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Somerset Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1930, Page 4

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Somerset Daily Herald (Newspaper) - November 24, 1930, Somerset, Pennsylvania Daughter it of of Goco morph Keg Iii u Watt inc a a at Ter ? Lammie All. Of Youfu time looking in folks Mouths of those missing false Teet Between dodging bicycle old vegetables and bean i blowers a persons life j \ is in constant Lizzie Windham music Teachey 9s<? Wec bulletin throw out the life line Somerset. Pa., monday november Imo i a. M a Carol a King who loved too Well turning to to amp eth and Winnie g borne Vii Ligand Rince just hut her in key Toom when the Butler Carne in. Out he haunt gee them go Nev kid outside the window Winnie g a events he eted. The Noew Thev a a shed. A to Dir to gee were it awake. E did t believe Ghe had been log t it Bhe bad it Eft All the time the old Home town Stanley Otey the Law less element of this town is running wild since youve been spending by mme. Cine a Farmer lady in waiting Tho narrator nursed Carol a an infant cared for him As a growing boy with sed from the inside the relentless Cabal to discredit him before the world and has lived to Welcome his return As rightful King and to Tell the truth about the most dramatic Battle Over a throne in modern whether this woman of dubious repute Quot played both ends against the whether she infatuated her Royal victim by her charms and endearments to her vast enrichment in properties moneys jewels and settlements while she served Stirbey and a Antiano with information through the five years she and Carol lived outside of Paris i do not know. Through those years Carol was beset by hordes of spies and informers Many of whom Iii at times obtain his Confidence. Frequently Prince Carol correspondence came into Possession of his foes. Infection As of secret conferences Between Carol and leaders of the party planning to is return was regularly reported. Tiler were rumours whether True or not that at intervals Magda Lupescu appeared on tile rumanian Border where she held secret interviews with Premier a Gratiano of ii is emissaries. While with him in Milan in de i camber. 192o, Magda Lupescu Lent her persuasion to influence Carol to sign the proffered papers of abdication to throw up a the whole cracked business Quot and Lead the life of a private citizen in Domestic j peace and happiness with her. Last j Spring when his friends had All i prepared for his coup. Magda Lu-1 Pescum declaring she loved Carol i too wed to try to hold him. Lent her urgency to those who demanded that Carol give up his sweetheart 1 and take advantage of the Peculiar passionately fond of her. Lierly opportune conditions to seize hold 0ver him became Complete. A a Prince a Turbey and i con Spur Carol sent away actors wanted material for a scandal what is to to clone asked is with which to infuriate Ferdnand majesty in despair against his son to sow seeds of Dis Quot there a Only one thing to be sea lion Between Princess Helen and i done a emphatically declared Queen parture that As i have told in the apartment of the Queen Mother he smote Prince full obey across the lace. A but ill be Back Beecro Christmas Quot was his threatening Promise. Did Prince Carol Orpett ror was he pleasantly surprised to find mine. Helen Lupescu installed in a suite at the hotel i Cadelly when he arrived at the Carlton which Aas nearby in London As the result of that reunion Carol did not return to Rumania after the i funeral of Queen Alexandra which was in november nor before Christmas. After a pleasure Saulat of Paris where he bought her gowns into jewels Carol and his Paramour i sauntered through Italy Turin Venice and celebrated Christmas in Milan. I the time had now come for the i conspirators with Prince Stirbey All moves through Queen Maria a influence upon the King i to make their grand play on the chessboard and checkmate Ruma i Nias presumptive future King. J Don t fail to read tomorrow s startling instalment revealing the in goths to which Prince Stirbey and his aids were resolved to go in order to keep Tarot from the throne. A a Carol a King who loved too Well a a tells the inside Story of the fight for a Crown. John g. Price Dies in Columbus Yearance and plebeian in manner. She had hair like red Gold and gentle Blue eyes. So was a voluptuous a i was told sensuous woman. She was intelligent Well read shrewd and ambitious. Unlike the cd oms a urls of his earlier youth. Mme. Lupescu could discuss matters of serious import with Carol and if he found her cheerful Gay. Witty _ stimulating a Bon vivant compan j Ion after a depressing Day. He also Columbus. O. Nov. 23�?czp a found in her a sympathetic conf John g. Price 59, past grand exited ruler of the benevolent and protective order of elks and form t. Attorney general of Ohio died at his Home Here today. Death was caused by cerebral Haemorrhage. Dante and adviser on matters near Fis heart. No doubt he became her husband they found it in his intrigue with tre junk dealers red haired daughter. As to carols quiet earlier visits in 1925 to the Vila in which he installed Lupescu the Public might have remained in j ignorance of the Liason. Outraged and incensed the Princess Helen upbraided her husband his homecomings meant cur. Tain lectures and breakfast quarrels. More and More he stayed away at nights. His majesty. King Ferdinand was beside himself. That Carol should bring scandal upon the Royal House after his marriage that he should i Compromise his position As heir to the throne by a flagrant and Public entanglement with a woman reputed to have been a harlot was an insufferable indignity. Threateningly he railed at his son. Which Only antagonized Carol. Throw out Stirbey and Bratianu for my Sake and ill give up my Friend Foi your Sake sire a he declared a Moi tile two relationships mine with mme. Lupescu is tile least the affair became notorious. In Defiance of the King and Queen Mother whose opposition to Carol merely camouflaged the positive and aggressive machinations of Prince Stirbey Caro became More deliberately insolent in flaunting his affairs. Estranged from the Princess his we Ife who had wounded his sensibilities with her Virtu i Ous scorn her haughty contempt he became careless. Through Lupescu because he was discouraged at his failure to influence Ferdinand against them and disgusted with the situation at court Carol snapped his lingers under his enemies a noses and found morose satisfaction in doing so he had become sincerely in Thra Leci with the red haired Why we could not understand for the Young woman was not a Peerless Beauty. She was Over plump indeed inclined to incipient corpulence dowdy in a Marie. A Send him out of the country. At least the malodorous Ness will not be so offensive As outside i our own door. Send him away for a a where on what pretext of pro i piety can we Send the heir to the throne out of his country a a uti e dowager Quei n Alexandra 1 has just died Quot promptly suggested Prince Stirbey. Quot Rumania must be represented at the Royal funeral. By whom More fittingly than his Royal highness Send him to . So it was done. Learning through his own confidential channels of Prince Stirbey a promptings of tile Royal command to banish him pro j Tern on the subterfuge of the i funeral and believing it was de i signed to end his tender relation j ship with Lupescu. Carol was up in Aims. Finding his father obdurate j he consented to go under pressure. I and it was on the eve of his de 1 est nov know in or by How Many of these. An questions cd % gee u o you onus Farr questions i. The Kings of what country were called Magnus z what russian Ballet dancer is particularly famous for her Swan dance 3. In greek mythology who drank nectar and ate Ambrosia 4. What Chicago theater burned Down in 1903, with a loss of six Hundred lives 5. In what Field of activity was Mark Hanna known 0. Who composed the oratorio the Messiah answers 1. Norway. 2. Pavlowa. I 3. The gods. 4. Iroquois. 5. Political Leader. 6. George Friedrich Handel. Baffled by biscuit poisoning t your to birthday a Stella aunt Safeyah Peabody rakes the local police Over the coals for its one. Tack mind continued Tho census Bureau has announced that the population of the United states 1930 census is 122,776,046, a gain of 17,064 426 or 16.1 percent in ten yearn. The population of Pennsylvania is 9,631,350, a gain of 911,333 or 10.6 per cont. In ten years. New Yorkus population is 12, 588,066, a gain of 2,202,839, or 21.2 per cent. In the same period. Ohio has 6, 646,697, to gain of 887,303, or 15.4 per cent. West Virginia has i. 729.205. A gain of 18.1 per cent. The states to the North South East and West All gained More in population during the past decade than Pennsylvania. There must be a reason. Prosperous states Are those Winch Are gaining in population. Prosperity has let Een defined As the condition arising from the marketing of the surplus produce a people have. It depends upon Confidence. Students of present Day conditions Iii the United states Tell us that we Are consuming More than we Are producing. This is taken As a reason for the improvement in marketing conditions. But the ease with which the produce of other lands is brought in illustrates the danger we Are in. We must produce More than we consume to become prosperous. The Home markets Are the Best markets. Pennsylvania is sufficiently Large to provide Home markets for a vast Supply of her produce. Increasing population enlarges markets. Population makes for real values and real values Are accounted most stable. The states around Pennsylvania have made greater gains. People must eat to live and they must have employment to procure food to eat. They live where the Best economic opportunities Are presented. Some of governor Pinchott opponents laughed during the recent Campaign at the idea of cutting the automobile License fees in half As he proposed. Ohio a License fees Are about half Pennsylvania a. Study of other taxation problems will show that in other states the burdens placed upon the people have not been As heavy As those placed upon the people of Pennsylvania so that a portion of the responsibility for Pennsylvania a slower growth May be Lai t at tile Ciao of government. During the Campaign it was charged that the Pennsylvania Railroad was discriminating against the port of Philadelphia Iii its freight rates. This is a matter for determination. Costs of Power for manufacturers have an important bearing upon the Prosperity of every state. This is one reason Why the Norris idea concerning the operation of muscle Shoals should be opposed. It is not fair to the other states of the Union that the United states government should undertake to Supply Power to the manufacturers of a few states thus tempting to seek new locations industries that Are supporting realty values and other forms of wealth thereby disturbing the foundations of finance and business. With All her cheap fuel and water Power Pennsylvania ought to be constantly increasing the number and variety of her manufacturing plants. In the last analysis perhaps the men of Pennsylvania Are not As keenly alive to their opportunities and obligations As Are those of our sister states. Ohio offers an example at this particular worthy of emulation. The chief objection we Are told to the Sale of the Youngstown Sheet and steel Plant to the Bethlehem steel corporation lies in the loss of control to Wall Street that Ohio capitalists would suffer. Home investments mean most to any Community any state. Towns in which Small Home owned industries sup Lily the people with their livelihoods Are generally speaking the soundest from an investment viewpoint. Lack of employment for labor in any Community is an indictment of the Community. It is indifferent or impotent. The Wreath of a Community ought to work with its citizens for its advancement. That is equally True of a state. If Pennsylvania is not keeping Pace with her neighbors it is because the component municipalities and their leaders Are falling Dow n on their jobs. News at the turn of the Century a a pm my win a. �?.�?. A a november 22, 1900 sportsmen wondered at the great flocks of wild geese flying South this season. There were three times As Many As the oldest Hunters could recall seeing before. A us a revolution is on foot in Mexico men who Are in close touch with things below the Border declare. Because of the miners strike in Pennsylvania the Price of Coal was increased throughout the country. November 24 is this your birthday then your life will not be an easy one. It is up to you to smooth out our pathway for As a matter of i last you Are inclined to make things i Izard for yourself and then blame others for your own shortcomings. You have natural Talent and Abil to which must not be Defeated by i his other Side of your nature. You Xiii make Many friends especially in the realm of literature and the arts for that is where your chief i interests lie. The stars say that the Middle months of Winter and summer Are j most auspicious for you in beginning new enterprises. Keep this in mind and you will find that you Are successful. Keep a keen watch for the Little i Green Devil of jealousy otherwise you will find much unhappiness in life. You Are inclined to feel that you Are not appreciated and misleads you to believe that others have More than you. You Are naturally affectionate although your love life will be tempestuous and will often Lead you into situations which you find Dif i j f ficut to control. You will be Loya 1 in marriage however once you have entrusted your love to some one who Pioves you. Send the exact Date of your birthday and a self addressed stamped envelope incise i ins to tents in Cliver of memos to Rover clerical work foe a general Horoscope to j Stella p. O. Boti Volek Street station. Non Lark Etta with one dead and 20 made seriously ill county authorities at Raleigh 111, near Harrisburg live been trying to learn whether mrs. F. J. Grisham 52, cunningly devised a feast of death or someone Cise planned a wholesale murder. Two Days after mrs. Grisham entertained friends and relatives at dinner she died and 20 of the guests were ill. Examination of the food revealed arsenic in the biscuits. Further search showed arsenic in both the baking powder Ami flour from which the biscuits had been . Photos show top the Grisham Home lower left mrs. George Grisham and Lier daughter Juniata who both were ill and right f. J. Grisham widowed Bugara mrs. Grisham once said she did not desire to live if her husband died. Or. Grisham ate sparingly and was made Only slightly ill. Page four % a r. R v v Somerset daily Herald the Somerset Standard issued every morning except b nday by Somerset newspapers inc. Henry Baker Rulley president n. K. Reiley View president Henry Baker Reiley. Jr., Secretary Henry Baker Reiley treasurer. Business office and Plant 216 West Mian 8t. Both phones 164. Henry Baker Reiley. Publisher Robert 8. Scull. Editor John i. Holderbaum. Promotion manager Henry Baker Reiley or. Circulation manager subscription Price delivered by Carrier in Somerset and the larger towns of Somerset county at two cents per copy ten cents per week $5.00 per year delivered by mall one month 50c. Three months $1.25 six months $2.25 one year in Somerset county $3,00. Outside Somerset county $4.00. Payable in Advance. Member of the associated press the associated press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of All news dispatches cred Ted to it or not otherwise credited a this paper All right of republication of special dispatches herein Are also reserved. Fred Kimball inc., sole foreign representative. 67 West 44th st., hew York City Tribune Tower Chicago in. 604 chamber of Commerce building Pittsburgh a. Entered As second class matter july i 1929 at the Post of Bce at Somerset Enn Sylvania under act of March 3. 1879. Pennsylvania s population

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