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M'Kean County Miner, The (Newspaper) - July 25, 1872, Smethport, PennsylvaniaDo voted to to Jolt Istl Tosatti. Uts Atcitt and vol. In. A Tju i or and taboo Tii Lut w pm Tom Smethport m Kean county a thursday july 25, 1872. I u cuo.1. A fact of Lakott . In i win walk in of pm no Palau Vruyr a. Moat t a klic wrkww4 in rough run a i Cavan Tat my. Ii u whim air o Kim lick i. O t 1 up us. Mir Tahr i Taid nothing did nothing but Only looked at her fan and went Tham Bunje a changed and altered being Thorn a. A world where Hono Youan Hona Hoea tenon and mortice., band or left Entell not that world i had teen i had breathed in air ital heard Voinea. My author heard of my Muf Ortune and Luid thu strap acro Ai my thou Dan with out Chai Tetiuk for in my Young Day. wore boy. Till eighteen or it Notomi Yort old. I Boro it patiently Neom Putni girly. What b he fit Tor r every one would Aak. And no one Ronld Antwork not oven Mic of. I Wand Rod about the rectory la the and heard her Alag i the old Gadener to let Larrr the wat Orta Ata. Toe help him Larrr the Wator Taff Pata. And when i Mooe eded Felt i entered the rector1, Garden that i a. Entering a Para Dian. Of Happy month., when i Krill walk my. I i in Roku own i Lull. H to. . I 1 ulnar at Iko Kim pm. In Limul b. to thu Calm pm to us ii. T. Iii Aon Mako Law i m Tau ear it r my car Kut Witk amt Tad my Tim Xiii u Ike tajik. Tell w Toj wik i r a sri it a get tube afro. At old Crown other of Roll Book yellow the writing scarcely 1. From time and delay evidently ,.l.l. Or to the fire or to shelf Wiloh f tit use were my reflections i looked ten Papen of my late Uncle the a. of a Humer Hotmire Suburu 1 look the Book and do la for the i had my to ird. For 1 Frimml in Tutei crabbed Pharao in Sua or. Evidently written Clow of Lului life. Tins i now into a More Llull 1m fit for my us awkward nobody who hold. Awl and Cut. He find with he loft s. Taid my father and to i it i was awkward. I Wai fifteen Strong. But terrible of Lusty. I not make a Dollar. Nor Law a pair f Lili Kunn. Nor i Tiff a Saddle nor do that i ought to to Able to do. My in timid to have no Mechan .1 filing in them. I awkward t i knew it and a know it i wet goo.1-tempered could write girly and Ivad ant Flag but i award with my they loomed wills of their own and yet i Dan at easily and lightly a. Any Anna. I Don t know what he t fit Laid to Tho Rector of the parch. Ivr him to Harp entering. And hour Finger nearly off with an axe be went to the Smith and burned u till he a. Laid up for a month. N i All of no use lie spoil me More in a week than his earn Hwy for a a month. Why a Anat other us Rubans. Uan he hand. I Crit Lod moult him to y there i k him now. Cutting that Back strip ii. Quire with he left i Hoard him the knife slipped and trip of leather a. Divided in non put and utterly spoiled. Look at that apiece of Tho wry Middle of the Akin and Lii Tfir gosh Rel into the Jav Mitor Winil favored to soothe my r. In Ign. While i bandaged my after the horrible labors of the weary Day i Nead to follow Tho old Gardener and Hoar her ring i my old withered heart Fuller and Freer when the memory Back to to now. Ala. My awkward Nom again ban Hod me. Bho met to one evening in Tho Ganutan a. I coming along tin. With my full of water and mud you re Tho imy that broke Tho urn t you f i Ilid not and would not reply my Hon Iirth forsook to. I dropped my the whom they Mill him Biol away in a moment Tome on which the Rector Tot most Ventoro. How awkward to in twin of Clitu incl. And How angry Uncle will twp i turned and Flod and from that Riuo Tho rectory Gate Cleaod against me. I led a Mbura Blo unhappy life for the wet Throe Yoan i had Only one Oon to lation during Tho whole of that weary time. I her at Church and heard ring there. I Osau boar nothing cite when Ahe bang Clear and distinct above Tho confused Natal sounds that came from Tho voice of Alono pure tweet and Good. It a blotted time. I would not a inn Oay i service in Church for All that might offer. Throe Good every bunday there and Back did i heavily plod to Hoar her and feel rewarded. I Sharod her and Hoo Vinrov i know when Happy Whon Oppre and a. A Mother know the tone of her child i voice to Tho Minu Tott Aliade of differ Onoe to i would t4.11 when her heart wat Light and Wiluin sad. One bunday the Tang at i had never yet heard her. Not loudly but a tenderly to lovingly i knew the shango had loved it thrilled in Luis Voicu und at urn evening service he Wai . I Taw him. A Iio dior i knew hit bearing with cruel hard Gray Oyet and the Tang i knew it i detected a tremble and gratitude in the notes i Felt the a. To suffer i had suffered not that i among. I had no voice. A Hanh guttural bound All i could give utterance to. I Dooald whittle like a Bird and often and often have i lain for Houn in Tho Ahado of a tree and joined Tho concert of Tho one Day i wat whittling Wai my wont i wont through the Street when i a. Tho by an old Man the Cobbler of Tho next pariah. I knew him from he coming to my father for leather occasionally. Bam where did Yon Loam that t Loam that at f you be a Good ear. i be nothing Ebe Good but i can whittle any can Yon whittle me the morning my place in your own Church Aad god. You do a. Well there you be done Here it will be the Froude at Day i have Ever known 8am, my boy and your father and Motler will by to How i practice morning Noen and night for Tho great Day How Tho old Man darkly Hintel at a Prodigy that Wai Tubo forthcoming at the Foet Ival and then the Day itself. With it. B vivid before me a. If it were but Yea Ter Day. The evening came and there a the dimly lit gallery i Aat waiting with my Sam my Aid my matter a great wbk if. Getting very full. There thee Aire a Day lady last Mai in. Leap your on your Book and fad what Yoa a. You re in the it Ruthop five brought a leather to help and he Pat a Eteoe of that Black leather that a. A Peculiar acid agent in front of me. Thea Rentof it revived me the memory of the Many Houn i had apart came Back to me at one., and i lit a. If i Wen indeed there. She came at but and eur vice began. Of. That night shall i Over forget Ita pm Auroa the wondering of the and who came i found in to the awkward left handed Addlor i apprentice the Prodigy of which they had hard Ruoh it Wai Tho fint few of my Bow gave me Coonfi Donon and i did Woll. And i knew it through the hymn through the and on to the Anthem before Tho Sermon. That to be Tho gom of the evening. It then new Anthem. I know that my a Deemer it inharmonious out of know not Why or How but it progressed spell earned upon All but her Aad myself i one by on. The ios trn. Mente of esd and were Slont i one by one the voice died away and were Loet and Ahe and i alone bound together and drive on by an irresistible impulse went through the Anthem one soul one denied to animate both. The whole congregation listened breath Len a. To an Angel and Ahe Talf a Torud. And like one in Entrance Tang filling to with a delicious Monte of peace and exultation the like of which i have never known Tinoso. It came to an end at last Aad with one triumphant note i fell Forward Iii a swoon. When i recovered t found myself at Home in my own room with the Rector Tho doctor and my Parent there and Board Tho doctor i told you he would my dear mad am i knew he thank Ood murmured my Mot bar my dear boy. How we have feared for what a differ you i Wai courted and made much of. Oon iut and Vury Zlevor i and delightful Talent Nich were thu expressions i now heard instead of Lucind and unfit for any my father bought to a Fine instrument and i Tho hero of the Villaro far non thu. It Wai Tome Day. After that bunday that i ventured to Aak about the Rotor t Nice. My dear Aid my Mother the like never heard. We Taw you there and wondered what you wore do ing but Toon we Taw you with Mare we a Eatonjr who. Living and breathing on the face of the mortal Globe Aan truly and honestly answer que Euon affirm a Tielyr Ooola tonally one May with a individual who d. Afloat he or her perfect with us Good the but place them under strict. Aad soon Home Larking Carat of boo teat will Arbe to shame their Content never oae of input Umont that belong to the per Otlea Only bellowed and when we who cheat and torment each other Here Hope to Rrt in waited Bond of love which a the former life a Anat were perfect Content to Ragga fat Nahs the titter lot him come up. For Vaas. Or. Walten i should like a l fit it fur it t Vury fragile All Iulian Glaab and Una it with if Thor Ami m i want with the motor to bring k thu Vaal taking two Cha mob Loath Kirin of it in. The Bongo Aad i waited in while he went to fetch it a with a Large tenderly my a in Thole than. Auala that Thorn came from the room the Tki or of which i tand found of a voice in gang. A thrilled me voice now 1 write Thote tweet to pure it if an Rovo aled to Teal to me. And forgot the m my hande it dropped the a Rind and a. Taitl Leveil to 1 i Deasrie the rage t to l Tor which he note Illume in i. Loebner to vi.1 the came oat. Who had Tho Bagel vain he Aboe f and i Law her. I forgot the stood Peao Lemly a aim look at thirty ponnd.1 fifty 4 u Twa. There any raw you there go oat further Jroud Fathor to hone olt Idida. Good. Know any thing of Mutin. Bam f like to a i d give All i Havo in the world to he Able to play anything. My soul t full of mane. I can t a note but i Koukl play anything if i worn int act to you shall. Ham. My Hwy. Come Home with me. Carry Ukini. And Yon Ahall begin at i wont Home with him. And found that to one of the play on in Tho choir of he pariah he Sinatra meat being the violoncello. I took my fint Caton and from that time Oommen oed a new life. Evening after Evua ing. And Tome during the Day i wandered Over to he Littig Ahon and while he Aiteh. At the Boot Aad shoot i played Over Aad Over again All the manic 1 would get from Tho Church. You be a Beautiful fingering. Bam though it to too you bowing away with your left it no differ ence to you. You ought to be a flue player i Enthor attic but i poor. I wanted an instrument of my own but i had no Money and i earned Ronld earn none. My Parent thought and perhaps. Rightly that if they found me food and clothing i we. Woll provided for. And to for twelve month. The old cobbler1, instrument improving daily. It what huge that and Flagon to rigid and Tiff far every other impure Aho Ald. Under the Infra each of found move with each pre Obion my and Enot non Bam my Eaid the Wobbler one Day you Ball have a instrument und you. Or upon my look a Little awkward to of vat bib Vai bbb Day Yoa Ahall have an Sinatra meat a your father Ball buy it for you. The whole parch Ahall cry shame up but he Don t know a word of i never mind. Bam. My boy. To shall Plana at Oor Taia Mot it Wai of Tomary for the Ohio of Neil Boring Churche. To each other and it a. Arranged he choir of our play and eing on the next sunday morning at kit pariah Church Aad that he and i. E choir ome Orer to our pariah fur the . And you. Ham Aid to the Bow to knew Yoa Mutt be the Par ton there d been a much talk about and then when Tho Anthem came and we All left off and they All left off playing and Only you and Mia. Be cilia kept on we were Allia tean. 1 Law even the Rector crying and poor girl the doomed at if in a flip Yeai. And a you it Wai dreadful for me to tee you with your Eye. Fixed on her watch ing her to eagerly. And then to look at her Taring up at the stained Lati window at if aha Dooald ate through it mile and mile away into the dry. Of i m Aure the like never wa.1 Aad then when you fall Down i to named. Aad your father ran up and carried Yoa Down and brought you Home in Farmer Blad after thu i had a invitation to go up to the Robtory and there in the Long Winter oven Ingi. We retd to Ait and while i played aha Tang. Of Thorn Happy time. I when the loved me but Only at a dear Friend Aad i loved her ail never had loved before or would love again. I do not know the kind of love i had for her. I a. But a Little older than Tho waa but i Felt at a father might feel to hit daughter a Watt tend Meei and love that made me Piti Ful to her. I knew the loved a Man unworthy of her and i think at the Felt Thia he Aalf. Aad knew i fait it i perfectly free at the Hogue at last and we need to Flad motto a meant of Convene that our Tongue would not have known. A. Are gone. She left a. At last and in a few her Mothe Leai child came Back a her place and a. I again in the old rectory parlor Yean and Yean after my ant rial with her daughter beside me Ala. T not with her Moth the old Laia Amlia flood Back upon me Aad i feel grateful Aba Joy in the re Peot Aad affection of the daughter of her whom i loved n Aile Auy to tenderly Aad to Long. I Ait a the old at a the Ohar Ehnow Aad play and. Oat in the year the old Anthem Bat the that Ai led the old Church a. With a glory that Day. The Stringi vibrato under my withered Flingen i am Bat waiting to be b her under the Yew tree of Waade Aad h May be nearer to her Atill u the longed to ambition and honest would look at a of held tent what a what a Bury Worwag brain b devel oped. Throw open the far in Emam Nant evea to your Best room with it. Costly article of will item one for ask any Mother and the query Krou our Mer chant Pnno a and it b our glory that the Dominion can beast of Seldom if Ever the wout Content the very spice of lift which Tho ii oot labor ing Man Boholm. Through ignorance hit Richo. Can give

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