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M'Kean County Miner, The (Newspaper) - May 2, 1872, Smethport, PennsylvaniaMud a a Arbour. Vol. In. Duro Ted to ii Oak Intuit Ksyk Litetia Tvito. Ani of neral 1xtkluqkxck. Aphis. It of aa4 ills if bar.-. U talk Najaf the Iwa Law tits Audi my Auk aha Tina Crait. Sat Taur i aa4 a Lati Jua Taur t Kumai Fen Tuy Molit Rall la aa4 a turn Lank at Many we. In k to in ail v. Tala. An Bill 4 , and Irmi an Vulk kill. Tit . . Twyln i. Fol Lamula. Cilmo Lulu Ibn tikk who Pavlon to . R Kut kill. Of awl a. Kick am Tat at la fail Awill. alar Al Ait. To car a Tiu a sleeping car. i Kikm Urr Stit t Smethport m Kean county thursday May 2, 1872. -1 Don t know about it. It s really a great Deal to ask Man to do on such a journey m before i be glad to do you Kwh. A the More if to occupy me. What of Amatry had very Yiming i Philip Murray Wun Liy All who knew him us the Honor. A set Ali through of Lily to mood and he Hud oven Pcraig Milly Leur in in a manner that had made probity m much a daily matter of life that he had no knowledge of in opposite nor acquaintance with a single temptation avarice or he wan in net. No Paomei Macly honest that he would have a Ai uni Liuto it in ath of auntie Ion a acini elect Rifino Ulm Tynce to a touch of Ith negative und it waa a Curumi Thia dominant trait of Char Acter waa to perfectly apparent that he waa touted an few men of Hia Yean have Ever it a in Thi Era of malfeasance and he was a Gigantic Young fellow in to Stuie with a fair handsome face whose trunk Amile Anil pc Arlaca brow won your heart at once. He had a Fiat like a Kli div a Aiumu and a depth of Chest worthy of a Prizio to him a he never had in in known to lilt Hia hand against a Fly. To Laibly if he Hail been a Udall into ii. that to waa at the Merey of every Superior he would have born a Isaac ibo ind und ready for combat a the most Arabi Tiona Little Man alive. It was the sight of so much gentle Iticia. With to much strength waa very at Tractive and always gave Auch a reas Juhng idea of latent Force As inclined one to place unlimited Confidence in him. Perhaps Auch unlimited Confidence is not Alto Fether a desirable thing to receive bringing with it a it Apt to do an unfair Amaru of and reposing More burdens on Tho shoulders than Fate and Fortune have already or dered. At any rate Philip Murray de that it brought him into Tho wont of scrape of All his after nil u not very Strong language it is to in doubt cd if to Ever had another of any sort whatever. Going Paiit Fhil of asked or. War Mold acting him just about to Purchase it through ticket Home. I did t know you thought of it quite so answer of the Young k int opening a thick Little Wallet. Going Back to rather tired i roughing it. Live me a lower Naid he then to the agent a near the Middle of the car As you so you Choqui the Middle said or. Warmoth. Yea of air motion there i n of a us of roars anywhere. But take a Forward for r to Havo a bursting wheel put a Spike through Juat the same possibility of retaking Down in Tho Middle As of being Hurt by Tiu wheel sir. No on account of the air chiefly to As to get a whiff of the outer world now and then and not have u whole earful of Bod breath blown in my Foo ii every time Tho door Well i m glad you be something to by for the seat Over the in Case i m Over reduced to Hobson s Chotoo. But hem you a my lower berth directly in the within half on Inch of the Middle said the agent toss Iii him the ticket. Thank i Philip clipping i. Wallet again. I beg your said a gentle Manly Young Stripling whose Ivd hair nine Chu Stuut Mustache it truck Philip u he turned were thrown out by a Blue to fever great coat he the harmonious and shadows of a picture but i vim t you left Bome of your changer ainu in pointed to a Piroue of fractional Morency lying on Tho counter. I Philip took out his Walitt again and it he wan always a Little Deli in Lia As r in instant then the Young Man sat Down upon the Edge of the berth More faint and sick than All the rolling and rocking of the car had made him on the night before. Plainly he had been robbed. Did not immediately conjecture. He was too much stunned to consider anything but the Mere fact and its immediate re lation to himself. All he Money was in the Hundred dollars and some change for he had been a Dalai red Man spending pretty much As he went had not even a Loose Penny any where in he wicket a to buy a paper to get a breakfast not even a dry Roll be had not a five cent piece to take him in a car the three Miles to the other train when he should reach new York. Ami. Meanwhile Between Here and new York there was ample time for starving. He had lost every cent he had a the world. And worse infinitely Wane than that he had lost or. Warmoth s draft All work and worry of years the self denial the saving the Hope the happiness and More than All. Trust Money. But in a moment or two the stunning effect had passed off and he began to Marvel and question and see if anything was to be done about the mat Ter at All. It must be done at once. As it was perhaps the thief had left the train at that morning station. Beckon ing one of the porters he sent him for the conductor and when that official arrived briefly told him the conductor stared at him aghast. If he were acting and were in Rte Cha bed was apart again and poked Aad pushed and Kikm and shut away the were displaced the floor was swept All was Pat to rights again and nothing rewarded the search. The Knprr berth was examined and disposed of. Too for the occupant had not returned and a brakeman now remembered some one s getting off at a station where they stopped in the night. My purse went with said Phil nothing Eai Irr. He could have seen me undress and arrange my clothes. A could have satisfied himself that i was asleep could Hare slipped Down hidden by the curtains have wormed his hand in under my Pillow and gotten hold of the Waistcoat and slowly and gradually have worked it out. Helped by All the bumping and thumping could his movements to be unsuspected by a Sleeper have a econ a the pure and then to delay detection put the Waistcoat Back where be found it. He had half Tho night to do it in. That waa Tho Way and that waa the i treat said the conductor. For if it was the care a hopeless As i . Ton might As Well track a Straw blown by the wind As a casual passenger leaving a train in the Woods at a half hour period of Tor ment to poor Phil who did not dare to Bope that Hia Wallet Ronld be found and lot "4 not dare to despair of it and to whom the work of suspecting Aad questioning and searching he fellow men even with their consent was nauseous. Half the Pao Engen had been routed out Ertain ones known to Phil he had declined to disturb the whole car had been examined the whole floor a wept and they were As Well off As they were before. Every one in the car. Witt the exception of a few sleepy sluggard had taken an interest in the Case every one looking in that first innocent face of Phil a had Boh eved the Story at Onoe and implicitly or cry Oate us Mart the victim might just As easily have been himself. The last Hoite of the thief examining treasure trove and finding within it the card of cer Tain famous general of cavalry which had been Given to Phil by some one As a autograph of the great Man might fancy the Wallet to be the Cavalryman s property and restore it through fear of More serious consequences thaa follow the thefts from those of Lees importance Hope had gone at last and left the unfortunate Young Man As wretched Ashk worst enemy if he had one at All would desire. Poor Phil stood leaning against a seat at one end of the car. The picture of de Waistcoat not buttoned his Coats on either Arm. Lie had for gotten sea sickness toilet everything. He Pride was destroyed he Honor was lost be was mined. For he own Money he cared Only As Littky As might cared of eared nothing for in comparison with the Trust Money. He saw he Friend broken Aad crushed going to the bad desperately or eke be ginning Over again the Long course of self Dankl and labor that had made him old before he time he saw the wife s sorrow the children s deprivation he saw himself loaded to the Earth with a debt of seven thousand dollars at the age of pay the Money Back with interest and to the utmost Farthing was something whose intention was a inseparable from he As the fact of its loss. Asleep a what right had he to sep f lie with another Man s life Aad Fortune in he Warmoth had watched More nights than with not have paid a portion of the debt by waking Bow for Warmoth he not y frit thai rough Man who had accosted him when buying he ticket Prario As after noon and whole and hair Aad Chestnut he bearer great coat had off to neb advantage. Philip looked away from Man and oat at the win the Rosy morning was filling All Crisp snowy world them with lasers the Graat aurer shold of a wan abbe reaches of Prairie stretched far away like and promises of infinite things it was impossible for him to be Lieve that in such a Bright clean spark Ling world As the there could breathe so foul and mean a thing As a thing belonged to reeking City to the caverns under old wharves to the fart life of a people that live by night not Here by the Side of honest men. In the Beautiful Sunshine and confronting him he despised himself for he auspicious. Well gentlemen 1 said the conductor. We May Wall finish the work. I believe you have All kindly granted examination except i am quite at your disposal said Tho but Comer. And glad to Holu. On a Good work. Things Are getting to such pass that we shall soon Havo to ask for a Legal enactment that no one shall be allowed on a sloping car with out first exhibiting a certificate of Good moral they were going around a number of Short curves just then at a Good Speed before slowing for the next station and the Cluster of men were swinging and swaying hither and Yon As the car s motion Flung them about the last Comer planted a a aim on the conductor s shoulder to steady himself As at that moment the car tipped More than us Ual. Of i beg your Pardon for stepping on your foot said he drawing Back naturally. Yon did t step on my said the conductor drawing Back too. Immediately every one look on Tho floor perhaps to see whose foot had been trodden on and there by the Wallet Phil stooped and picked it up and Tore it open and discovered its contents Safe. His first thought was Only to vindicate himself to make Sura that Warmoth s draft was intact but with the next he looked up a White a us eyes and in another instant the red haired Stripling would perhaps Havo been Only a Pinch of ashes Between his mighty fingers. But the conductor bad been before May be seen the awful threat in those kindling of Philip s. If he had himself been a Tiger filled with a thirst for blood he could not have sprung at the Man s Throat More savagely clutching him with one hand whip with the other he pulled Dawn the signal rape to the Engineer unlocked and open the door just u brakes were whistled Down and then whirled the poor wretch through and out upon the put form and lifted him into the air and sent him flying with by foot put he cried with he parting kick. My train s no place for you put for the Prairie Yon Paris. France has lost Ona of her Moat noted men one who has been cneely identified with the administration of the us for Many years. Monsieur de Paris is dead. Not a Prince who takes his title from the French capital but that important functionary the Public executioner. The real name of m. A Paris was aimable Marie Jean Heinrich. He was born in Alsace. His father was the pub Lic executioner of Toulon and the son manifested such Peculiar Talent for his vocation that he obtained the Post of executioner of Paris against five Hun dred and fifty two competitors. For fifty four Yean he had pursued his life la the Xor a correspondent of Amatuni writes from k i have received Searal utters from friends in Massachusetts Nebraska As a to state to emigrate to. Allow me to answer them. Let me first say. The soil of Nebraska u Nch Over almost its entire i remember tout who accompanied the excursion party nearly five years ago at the opening of the Union Pacific Railroad represented the Putte Valley As very Rich while other of tha state were comparatively poor. This is a mistake. Land 100 Miles from the Putte either North or South Aad 200 Miles West fran. Set in in Sasil tues Iii Sitira a in the Putte Sori Valley. The Soo is a Sand Loam deep porous and capable of yielding from so to 30 bushels of com per acre for ten successive Yean without a single Load of manure. Tho surface is More rolling than Illinois and Eastern Iowa just enough indeed to obviate the necessity of drainage. There Are no swamps and no Rocky Barren Heights till von reach the Western portion. I doubt if an equal area in any other part of the country has so Little waste und As the 200 Miles Square on the Eastern end of the state. To climate this country May be subject to More severe bad extreme changes than Massachusetts. But the average temperature is several higher Here. Our Winters usually last from about the 25th of december to last of february with a fortnight frequently of april weather in february followed by a fortnight of february weather in March. This Spring weather in february followed As above m March has hitherto proved the great obstacle to successful fruit culture. Still our people Are learning to successfully Over come thu difficulty and there to doubt that this u yet to be a great fruit growing state. Our Summers Are two months longer Between than in Massachusetts. July and August Are very warm by Day with Cool refreshing breezes at night. People do not work As Bard Here As in Massachusetts. Everything is done with machinery. A Man Here takes care of 30 acres of Small Grain wheat Oats and Barley Aad 40 acres of Corn with a Little help in har vesting with less muscle Wear than in ten East u required to tend one fourth the amount it is a general opinion at the East that this country is liable to suffer from drouth. I think there need be Tery Little trouble from this cause. Our Rains Are not to abundant As they Are at the East. But to do not need them. The depth had porous nature of the soil Al Low the roots of to run very deep and to draw moisture from a great depth. I have followed the roots or Cox Down Cion Acx in cities and have found the moisture sucked no from nearly As Many inches More by the com Hill it is Only necessary in dry time to keep the cultivator going so that the surface of the ground will not bake. Timber u somewhat scarce. Still there u enough for present use and it u easily and rapidly grown. Soft Wood Sells for per Cord hard for a. The state u generously encouraging the growth of Timber and the Are showing commendable Energy in pro tiding for the future. Then u very Little if any government und to be preempted or Home Sloedad within Hundred of the mis Souri. Beyond there a yet a Good sup ply. Railroad lands Are abundant on California t is Heinri a Bill that no i . Attias oat Horas of la a year from of the Rise will soon Bop Sharkat waa ass Sam m the Alki Eagon Tia that of that diced to the Neom sity of item the her. Abea Beti or. Hart s Orange Atka. Fla. Consists of they Prodos a of oranges for each last the pal Kazia Only sister k not Eig Teaa she has a Lovely Aad fact. A urge estate a a Tel ours Grad Amiad. A year Golden hair talus far Baziow bar Waist and whip tha Snow Wara in sea at one end of the Burin Attoa. Cedar Lapide and minae Aota Sao Road. Month tha Fanaken sowing at the other end. The Road Aulta a Man named 2. C. Clemora lately murdered a state Ifni Taok. The peculiarity of he Case k that it How Shadow of a impending event May fall upon Amalia he sleep. The Aba we Troat cd with a dream of he own four about a week treat. Far Back of Globe the Volcano of Phi aha. In Ecuador formed for itself a Ahkatey. Funnel shaped which k Das Nast teat Bok of the kind yet Keo Vaaloa the Earth. Its perpendicular depth k too feet with a diameter at Bottom of 1.000 feet expanding Grada Fly a the Way to the top Whan i smarter k of a now Aad then we get a fresh Little statistic of or. Toomore s musical enter prise of which report k nothing if not numerical. At first Eter to be remembered Jubilee Organ required Twenty four men to blow it or Gan building for Tion will three Timas urge. It would therefore Yaquira Srvraty-1 women to blow act be Iees a with of wind with a of motive Power. Who can say that la a May not have a sop Ranel Asarue intelligent Juryea allow Only women privilege of making Money by Parul Stine in matrimonial engage Mesite Aad that sort i that and longing to be shaken up asleep on Sand Heap in a Good old comfortable gravel train. Juat As Phillip s berth waa ready the can stopped for water or Coal or some thing eke. And in blessed Interra from new qualms be Abu to snatch off he shoes to drop his. Watch into he browsers pocket and secure the Button and to take out he Wallet and slip it into the pocket of he want out just a said to himself. M crushed the Waistcoat into a tight Roll Aad Puok it with the rogue it struck Phillip the acting was very Superior for never having suspected anybody before in All his life now the sudden outrage inclined him to suspect everybody. I would t have had it happen for my right hand t exclaimed the conductor. Nothing of the kind Ever occur red on my train before. Are you Sura you re right i Don t know How to to Sura i m right excuse me. I must take your word for it yet to one has left the train that i have seen. Now what do you want to do about it f mid con Ductor nervously. I want you to lock both Doon of the car at Onoe and have search made of every Man and every Nook in the ear. Honest men won t object to that for disgrace the greatest of know How to hold Sor hold up Only frit that the wont disaster possible in All the store of ilk had befallen him. But the worst Dii did not his head. He began at lost though to put on the remainder of he mechanically and paused waiting for some to out of Littky dressing room beside him. That he might go and Wash he face and hands and make As a Man without a Penny would Hope to be. A half Dosen men gathered about him. He waited All wondering and querying and suggesting at their sympathy fired Philip Sake of finding the rogue. I doa t expect to get my Wallet though pm Sura it kit the car at hut station. Over was you see. And k empty now. But i can t have a a tube berth above that in Siam Bow. Tery Well every under he Pillow and thing shall done a you Kwh. To Dent he uses robbed. He went Over the who Story illustrating How easily the robbery might have been made How it had probably a thousand times before to other men. Would be done a thousand times he voice High and loud he body and soul on fire. As they talked the occupant of the dressing room stepped out and moving to the door tamed the hand to go up on the platform and found it locked. Tamed about Kun by walking length of the oar to the other door Aad found thai Widad ton stun too. Then he tread Baorto the first end and joined the group standing there round Philip. What s up r asked he of one of the gentlemen. Tou seem to be excited about there has been began Ona. A robber 1 of. I guess robbery the robbery 1 no Gleesing about it t said another. Who. I should have said u would Hedly Kate bean Nomizu. Would it. With conductor Aad and Down All bight by orig up ghastly calling Over seventy Yean of age when he came to he death from Over exertion in the line of duty. Within last ten had to do the work of eighty four departmental Exon Timonen whose posts m. Thien had abolished from motives of Economy. Shortly before he death had presided execution and had saluted at decapitation of woman who had murdered a peddle in 1871, Aad attempted to by her crime at the door of the prussians. The last Man beheaded was Lemestre a murderer. From a fear that if Lemestre we rent by rail from the town where he Gascon rated to the of he where he was to be executed the train convey ing him might Cross that Prince of Wales he and m. Paris attended by four gendarmes were looked no in a prison Tan. Aad mat jolting for thirty Over a roughly paved Road. The aged headman or for recovered from the effects of the dismal journey Aad he soon went to grave whither he had More thaa Hundred Aad fifty Crimi Aak during he official career. M. De Park was a original and entirely devoted the he prols Slaon. He had made Many on the Guillotine he favorite to replace sos Amaly Aburaad by commare bomb ind a he successive ten years credit ranging from five to fifteen dollars per acre. Some homesteads of which Are partial improve ments eat be purchased for thaa the improvements Cost. Not a few who come Here with glowing anticipations after a weary year or two. Leave tick of the Watt. The question u often asked me Sipau. I of West that depends on circumstances. If a Yeung Man or even so that can put food into a House and into a team and from to Foo into a second hand Homestead and then has patience Industry docility in hearing advice Aad a Onomy he will do Well enough if his wife eat be contented. There is often the great est Duk culty. Such a Young Man so circumstanced will be Sura a five years to have a property Worth 000. It is for him to judge whether he eat Realise that amount of men hand a tender youth a Oregon a venture a the breach of Promise business lately he hav ing been outraged but fake. Their time. If a inventions. Christened it Jacque the Tio oar had a pretty retire pretty near Paris where Exoa retired Villa lived a luxury. Hah Adaa adapted daughter under an i re if a him not Convent school in Park. This Young lady ignorant of har Fath porn Fomina Taw cd tallow would afford a Liberal Saia Addi Tion to a fixed salary of francs a had Tarim which a new at Young Man has nothing More Money at the East than at West the industries Here Are few. Wages Low Money k scarce. A Young Man coming Here with nothing eat. Do Little More thaa make a living. If has wily be must economise few Eastern popu do. Within Tea of the place there an families living a so called houses fourteen by so Tessa feet built of Sod soiling their com at fifteen cents per Bushel and their pork at four Sente per Pound going without Tea oof fee sugar and other fast in 11 of life unable to Rake Money enough to pay their taxes. They for better times and that Tham. If those times come and they can hang of by the skin of their Teeth till they do they will be better off thaa if Bat ism broken off Aad that Shatava him f 1uo Aad a Botu of Florida water Pompea for Lorn of har the jury decided that that was quite est ouch Aad gave a verdict for lady. A Ora Goa Mart to Tuin Lii of . A Maala county who aspired to a ail set for sheriff that circulated a report that a tree had upon him Aad killed him. A order to prevent he Naomi nation thu a pro Bably with very Good that supposed to be dead a not be nominated. A very rightly Poteste that the k not fair Hak not Wil Ling to u regarded a. By he m Low nor to kept from honorable position of sheriff of county. Of Coosa Aad Tolo counties a California for Toi thaa a year past Baa visitations from a Chapparal who Ursa wild Ian tract of had Kuthsr no toyoma of pain of death. H. Provide hmm if with per shot Arsenal of is Pima by visiting All the ing to him they had them won t bold on and. Will in the struggle. Mora anon. A gentleman a Augusta. Of hat Dis covered a Diamond a pc Ylva of a shaving Brush. How it k to m votary vary Tion being that Diamond res run this country without paying tax at custom Horn by that of this Sonoe Abagat. Hour rear of a seat death. Of attempt to steam go with the wild Dothenia hair who did not it dined to take to for a mail a month to take beat Sara Bat mind to catch him. Dash. Aad Steily artiste Josd All Jianas. At last wait Fol Moun and valleys. Eagle Khz anti to Baleo Boriety to devotedly Aethra Aad United to fall Hallua. Too. Aad a luaus of the Lama was. Aaa Aal report Toha aaa Hody. jute Plant. Hamo of Mai which Iro Audilu Iada Naos that Biad chaat tha Eom mob it but to Maggu aka a this Way. It is very rare that Thaen thereof forget them in Thair hiding. Places Aad it win not be Worth Whitto Bay up shaving Brae Hea a harm Qalati. The. Hop of finding Lii Wiilis a years ago Ottoe Opatry Bat tha Thatro nut sad i Mir Greet of bad Lmos

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