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Smethport M Kean Miner (Newspaper) - June 14, 1864, Smethport, PennsylvaniaI. A i. Smethport head co. A june 14 864 Joso assassins. Commenced quite loudly purposely is published event tuesday by Rogers find in it 1 0 o clock Ilij Ettli Tai u Insil Vilior Rumi Moran Cru to co the Btl to Niiori which their to . Auu Xvi Aro Boulby tit or prof the prime of Tia unix or Shah in the jail or titty of in to of Thi n them us dated at Smoli Perl m no 5th, 18b4, and the Styk year of tie Loje pc Deace i i Trio s Al i was filled with strangers. The Good people of and Vicinity still and hered to the old custom of tending and the strangers on that Day far. Out nun Breed those who did business in the town or those who were called there either As jurors or criminals. This Inci ease of population was not witty out its annoyances and inconveniences the most perplexing of Whittl was the Scarcity of accommodations hotel of the place was called the american House or As the sign Board bad House by j. Wilson the building was a three Story Frame capable of accommodating somewhat i4ss than Sev Enty five p persons. I had several times heard of this House Tod a strange Story in connection with Story of murder and robbery always occurring on court Day and also always in no. 28. For the purpose of unravelling this i mystery thyself and Friend started for n on the above mentioned Day. We arrived to the at about dark and immediately made our Way to the american. After having examined the arrivals and satisfying ourselves there was to vacant called for Nocom mod atom. Rooms All occupied replied the bar tender. I appeared disappointed and called for i say jobs but this ten is i la give that Liest in the morn ing for his thoughtfulness eat away i ban t time to talk i am sleepy and want to get to bed this was but a part of our but however to Lead our listen ers to suppose we were enjoying Bur we now left the table took off our boots and after spending the time usually Neces sary for undressing and making other pre. A rations for retiring we to blinded him. Under these circumstances to beep their Money Safe i should and villain gave a Law chuckle the two then went Back to the Beds each i secrets of the order exposed. A few years 6go, before the admission to Rifle the pockets of their victims. F new began to despair of receiving the Sig Nal and was upon the Point of acting on my own gave me a slight touch with Haj foot. He was up in an instant and in a moment was grappling with his almost simultaneously i threw the strongest possible Light from my lantern full in the Ince of the other. J of Jady visitors into the order of the sons of tar Aperance the members of a division in the Eastern part of the state determined Job have their Hall done no clean and Nice and it was resolved unanimously that a certain mrs k. Should be employed to do the Job. After the to meeting adjourned the outside Sentinel of tin Lodge who knew the inquisitive character of mrs. Kly procured a Billy place again and ride that a Critter without a bridle of lady s Saddle i no bed however but to one Corner of the room stretched out full length just As we had entered with the exception of our boots which we removed to avoid Annj untre Ces Bury noise. The Light was so Strong it completely g0atj and placed him in a closet that was kept As a Reservoir for the secret he then informed the lady of the wishes of dont want nothing to do with the Ariaa that rides it. I d look Nice perched Bill Goat would t i no never f or go nigh it again nor the Hall if lean prevent it no lady shall Ever. Lwft the sons of Temperance. What i 4 or be a free Mason and be broiled on Gridiron As Long As Firo could be. Kept our or it and pulled from cellar i had but Little difficulty in making him Ray prisoner. Not so with George. A i a Strong powerful Man an3 was evidently getting the Best of him. No Tima was to be lost Laid my lantern and pistol by my Side j Voith one blow i struck on the tem and George Laid his pistol tinder the Bol j and he dropped to the ground like a Ster which we had previously thrown on of. Laying my lantern on the floor for As he ease us n Littow j i Roy pistol and fired. The report declare George yoa8lmve Ift that Light burning. Get no and put it brought Many of Tny fellow boarders to the room. There Liiv the villain on the get no yourself your bed is nearest to j and Geore Over him with his knee on his drinks at the same time displaying a considerable of Money in my to Deavors to obtain the necessary change for my Tyienda by the bartender s and my own. The Sigf of so , Money seemed to astonish the bar tender. We had By become friends for he told me he could accommodate me but Fps 1" inquired. There a but one vacant room. You Welcome to it this was All we said and Thi was merely for the eavesdropper. Ail remained quiet for the space of half an hour when we both commenced to snore vociferously during which our Friend out Side went Down stairs. John did Yon Bear that fellow go indeed did i. Are on the right then another Long pause ensued during we counted the strokes of the old town clock As she pealed Forth her one two breast. Had entered his right Arm leavin it useless. O among those attracted to Ray room by the report of my pistol was or. Wilson the proprietor. I Tou Bim even thing of the of the men and of their undoubted endeavours to murder us. We examined the Beds and found o Long Hole in each leaving no doubt of their de termination to sure thing of it. Or Wilosn in self and George agreed to keep watch Over the prisoners till morning. The rest of the boarders were dismissed three four fire six seven eight nine ten however until they had helped us hand eleven twelve. Cut themen. This was an easy matter to Sylve o clock by Jove. I guess those with Jake who was just returning to con Fellows smelt a rat or else we arc not on the the other fellow waa extreme Bat we succeeded at what s i exclaimed in the next to new Spring millinery a of the but we nth i asked. It is stuff and nonsense haunted or not Anu Tiwe will take our chances at least for to night Well then addressing him self to his show these gentle Man to 28, and be Quick about it is or. Way gentlemen i or. Wilson who promised to do right _ by suddenly i Felt a breath of wind pass by tit to. My face. It could not Bave conic from the j i found that the picture and Frame he Tea fleas at Mir Back Ami be fore spoken of was in reality door Ewell fastened. I had no time to think j known Only to the prisoners. They Bud of this for almost i voice j used this room some six years and which i recognize my is Jibiki s Suiying bad constructed this secret Entrance in i wonder if them pc Llars enjoyed their known to even the proprietor Tea and _ thu Tea was Analysed and As May he Hramec Fiat la seized my Linton and my previous to Titis i bad engaged in con pistol and whispered to George to do the ust Rece sep . W. At the residence of John Hall no Ota Lrol. Her a tote consists of it Beautiful assortment of jacket and Mantilla patterns As uhf equalled Assort fest of Flowers Kibbons ac., the ladies Are invited to Call and examine her Stock. May i 1m4. 250 Best 250 m. Duckor Haring removed to his new water born is West Houston Street takes pleasure to culling the note Tion of Tho Pabloc to this new Aud full scale i Octav containing Al he modern improvements Over Burnns Baso Feroah grand action Harp pedal Nail fall Iron Frame to 7 1-4 grand p1aso Fobb. Extra finish from ver sention with several of the men in the room and Learned 4o use their own words Flo one Ever 28 to come ont Liest called for. 28, nil in the room became As still As death. You could it pin drop while but a moment before you could scarcely hear your own voice. Manv were the remarks of the crowd is we left the bar and followed Jake to our room. Here it is sir Here s your said at the same time handing me the can dle and retiring. Myself and Friend who for convenience i shall Call now busied ours elve8 in examining our apartment the Only a Ticla of furniture were two Beds and a washstfnd., to Only other noticeable a tic Jea were an Jim Mehse picture a rather neat As i thought to the Wall and two very rickety chairs., this looked to our Pis Toltsi Tatad i also to my Dink Instein for i same. Hush not a he replied. I guess they did for i Beird them Tea things chatter Ami i Rchrd pm smack their lips _ Hope they la any me when they do snid Jake in a joking . I la warrant we will thought i. Not much danger on that score Jake not so loud fat Espy my boy they be awake thought i. They s Wel Cote to All they can hear after that ton of How i longed for the. Signal for action. Supposed was heavily drugged enough to cause the death of an Ordinary Man. The Burcat p. Scale piano Fortes is Oti Gelf. Guar Antee for their superiority. They Polly need to heard become Universal favourites. 45-4 for the prize medal was received at the last Amerie a Institute to new offers for i m or. Rich toned and Power Ibl Wace ipod the Glrst Prussein now offers at the follow Iii Low varying from to the Flo Superior instruments possess Power to lend a Cong Regalon be of tons in any Church. All these ins Romenta Are warranted to1 be Auric i of of n. Is and amut curs respect. Had taken5 this this we had just complished when a Knock at our it Tention find my summons to come in was answered by the Ance of Jake with a Tea tray on which was placed Toast. L you must be hungry be ing As Yon Canie too late for. D8id sent y on this with Yob set it Down on the wait a moment gentlemen til bring a table be Wols Buck directly with the table and i say lie Sty the fellow had now drop Ped the or. And a a and the former or. Liest now became did you see the Money that fellow had when he paid for them Dindl know i Bills i now. Became satisfied they had Swal Lowed the bait i lad nid for them. What George was thinking of i of course could not Tell perhaps of giving the signal Jake lets get the old fool s Money and be before or. Wilson a an Pori Unity to deliver the men to the Nii Thor cities a crowd of excited men assembled be fore his hotel and demanded them of him. Fie Rel used baying they should have a for trial. Was in vain the crowd entered and took them by Force. Afterwords they dinging in the air a caution to evil doers. After receiving the tranks of the popu lice and especially of or Wilson we took the train and started for borne. The division and. Requested her to come Early next As would be at Leisure to show her what was and what was not to be done. and with it came mrs. With her Silv tubs brooms brushes prepared and armed forthe Job and found the outside Sentinel waiting Lor her. Snid be i la Tell you what we want done and How we came to employ you. The Brothers said it was disc fic tilt to get anybody to do the Job and not be meddling with the secrets in that Little closet we have lost the key and can not find it to lock . I assured them that you could be depended on depended tit snid she i guess i can. My poor dead and gone hns band who tie to the free masons or i Don t know which to Tell me att the secrets of the concern and when he showed me All the Marka the Gridiron made when he was initiated and told me How they fixed Morgan i never told a living Sou to this Day. If nobody troubles your ets to find out your secrets till i do they la Lay there tilt they will i thought said now to want in that Corner and give Tho whote room a decent cleaning and i have pledged my word and Honor for the Fidelity to your now Don t go into that said he and then he left the lady to herself. No sooner had she heard the sound of Bis feet on he last step on the stairs she exclaimed Don t go into that closet i la warrant there s a Gridiron or some non. Like the anti-masons., for All the world i la be bound. I will just Bike one Peep and nobody will be the Wiser a i can keep it to myself so Itig the action to the word she step Ped lightly to the forbidden closet and turned the Button which was no sooner done than Bah j1 went the with a Halter in a pair of old just Nevroy poor dear husband and he lived Over but i Fie ver ont of Over another such a rids a i took to Day the Powers of Hsu ves to new Mage on be years scientific visit from that in Comet will come so As to endanger the Earth and should it attach itself to our planet As one of quicksilver to another nor annihilate Ibe sight will be Roost Beauty fill to Heb old. During three nights we shall have no Daric. Ness but be bathed in the Brilliant Light of the Blay zing As the professor now on his Way from Australia to we shall no hear More from him 0 4 the subject his arriving in Europe. Those who with no slight san Taral warrant look for the pre millennial Advent of Christ and who see the signs of the last can without any great stretch of the Imma Giatron read a professor a Parl fulfilment of the predictions concerning signs and wonders and shaking of. Tia heavens at the. Coming of the son of Man contained in Luke xxx a tar. The for several Days after its the body retains and exhibits animal life and sensation. An irishman had Decapita Ted due awl after having placed the tray on it him. Dismissed , jewess we weft Toafa it if just thinking Lieut was most too depend upon it there is something this lined a a was1 p Jwj t i i i satisfied spine one wig outside and to Gat. Ourselves Down by the table and better Mitish them first dead men Tell no Tisie for Yon. Got your of knife let me alone for that Wal theol Yoa take that fellow on the hed this Side find full take the other. Now for it Quick wort Otto b it s half and half or i m not inf the next moment the two men glided noisily Over the room. Kip went the bed clothes on each bed. A Torlish Lova affair. The modern Laws of cos do not Reward female chastity but they discount Nance in a very singular manner any in females towards their admirers. While or. Clark was on thai Island an instance occurred in which the fatal termination of a love affair occasioned a trial for what the Monc Medau lawyers called homicide by declare them never moved. I guess that Tea did its work. For the 1 Gness Fher by Thunder my fellow has hid clothes on him.? mine too an intermediate cause.1 the Case was Young Man desperately in love with a girl of Stanchio eagerly sought to marry her but his proposals were rejected. In consequence of Hia he bought some Poison and the turkish Poh be instantly arrested the father of the Young the canse by implication of the Man s Lealh. Under the fifth speeds of homicide he Beattie. Therefore amen a for this of suicide. When the before it was urged literally by the Nec users that if be accused bad not bad a daughter be would not have fallen in love consequently be would not have been disappointed consequently he Wajd not have Swall owed Poison consequently would not have died. Tout he the accused a daughter and Tae deceased had fallen in love and had been disappointed and had swallowed Poison and bad Tipon All these counts he was called upon to any the Price of the Young Man s life and this being at tie sum of eighty was accordingly exacted f a Spring to regain Bis Liberty which came use Mug her Ladyship. Both started for , but it was filled with implements for and All were swept Clear from their position Down to the Bot of the stairs. The noise and confusion by such coming Dot tit stairs Drew half the town to witness mrs. A s efforts to get from under the pails tubs brooms and brushes into the Street who should be the first to the spot by the rascally outside Sentinel who leasing the which was crippled of life and uplifting the rubbish that boat the Good Wotan to anxiously inquired if she bad been taking the degrees taking the degrees 5 exclaimed the Yon Call Tumah no from the top to the Bottom of the stairs with the Davit after be taking things by degrees i have if be frighten folks is be have me and Hurt them to Boot i la wart tin they la make a much noise is i did Hope Yon did not open the closet mad said the outside Sentinel. Eve ate the Apple she was for. Bidden if you Ever want a woman to do anything Tell her not to do1 and Shell do it certain. I could t stand the temp tation. The1 secret wanted know it. I opened and out pop Ped the carnal Critter into my toes f to t the Devil bad me and i broke for the stairs amusing himself by putting Sticks in Ife month which it bit with violence. A ladj1 who saw the proceedings exclaimed Pat Ric i thought the untie was he is a am but the Crater s not sensible be was a boy who Only wanted a Marble. When he had the Marble he Only wanted a Ball j when he bad a Ball he Only wanted a and when he bad a top he Only wanted a Kite Ana when he had Marb Leball top an Kite he was not Happy. There was a Man who Only wanted Money when he and Money be wanted v House j when he Brid a House he Only wanted land when he had bad he Only wanted a coach and when he had Money House land and coach he wanted More than Ever. Be Content with Little for much Joriu More All the world Over. Plow a Young Orchard frequently but do not plow an old one often. Pasture Eatty and Hoghia a old with the Devil butting me at every i feel over1 the Fob and we got Down stairs just As Yon found a All it a Heap but said the outside Sentinel ate Iti the Possession of the1 great be Ctet of our must be initiated and sworn and then go through in the Reg ular Way exclaimed the lady suppose i m going near that Tamal sex of is stated that sex of eggs May be determined so that a per son May raise a Brood of the sex be i is. If males Are wanted the largest eggs should be used if females those most round should to chosen. Will our readers Hart this in mind and try the Experiment Thea Spring a clergy iian who was consoling i Young widow upon the death of her band spoke very series remarking that he was one of the few. Youcan pfc find his equal Yon know to which the sobbing fair one replied with an almost to. Ken heart i Don t but i la try just a Clergyman on his Way to Eurea. One sunday was overtaken by a heavy rain. On arriving at he exclaimed rather wish i were dry never saw Collenne you will soon be in the there Yon will be dry end ghz a paragraph Baa been going the rounds concerning an old lady who has a Mustacs on lip to which Bate Al contemporary adds that it is not Ott Cottmon or Youmg lading to Nave mustaches three lips but it is rarely that they grow there. The St a ques presbytery de the rebellion a sin again it god de Only by Adam s fall Absalom s rebellion against Hia father and the cred vision of Christ. Ssh a Law Baa been passed by and if Rytand Lear Slature to tax Batch Belory a we Twenty of age twenty1 dollars and those ebon be forty five years of age Fofiu Olla a

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