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Somerset Daily Herald Newspaper Archives Apr 3 1930, Page 1

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Somerset Daily Herald (Newspaper) - April 3, 1930, Somerset, Pennsylvania Somerset daily Herald yom me i Sember 28b. Some Het Pathi sri May. Apri t. Imo Fisher stands by sen. Grundy Parley takes Forward step toward pact bodies of lost children Are found after 15 Day search dream reveals location of Cox youngsters bodies to Jacob Dibert Bedford county Man. Formal presentation of japanese answer to proposals accepted with reservations no obstacle appreciate Quot Jap answer London apr. 2�? a a taking vie great step Forward today to-3ard in 3-Power dorm rom i a a it Agre Quot same among the cml a Mea great Britain and Japan Aei Gates to the naval conference hesitated a take another toward a 5-Power pact until sure of Teir ground. Consequently they announced that1 the important plenary session set for Friday morning would be postponed until next week. Yeijiro Wakatsuki met Secretary Stimson and prime minister Macdonald of St. James a Palace this afternoon. There he formally gave the Long awaited answer to the a Merican British ratio proposals accepting them with reservations. The reservations it is stated created no obstacle to a three Power agree-1 ment. The same three will meet again tomorrow morning to discuss the japanese reservations further. Today Stimson and Macdonald expressed to Wakatsuki their deep appreciation of the spirit and substance of the japanese reply and later Stimson speaking to american newspapermen said a tile situation is much improved since last week and i am much More optimistic of a Fly Power agreement now than i was at that it was understood that the agreement to which the japanese have provisionally assented embraces in general the tonnages arrived at in the Long series of conversations Between senator Reed for America and ambassador Matsudaira for Japan. These figures were concurred in by a. V. Alekander first lord of the British admiralty. Japan asked a straight 70 percent ratio of the american Fleet with emphasis upon the big Cruiser class. However in this class the tray inc Finis has been written to the fifteen Day search for Joseph c. And George s. Cox. The five and seven year old sons of or and mrs. Samuel Cox. Who stray d from the family Home in the northeastern part of Somerset county More than two weeks ago with the finding of tile bodies of the Little wanderers a topped in each others ins a a dead for Sci Ciai Days underneath the branches of a Birch tree on tiie Banks of Bobby a Creek. The Cox children left their Home to follow their father Samuel Cox who had gone into the Woods to shoot a Squirrel that had been traced by his dog. Undoubtedly losing their Way in the wilderness the Little folks must have wandered for several Days before sinking Down exhausted under the branches of the sheltering Birch. More than 2.000 men and women combed the mountains in a frantic search for the Little ones but the actual discovery of the bodies came about in a most miraculous fashion. Jacob Dib it living some twelve or thirteen Miles from the Cox Home and not at All Familia with that part of the Mountain in which the children were lost dreamed for three successive nights to lat he was out searching for then alone in his wander Ings he came across a dead Deer further on the found a Little shoe next he came to a Large Stream Bobb s Creek he crossed this Stream at on of its narrowest places on a Beech log. Then in his dream he travelled Over what is known As Bine Ridge and entered a Ravine through which flowed a Small Broil that came out of the Mountain Gorges. Following this Stream a Little Way. He came to a Birch tree the roots of which formed a Small Semi Circle and to this Little enclosure on the a Vry a Argin of the Stream Imp Mcnol Hie dream made such a Strong impression on or. Dibert that he finally persuaded his wife a brother Harrison Wysong. A Man familiar with that portion of the mountains in which the Cox children were lost to guide him to the tree a had seen in his dream and sure enough the bodies of the children were found exactly As they had appeared to or. Deib it. Seventy four years have passed since the bodies of the Cox children were found in the Woods by or. Dibert on May 8. 1856. Next week that re will be than the one found by or. Another great search in Progress in Somerset county but you a on to have to depend on the Chance of a dream to help you find the right solution. Read the daily Herald next tuesday. April 8, and you will find the key to this new search and we can assure you that the goal will Lead to a happier ending Dib it. Enumerators in Somerset begin work Bermuda nonstop plane Quot enumerators a no i s c census workers Are i nth r Bond heavy fines for disclosing information and false reports. President asks Aid mistrial declared spot boils in in Pennsylvania Indian Case the appointees of Wallace Miller a i Uniontown Cene us supervisor of this congestion District began Cue work assigned in a yesterday. The county has been divided into districts instead of townships and boroughs or. Miller reports that All census enumerators Are under Bond and Are liable to punishment for disclosing any information obtained in the Pursuit of their duties. The Fine for making false entries is $2,000 and two years imprisonment. President Hoover asks that ail the people give assistance to the Zenum 11 orators that they deserve and that Farmers have their schedules mailed to them some time since filled lout and ready for the enumerator when he or she Calls. Below Are listed the enumerators for Somerset county already selected d strict i. W. J. Palmer Liston a Burg 2. W. J. Palmer 3. W. F. Taton. Fairhope 4. W. H Foust. Seanor 5. . Bassiel to. Berlin 7. . Mary Walker Boswell. 8. J. H. He nth Berlin William Braeseker Berlin to. S. A. Patterson. Rockwood la mrs. Lulu manges. Cairnbrook 12, Charles f., Shaffer Jenner town 13, n. H. Blough Davidsville h. B. Forney Davidsville 15. William m. Reeby Ursina 16, Alfred b. Miller. Springs 18, w. H. Pritts Garrett 26. A. E Baer. Sand Patch 27. Charles k. Spiggle s Yesville 28 a. E. Philippi r. D i. Ursina 29 Karl Leith. Meyersdale 30. H. A., Pfeffer. Meyersdale 31. . Mary i Mev Ersdal a 32. Conference at mansion executive Little Ink la Hood Grundy Quot will ally himself with Pini hot Fisher Melloh Ufi p opposed. No Pinchot Alliance associated Presa photo plane used by Lewis Yancey below trans Atlantic flier and two companions on nonstop flight from new York to Bermuda. Harri Suro apr. 2 a Hup port of the candidacy of senator Jas pm r. Grundy by govern Finstr was assured today alter a conference Between the two Mea 4 Tho executive mansion. Admitting the Junior senator from Pennsylvania called on Hotoi at the official residence last night Fisher said the meeting the first since Grundy s running mate. Samuel s. Leads retired from the gubernatorial race was Friendly. Asked if he pledged endorsement of the Grundy Campaign the governor said a my appointment of or. Grundy to the Senate and my speech at the testimonial dinner tendered him at Philadelphia after his appointment. Should be evidence of i my position towards him. I authoritative sources said that neither the gov Velmor nor w. L. Mellon former Republican stat Quot Chapman and a member or the Grundy Flasher Mellon directorate of the state Republican of the last thro and a half years would Sanction an Alliance of the Grundy candidacy with that Ai Pinchot. Yancy and Hawks plane companion Sand glider in b e r m u d a reach Tulsa pennsylvanians ask ii Bargo arrived in Hamilton after spending night on Ocean Rode swells com Ort ably and safely Aerial train arrives in Oklahoma Capitol after encountering bad weather Enro Ute from Texas on soviet Coal Washington apr. 2�? up a tile agreement provides. Japan will have sea in a Hospital too ill Only 60 percent or 108,400 tons com pared to 180,000 for the United states and 146,800 for great Britain. The chief japanese reservation is on this Point As the far Eastern Empire does not wish to appear As surrendering this claim. Figuring in All auxiliary classes of vessels. Japan would have a a to appear in court for final stages of trial no other prosecutions larg Mev Ersdal a 32 Ernest Hen. Sci circled is. Triumphantly Hopes to reach h. Y. Son. Bowman. Ogle town 38 e. G. Yeager Scalp level 39 w h. Foust. Hamilton. Bermuda. Apr. 2 Tulsa. Okla., apr. 2�?the_____________. Statements and replies Fey f n Tsiun a Captain Lewis Yancey trans Aerial train of Captain Frank Hawks Anthracite Coal bloc in the thick and fast commit to nun in v w a n j Phil Atlantic flier and his two compan Frans Continental flier who la Pilot Vania congressional Telega to Quot a no mls it a Lons William h. Alexander and my a glider owed by an air plane animistic today Over the a Zeh Houck today arrived safely in on a proposed flight from san Di-1 the House conferees on Hamilton completing the first flight ego .calif., to new Yolk City. Lait Bill a tee of 70 urges support Lippi Rockwood 43 George m of Grundy Lowry. Salisbury 44 George w in assay Stoystown 45 mrs. Lulu trial almost concluded a Brown has no platform i a _ Fer. Shanksville 48 w. J. Palmer Buffalo n. A a a apr. 2�?ppv�? j Philadelphia apr. 2�? up Listonburg ego Calif to new York city7ian Bill eliminate the Date set from new York to Bermuda after ded at Garland Airport Here late Senate on which import i o Tion of 69.6 percent of the full a a mistrial was declared today in the the Pennsylvania political pot Start Merican strength. But since the Case of the Indian Lila Jimmerson to boil today United states expects to have Only who Jot two weeks has listened to statements and Renli from can 15 instead of 18 cruisers of 10,0001 a White Man s government attempt dilates seeking the Renu Fliear North mrs Aima Gifford tons in service by iwo the actual to convict her for the murder it Normat Iota a site be part a districts 48 to 56 cover Somerset Borough and township. The enumerators Are South or Nora Schrock spending the night at sea. Today after encountering a favor a convict enforced of indentured the fliers expected to remain Here Able weather conditions on the Bor products May be Urail weather conditions were Tav journey from Sweetwater Texas. I the Senate in Section a a Quot or Oracle and then Fly Back to the Captain Hawks landed the glider Bill. Janua Ryas t e United states. At 6 15, 20 minutes after it was Cut a go Date the american mermen who left Loc rom the towing biplane Pil. A a a a to int tvs Thor importations of russian auth japanese ratio will be Between 72 and 73 percent Nad threefold is sat an artist s wife. The defendant who Hospital too ill to reappear in court i factory to the Tokyo government suffers from ttibcrcul06is.vss in a it a to i _ a a a a Niqui a. or f of Nufi h in. In the auxiliary classes great Hostel too ill to reappear in Northwest. A a. Barron Northeast overfly the tin Mark which Sweetwater was completed in five. Britain the United states and a Toth concluding staged the trial i for Justice of the Bender o Friedens South the a a Mudas represent in the i hours of flying time stops being reports i. A. A we Mil us Dheilly of flt. At Onofio at 11. T Tea. Maha eat to it a Gill. It try or. New sri Ive Poi is la diaries on May 20 served to enliven East new York yesterday morning land noted by j. D. Jerrigan jr., Ribert Hunter. Miss Alexandra end. J Bald o Tow the set Ortw Abin i racist. Which Coal dealers and or sly will take tile a census of wac a. ,. County Home and Hospital. For us Rubt to make a Landing in a Stran cry a a a tithe township the enumerators Are Hiu Toor in us it darkness and pos today Asp rotation officials declared. Codd be delivered in Philadelphia at a Lap of 37o Miles from or Moj ton Jess than pen Sylv he i eau Mixhwl for submarines with and judge p Brt Thorn dismissed 32,700 tons each. In destroyers de-1 the 12 men who heard the evidence. Supreme court. _ Edward s. Forney. Another development was a state 56> e m. Christner Sand Patch Stroyer the United state and j had no Opportunity to weigh Jsse jul 2 57 Wulim d. Miner Berlin journey. Great Britain have 150,000 tora j the evidence for Quot judge Thorn said j i 53 B. Sal held. Stores about Midnight they were sighted two and one half hours by each and Japan 105,500. That thoroughly competent physio a a town 59 mrs r cd Witt Meyers in the Light Cruiser class carrying cans said tha at least two weeks Dale no 60 a car l. Garrett offered to take them off. The plane a bronc Atlantic. At that time they i made at Wichita Falls Texas and ,p01 s d the Depa Ismeni had covered about 700 Miles of. Okla Hong City. At Oklahoma City a Commerce by Henry d. Baker the noon Stop the departure was a a Rmer american commercial attache to Russia indicated that 250jmn tons of Coal had been imported from by the Canadian National steam a unfavourable air currents. After spending the night Here. 6 Inch guns a category which does would Lap be of the defendant Nch ligation Gifford p a Patterson Rockwood 62 which was fitted with pontoons j Hawks planned to resume the Jour u hued Russia since the american duty was not Appeal particularly to Ameri cd Andarin court Quot a a a Quot a Quot j Schot for governor. The comm a of film j. Levy Ursina 63 e m was Riding the swells com tort ably Riey Early tomorrow with East St can naval experts great Britain is agn a j Luttee 15 a to i dependent inti Chostner. Sand Patch no. 2 61 however and the Crew refused to Louis 111., his goal for tomorrow to have 192.200 tons. The United i any p�8slb that is organized several years ago tour la . 85 mrs m Ama leave. I night s Stop. He plans to reach states. 143. 500 and Japan ,100.450. J fide the two women would be Cam promote clean elections. So Windber a Amu Murolo 1 they ,�, their local on be new York sunday. The plan also takes into cons dict Hvid 0t� conch Sirur Rienti of former governor Pinchot who is Windber in Dorothy Morse Yting announced As they were unable to wit i completion action the scrapping of battleships my Ved by tile concluding events of making the fight independently at Windber. Tariff Bill m conference by great Britain the United states the trial. Tacked his principal opponent of rfcs and Japan. The whole scheme is a court was about to be adjourn Cis Shunk Brown who is backed for dependent upon fitting its figures de District attorney Moore and the gubernatorial nomination by the into a five Power agreement. Dressed the judge i Philadelphia organization. Charac Washington april 2 this Transfer of the three Power i a i desire to Hall upon your Honor Terizino Brown As a a creature of the Hawley Smoot Untriff Bill was sub make of today slap sind wireless messages once having Captain Hawks has covered 1,505 settled on the surface of the Ocean Miles in 17 hours and 20 minutes at 6 a. M. Today the plane took of flying time. He estimated the off again and came in sight of the air distance from san Diego to a a the viands when it was necessary to new York at 2.800 Milos. A Landing due to Lack of Byrd pictures arrive in new agreement to the general Frame at this time for advice in this trial gang Quot the former governor alleged netted to a conference Between the gasoline. The Plant was then about Woark of a five Power treaty had their have been Condi tory which that he had been a sidestepping Quot on Senate and the Louse today for and. Two Miles off the coast of St a direct bearing upon today a unix created suspicion that others might i31 the vital issues of the Cam i Justement of the hundreds of diff Georges petted decision to postpone the be involved involved in this crime pain plenary session which had been Cal beside the defendant and Nancy led for Friday of this week. Bowen. I refer especially to Henri likes ship so Well tat Quot erf and its now ter ass said a a a a a a a a a a stays on indefinitely the re to Quot have been a a not vowed candidate for the governor Brown to Busy a Francis Shunk Brown a Pinchott Serences Over l Ijes and other Fea Tures. Leither increasing cloudiness and warmer awaited boats curried a gasoline Supply to the plane which then took off again shortly after Nin. The airmen who had been eagerly by Large crowds of spec 6 year old girl is abducted in Detroit York by plane new York apr. 2�? up a Hue first photographs picturing the arrival in Dunedin of the homeward bound Byrd Antarctic expedition reached new York today brought new York apr. 2�? up a a. T. Jefferies retired broker of Philadelphia has become a perpetual Ocean voyager. Last december 4, Jefferies started out for Glasgow Scotland a but figuratively speaking he Hasni to set foot on land since. Jefferies sailed for Scotland on the Caledonia but when the trip returned he still was on Board. He explained to ships officers that he liked nothing better than sea trav Ell and that the ship suited him perfectly. Since that trip the Caledonia has made two 29-Day cruises and one Shorter cruise to the West indies. In the testimony they gave this shop for Many weeks up to two thursday pliable followed by taters including officials circled the Detroit. Apr. 2 a the a tothe Assoc in court to justify grand jury action i very moment nobody knows wha la a a a a Afri noon or at night bermudas triumphantly and then patently motive less kidnapping of York to my Jjo a his issues Are what he stands for judge Thorn replied there was no what has lans a whether is evidence in court or anywhere which wet 0i. Or would warrant presentation of a or Brown and has Malm Gers Case against any of the mentioned and supporters have been so Busy persons to the grand j Decker Long with the owners of the controlled vote that they have had Berkebile exonerated at Johnstown hearing in Parr r M. Berkebile was found not no time to say where they stand or what they Are for on any questions that affect the welfare of the average family.1 in reply Brown issued this state guilty of operating a business under a fictitious name before Alderman ment s. J. Mcclure in Johnstown. Mr., a in proper language and in plenty Berkebile was charged with oper of time before the primaries for rating a detective association with people to read and understand Schas Jefferies retaining the same out registering the name of the or those who do not know where i have Cabin. A animation with the Pennsylvania always stood will be told my Posi the Caledonia sets out for Scot i officials or at the office of the Cam Tion on All matters vitally affecting land again saturday with Jeffer Bria county prohtorotary., but it the welfare of the ies still on Board. Philadelphia five sus suspects Are arrested in Holdup of building and loan association for $25,000. Was found that Berkebile was in Pinchot announced the appoint Gally registered in the state of Del ment of former judge Arthur c. Aware and it was also stated by the Dale Belfonte As chairman of the defense that this Type of corporation. Pinchot state Campaign committee does not come under the fictitious and mrs. Mary Flinn Lawrence name act. Of q8bci cd Tun 9�eaid Friday fair. Night kidnapping i Hutira settled Down in the Harbor finish the six year old daughter of Quot an Auer to us the Paramount i a Ling their hazardous flight. Ton Chile factory worker occupied Golgi our allotment of Gulf motor a attention tonight of the police de Vert own a oils for Distri Bung during our an-1 Chicago co eds have apartments of Detroit and of the Nual March Sale Jat 58 certs per Gal was 4.125 Gallons we have sold during the Sale 3, ti45 Gallons which leaves us 880 Galins on hand. Own smoking room set Dearton where. Pama a he Chicago apr. 2�? up a a As More without obtained than 30 hours Fasserl t pc urea a last sunday. Schroen passed hair arrived at the Newark n. J. Smok of without word from the girl Mary Airport at 2 30 p mph this amount Ivill be offered for a room for women was establish-1 9-year-old brother i n minutes after he had taken Sale during Al until All is sold today at the University of Chi a a so Phi said was taken away in from Miami Fla at the March see Price of 58 cents Cago to which co eds May Retreat to i _vf1.aunlobile of a strange Man an hour later the news photo. Per Gal. Puff a cigarette unmolested by up police worked on the theory that let us Drain he Winter Oil from lifted Eye brows and too loudly be a a the hands of a mor your Crank Ca and put in the spoken condemnation by the non a 011�?T Correct summer Frade of Gulf motor smoking factions who Are invited Joseph said that the Man took of i to a remain where cigarettes Are not. And his sister in the Automo alien let us amp lately lubricate per knitted. And Wash your oar. The new smoking room was open we have reverting for your cared in Ida Noyes Hall the co eds and a Twenty fair hour service Cov Campus club House at the Sugges graphs were being telephoto de amp Cross the country for immediate distribution to newspapers and the Paramount news workshop was grinding out movie newsreel releases ering every Aub motive need. Tion of the advisory Council. Worth of0 Randy 11 when to returned were Picke it i a the boy said the ecar was Irone Bairoa it Panama canal zone i m bom bite in Tow a a a Quot my a it garage Somerset Penn a. I a so Long As some girls will smoke s Given ear tar. Eve Tab they arrived from Dame to of and others object a smoking room i w m la Workman. I the Steamer Canara Scho Chhai. Is a necessity Quot said prances Carr i to Hon a Nohrik it it a spoke 1 Arr tvs to in Miami last nights j me Cutie of the Campus y. W. C. J Pei tar amp 2t�t��1la m w i English. A Oes made a Short Stop at Richmond va., today for fuel

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