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South Haven Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - June 13, 1964, South Haven, MichiganSaturday june 13, 1964 South Haven daily Tribune serving Van Burn and Allegan counties since 1899 worm of distinguished achievement award from Medill 8chool m journal Lam. Northwestern University for typographical excellence. To maintain the american Way of life and pass it intact to soccer Dong generations is the responsibility of every True american Donald v. Schoenwether editor and publisher no Witch s Broomstick there Are so flying saucers a also flying Wash tubs flying eyeglasses flying Knapsacks or what look like them a and Many More weird contraptions that will whisk a human or 200 of them off the Earth and return him or a them right Side up with care. A these things exist. They work a writes Wolfgang Langewiesche in the june headers digest. A How soon you la be looking out the window at them is another question a a maybe five years maybe 15. But they Are coming and you May want a briefing. This the author proceeds to give us in his article a look at the new flying flying he explains is a matter of pushing air around. Push it under you to get off the ground behind you to get from Here to there with this in mind we can begin at least to have some comprehension of the new planes that take off straight up and land gently straight Down of the flying Crane that can hover Over a mired ten ton truck or Battlefield Cannon pick it up move it slowly and put it Down where it can function. At the other end of the scale is the a shop i copter which you strap to your Back and hop off for an airborne 1,000 feet or so. Then there Are the a ground effect vehicles a a a hovercraft or a skimmers a which says or. Langewiesche a Fly not at 20 feet but at two feet or two inches. Just off the ground a or off the already in use in ferry service Between North Wales and England More such vehicles a or air Cushion vessels a Are now building. Trains suggests the author May one Day Fly just above the tracks and loaded trucks Breeze along an Inch or so above Low Cost rights of Way. But still those who can remember what people were saying about the Wright Brothers a even after they a proved something on the North Carolina dunes a will agree with the digest writer when he concludes a and however fanciful they get the new air vehicles will never seem As crazy As that contraption at Kitty do it every time Pittmat a by Jimmy Halo the Cranshaws Felt very 6a0 about leavin6 Zoochie at the bq4rd-in Kennel for a Day a but look How Eood the pure a had it a am 10 look Why they left him at the Bow wow boarding House so he spoil their fun on we family picnic 1u Adamio hat he 70 ro/f.voum6,., were Stone a. Washington merry go round by Drew Pearson defectors being communist spies . Army trained As Washington deep inside East Germany in the Bleak factory town of Bautzen a Biz Zare band of . Array de in any american crowd May be smuggled Back into this country some Day on secret and sinister missions. That the red trained deserters he left behind in Bautzen a Home grown sons who could pass servers is reported to be training As spies and saboteurs for the communists. It is As curious a collection of misfits As Ever have been brought together murderers thieves men with twisted personalities bitter loners sex deviates men with Money and girl troubles wife a British girl told newsmen he Hack lost Money gambling. But a secret army report suggests that All along he May have been a lieutenant in the soviet army i another new York i who the army is More Embarrass enlisted illegally under an alias sed than worried however is identified in army Docu about the Bautzen Bunch who Are too few and too unstable to be Worth much to the Beds. Indeed a Pentagon spokesman denied to this column that few really started out to be a a single defector had been retractors when they ducked be j cruised by the communists while Hind the Iron curtain. Most he was still in the army. Though Joseph g. Molner . Many life saving found concerning factors blood types de Stol ionization brought Host of troubles for Khrushchev foreign news commentary by Phil Newsom up foreign news analyst whatever Nikita Khrushchev expected from de salinization and peaceful co existence it is certain that he never expected things to go so far As they have. The combination of the two not Only permitted the Long smouldering soviet red chinese feud to burst into the open it also set the previously Servile european satellite nations on a path of Independence which leads them openly to defy Kremlin wishes. And in Moscow there must be serious consideration of ways and Means to curb the present trend. The most recent notable example is Romania. The romanians defied Moscow a plan to integrate their Economy with com econ the communist bloc counterpart of the european common Market and just have completed agreements expected to go far toward building new cultural and economic la pcs with the United states. The . Agreement could Lead to romanian Purchase of up Splete Industrial plants possibly including a nuclear reactor and is completely at Odds with the com econ blueprint which would have limited the romanian role to that of supplier of raw materials and Oil romanians Are Neutral further asserting their Independence the romanians have declared neutrality in the sino soviet quarrel and have rebuked the soviets for a Amis informing romanian listeners to radio Moscow about economic Independence and Trade with the West. Now the romanians Are reported eyeing possible membership in Gatt the general agreement on Tariff and Trade which is Western oriented and has been denounced by Moscow As a a Rich Many a club a Romania is far from being the Only trouble spot for the Kremlin. Since 1956 Poland particularly in agriculture has followed a policy which digressed from the Moscow line. For several years Hungary openly has sought the Friendship of the West and could be the next among the satellites to normalize relations with the United states. Tourism is encouraged in Hungary and hungarians Are permitted to travel outside their own country to a degree much greater than that permitted to the soviets own population. Permit Public criticism Czechoslovakia once one of the most hard line of the communist satellites now permits Public criticism to an extent which is beginning to worry Moscow. Bulgaria also among the stalinism continues to demonstrate total loyalty to Moscow but at a Price of increased soviet economic Aid. Daily crossword across 1. String1 6. Crush 9. Comply 10. Region 1l yielding 13. Affirmative vote 14. Helps 18. Puget sound Indian 17. Metal 15. River so. Am. 2l conjunction 22. The Sun 23. A catch in Hose 24. City a. 26. Foretell 37. School for Hoys eng. 28. Firearm 29. Compass Point lace 8l longhaired of s2. Charge for services 33� jewish month 36. Music note 88. The business or a broker 89. Japanese a origin 40.bmell 41. Fast part of a be Quot 42. Greek letter Down the heart an amp to. 2. Fetish w. Air. 3. Trust 4. Color As cloth 5. A morning song poet. 6. Dry 7.cosnpre- he diag 8. Ugly old woman 12. Claw 15. Dwellings 16. Harangue 17.2,000 lbs. 19. Reason 20. Harmonize 22. Male descendant 23. Source of Light 25. Clique 26. Flightless Bird 28. Strong wind 3l River Alaska 32. Bundle of Sticks 34. Solitary a is yesterday s a Swei 35. Dip out As liquid 36. Founder of 37. Steal 38. Epoch dear or. Molner i under stand that Only about 13 per cent of the people have blood that is re negative. Does this mean that they Are weaker or More susceptible to disease is it Likely that a woman a children will be re negative too a mrs. A v. Re negative does not mean that a person is weaker or More susceptible to disease. Its simply a different Type of blood. You Are aware of the usual blood types a Bab and of and you know that when blood transfusions Are Given the Type must be compatible with the recipient. Re is still another blood Factor it Wai first found in 1937. In this regard you have Only two kinds to consider re positive and re negative. Being re negative does no to make any difference at All a until the person has some Contact with re positive. Then antibodies form to combat any further Contact with re positive blood cells. And the next Contact with re positive blood results in clumping and destruction of red blood cells. I wont try to go into the mechanism involved. But it can happen but it does no to necessarily happen to All people with re negative blood. One dangerous consequence is Haemolysis a violent form of blood disease which can occur in a baby born to an re negative Mother usually if the father is a positive. Even this does not occur unless the Mother has been sensitized either by a transfusion or by previous were renegades on the run from the Provost marshal some were enticed across the Border by girl friends others were blackmailed for gambling losses and moral misdeeds. Only the rare defector sold out to the reds for ideological reasons. Of the 67 army men who have defected since the korean War half Are believed to be in East Germany. There a no telling How Many have been sent to the espionage propaganda and sabotage school in Bautzen. Only one has come Back from Bautzen Gayther l. Turner of Montgomery ala., who confessed to army authorities that he had belonged to a defector band sworn to overthrow the u. S. Government. This column sought to ques had by having had an re positive Plain polyps of the womb. Are baby. Such women can have i they cancerous a . Children who Are either re pos polyps can grow on a mucus Tive or re negative it usually j membrane or lining of the does not of a pc with first and cervix. It is not Nancy a the tendency increases i Clear Why these growths a after the second or third baby. I Pear a there Are All sorts of Tion him but found he statistically the problem de them benign tutors and other flops Only about once in 40 Wise a which we can to fully explain but we know they of ution. His parents have also lost cur. All Trace of him. Their last such polyps can cause bleeding. Some become cancerous and hence Are Best removed As soon As detected. This is certainly True of the majority there have been rare exceptions which the army has hushed up a no doubt out of concern for the reputation of its Security system. Take the Case of Stephen Wechsler of new York City a Harvard graduate who defected on aug. 17, 1952. Secret army records identify him As a communist party member who deserted for purely political reasons. He is now believed to be in East Ermany. Mysterious disappearance More mysterious is the Case of Joseph Dutkanicz of Tujunga calif., who in july 1960 vanished behind the Iron curtain with his wife and three children. Dutkanicz was known to be fluent in russian and his con pelops or 50 births when the Mother is negative the father positive. And it is now possible to save such babies by a blood Exchange a they get Whit is for them a massive transfusion. Most of their blood is withdrawn and at the same time fresh compatible blood is transfused. This procedure has saved the lives of thousands of babies. A a a dear or. Molner i have had an infection of the upper eyelid for about six months. It has become very itchy red and crusty. My doctor prescribed an Antibiotic ointment without Relief. Should i continue this treatment or go Back to my doctor i am retired and this is an additional expense. A mrs. . To let such an infection continue is dangerous. There is no Way in the world to guarantee that a Given treatment will succeed if the ointment you now have is not adequate another treatment might be used. You should by All Means go Back to your doctor. Unless he sees you again he cannot know whether some change is needed. As to the Cost explain your situation to your doctor so he can arrange a fee you can afford. The important thing is to protect the Eye. A a a dear or. Molner please sex copyright 1964, been turned Loose after serving of Identa Al army of Iwu Caton he a two year sentence for Desern a a a a since 1958. One report claims he died in the soviet Union last november. A month after Dutkanicz a desertion Vladimir Sloboda a russian born us. Citizen also defected from an army intelligence unit in Germany. His word came from a Chicago mental Hospital which had been about to release him. Secret missions it can be presumed however ments As a communist. When found out he vanished behind the Iron curtain. However he was greeted not by cordial comrades but by secret police who sent him to the Verkine Raisk concentration Camp. He was delivered Back his reason shattered in 1955. A the is a mental wreck a his sister told this column. Lbs ribs Keating during his last visit to the worlds fair president John son Rode in the same car with sen. Kenneth Keating in. Y., who is campaigning for re election this year. A i hear you have been sick Ken a the president said. A where did you hear that or. President a Keating asked innocently. A i just assumed it a replied the president a when i heard that there were twelve people at a bar Mitzvah in Buffalo last saturday and you weren to there shaking hands Quot Quot headlines and footnotes Slayer Jack Ruby a brother Eari mailed a $10 contribution to the John f. Kennedy memorial Library. He included another $5 in the name of his brother who shot Kennedy a Assassin requested that the thank you letter be sent directly to Jack Ruby care of the Dallas jail Contd on Cias Sinea Page Mary Worth Donald Duck l3ybt to program schedule Wyzo to Channel 3 saturday 4 30 big picture 8 00 Tei sports 5 30 life of Riley 6 00 Jamboree 7 00 Highway patrol 7 30 Jackie Gleason 8 30 the defenders 9 30 Phil silvers show 10 00 gun smoke 11 00 newsreel 11 10 theatre 1 00 Lata late show sunday 8 14 sign on 8 15 the Christopher 8 30 Bitte answers 9 00 morning service 9 15 sacred heart 9 30 this is the life 10 00 lamp unto my 10 30 look up. Liya 11 00 us television 12 00 life of Riley 12 30 face the nation 1 00 wrestling 1 30 armchair theat. 3 00 to your health 3 30 ind. On Parada 3 45 scope 4 00 adv. Theatre 6 00 lbs sports a a 5 30 Amateur hour 6 00 20th Century 6 30 or. De 7 00 Lassie 7 30 favorite Martian 8 00 de Sullivan 9 00 celebrity game 9 30 Brenner 10 00 candid camera 10 30 what a my Lina 11 00 news 11 15 11th or. Theatre 1 00 late late show monday 7 09 sign on 7 10 news 7 15 oper. Alphabet 7 45 farm 8how 8 00 capt. Kangaroo 9 00 3 theatre 10 30 i love Lucy 11 00 the Mccoy 11 30 Pete amp Gladys 12 00 love of life 12 25 lbs news 12 30 8earch for Tom. 12 45 guiding Light 1 00 Fem. Fancies 1 25 news 1 30 world turns 2 00 magic carpet 2 15 operation k-9 2 30 House party 2 00 Tell the truth 3 25 lbs news 3 30 Edge of night 4 00 secret storm 4 30 password 6 00 clubhouse 5 25 Mickey mouse Cic 6 55 weather .6 00 to sports 6 05 magic Momenta 6 10 Market reports 6 15 regional news 6 30 Walter Cronkite 7 00 dragnet 7 30 Tell the truth 8.00 in be got a secret 8 30 the Lucy show 9 00 Danny Thomas 9 30 Andy Griffith 10 00 East West Sida 11 00 newsreel 11 10 11th or. Theatre 1 00 late late show Wood to Channel 8 saturday 4 30 big picture 6 00 polka time 5 30 Abc sports up. 6 00 family theatre 7 30 the lieutenant 8 30 Joey Bishop 9 00 sat. Night movie 11 15 Weatherman 11 20 Wood news 11 35 sports 11 40 late show sunday 8 30 Faith for today 9 00 Woodland Chapel 10 00 word of life 10 30 the life 11 00 Catholic Maas 12 00 Bowling 1 00 baseball 4 00 wings to Maya 4 30 sunday 5 30 College bowl 6 00 family theatre 7 30 Walt Disney 8 30 Orinda 9 00 Bonanza 10 00 show of week c 11 00 Weatherman 11 05 Woodland Newa 11 15 late show monday 7 00 today 7 25 farm report 7 30 today 8 25 Woodland today 8 30 today 9 00 romper room 9 80 cartoon carnival 10 00 say when c 10 25 Abc news a 10 30 word for word 11 00 concentration 11 30 jeopardy 12 00 1st impression 12 30 consequences 12 55 Abc news 1 00 matinee 2 25 Abc news 2 30 the doctors 8 00 another world 3 30 you done to say 4 00 Popeye show 4 30 Early show 6 00 Sporta Newa 6 30 h. Amp b. Report 7 00 sea Hunt 7 80 movies 9 30 Hollywood stars 10 00 Mitch Miller c 11 00 Weatherman 11 05 Woodland news 11 20 sports 11 30 tonight show c a Zzz to Channel 13 saturday 4 .30 Hiway holidays 6 00 sports world 6 30 wrestling 7 30 Hootenanny 8 30 Lawrence Welk 9 30 sat. Nite at Palac 10 30 Peter Gunn 13 00 Hou Ywe a special sunday 99 00 Chela Sophera 9 45 Light time 9 30 Davey amp Goliath 10 00 word of life 10 30 Bible answers 11 00 Fisher family 11 30 Montovani 12 00 invisible killer 12 15 game of week 3 30 1964 Buirk open 5 00 racing for pleas. 5 30 Deputy 6 00 Battle line 6 30 inter. Showtime 7 30 Empire 8 30 arrest amp trial 10 00 tonight a movie monday 7 30 this morning 9 00 King and Odia 9 30 Jack Valanna 30 00 cuss room to 10 25 news 10 30 Price is right 11 00 get the message 11 30 missing link 12 00 father knows 12 30 Tenn Ernie Ford 1 00 Trail master 2 00 Johnny on spot 2 30 Day in court 3 00 Gen. Hospital 3 30 Queen for a Day 4 00 John s shop 4 30 Superman 5 00 love that Bob 5 30 the big show 6.00 news 7 00 Rifleman 7 25 dateline 13 7 s0 outer limits 8 30 Wagon train 10 00 breaking Point 31 00 news tonight 11 25 tonight a movie Motorola television reliable radio service a Block South of Phoenix on --31 Don t Vvs Rex i la take cake j see you of you cat let monday Bird and House Kerry Drake and Johnny oots a skuas and careful Dwyer but with his mind still on the frightful end of Bugg Skaler makes the mistake of fou own the car ahead too closely. Pm Jujj a term i a traffic Light change the other Driver stops abruptly. And. / that supt a amp amp a i la teach him 70i . Urti a wife i Buz Sawyer % Blondie from a a a out you re not to talk for Oyer five minutes Odon a Sakes. Don t a be silly a Dagwood a my it takes More than five minutes just to decide on somebody to talk about

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