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Smethport M Kean Miner (Newspaper) - June 21, 1864, Smethport, PennsylvaniaThe m Kean Miner. 18. Rita Lishky go fihs at i tuesday by county office West Side of Public in i who n pay meet More than the Etc in Dum tidily Cut Al Audi Iiona will be it at k of advertising. in of to Iasi Orlyss. Curtit Iaac truuts 1 column one Vear 14 v. 20 Fly 1200 1. Ill months 2000 1000 lib sum a 3 test Rinns -150 curd paper one year 6 00 of Are net to Typo constitute a Oqui tre. Ninf Tybo Andrt bid a Titi publisher. Of Rev. Or. Breckinridge at the Balti More gon Ventina. I Neal i hem and the glory of the country fearful truth runs through the whole Birto hesitatingly join those who demand that i Ite Indiee i j which lies before us if we succeed plainly i by of Mankind that whatever else Rossy he government should be put Back where Inot constitute in objection. Job priming. The min Riv Jtb a urge and e to pm printing l of Fml ate Tii do nil Kiodt of t Ornaha Geatal work incl Litty circuit Hal with neat ital jul on Ceram of the you cannot be More sensible than i am that the p it which i have to perform Here to Day is merely n mutter of form and fleeing Pipun thu principles of my whole life i was inclined when the suggestion was made to me from various quarters that it was in the of Ninny members of the convention to Confer this distinction upon Imp to earnestly decline o a crept it. Be cause i h Ive never sought honors i. Have never sought distinction. I have been a working Man and nothing Eise. But cer Tain considerations led me to n t in a double up Lisp Brit by not in a Trca-1 dons to give stability to authority wet ate t with the dignity and precision of it i or my by dont1 to give Prepp fruity to great to utter by its representatives institutions however Wisp the political principles by which they in Pic timid and just May be the Ubillos Yalj of m f. It. y Annii in Moron til attn Ilion paid to Ollic Ali Iii ii nil nil to real t 81 ror Ontl the Liin Estt crisis ii in in Musi Toti Facio by Mai incr. Buttts of wagons ironed in the latest and most done on to Slot list nol ice a oks i gi4imks. Small port. April 1864. 1-33. Court f Lent j Chi Numor Irtis of twin i Vici proclamation. Mind. there is a class of men in the country far to Small for the Good of the country. These Are the Inen who by their example by their by their voice1, iry to do Good and All tin More in perilous times without regard to the Reward that May come. It is Given to Many such men to understand by the Dis Titti tin conferred upon me one of the hum Blest of their class that Turre Are whom the country will cherish and who will not be forgotten. There is not Irr motive rela. Live to your Sells and to the country at Large. It is Good for is Good for every nation and every i Opelc Verv and every party to be wish All i. The . Kob Kkt White Prenol tar and Trio . J. a Fujii i into of the Courlen it Over ctr Miril i livery Quarter up Finoli and c Turt of cite Nulud m Kinn. Bap Lii in the Ibi Dity of in the i 1 f in it my or bidding it iad turn incr a told delivery Iosim .1 .in1 a Imit unit Cul irl of common id la Orough Nfn Julic 2tt i. Look j v Tucy Lilin i inf it a. Ono n Honky to tin Jim and c vim in pm Tolj tin re in Pei Tui at Lii in life nil t of u Koui it lit i will i a Coli Iii the i done r p re r ii a j lie in the jail ecu it dilc.1 at , m r h 5 h. 18rj, and the 871 Var no tin Eann i s. . New Spring Mille Aery i of the e and most. Approved Tust Hack fixed hmm w. , at the of Jilin Hall. Esq., no Fairn her stuck of a Beautiful assortment of jacket and Mantilla Patton in am l Neq Aird assortment of Flowers kill Bons ac., the Are Cupec Folly a rated to enu tier Stock. To follow Tel Noble instincts Ami where Inen to purge your selves of nil if see so is and betrayers and to Confer offices if it be Only in m r form upon Thoie worthy to be trued and nothing More. Applause now according to my convictions of propriety Anvi Iier said this t should say nothing More. But it inter noted to me from quarters and in a which i cannot regard that i should disappoint the wishes of my friends and perhaps the just expect nations of Ihu convention if i did not As precisely is i could Sav so the great matters a Ucli Ivo brought us Here. Tier Tubre in n very few As plainly As i can 1 will Endeavor to draw your attention to on and another of Toliese Grant matters in which we arc nil eng Hgel in tha first puce nothing can Leinore of Iii than the fac that you ure Here is it present trives of great chosen a Ihnut forms of Law but As real representing the Law hangs and choose the prejudices of the a Jeri can Popli As were written in their i and already passed by their for tin Man that you n ill nominate Here for Ilia presidency of the United states and ruler of n Grant in n great criss is ust is certain i suppose to become that to live and for the Sake of which they Are willing to die so that nil men every where May Imdars Lind precisely what we mean and Iny that Furrow so and clearly that while Man who is Worth to with freemen May see it and pass Over it every Man who is unto rely. Niny be either unable to pass it or my be driven far from it. We Jint Bone but those who Are like us to be with us. Applause now among those principles if you will allow me to it. first and most distinct is thai we do not intend this n Iti onto be Dis . We Are a nation to doubt n Peculiar one n nation formed of Slatis Nitzl no of Ritiro except As. These states form it and these Slat s Are do Stites ex3e-rt As they Are states it it hns been found that the Only Ena Aring. Only imperishable Cement of Alt institutions been the blood of trailers1 no Goi or neut fins Ever been built upon in perishable foundations which foundations were not in the. Boloeil Oft tutors. It is a fearful truth but we had is Well avow it at once and every lick Yogi and every rebel you kill every Buttle you win dreadful is it s to do it you Are and it my be n year it be ten in that nation. They had no More right to repudiate the nation the in the nation has to them. None of them had even a Sladow of a right to do this and helping us we wiil vindicate itt truth so that it shall never be disputed any More in urn world. V applause it is n fear slut Ler that set before us but there me is for it. Theoc of you Ivett eluded to Lam subject know that. Rom the foun Justion of the present Tii of ure nil Nincic our present constr ution formed there have always been Tomt had no Finith. In our govern nent. The men that formed it Diny it May Ben Century it May be ten centuries to the life of and the Freedom of you childrens great applause now passing Over that Idin Tow other things which it would be right for me to say did time serve and were this the oct Isioro let Are n Union . Applause your origin 1m been referred to As having occurred eight yen s in Ore sense it is True that you Are far1 older Tojin that. I see before me not Only primitive Republic Annj primitive but i see also democrats and primitive primitive Amei icons and if you will allow i to say j who All my life have Iwen a party to myself. Laughter adj a. Plauson As Union party i will follow you to the end of tin Ertil. And to the Gates of but As an party As a Republican party is a1 party As a democratic pm Rev As in Raineri ism party not follow you one posed its not Desin its sue j is True of of was but i am not a pro slavery Man. I Nuver i unite Royael with those who believe it is contrary to the brightest inter ests of All and of All government contrary to the Spitt of the. Christian and incompatible with the natural right of rain. I join Roysell with those who say away with it forever and i Fer vently play tied that the. Day. May Brou Eliout the whole land every Man May be As free As you Are and As Ca Pable regulated Liberty i will not detain you any longer. One single word you will allow me to say in behalf of the state from which i come one of the smallest of the to hounds of Israel. We know very Well that our eleven votes me of do consequence in l a presidential elec Tion. We know very in our pres ent unhappy condition it is by no Means men need not Aoe ept the Issue thus tendered by the Copperhead Fli if the wish to Rater upon a Crosatto the Labouring they Are toilers have become odious to Thero we re Joice that it last they Are to i a v uie people in their True Light a Fife ene Mies of d ii to critic Republican Liberty and the friends of aristocracy. Here Are two station to station As far As they that Here represent the party that will carry the of the votes in that unhappy state. I know very Well that sentiments which i am. Utti ring will cause me great odium in the state Iti which i was born which i love where the Bones of twp generations of my and Emu of Roy children Are and where very soon i shall Lay my own 1 know very Well that my 4 were doubtful of its and the men. That of and turn bold to say without detain-1 the american Jou May ing you on this subject that for nil the ont cry about our violations of the con Miculion this i went living Ovri Ilion tend Tom Pes not Union jux arty Siru More Tho Ronoldy de voted to that Cost Wigtion than tiny g.r-ne-. Ration shift harm ver Iive-1 Niider it a p nus1. While i say Tusti and Solit univ believe it and by Lieve it is cup Noble of the 250 Best of. M. Ducker 250 us Viii removed to Hla Ufa 19 weft Houton Stert new a War tales pc Cluro in Earlinr the it e ton of the until in to ibo new and full Octav overt 9am, French Grano action Harp medal full Iron from to 1 1-4 Oriard piano Fobb. Fin Job to the i Mno is for Ungeri Ortr. They Only need o de to become Universal favourites. Medal Wim it he Bow of frs Nair As Mything heaven before it is Duc. Prolonged will flow the to spy though it is proper that i should but As firns 1 know your opinions i suppose it us certain now As before you titter you will utter and Plikh will to to from top end to the other of Flam fun two w i will after it bus been uttered Lind the corded your 8 or pry Dota boy. Man doubt that this intends to any Flint Abraham. Lincoln shall be the great applause Ali it i wish however u Call your the gun ear of the Mission upon Nuj Cajou Ore met Sod therefore the dignity and solemnity earn estates and consciousness Wuh tvs Iii. Rep resenting one of and one of the find people of the world Yoo ought to discharge Ibec now its id Ibe Nomin lion of president and vice president a regard it which sacred say nothing be i know there is Raore differ add Iris great error which is being propagated in o it Aiad to say that our National life ends Ine rely upon the sustaining of that Constitution. Our fathers made it and we love it. 1 intend to maintain it. But it us to change we ran do so applause Jand it to change it we will Chi Inge it. Applause if it were torn into ten thousand pieces the nation would he As much Al a Saliou As it was before the const Tulson was nation declared its ind Epen it Neasa on tej Puoplo and lived n3 a United Pcopl-1, until indu Pudei deut of All Jurf Cicolari institutions in Ler a which they liw eid cup Noble of modelling hem precisely is their interests be ought to have it understood Fri oads Hud in Mica that while we Lov that Inghrum tit we will Mui Tiutin it Wil with Urf Doubat in mainly put to Deal re foe who undertakes to trample Beyon r a doubt we will re Erve to alter it to suit ourselves rom time to to Oil and from generation to Gentt lion one More on tent subject. Nave in corporate Al do and scatter a rile lasts whip the country is in while you Call your a Ives is Yon dry Hrth Cir Rhth the Conven Tion the Fenton party Are for tie preservation of Union Ami the destruct Orr of this rebellion Root and Brancu. And in my Juil Geht one of the errors that has been committed Eyoup of the Febert Goveri Irenr the chief of Elridi about to nominate for or term of of the errors has been to believe that we have succeeded when we have not succeeded and to in a Man Ner w i Cirii precisely for Thost who have will in cur odium if they i Jorse blurt i say and they Loo know it but we have put our Fuce toward the Way in which we intend to go null we go in it to if Beare to Mierish we will perish Irr that any. All to say to you is help u4 if you can if you cannot by Liege in your Bearta Tuat. Died like men great cheers of tie perheads.1 the humblest Jowik in life and by the Force of native strength of mind Hove qualified the Nelvus to Deal with destinies of the nation. They have been popularly recognized As statesmen for year but now in is objected that the one was rail splitter Aud the other n tailor lot the toil aug masses of the country to pkg notice that the two men who above others or their representatives of this Cri Sis Are pronounced Boom by Hopper. Beads for no other reason than it they were taken from the Boring lion themselves. Accustomed to nil amenities of and professional adj piety and habituated for years past by. Tbs exigent in of Public life to treat every body with civility respect and Are pet boors because they were Labouring Forth Amer icon. Indy occupy Jna room let Ter b it one of the hotels wrote on to slate the ing Wake letter b it seven. Nud if 0 says Lei us be Don t let Tetter be. Tar new of you. You have other snort Tol Duck a Rich Toije add t i on a the 8100 , too ii drive w Gentie the party Ihrer about Ite you have to put form Roar Wisdom will suggest that will your nation to toe which already said a Sujiyo our Power Thot you Jay lest and prosecute he War a Ficici is Noder in two instrument of Resolution i gives us without of the to change it. It never before Atn Ercan states and then is no need of or civil War except Sporl a debian of the fundamental principles of All Jiw a Oyer ments that the Noat and there is to other Mei Lippi 6f on so Cihiy that Ibe will 0f Ibe Tbs Jonty Hull be the will will of the r if Irit it whole. So tent ii Oto Patio Tiplea i have Stefe is to in the Ozity i Liberty succeed i in Yon will not you1 cannot succeed until broken theoary Power of this people. Applause 1 not Dennitt you on these incidental join Trona of which has been made promo Nwart rat tie remarks of the excellent chair Man of the National . 1 do nol know that i would to. Willing to go so for is probably he i cordially agree with him in this. I think consider ing what has been done about slavery to King the thing is it now stands Overlook ing altogether either in Way of condemns Tion or no prove hat bus Brough us to the Point where , hut in my cola science an i with ail Ray heart that what has brought we arc in the matter of surf Visby is the Birginal sin and Folly of irn Asod and secession you Reine Niber that the cd Feaga Tion itself was understood and i believe it the Union National ticket was Only non inn Ted it Balliu orc on a wednesday and no we find one partisan journal the outcry against it that it is not composed of men of professional Tonj Nide. Quoth the world Ellie age. Of Etc Osmen the age of and tailors and has succeed so persons said in thai the revolution about Bea Jemio a Journeyman Printer Roger Slie Nuan a Shoemaker and Israel Putnam a Farmer. Abraham Lincoln s education for the bar was obtained in pretty touch the Baroa state of society and by the same methods As that of Henry but it suits the Pur uses of Copperhead for and to Clay Only As a i and Lin spin Only As a rail spirit cause of you letter b unable to it her reuse to or. A who is to be on hand at Liaf Post the of por Ter a better Boot i Lack than did not know at seven whether to Waka letter a or let her the Lafayette being in Baltimore invtte4 to n Enji. He. Went hut instead of a pining the amusement As might be expected of f Frenchman addressed the is ski thus you Ore. Yoa dance very frenily your bail is my soldiers Kave no wll Censed toe indies went bomb and tb4 shirts were pro pred Forth egad heir country. V virtually explicitly to c not touch Slaven in the Sitea. It out of tic. Question How we

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