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Smethport M Kean Miner (Newspaper) - December 08, 1860, Smethport, PennsylvaniaSmethport mean co., pa., b published every Satt Jadav b Allen Stebbins t net port by Keau county pm. Office East Public Square. -2 33ajr i when i delayed for Mort town in be rates of advertising. Will to Chaison 60 por upon of 10 three uni is ii Ortlon bwinemdmun.1 paper one year in when Are than i ill eight Linen n Wah be Wirra 1200 2000 1000 160 2s 600 in Sauller Type lob printing. I Miner of Floe it Inrod Lii dior finont Utson Type printing material of scrip Tiomi prepared to do All of of All including pamphlets circa Patten Bill so Witt neat ice Dii Patti and on nun Naue Termi. Seo. B. Jujj a. Frank g. Stebbins a. J. Nourse dealer in cooking parlor and Box stoves Zinc tent pipe pumps and of cop per Iron Ware. Custom work to order on the Aorta St notice. Orders promptly attended to one door West of the Astor Block Smethport a. Oao. H. Mason. In stoves tin Ware Japan cd Ware with prompt Nam. I was Tom we. A. Cal d. Webster file eng Beer Surveyor draft Man and con Vej Ineer at land office of Kingsbury win. Wilkon Aio ucal Mechanic millwright Bride Fol Bouw fat Altex Liaa m Kenn comity lno.1 Smith Block in dry All Cash. Old Dye toilet 1-nl-Ly this Day and this hour the radicals of this Day Are those who for whatsoever Rea sons whether for their private Griefs and disappointments or in accordance with their political principles Are willing the election of president of the United states into the House of representatives to secure Only Tho desperate Chance of defeating their opponents. What care they for the Union if they Are so ready to endanger it for their own party purposes what care they for the voice of the people when they ate con out of our Mouths and on brains out of our so tills but by putting Jin end to the cause of this by putting an end to the Extension of slave gentlemen in other parties profess to be the Peculiar supporters of the Constitution of the United states who that belongs to any of the political parties of this Day does not support the Constitution we do hot intend to interfere with the vested rights of the slaveholders in their Domestic institutions but gentlemen while we our necks under the Yoke of Tho Constitution while we suffer its disadvantages we mean to stand by it and to claim its benefits and among things which we mean to claim under the Constitution is the right of thinking As we please. Gentlemen we do want citizens South banished and whipped and kicked out of the country and tarred and feathered or Mur dered whatever they think. we mean gentlemen to maintain the right of free thought and of free speech and of a free press that every Man May think what he pleases and say what he thinks whether he agrees or disagrees with others. One Section of our political opponents say that they go for the enforcement of the Laws who does Fiot go for enforcing of ail ration where if it should explode it t Cost the lives of a Hundred people do the police Laws of Boston say you shall not store your Gunpowder save in the place where Yon Are permitted Byj tale Laws of the if he should say am a citizen of the United states i have alright to carry my property where i will acid who is it that conies Here to inter Fere my right of would a to him sir your right to is subject to the regulations of place to which you carry it and if the of Boston provides that Hundred barrels of Gunpowder shall not be stored in a dangerous Price you can 1oty store it there although you do own it May carry it South you Are not to endanger the lives of citizens a storing it wherever you applause suppose another Case. A Man and his family May be so unfortunate sometimes As to have the strictly Domestic sons whoever they Are who have contracted to furnish labor and service to their employer and also to Are consid ered As persons owing Tervree to their Mas ters just at a debtor owes a debt to a cred the words admit of no other Legal construction. How the Constitution by necessary implication admits that the person is held to labor by tie Law of the state where be is. It does not say or suggest that a Man May be held to service or Libor. By the Constitution itself. It is the local Law which alone can enforce the claim to labor or service. The state to which the apprentice or slave escapes might discharge him from such ser vice if it were not for this provision of the Constitution for the Power of the slate jaw which help tube slave to labor or service has ceased when the labourer has passed from its Borders unless such service is secured by contract and furthermore of the slave does not escape but is carried voluntarily or permitted to go into a free state then tint clause in the Constitution does not apply As has been repeatedly decided by he supreme coitus of the different states now if the slave were property in any state within the Purview of the con station he would be in All in Massachusetts is Well is in South Caro Lina. Hence he is property in no state within the Purview of the How reasonable this is a Man makes a contract to build you a House. Does any body Ever say that he owns the Carpenter and Mason who him a Young Man is bound As an apprentice to and owes you service or labor he runs away into another state and under the provisions of relation of a Man to bit Dren and to Bis property or to that he May Call property an that which be property in one not be the Constitution you pursue him arrest him and compel him to return but did anybody Ever pretend that it Man owned his Bis body Bis property then gentleman what pretence is there for saving that a master owns his slave As property although he May be said to own Bis services. Slavery then is a local Rasti tation. It exists Only by the Laws of tie state its rights Are determined by the Laws of the state and what the master May or May not do to his slave is determined by the Laws of the state. When the master leaves a state then he is no longer subject to the Laws of that state for his own Benefit into and Over other states or territories. How gentlemen to illustrate this View for a moment. We have an act in. Mags. Cusp its that Yon Are All familiar with called the exemption by which House hold furniture to a certain amount is exempted from being taken under execution and of course from attached for the payment of-debts., that is the relation we have established in Massachusetts Between a Man and his property. Now suppose a Man should take his household goods the Laws but gentlemen we Are not to Stu Latify ourselves As to abandon the privilege of amending Laws when any living and contriving How they so nil defeat i of them Are capable of being amended and 1 f i t4 1 .1 t t .1 the voice of the people. Applause when is they stand Tlemcen they Are not the True friends of pies of rectitude. That kind right and honest politics who Are willing Toj of Laws which we do not go for enforcing strike hands with those whom they hate and Are the Laws called Lynch kind despise for Tho purpose of breaking Down i of Laws which arrest citizens of Ili Sonchu be says Kansas. Suppose that the Laws of Kansas i am a free i have a right by a Are neb that a Man s furniture May All be the to go any where in the attached and sold for the payment of Luis different states j ind i Liard a right to go. To Boston and stay on change As Many hours As i please. Who is there to deny that i have a right to an Equality with erty in another place cannot be to Moi As property. So then slavery gives be property slaves but Only the. Harsh right to unpaid labor. That is local Fouraa the Law that creates it is Tocol limited and if the slave is voluntarily carried out of state where the Law exists into any territory the master must lose his Legal ngut. And All the benefits of it and therefore he he no More right to Call a slave property in Utah than i have to Call the carpet eff Mason or apprentice i employ in Cho setts my slave or my property. Fore though the slaveholder mostly Equality of. Rights the right to carry into the territory All that is recognized by the a of nations or of tote property yet gentlemen he has not right to any such property As slaves and by being deprived of them be is not deprived of Bis property any More than the Utah coming to Massachusetts is deprive of of jigs right under the Constitution by be in no deprived of Bis wives nor be Mer inequality even in the least degree a being stripped of his right to unpaid labor Garast men when be rat of the Jun diction of the state where by be Laws thereof he has s right to maintain Uch claim. Therefore while the slaveholder has equal rights with other citizens of the United states to Migrate into the tones carrying with him whatever recognized by the Law of the nations or by the Constitution of the United prop erty he has no right to treat m such property. Tow the Republican party is a to of conservative men 9, party of National men a party who ask Only rights with other citizens a party willing to concede equal rights to All whether North or South slaveholders or men who want peace who want to quiet this slavery agitation who Nean to support the Constitution and enforce the i would ask what Man is there in Tbs Community who cannot constitutionally god honestly vote with the Republican party Whatman is there who Emot Vou for. On candidates nobody denies nobody dares to deny that the National policy to d be in favor of Freedom and not in favor of slavery. As to the of Abraham Lincoln to the presidency is not1 a handful of men North of halon and Dixon s line who entertains a doubt of we have no fears of the South every paper that brings us news about of Csc disunion bugbear Only recreates out Dean ruination to enforce Fie Laws Agai iat the traitors if they have the courage to commit overt cafe of treason. Every mail is loaded Down with applications from Southern gentlemen to Bam Lincoln for office. There Witt plenty of Southern men to stand by a publican administration and there Are to of slaveholders in be South and but if he came Here we might say to him sir Yon cannot do that you must go to the Hospital because Yon May give the Small pox to ten thousand people who Are constantly patting and touching you in the Street and free Man Yon must the friends of Freedom and of the right of setts when they i ran. I am glad to know Gen Carolina having Alii Lemen and i do that of of Wendi in the Bell by Eifer party not suffer themselves to be Boom inked to be sold out and traded committee dentist will to l Eil with prompt Neil. Dent Orrin All in attended work we mated. Office Over t. Bradford a. It la of Jit f. March burgeon. Office at a tit Side Public Squire Bradford co to profit loot Lotf _ Chi Crft. Milter. Retail in Supalo and fan Vej dry of on carpet nor. Beady clothing my Genera furnishing boots and and window paper a r i late drag store Olean it. A is died with atoll and Ragi Dyea tuft Ltd lamp Carphene for medical Pfar Matve a old cheaper than at toy other re n. Y. B Kroeni f Flo d. From cent alcohol a to per Gal. Gal. No carefully. Of political beef chm they though Oey May be timid my own go they be distrustful of oar you a tidy upon it As rarely m Tho 0th of novem Ber oomph they will vindicate their right to their own respect and the respect of the re. Publican party. We claim Gendemeh to be the National party of the Only National party. We claim believe truly that every other party tinder whatever name is a sectional party. Bree Klaridge line Are for extending slavery itto the territories of the United states Ana sinc Jill the pow ers of the general Oover Mem to protect and enforce it. Slavery is sectional., Doug Las professes to go for non intervention. Let the people of the territories Rote m they ple Sivadd arrange their institutions to suit but a part of the Douglas platform unfortunately they Tell us that they go for standing by what they Call the dred Scott by their to. Go to South Darker skin than put them into prison and sell them into slavery for non payment of jail that kind of Laws which will not of our own honoured venerable citizens to go to Charleston s. A to ask the courts of the United states nording to the Laws of the land to liberate imprisoned citizens of Massachusetts from unlawful bondage. That sort of jaws we do hot go for enforce ing but we do go for the enforcement of those Laws which Are made by the properly constituted authorities and for their enforce ment wherever they Are not now enforced and that is throughout a Moat to whole Southern quo try. Applause gentlemen we Are in favor of strict Equality in the rights of All citizens whether in the states or in the territories therefore let us have no More slave states for a slave state comes into the Union not on Equality with the other stated because the owner of slaves votes for two fifths of his slaves whom he Calls his but non slaveholders cannot vote for any of their property but Only vote for themselves. The old states who hold slaves Doab Feua have a vested right to continue that inequality by virtue of the Constitution Bat gentlemen no territory Hai a right to be you Are a should we not say to him sir you May enjoy the Small with your like butt Yon have no right to communicate it to thus his right of a Sonal Liberty is to some extent modified by the place to which he goes. I deny ownership of property in m at 11 1 i f. Any one state gives the right to carry 5t anywhere and keep it and use it Favio lation of the Law of the place to which it is carried. But i go further. I am explain ing my own views and no responsible for them and no one pm i deny thai slaves Are property in the trite of the Ciuti Urti Ted states whether they Are or Are not property fonder the Laws of the individual Static a Ponse v fellow ski zen if slaves Ore property yet a slave who is voluntarily permitted by his master to go out of Laws he is held to service to be prop erty. What kind of is Tettat by the fourth article of the Constitution of the debts could he ram round on be officer and own this property it is exempted from attachment by the Laws of Massachusetts therefore you have no right to Levy upon what do you suppose the Kansas creditor would say to such an argument who cares for the Laws of Massachusetts what have i to do with a change of jurisdiction changes the relations that an owner bears to what he Calls property and in some cases changes the relations bet Wen husband wife. Take instance mormon the Salt Lake Democrat i beg Pardon but i Nevi or can think of a Democrat without think ing of something generally of Salt River. Take for instance. I say this Utah gentlemen with his seven and Twenty wives to whose services he is entitled As a Domestic now this harem establishment is lawful enough in the territory of Utah but How would it be in Majsa Chu Stetts supposing or. Brig Harn Young Long bearded and Broad brimmed a orious Prophet with his fifty or More wives should come to Massachusetts and bring his battalion of women with him what Alloa would he make i am a Citi zen of the United states and have a right to All the privileges and immunities of a citizen of the Unitta states. I own these women to Beymire my wives Are bound to labor and service. I came to Massachusetts and i own their services them some of my most intimate Penona friends who would vote for Abraham Chi Coin if it were not for being Tabooed by their neighbors. The. Republican party will be supported and after the 4th of March next you will find that the of the South will speak the words of fraternity and encouragement and thank you that you have put an. End to Tho question of slavery by giving to the people a govern ment of Freedom a government Juit to sections of the country. Hare Yon not been threatened with it at every election for the last thirty years do. Yon believe that when or. A Saconia enters the White House the great Cody of the Southern people will listen for a moment to those political mad capt who now United states in Section Arcond it is provi ded that person Heli to service or labor in one state under the Laws thereof escaping into in Conse Quence of any Law or rerun lotion therein be discharged from such Atuf ice or labor but shall bad Jirred up 09 claim of the party to whom such Narvios or labor May be this Clam of Nataf the provision which has been the subject of so much misapprehension and the has been the Foni Ric of Jolly and i son urn fire eaten of of that whole feb opon which the would Yon not Eay to him thou sanctimonious polygamist there is in Suffolk county a Republican District attorney and if you Don t maker tracks once out of Massachusetts with your nine and forty you will soon find youself and ail Jour women the guests of the common wealth at Charlestown. You would prosecute Bim for bigamy you would Hynz Hups you would Send him Back to the per puny of his fifty wires As to a punch not worse than hanging. So you find that it is True that when Yon change domicile Yon change tin about breaking the Down the of the All i have to. Say is this if a constitutional majority of the Oftie United acting according their honest convictions of duty out the provisions of the Constitution and Laws of the country Gehu elect such per sons for president and u Bey choose to vote for if such Are to be prevented from entering up Efi their Public duties because they Are Sot acre pet ble to minority then the for by the Constitution is already we then have Tho form left but the stance is gone. We have no longer a Republican govern ment such to on founded if a minority can dictate to a majority. If a handful of must nolo or raut the country it h High time to text the Quet. Lion and see whether the Constitution to be preserved and the enforced or we Ether we Are bound together Oaty by a rope of Stew i am for the Kifft that question now to where arc Yoa asked a if Tab boy of another who slipped am leh Oft he icy pavement Gosnfy to get iric the want ply _ v f

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