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Somerset Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1930, Page 3

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Somerset Daily Herald (Newspaper) - November 24, 1930, Somerset, Pennsylvania Somerset pa., monday november 24, 1930 ii Somerset daily Herald Pade three world of woman the shoes will soon be filled did you know that wrinkles under your eyes May be caused by a Corn on your Little toe do you realize that fallen Arches May definitely affect your weight As Well As your mental Outlook the close relation Between healthy feet and the Beauty of the rest of the body has been pointed out time and time again but the majority of women prefer to put their Faith in lotions rather than their feet in a foot Bath a a we hold no Brief for foot Baths except in cases where it is necessary to relieve swelling or soreness but we do chant loud and Long Quot take care of your when they Are tired rest them of they Are hurting you find out what the trouble is give them Well fitting stockings and pliant shoes. They will serve you anyway of course but their revenge will come in Beauty defects that you never attribute to them. It is difficult to Correct foot troubles for they Are usually developed through several months or years of mistreatment and the Bones cannot be straightened out once they Are forced into the wrong position. So take care of your feet and guard them As much As possible. If you suspect that they have a tendency to weak Ankles and Arches practice this simple exercise walk around the room on your toes then walk with the whole foot for a few Steps. Repeat this several times giving More Steps to walking on All for tired swollen feet is a half hour s rest. Take off your shoes and stockings and lie Down on the Davenport the feet elevated in cushions the rest of the body stretched Flat. Relax and stay quiet for thirty minutes. At the end of that time the swelling will be Down and the feet will feel ready for a Long hike i a the health of the feet depends to a Large extent on the shoes that Are worn As Well As the stockings. Hie latter can be Small enough to cramp the toes and hinder the circulation or so Large that they wrinkle and irritate the skin. Stockings Are now being made that have a a a rights and a left a so that a Good fit May be had on All occasions. Most stockings however if put on carefully and adjusted to the foot will not wrinkle or crease. It is poor Economy to save on shoes at the expense of fallen Arches and misshapen toes. You by Williams 2nd attempt made to bomb newspapers your Tot s than you do to walking j need not spend a great Deal for on the Heel and Ball of the foot. Footwear on this account. Often i Good shoes Are reduced out of sea nother excellent exercise for son. And it is better to be slightly the Ankles is the simple one of j behind the styles than lagging in stand in one spot and raise the Heel of the left foot from the floor. As you lower the left Heel raise the right one. It is something like marching in place except that the whole foot never leaves the floor. You will also find it is restful to walk around the House Barefoot. Take All exercises Barefoot and try running in place on the thickest Rug you have. But the Best cure of your step. Made to order shoes will last a Long time of they Are cared for properly and the Comfort is Worth every cent you spend. In any Case of course the heels should be As Low As you can bring yourself to Wear them. Ii More women had an a Ray picture of their feet in High heeled pointed shoes they would soon be entirely out of style would soon be entirely out of stye which would be fortunate. Copyright 1930, by new York graphic the How of health by g. Leroy Dale health adviser and head of health resort at Dansville n. Y. Thousands of Young men today Are studying courses in psychology courses which aim to teach How to become leaders in society and in business. These courses Are no doubt very Good but unless there is a Good Strong physical foundation the goal will not be attained. The most important thing to know in Lite is How to feed the human body How to not feed it when it is not necessary How to keep the body clean through Sun. Air and water bathing How to exercise the Large groups of Muscles How to breathe deeply of fresh air How to sleep correctly and How through right thinking to develop the courage Energy and Power that Are so necessary in putting Over your own ideas physical health is a wonderful asset. It is like having lots of Money in the Bank when you want to Branch out in any business. The one who knows How to live correctly never has to fear sickness and even if business failure should come he is the one who will always # be ready to try again. If you who Are Reading this article either a Young Man or a Young woman or even a Middle aged Man or woman have been condemned by your friends or you families forget All about it and keep striving in tile right Way any human being who Ever amounted to anything in this world of affairs had to pass through a barrage of criticism and condemnation i rom friends As Well As others so Don t be afraid. If you have the right through and come out with flying stuff in you you will go right on colors. Johnstown is still leading Western group by nok m a Gage a social to press sports writer Harrisburg. Nov. 23 a Johnstown look a stranglehold on the leadership of the Western division of the Central Pennsylvania interscholastic football conference saturday while Williamsport displaced Ohn Harris at the top of the Eastern group. Johnstown turned in a 14�?0 Victory Over Jersey Shore and boosted its conference Point total to 220. Beyond the reach of any or its riyals. Williamsport s crusing 31-0 Triumph at sent the Lycoming county team skyrocketing past the Idle John Harris eleven. The Western standing was Johnstown 220 Bedford 143, Altoona 121 Huntingdon and Jersey Shore 115 Hollidaysburg. 110 Tyrone 99 Clearfield 65 Windber 50 Portage 46 lock Haven 40 Phillipsburg 35 mount Union. 32 state College and Milton 23. Huntingdon retained its undefeated status in the West by rapping Lewistown. 48 to 7. While Bedford closed its Campaign with a one sided verdict Over f hips surprises were sprung in Western Penn copyright 1930, by new York graphic it Jim by j Lan no sack an unhappy incident this morning fluff had already taken his place upon the Pearl Button platform when his cousins awakened. He did not have to Tell the Little Fellows to hurry. They were just As anxious to listen to the rest of the Story about the midget in the circus As fluff was to Tell it. Ever since he was very Young Nomy gnome and his Grandfather had taken him to the circus Wagon of that strange creature. He had wanted to Tell some one about it. And that was a very Long time ago. A ready a fluff asked As his cons lines took their places. The Nomy gnomes did not answer but raised their eyes and listened. And tills More than words told fluff that they were anxious to hear. I a Gramp and i a he related a bounced out quickly. Facing the open window of the circus Wagon was a tree. We made for it. The heavy footsteps which had frightened us off and sent the giant Nomy gnome into bed with his clothes on proved to be those of a heavy set Man with flowing Black mustaches. A your midget friends eyes were tightly shut and the covers were pulled High so that they almost covered his face. The Man looked at the Little fellow and grunted loud enough for us in the tree to hear a then in a booming voice he said a asleep. And with the Light on. But he can t fool me. I know How sensitive his kind Are. How Strong lights annoy them. Asleep Bah a Grump and i were shivering in the tree and we could easily imagine How that poor Chap must have quaked under the coverlets a a get up a the Man ordered. And when the Little fellow did no the shouted and Tore his head. Then he said a i paid $50 for you. You belong to me and you la get up when i a the kicked a chair to show that he meant it. A a a do you know what happens to other creatures Lions and such when they obey me a he bellowed. A a the stooped and pulled off the covers. We Burg. Tyrone ran roughs of Over state College to win by 54 to 0. The majority of the conference teams took a Day of in preparation for the final games of the year next thursday. Pittsburgh. Nov. 23-0-Surprise packages were opened by j two Western Pennsylvania football teams yesterday. Washington and Jefferson invaded Morgantown w. Va., and Defeated West Virginia University 7 to 6, to 13. The presidents Victory Hing and Geneva do weled Allegheny 27 cd around the great playing of big Stew Wilson fullback who proved himself one of the Best Backfield men met by the mountaineers this Sason. Geneva Victory was even More outstanding in that Captain Johnny Kapic Backfield King pin was used Only in the last few minutes of play. Wesleyan 12 to 7, in a hard fought Duquesne downed West Virginia game at Forbes Field. The Dukes were forced to come from behind to win after Cliff Battles great Wes Eyan Backfield Ace broke a Way for a 73 Yard run in the opening minutes of play for a touchdown. Davis and Elkins gave Waynes Burg a bad reception at Elkins defeating the pennsylvanians. 54 to 0 and using every Man on the squad. At the end of Tho first Quarter the score was 27 to 0. St. Bonaventure came Down from t new York and Defeated it Vincent in a Charity game at Bradford 13 to 7. Westminster invaded West Virginia and Defeated Bethany College 14 to 0. Carnegie tech won a 33 to 13 decision Over Temple at Philadelphia. Practice for Charity foot Ball tonight Spokane. Wait. Nov 23 by a search for the author of the second attempt to bomb the Cowles publishing company building Herr in three years spread throughout the Pacific coast area today an elaborate timing apparatus hooked to a 203-stick dynamite bomb inside a Steamer trunk was delivered yesterday to the associated press office which is centrally located in the chronicle building. Ballistic. Experts said the bomb was powerful enough to wreck both the chronicle and spokesman review buildings. Tre Bor Ltd was discovered by Cleveland wi1 hams associated press correspondent after it had been in the office nearly six hours. W blame had the trunk taken to a Locksmith who forced it open. In july 1927, a bomb was placed in the doorway of the spokesman review building Tut the fuse failed to Burn. Relatives from distance attend funeral Henry w. Forward of Chicago. Or. And mrs. Chauncey b. Forward. Of Urbana And attorney and mrs. Louis d. Forward of new York City were called Here sunday to attend the funeral of miss Mary Louise Forward. Two first named gentlemen Are Brothers of miss Forward and Louis d. Forward is a Nephew. Joy Able gathering Friday evening \ misses Margaret Young Ethel a when the members of the Priscilla Mer and of Corgi Henry Ramer i club entertained their husband at or. Beachy better a covered dish supper. Those pres Lloyd Beachy who suffered a i ent included or. And mrs. C. Stroke of paralysis Friday i very May. Or. And mrs. J. L. Barchus i much improved. Or. An mrs. Herbert Wagner or. J and mrs. Robert b. Johnston or. J and frs. George a Melbrath or and mrs. Harvey Maust or and mrs. Otto Petry or. And mrs. James Harding the Rev. E. D. Bright. Mrs l. P. Young mrs. Bert St Aller. Mrs. M. A. Wagner monthly pains my it Terrefort of in to Troy to Oit re lie he a one Yob a of. Seq it Tablet my a Wai Low of Noi habit to mini by Many doctor a rockier la Aioo 30-Ceni tip or nit 8tuci jul i a Somerset drug e. 8. Landis funeral director St embalmer. All new and modern equipment. Both Day and night service. 395 West Patriot St. Somerset pm. Co. Phone 430 econ. Phone 159 Park theatre today and tomorrow Walter Woolf feared for our new copyright ism by new York graphic Friend. We trembled. Nothing happened except that the room was quiet now. The door banged too and we saw the big Man stoop through the Small door and walk away quickly. A Gramp and i bounced in through the window to see what had happened. And there was our Little Friend stretched out and White. A is he dead a i whispered. A Gramp went close to see and put j his head on the Little Fellows Chest. A a a no. He simply fainted from a rubbed the Fellows hands but of course our own Little hands were too weak to do much Good. Then we heard running footsteps and bounced to our place in the tree. The Man with the Black flowing must chios was crying. A in in be killed doctor have i please Tell me that i Haven to he wailed cringing his hands disconsolately. The doctor was a thin Blond Chap. A a a quiet. Please Stop that a he ordered As he placed his ear next to the Little chaps heart and listened. Just As by Grandfather had Only a moment before. A a a there a Hope a he said As he began working Over the Little fellow. A but he needs gentleness and kindness and care. Let me take him to my House tomorrow. My wife will give him Teh proper soon our Little Friend opened his eyes. A a leave me alone please a he begged. A i am much better. In the morning ill be All a a a done to talk. You need quiet the doctor said softly. He undressed the Little fellow. And when he had made certain that he was asleep he motioned to his Friend to turn out the Light. And they both tiptoed out of the room. A under the tree where Grandfather and i were hiding they stopped to talk. A a a the trouble with you Mark a the doctor said sternly a is that you treat this delicate creature who is really a human being like you and i As though he we a like like or those ferocious animals you train. The big fellow Hung his head in Madison Square offers Best match of week new York nov. 23 in once More Madison Square Garden Steps in to offer what looks like the Best match on the current weeks Fristic schedule. The gardens regular Friday night show will be headed by a ten round or Between Bud Taylor Terre haute puncher and Fidel Labarba former flyweight Champion and recent conqueror of kid chocolate. La Barba should be installed a favorite. At the Chicago coliseum Friday night Mickey Walker middleweight Champion taks on another heavyweight k. O. Christner of Akron o., in a ten Rounder. Tomorrow nights show at the Philadelphia Arena bring together two Quaker City stars. Benny Bass and Lew Massey. 23 barrels of w Hiskey f found in t rap t Tunnel practice for the Charity football game which Somerset is staging for Somerset s needy families at the Somerset High school athletic Field saturday november 29 will begin with the Somerset collegians meeting for a work out at the bom reset playground this evening at 7 00. The following players on the col legion team Are requested to to present Clark Schrock Ray sch Rock John Rugner Nelson Esmith Stouffer Casey Hare. Frank Mccabe. Fred Crouse Walker Mong Jack Morrin Christy Low re. William Appell George Schenck Carl Hoffman Francis Nella Richard pile or. W. O. Hershey and mayor Beachy. Tile committee under the super i vision of chairman Forrest Varner is Busy working out details and Community support is being request cd. Cereal workers get six ii our Day Battle Creek. Mich., nov. 23�? a a the w. K. Kellog Coin Panr of breakfast reuse in i hourly rate for employees. Of the six hour Day with an increase in hourly rate for Emp laces. The company has been operating several a ars with three eight hour shifts and will change to four sax Horn shifts. The change will make pos sub a employment of 25 per cent. Additional men it was announced the hourly i wage will be increased 12 1-2 per cent. Making the minimum wage $4 per Day anti the average $5.40. The former Duill average was $0.40. High school football by the associated press Pittsburgh Central Catholic 19 Altoona Catholic 3. Sharon 26 Greenville 0. Altoona 38 Portage 0. Bedford 59 Philipsburg 0. Johnstown 14 Jersey Shore 0. Blairsville 12 Indiana 7. Jeannette 19 Youngwood 6. Erie Strong Vincent 6 Meadville 2. Johnsonburg 20 Warren 12. Clearfield 12 Dubois 6. Wesleyville 24 Erie Cathedral 0 Vivienne Segal with their Golden voices in a Warner Vita phone All technicolor All musical production a Golden dawn11 with Noah Berry Tiano Lane no Jin according to tribal custom a Golden Dawn was to to sacrificed to the Moon god and she was a while girl a picture of suspense Power and Beauty. Comedy pictorial news Salisbury mrs and i s. Jonas Lichty announce the birth of a. Daughter born november 18 at the Hazel my o livery Hospital in Meyersdale. The infant son of or. And mrs. Roy Beachy died november 19 having lived Only a few hours. Mrs. Beachy before her marriage was miss Grace Petry. Mrs. William Steele miss Annie Abrams and miss Mary Cunningham All of Brownsville were Coll ing on friends Here thursday. Mrs. E. D. Bright underwent in operation thursday morning at Tho memorial Hospital in Cumberland md., her condition is reported As favourable. Mrs. Wilbur Derry of West Bali Bury was operated upon for the removal of a goitre thursday morning at the memorial Hospital in Cumberland my. Pittsburgh nov. 23in three persons were arrested at Johnstown in one of the several raids conducted by Federal prohibition agents Over the week end the agents reported finding 23 barrels of whiskey in a trap Tunnel under the cellar floor of a building at new Street Johnstown and arrested mrs. Josephine Bell Phillip Bell and Nick Bell. Lewistown a Roy Manbeck charged with latal shooting of business partner Boyd Henry. Prisc Illa club. Covered dish supper tile Home of prof. And mrs. Ii. W. Ramer was the scene of an in new gloves for fall amp Winter costumes Here Are the newest Glove modes for Street for sports for afternoon and evening occasions. Numerous new pull on and cuff effects and Clever novelties. Making it possible to select just the right gloves to go with each particular costume. $1.95 and $2-95 a special Good value in silk costume slips. Season in and season out the costume slip Lias its own individual place in the wardrobe and Here Are the newest of them in smartest of the seasons colouring so splendidly made finely trimmed and for tomorrow specially priced $1.00 Complete line of goods for Xmas gifts now on display. Make your selection now and we will hold it until Xmas. The Balis co Somerset a. Bolivian aviators in crash mrs. Miller lands at Havana Airport Havana nov. 23 a up a mrs. J. M. Keith Miller australian aviatrix landed on Curtiss Airport near Here at 4 40 p. In. Today Uter leaving Miami at 2 30 p. In. Her flight to this City began yesterday at Pittsburgh. Buenos Aires nov. 23 a a a the bolivian aviators Captain Lucio Loizaga Captain Horacio Vazquez and Lieut. Horacio Borda were killer yesterday when their plane fell while they were attempting a nonstop flight from Buenos Aires to la . Pittsburgh Joseph Sivik. 23. Melville injured when truck backs Down Hillside to Railroad tracks. I 24,600 new investors in 1930 growth to a total of 214,700 investors during Peri of marked by investment hesitancy Points to the favor in which associated securities Are held. Associated Gas and electric company debenture Bonds due 1968, have a a Overall earnings 2.22 times interest requirements. I actively traded on the hew York curb Exchange go to the nearest associated system office to in test associated Gas and electric securities co., incorporated Somerset a. 6% yield for those who invest now rum Titan Al or witty a food Market open to serve you a til 9 30 every Nite until thanksgiving see us about your Turkey s ducks and chickens at the lowest prices in Many years also a full line of produce and fruits to c Complete your thanksgiving dinner enough said if ilk it v to of a in by Milder taste one will always stand out a 1930, Liggett amp Myers tobacco co. Mai

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