes color monday 4 30 Johns workshop 5 00 Superman 5 30 search for adv. 5 45 weather capsule 6 45 Huntley Brinkley 6 15 news capsule 7 00 a squad 7 30 movie a 9 30 Art Linkletter 10 00 d. Brinkley a 10 30 the Deputy 11 00 Weatherman. 11 10 11th or. Theatre 11 05 news. 1 00 late late show 11 20 sports. Quot tuesday 11 30 tonight show 7 10 news tuesday 7 15 College of the air 6 00 classroom a 7 45 farm show 8 00 capt. Kangaroo 9 00 Chan. 3 theatre 10 30 i love Lucy 11 00 the Mccoy 11 30 Pete amp Gladys 12 00 love of life 12 25 lbs news 12 30 search 12 45 guiding Light 1 00 fancies 1 25 news 7 00 today. 7 25 weather report. 7 30 today. 8 25 Woodland today. 8 30 today. 9 00 romper room 9 30 the girls 10 00 say when 10 25 Abc news 10 30 play Hunch a 11 00 Price is right a 1 30 As world turns 11 30 concentration 2 00 fun to reduce 12 00 impression a god order a coffin As the very first article of furniture for the thus believers in Tabernacle the answer is to a saved a by Grace put the Law in. Read it for your self not in the boldness of the Christ Are. Through Faith. Not of works but a unto Good works which god a and thou Shalt put into the hath before ordained that we coffin the testimony the Law should walk in them Eph. 2 8 which i shall give thee. And 10. Thou Shalt put the mercy seat above upon the coffin. Sex. 35 16,21. If god had not put the covenant of the Law in a coffin and met with his people from a the trouble with the ladder to Success is that there a no one to hold it for you. A the pres Vista California. 2 15 safety 2 30 House party 3 00 Tell the truth 3 25 lbs news 3 30 millionaire 4 00 secret storm 4 30 Edge of night 5 00 clubhouse 5 30 Mickey mouse 6 00 weather 6 05 Market report 6 15 to sports 12 30 consequence 12 55 Abc news 1 00 matinee 2 25 Abc news 2 30 the doctor 3 00 Loretta Young 3 30 you done to say a 4 00 Popeye theatre 4 30 Early show 5 30 Yogi Bear 6 00 news in depth 6 15 news 6 25 moments in sort 6 45 news report 6 30 state news 7 00 sea Hunt 6 45 Walter Cronkite 7 30 Laramie a 7 00 the third Man 8 30 Empire 7 30 marshal Dillon 8 00 Lloyd Bridges 8 30 red Skelton 9 30 Jack Benny 9 30 Dick Powell 10 30 Chet Huntley 11 00 Weatherman 11 05 news 6 28 sports capsule 6 30 adv. In Paradise 7 25 dateline 13 7 30 the Dakotas 8 30 the Rifleman 9 00 Stoney Burke 10 00 Ben Casey 11 00 new final 11 10 news digest 11 15 Steve Allen 12 45 news wrap up tuesday 8 15 discovery 8 35 kid comics 8 52 news digest 0 9 00 classroom to 9 30 Jack la Lanne 10 00 Tria kaid. Theatre 11 30 seven keys 12 00 Ford 12 30 for. Knows Best 1 00 general Hospital 1 30 divorce court 2 00 Day in court 2 25 midday report 2 30 Jane Wyman 3 00 Queen for a Day 3 30 who do you Trust 4 00 Awer. Bandstand 4 30 Johns workshop 5 00 Superman 5 30 search for adv. 5 45 weather capsule 6 15 news capsule 6 27 sports capsule 6 30 adv. In Paradise 7 25 dateline 13 7 30 combat 8 30 hawaiian Eye 9 30 the untouchables 10 30 close up 11 00 news final 11 10 news digest 11 15 Steve Allen 12 44 news wrap up Motorola television reliable radio service Phoenix on .-31

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