Smethport Mckean Citizen in Smethport, Pennsylvania
21 Jan 1860

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Smethport Mckean Citizen in Smethport, Pennsylvania
21 Jan 1860

Read an issue on 21 Jan 1860 in Smethport, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Smethport Mckean Citizen.

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Smethport McKean Citizen (Newspaper) - January 21, 1860, Smethport, PennsylvaniaM it published Wery saturday e port m Kean county a. My Flo Ian rare after no paper trill be rent from this office Uleu paid Advance or the party to whom it is sent has a reputation for honesty unless payment is made f i 50 will be i Varia Bly charged. Those who receive the Piper from the Carrier will be charged f 1 50. Bates of advertising. Davetti Remante will be charged 50 per Annare of 10 Linen one or three insert Lojis. An dumber of lines Lew than ten will be charged u a Square. Thu following rates will be charged for Thorto months and upwards 3 months c 1 year 1 50 2 do 350 s do 450 column 600 do 6 00 i do 15 of 450 550 750 1200 2500 5 off 600 850 1800 8500 to unless a contract is entered into at different wetly to at t the foregoing prices will be strictly adhered it nil rates. Bali new cards include Cluj the paper will be charged per year. Book and Job Prihod in or the office supplied with Well inn tire material a Large proportion of which entirely or and the proprietor feels warranted in Attert song that be in prepared to Plain and ornamental printing Inaudi gift books pamphlets v1rcv cards Bill head Blanks catalogues pro in a style not to be surpassed by any establishment in this or adjoining coun ties. It Blanks of every description constantly on hand b. Boughton attorney and counsellor m Smethport it Kean county a. Business entrusted to Istance fun Mcnown people with whom he was to to connected and his a form attached itself to the girl of whose charms his father gave him perhaps a too partial every moment of the Long Yoy Jage which at that time abounded in Dan Gers and which required a much Ong or period than now increased the inti Macy and Mutual attachment the traveler when at length they Des cried to port of Galaway the older Lynch congratulated himself not Only on the second son which god had sent but on the beneficial influences which the gentleness of the amiable youth might have on Edward s dark and More vehement character. This Hope appeared Likely to to completely fulfilled. Edward who found in gon Salvo All that was waiting in himself Celt Bis own nature As it were completed by his As be had Al ready Learned front his father that he was to consider him As a brother their Friendship soon ripened into the warm est and most sincere affection. In not funny Mont a had passed before uneasy feelings arose Fri Edward s mind to rouble this Harmony. Gonsalvo had come the husband of his sister Bat lad deferred Bis return to Spain for an indefinite time. He hid become the object of general admiration attention and love. Edward Felt that he was less Happy than formerly. For the first time in Bis life neglected be could not conceal from himself that he had found a successful rival of his former univer Sal and in contested but what Shook him most wounded Bis heart no less than his Pride prepared for him intolerable and restless the reception which Day continued that Anna. He looked upon As his Tubi Ough she still refused to confess her hat his Anna bad Ever since the Arri Val of the handsome stranger grown colder and colder toward nay to even imagined that fun guarded he had seen her speaking eyes rest As if weighed Down with heavy thoughts on the soft and Beautiful features of Goas Avlo and a aint Blush then pass Over her a beef but if his eyes met hers this soft Bloom suddenly became the Burnie of Ever. Yes be Coald not Ler whole deportment was apr icons n deep melancholy then suddenly i uproot and equal tempered girl she bad always appeared. Everything betrayed to the Quick Eye of jealousy that she was the prey of some deep seated Pas Sion and for whom for whom could h be but Gonsalo for him at whose every action it was evident the inmost chords of her heart gave oat their altered tone. It been wisely said that love is Roro nearly Akin to hate than to Lik ing. What passed in Edward s bosom a proof of this. Henceforth it seemed Bis whole enjoyment to give pain to the woman he passionately loved and now in the bitterness of his heart held guilty of All his sufferings. Wherever occasion presented itself he sought to Embarrass her to sting her by disdainful Pride or to overwhelm her with cutting reproaches till conscious of her secret crime shame and anguish overpowered the wretched girl and she burst into torrents of. Tears which alone had Power to allay the scorching fever of her heart. But no kindly re conciliation followed scenes and As with lovers resolved the dissonance into blessed Harmony. The exasperation of each was Only heightened to desperation and when at length be saw Enkin led in Little capable of same fire which burned in the eyes of Anna when he thought he saw his sister neg. Elected and himself betrayed by a ser pent whom he bad cherished in his Bosotin he stood at that Point of human infirmity of which the a seeing alone can decide whether if by madness or the condition of a still accountable Crea Ture. On the same night on which suspicion had driven Edward from Bis Couch a restless wanderer it appears that the guilty lovers had for the first time met in secret. According to the subsequent confession of had concealed himself behind a pillar and bad seen Gonsalvo wrapped in his Mantle with harried Steps out of a Well known bide door in the House of Anna s father which led immediately to her apartments. At the horrible certainty which now glared , the fury of hell took Possession of his soul his eyed started from their sockets the blood rushed and throbbed As if it would burst his veins and As a Man dying of thirst pants for a draught of Cooling water so did his whole being Pant for the blood of his like an infuriated Tiger he darted upon the unhappy youth who recognized him and vainly fled. Edward instantly overtook him seized him and burying Dagger a Hundred times with strokes like lightning flashes in the , gashed with satanic rage to Beautiful features which had robbed him of his beloved and of peace. It Wai not till the Moon broke Forth from Bohand a dark Cloud and suddenly lighted the ghastly spec Tacle before disfigured mass which returned scarcely a feature of his once beloved streams of blood which bathed the body and All the Earth around to waked with horror As from some infernal dream. But the deed was judgment was at hand. Led by the instinct of self preservation to fled like Cain into the nearest Wood. How Long be wandered there he Coald not recollect. Pear love repentance Des and at last madness pursued him like frightful companions and at length robbed him of a time annihilating the terrors of the past in forgo falness for kind nature puts an end sufferings of mind As of body by insensibility or death. Meanwhile the murder was soon like the Waves of the tem pest troubled sea they filled the Market place and the Street Tod forgetting to crime of the son in the relentless Justice of the father demanded with threatening the opening of the Brison and the Pardon of the criminal bring the night though the guards were doubled it was with great difficulty that the incensed mob were withheld from breaking in. Towards morning it was announced to the mayor that All resistance soon would be Vail for that a part of the soldiers had gone Over to the the foreign guard held All demanded with furious cries the instant liberation of the Crim Inal. At this to e inflexible magistrate took a Resolution which Many Well Call inhuman Bat whose awful self Conquest certainly belongs the rarest examples of stoical firmness. Accompanied by priest he proceeded through a secret passage to the Dungeon of Bia son and when with newly awakened desire of life excited by the sympathy of Bis fellow citizens Edward Sank at his feet and asked if be brought him mercy and Pardon the old Man with unfaltering voice no my this world there is no mercy for Yon. To our life is irrevocably forfeited to the Law and at Sunrise Yon must die. to years i have prayed for your earthly happiness. Bat that is past. Tarn your thoughts now to eternity and if there yet be Hope let As now Kneel Down together and implore the Al mighty to Grant you mercy hereafter. Bat then i Hope my son though he Coald not live worthy of Bis father will at least know a dlr to die worthy of with these words he rekindled the Pride of the once Noble and dauntless youth and after a Short prayer he sur rendered himself with heroic Resigna Tion to his father spit Ilesa will As the people and the greater part of the armed men mingled in their ranks now prepared amidst More wild furious menaces to storm them the prison James Lynch appeared lofty win Dow. His son stood at Bis Side with a Halter round his neck. I have said to inflexible magistrate that Gonsalvo Al murderer should die even though i Mast perform the office of executioner myself. Providence has taken me ats my word and you mad known in the City and the fearful end of the gentle youth had confided himself a foreigner to their hospitality was Learned by All with sorrow and indignation. A Dagger steeped in blood had been found lying by the velvet Cap of the spaniard and not far from it a hat ornamented with plumes and a clasp of gems showed the recent traces of a Man who seemed to have sought safety in the direction of the the Bat was immediately recognized As Edwards and As be was nowhere to be found fears were soon entertained that Gonsalvo had been murdered by his Friend. The terrified father mounted his horse and accompanied by a crowd of people calling for von Gance swore solely that nothing save the murderer were he even compelled to execute him with Bis own hands. We May imagine the shouts of the attendants nod the feelings of the father when at the break of Day Edward was found sunk under a tree Liv ing and although covered with blood yet apparently without any dangerous wound we May imagine the shudder which ran through the feelings of the father we cannot imagine restored to himself the murderer of Gonzalvo and earnestly implored instant punishment. Be was taken Home bound tried before a full Assembly of magistrates and condemned to death by his own father. From the most wretched of fathers that nothing Mast Stop the course of Justice and that even the ties of nature must break before while he spoke these words be had made the rope fast to an Iron project ing from the Wall and now suddenly pushing his son out of the window he completed his dreadful work. Nor did he leave the spot fill the last convulsive struggles gave certainty of the death of the unhappy victim. As if struck by a Thunder clap the tumultuous mob had beheld the horrible spectacle in death like silence and every Man glided As if stunned to his own House. From that moment the mayor of Gal Way resigned All Bis occupation and dignities and was never beheld by any eyes but those of his family. He never left Bis Home until he was carried from it to the grave. Anna Blake died in a Convent. Both families in the course of time disappeared from the Earth but the Skull and Cross Bones Long con tinned to make the scene of this fearful u plut Tosy. Wald told better than it we hit father who took Tebesa Plount walk to can Ada. He went three times during the a for. This time Hal and neighbor of Bis were tire asking in Bis barn when to loud and cont Razeti Barking of dog excited their that Tho red skins were near. They took their rifles and vent out to they looked carefully in All behind the under the ban every whore where they supposed it possible that a Savage Coald crowd himself Bat no signs of one were to be seen. By the Tiro men returned to their labor when to their astonish ment and horror their Dusky to Mab crowded in at the Broad open doors of the barn and announced to them that they were taken captive. Grand Fath neighbor dropping his Tail sprang for Bis gun Bat before he reached it he was shot dead seeing the Fate of his companion my swung his flail about Bis Bead and with a deadly Force he brought it Down upon the Skull of the Indian who had shot him. The Savage fell upon the floor. Instantly the Avenger was seized from behind and jerked to Bis Knees while the yells of the infuriated red men filled the barn. A tall Savage bad the White Man by the hair and was brandishing by gleaming scalping knife above him when a commanding voice no kill Grandfather thought he knew the voice nor was he Mista Ken. There before him stood the very Indian who twice before bad marched him into Canada. You go with me i spoke Sasonya. Very said Grandfather not particularly sorry to save his life. The Long March was accomplished and my Grandfather remained a or until the peace was when the Exchange of prisoners took place he was Sot at Liberty As be walked out one Day before be had started for his Home whom meet in the Street Bat the identical Savage who bad Throe times received for him the Bounty Money. The old red skin appeared delighted at the meeting and the two men heartily Shook bands. You want to go Home of yes that s what 1 wag the answer. Ate take you. Said Sasanoff and he was faithful to his word. La due time Grandfather saw his Homo once More and in the general Joy at his Safe return the Indian lie was Mode fully Welcome and anal Ned a week or More in the family very Happy in the company of his old travelling companion. When at last Sasaoka Felt that he must let am to Tho Woods and to his own wigwam he bade his friends Farewell and took leave of Grandfather with these words Good Bye War come we come catch you to a Young Indian failed in his attentions to a Young Squaw. She made complaint to an old chief who appointed a hearing or trial. The lady Laid the Case before the judge and explained the nature of the Promise made to her. It consisted of sundry visits to her wig Wam Many Little indefinite Atten and presents a Bench of Feath ers and several Yards of red this was the charge. The faithless Swain attentions in Toto. He had visited her father s wigwam for the purpose of passing away time when it was not convenient to Bant and bad Given the feathers and flannel from Friendly to and . During the defence the Squaw fainted. The plea was considered invalid and to Offen Der sentenced to give the lady a Yel Low Feather a brooch that was then dangling from his nose and a dozen Coon the sentence was no sooner concluded than the Squaw sprang ing her bands a had Western cattle dealer who rarely bad the privilege of sitting Down to meet with a family and had never been in a ministers House in Bis life was not Long ago benighted and lost in his ride across the Prairies and compelled to ask for lodgings in the first Bouse he could Ipp ily for him it proved to be the dwelling of a Good Man a Parson who gave him a cordial Welcome and what was especially agreeable told him sup per would soon be ready. The travel Ler s appetite was ravenous and the moment to was asked to sit Down he without waiting fora second invitation he Laid hold of what he could Nach. Stop said Tho Good Man of the House to Are in the habit of saving something before we to wait till Tho Blessing was asked the rough customer did not understand Bat with Bis month fall to muttered godhead say what you like Yoa can t turn my stomach howl in a recent lecture Tho Rev. Henry Ward Beecher gave an account of by s first year in the ministry the first flock which he gathered consisting of Only Nineteen poor women. He was then not Only the pastor Bat the Sexton of the Church filling and lighting the lamps which to was compelled to Bay himself kindling the fires and sweep ing the Church. He did not ring the Bell because he had none to ring.-. _ such was the Humble beginning of most popular preacher in the non her feet exclaimed with Joy now me ready to to courted again. There is a Beautiful and touch ing custom observed by Tho people of France when a funeral of Possing. As the bearers move slowly by the men raise their hats and the woman Bow in Token of respect to the dead a Beautiful custom which should be every where tit Union is not always As the Sailor said when he saw the Par. Ser mixing his ram with water. If the Bills before Congress Are not counterfeit Why should there be sorely grow. Tall Oaks from Little come Here Yoa Ras Cal 1 won t you whip me father no w ill Yon swear Yon won t yes. Then 1 won t come fat Hae for Par son Atwood be that swear will lie. A for his Virtues. Obtained the name of Little Rascal. _ a stranger Asko j Why this appellation was Given him to distinguish me from thereat of my townsmen who Are great said he. A negroes instructions for put Ting on a coat were fast do right aria Den de Lefi and Den Gib Ono Gene ral con Wuhan out into fits of violent mirth but the people would not lose their Aach difficulty in pawing Tarn w As we grow older it is with hearts As with Heads of is not easy to distinguish the Truo from the false. What ctr Orch do Yon a twi mrs. 0, and Paradox Church whore Tho gospel a with

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