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Somerset Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Mar 27 1930, Page 1

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Somerset Daily Herald (Newspaper) - March 27, 1930, Somerset, Pennsylvania Somerset daily Herald von i i Nim ukr 230. Nom mkt Pathi ski May Mauch 27, 1030 Rivo Camu Lewis opens Way to Harmony control of liquor sales is failure directors to close More Shade schools at a recent int eting. The Board voted to thre Emore one teacher buildings. This action leaves the District with Only three of the fourteen original one teacher schools. The people of the communities Sui rounding the various one room schools As Well As the Board have come to realize that the one teacher school which served so Well in its Day must make Way for the Modem and More efficient consolidated school. This change of spirit and of policy has All developed within the past Twenty years and the greatest change has occurred within the last a a Quarter of that Twenty year period. He remnant control of liquor sales in 1909 Shade township s school former it Rem i for of Ontario e c. Drury says govern. Ment has failed in liquor control in Canada 2 witnesses wednesday 12 miners die Fried Mea in explosion is demanded w. A. Mine by convicts seven men escaped unhurt 750 prisoners in Missouri the blast occurred a a i n rebel against Quot Irish bout 4 000 feet from end a Stew but Are quieted by trance to slope Warden bodies All remove promised better food Lindsay c. Los at White House Washington in Canada was described As an Quot absolute failure by e. C. Drury a former1 Premier of Ontario province who predicted at prohibition hearings before the House judiciary Coplay Stem consisted of fourteen one Arnettsville w. Va., mar. 26�? up a twelve miners perished today in the dark recesses of the you teen men were in the mine Al teacher buildings housing about Kon mme of the c pupils at the opening of the we explosion of Gas 30 school term there wer almost to. 1900 children enrolled in the ele Jefferson City to. Mar. 26 Llu a rebelling against a Irish Stew demanding a Fried meat for heir lunch approximately 750 of he 4.000 convicts in the Missouri Penitentiary mutinied for two hours a a put Moon in the prison dining the time and seven escaped unhurt. Mittee today that the Dominion eve in tax a i Hook is the teaching the blast occurred about 4.00t half they finally were quieted wifi in Tom in a into feet from the slope Entrance in. Out violence after Warden Leslie would return t0 Complete staff enlist of forty six teachers prohibition Dian asserted. A what it is not govern eve the solution of the Ings housing consolidated schools. The drink problem May be a the Cana three two room building three one reached us ment control a f teacher schools Drury and John j and the supervising principal what is known As no. 9 right head Rudolph promised to improve the a suss to mod cd but x r we of nth of there Quot a a a a a a Quot i in to Horki Wojnor in solid red schools. Our sequel investigation by Wai Den Rudolph brought an announce la Side ment that the meal Quot probably Wasi the first six bodies were removed not what it should have been a ant. Hue proc front it to f j i a Adit on to est elementary from the mme Early in the after that the Quot potatoes in the Stew Wert it i i a schools the District maintains a noon it was necessary to remove lightly Durance Union and a former Mem clas5 hash school. The school poles of debts from damaged a hours after the flare up the was organized As a two year a Section before the remaining Bodier a 7s0 prisoners returned in or could be transported t Otho manner to the Dinning room face and without further objection quiet the Good condition of the air Iri Lyate the scheduled evening meal Ber of the House of is were the Only two witnesses who testified for the dry Fores today. F. Scott Mcbride general super school in 1920 and in 1925 the department of Public instruction approved it As a first class or four intendant of the anti Saloon Lea year High school gue was scheduled to Climax the pupils Are transported by bus to Day with an attack on the Proton both the High school and the events of measures to repeal the 1th Centary consolidated schools. As amendment. He distributed copies goo Road conditions in the town _ a a w4w a. Of his remarks earlier in the Day i ship improve further consolidation jul a search for the victims gency although no j by when mrs. Lenna Lowe Yost j willbe possible Vitsht Forward. A anticipated by prison officials a to vim Knoll Mirous outbreak which the Workings facilitated the work of consisting Only of stewed prunes Rescue. The crowds at first wore bread syrup and Coffee breathing apparatus but later in the the prison was quiet tonight with1 Day this equipment was Unne Cess guards vigilant to meet any Emer Trombu sol amp chafed pres photo sir Ronald Lindsay Cente new British ambassador to the United states when he presented his letters of credence to president Hoover at the White House. Shown with him Are capt. Al in by Lewis quits contest for nomination Samuel s. Lewis withdraws his name from gubernatorial tic Ket in interest of party Harmony. Grundy speculation Harrisburg mar 26-in it intern of party Harmony Samuels. Ii Ewi today withdrew from the Republican gubernatorial contest. Lewis action simplified the situation that has developed since to fun in Lan Keement of his candidacy and that of Francis Shunk Brown. Then Are three other candidates beside Brown still in the race. Oilton pm hot. Judge j. Ambler we i Jai of and Thomas w. Phillip., but the a Rete organisation strength behind Lewis is expected to fall for the most part to Brown. The stand of senator Joseph it. Grundy who has been supporting loft since the gubernatorial can ski at withdrawal was problematical. There were three reports in i ruination tonight concern to Grundy a position. They were that Grundy will quit the a nos if orial race. That Grundy will be accepted of no plea of insanity for general of the dry forces presented him chairman Graham adjourned i the committee meeting. He said the Days would be Given next wednesday in which to Complete presentation of a help witnesses. J Grotth amp a also made known that a recess of about two weeks might be taken before the wets Are permitted to off rebuttal testimony. Drawing his conclusions from in j Durance statistics Lentz said mortality decreased under prohibition i and that the dry Laws proved of widespread Benefit to the Amel ican people insurance companies have found he said that total abstainers live an average of about Lour years longer than liquor drinkers. Explaining Tim the was requested Dague present. By prohibitionists in the United she a Rohan remembers marriage vows _ in jus country new Castle mar. 26�?�a� a Anne pointed out that at nvnhj., in Aei Csc counsel ,1 had there been come lion in the Dominion. Poul Payza and Stanley Kendrew the spontaneous Outon two employees who were working began at noon hour and c in a position near where the sex until 2 30 p m., was not an Losion occurred had their electric of 4-Ed revolt according Power snapped off by the blast but Warden who said there Appal Chey wer unaware of the cause of were no rink leaders. The suspension. After a futile Wai National guardsmen who wore for the Power to be restored they Skliut Torud. Were just arriving a walked from the mine and Learned the Pinion when Rudolph Bac Rea of the explosion. Up by eight prison guards entered a it Asas a a a a a a the Bodi it 88111 had been reared Tlle 5in�?z uts Dent i is a w pm Ruil a put from Worktop Tonjum. Some jul it Rudolh found the con Blynn abut seated at the urn in Chanan left. S. N., aide to the president and Francis White the Philadelphia organization Hack lots tent Secretary of Fegte wha accompanied him. I Brown for governor As its Acu Section of the mine was damaged Pany men. Or Laws from nearby mines Rescue work was carried on Corn ule dining Hall banging on the tables an shouting for Quot meat meat tvs Bur a win was Sun eur on cum-1 or. A a. And Vio mrs. Dague. Irene meet in representatives of the West Virgin a hey a Fly pm he cards do a c Ouirt Wick to a is Irvin a Ian a Hartm a off Minne Ann of Hill de but refuse t e ii storm raging fire truck Over 18 inches hits train Snow Chicago 3 firemen Hurt Chicago. Mai. 20 a a App Uniontown mar 26�?a fire court wife has severe a department of mines and the cold. Aged father of United states Bureau of Hines at Pittsburgh. The blast occurred at 2 a. M. With Only the smal night Crew of loaders in the Emine. Two Hundred workers were employed in the underground plaint during the daytime. The dead included j a. Living mands to form in line and Tea Hall. The coaching the 50th hour tonight v truck hurrying a Blai iia Church Post Winter storm which already a sodded into a Baltimore and Ohl la addressing the a evicts the War a smash d a11 Geoid for Central stat freight train Here ton a three Board would is nov Vlad continued unabated. Firemen were severely injured. Seven in Rel 44.11 i h n t la a Leif a a lit. I ador la candidate in place of Secretary of labor James j. Davis who a been endorsed by William s. Vare for the place. That Grundy will team with pin Chot whom he supported in 1921 i for the governor slip. I Sik it rely after Lewis issued 4tik i statement. Governor Fisher arrived i at the Capitol on his return from ithe political conferences at Pittsburgh Over the weekend except to say that he did not know Lewis a nod formally withdrawn until he the executive offices the Gwen would not comment on the ration a is credited we Ith a a Lur portion of the responsibility for Lewis withdrawal. There been Complete i oui Quot Piea Al Ulcy woia1u be stoic. Mgr 10ieman. Among the the Manu j a. Casualties were Lour negroes. Only and cheered they marched quietly out of the Den said the prison consider any complaints bout t e attempts to Clear highways food. He said that the officials a a. A a a bruises. Received no complaints in months and that Quot if the meals Are not right they will by made right when he concluded Hie applauded Snow fell through the Day to de others suffered minor cute Anet retirement of the former i it eyewitnesses to the. A standing of the ii tuition he said. S Anding Poi a in today s Severn sin Quot tacs Quot h the demonstration most 0 us in Daj he Ming cad us pavement caused the a fuck governor Fisher and others attend to realize that each province of of the trial of w. Glenn Dague on offices of be West Vir Etnia Cre 31 it a Milwaukee. Galesburg ill., St to skid and Thompson drove it int., the meetings of the matrix can a had different. Mss a is in am louts. Evansville . . A signal Post the machine a it what Fieser the f facture of spirits a a a be aws slaying of Corral Brady Pau and ? of the men who were killed Loav Ltd tall and were Token to their cells. Ted at i completion i the courtroom of he Quot to Havid in none of the other More than 300 1 important to an under Quot Triangle of characters wore out Orison in the prison participated ending of the situation he said tending Poilu in today s session a a hts Etc theia a ipod urea Glen it it a a it a West Saief rsr11 be the Dominion oven Manu state no vrho he cd Urt and two tomorrow. The belief was expressed its legislation and a King Dag were exit Ltd that the workers in no 9 healt Ling fact eng and inter revue ii vague were excused. Struck a Gas pocket and that it foreign shipment. ,. Nesses testifying today in might have been ignited by a spark Drury said he did not think the i eluded Nvart Ernest Moore who from a motor. Liquor question would continue asat j was wounded in the gun Battle in the Yukon mine is owned by present because of what he term j which his fellow state Highway a Johnstown interests and the de popular dissatisfaction and an Trolina was slam and George Book Crown company is a subsidiary of increase of drinking in Horn Hond Howard Zeigler. The Imperial Coal corporation. J. Tel bedrooms and elsewhere it mrs. Irene Schroeder convicted Lewis Evans superintendent of the jump treasurer was understood to be a or maintain transportation arched direct result of the Pittsburgh cwt nits. At 3 of clock the weather Bur Edward Athtnyk to option were held in six Nusic eau in Chicago registered a fall of Hook acid Ludden group and i and broke us auf 18.5 inches eclipsing a record set k Finley and Richard Herd flit men of Oun cements. In january 6 and 7. 1823. By 3.6 suffered Many cuts about the head according to advice inches Aad body but their Concett ions were Here today of the highest Auto fatty not serious Hospital author ties Sui a w. I Mellon former Republican William a. Thompson Driver o. St i a chairman and his in ctr seethe truck seeing the approaching a rotary of the Treasury Andrew train applied die brakes but the Mellon after being indication of the extent of to file it to Quot than 3000 paralysis came in telegraphic re none of the other Mort than Soto of cd c us apprised w. By jurors drawn for May court enormous growth of the to annual liquor bul which he said last year totalled $192,000,000. Of first degree murder and facile a mine came Here from Johnstown Nav Bee drawn to save in Milwaukee Galesburg 111., St. To s Louis Evansville. Ind., Cincinnati a signal Post Columbus Toledo and Detroit. Around Ngan St the Tran. The weather Bureau predicted be the Church of a negro Congo Eft station of the Snow after dark to lion was burned to the ground. Night. Surface transit lines is Tab fished service of five principal the k w a a or fares. Elevated fines although 111 la adage i is 1 maintaining faster service than yesterday were running slow for t a caution and suburban railroads were the City a most serious problem persons following the same policy. On the i amp us Only Hall the usual sup a of Cut face web on his own. Same situation held True of Oruo by is unknown t Lewis left without the support cd the in felons was represented it i friends Here As believing to a not be nominated. The former candidate. Cow reversed by weather into action with Grundy and frequent Snow squalls Clr Yiu byt1,113 senator had advise the Mal liquor drinking he added was no today and thus for the first time Tonger a Many a vice but that worn j there were present together mrs. In and children were exposed to it i Theresa Dague the wife whom due he said to the system of gov-1 Dague deserted to join mrs. Sethroe emment control. The sentence of death in the same Case when he Learned of the explosion and jury Quot which Quot will Convene ply was carried into the Metropolis fierce North West Gale than Eter drawl today and officials of the pure milk fed the Eweather in. And around 11 the Lewis withdrawal in was brought into the courtroom late1 a Bettsville is Between and Morgantown. , april 28 Canadian id in a career of banditry. Dague Shi i a 6&Quot 0� is App enl it gtd a senders housekeeper. Windber Boro said that while government liquor j the defendant and mrs. Schroeder. Scat s attorney. Mrs. Cora b. Walker House keep association said continuance of the Somerset wednesday and Early this i the Claire of a Compromise to pro by others Valley to j b la fir storm would spell milk famine to morning. Old Man Winter appear Laide a Way for endorsement of de t Obe on his Ciu it Nuy Marchky Runy by the Philadelphia Organ Philadelphia of As. M. Bol Carpenter que Mahmong to. Mary. Mutow store system was supposed to con Quot i remembered marriage tool liquoi9, most Canadian Provin vows a mrs. Dague replied to inquiry Del q Ces had Quot not really even a pretence ers today when ased Why she and rings out at government control. Her two children Delmar 8. And Quot it is government Sale pure and Marlys 6, were in attendance. Al simple a he added. Drury said the Bert l. Dague aged father of the Bill before the Canadian parliament it defendant also was present. To prevent the Legal exportation of another Eye witness mrs. Eva liquor t othe United states would Baldwin testified that she did not be enacted. He said the measure was not Only a favor9 to a Friendly nation to Aid it in enforcing its own Law but it would rid the Canadian Borders of an undesirable criminal element. See Dague shoot but saw him Point his weapon at Corporal Paul who was questioning mrs. Schroeder Tom Crawford her brother and Dague on the Road near new Castle last dec. 27, regarding a store Holdup at Butler. Telephone Bills monthly hereafter the Johnstown Telephone company announced that effective april i the practice of receiving payments for Telephone service on a quarterly basis will be discontinued and on that Date the company will Start furnishing each subscriber with a monthly Bill itemizing the Cost of service. Including in the monthly Bill will be a toll statement which will show the Date on which each Call was made the place called and the Type of the Call. This plan it is said will greatly simplify the keeping of the records from the viewpoint of the subscriber. Four Are indicted for Hoffman murder Johnstown mar. 26�? up a Tony Palumbo Unfer arrest at Chicago and three other men Are under indictment for the slaying at Salix Cambria county of Louis Hoffman july 14, 1928. Hoffman was shot it discharged by men who went to his place in search of a reported Cache of liquor. The four were Only recently cited following an investigation by state police. Those under indictment in addition to Palumbo Are Frank Powell who is serving 5 to to years is state prison for robbery Frank Cantina in the Cambria county serving Harrisburg Pardon Board in it a sentence for bootlegging and Carl dictates it will favor release of Hen Crow who is held on the murder Chicago schools wite closed at Rampatie u make Mot tation there was no indication of it. Ralph Stephenson bookkeeper. Con noon when it became apparent no during fit was the consensus that the retire Embaugh to. Bessie Barron House Niobe than 16 percent attendance not Ryont Najj year. High intent was nothing More than an and Iza Anar Reni in ii him tvs try pohaf.po1 could be maintained. Uaen Phat a a of probably wished that Mission of defeat by Lewis they had not been quite so a pre in the Wake of the peace in Vious in removing the Snow fences i gubernatorial fight a erect in last fall. Inasmuch As they Justice of the supreme court were called out Early wednesday eloped with the filing by jul morning to remove drifts from the i George w. Maxey. Of the keeper Boswell Boro mrs. Rebecca could be maintained. Rose housekeeper lower Turkey foot to. Mrs. Sadie Phillippi House takes Poison to keeper Rockwood Boro. Ferris end his ill health Deeter labourer Berlin Boro fee _ k. Meyers housekeeper Somerset i Meek so a House keeper Joh mown. Mar. 26-,. Boyd f. Improved rate All of which wore. Wanna county ensure in Cut Boro John r. Boose retired som-,akj., 47. A bookkeeper of in a Slippery and highly dangerous1 Quot Omas a Renom j1 reset Boro George Brehm. Labourer Indiana county today ended his life condition. Tire hoary Adge which that of Filo candidate for que Mahoning to. Joel w. Dickey by taking Poison in a hotel room says maxell Shmil come inks a lion Tuu 0in<?f of fice Tinner. Meyersdale Boro Harry Spangler Cambria county can do out As a Lamb appears to to Ita Mew set tement Rock Farmer Somerset to. Mrs a cording to a Coroner s Roper. In have reversed this season when the to. P statement of Lewis Annie Schwer teacher Windber health was believed to have Promp opening Days of the month were Boro Charles d. Lichty Farmer Ted the act. Summit to. Milton Schrock Farmer Black to. Margaret f. Apple Hose bake Sale a1 Stoystown keeper Somerset to. E. G. Kim members of the sunday school Mel labourer. Shade to. Fred Streck class of Hie Stoystown reformed Farmer Fairhope to. Annie Christ Church taught by mrs. George Stahl Ner housekeeper que Mahoning to. J we hold a bake Sale in the social Ella manges housekeeper Shade Coroner s Rotor. In a have reversed this season when the f0n0ws marked by Lovely Spring like Wea-1 wlvns1fotl0ri exists la her. Sylvania today menaces Noe Only the Unity of the Republican party moving picture sponsored Danato a rail it by scouts very anger to the Republican party mistake w rec Ted Success in spite of weather cond tons. The show was sponsored by a mistake troop 4 of the local boy scout. Est own Bor the following named persons i _ have been drawn to serve on the in yesterdays paper traverse jury which will serve the was made in the news item a som week of april 28. I reset boys arrested in berlins a As it was a1 Ocolor and a Large part mrs. Iva Henry housekeeper i thin1 Mitchels is the boy who is of the picture was actually taken Middle Creek to. W. A. Barron far i serving 3 Days in jail and not Dav j under1 the sea. The picture was earner Somerset Boro Kathryn id Michaels As stated. Specially interesting to people was fraught wit by scouts very interesting inationrf11&Quot it pud nationally if permitted to continue the mysterious Island a scout j sex a Stag lady Al feel Elia manges housekeeper Shade room 0f the Church saturday after = sponsored show played at the Par-1 pineal and economic Struc to. H. C. Barnhart plumber stay a noon starting at 2 o clock. K theater last evening was a huge i a United states itself. It is indicated that with so Many candidates in the Field the Republican party s nominee for governor the show itself was very unusual a 1>eimylvania would he a minor it Ynot a majority candidate. Antagonisms disagreements arid perhaps hatreds developing in carafe Quence of multiple candidacies cannot help but enter local situate to the end that seats in Cong. Associated press photo by Cen a ctr a a Teteka $125,000 in a suit filed in new York for the Art Cinema corporations by Snyder. York county once sen charge. All Are from Johnstown sex of flow u ask is lanced to be hanged for murder a1 cent Palumbo whose Home is satyr a which aha was to Atar it tar hearing plea for Pardon. Chicago. A Chicago Spangler housekeeper Shanksville Boro mrs. Catherin Lafferty House keeper Alleghany to. W. H. Wei-1 Mer Farmer Black to Ida Kei housekeeper Conemaugh to. Norma Shoemaker housewife Somerset Boro miss Laura Huston bookkeeper Somerset Bor Muth Mcvicker housekeeper que Mahoning to. Mrs. Minnie Walker housekeeper sum Easton dynamite damages Home please turn to Page 5 of j olm Spallone at wind Gap science and adventure As it Philadelphia Charles b. Hall entered on exploration of the Bot a Leader in Philadelphia Republican Tom of the sea in a scientifically i Niay lost to the Republican a organization says that Udner no circumstances can there be Compromise with state leaders Over ticket Philadelphia organization will support. Constructed Craft. Will of Christina Holsopple the will of the late Christina Holsopple of Windber was probated wednesday. She bequeathed her estate to her surviving children share and share alike. The result might be far failure of this state to Send Washington representatives cd omitted definitely and ithe principles of a High Prole stun Tariff would be accepted the country As indicating j please turn to Page

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