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M'Kean County Miner, The (Newspaper) - July 18, 1872, Smethport, PennsylvaniaA Hak Borit. Run Asnina dkvotb1 to i10hk 1ntkrksth, and go neral vol. In. Smethport m Kean county pa., thursday july 18, 1872. Kym. I Elurer m murmur. Us w ii ii. . Hour u. or i. J . . I. whip tech inn. Witk Rulow 4tl us. M us am it. I a Kim w4 a Wax. Milk. Adj we lev. Kab u Luki. A til. W i t Klu w Anil in Kun train tit Why he i ext. Hut. You never told me Why m Lii not marry Van loom. Wii ,11 thut matter was Sutt Lud but . Uly we Weru by Tho news 11. In you Luul married n stranger in thu my i Ion v in hum was Dis . 1 Woi Idar what Lias become r. Turat Hugo marry Al Well m Hod a him Chance to choose Lii a Wim inca rely it Good match in tin City Slutt was not at her command yen Answerl thu go Nuzman Liln med judge hum a listing ugh i in. Intelligent looking Man forty five years of age a Suc awful Lowyer who had some Yean be . It a roiled to thu judicial Bench by woman ill i Well have married better than 11. I ii von Horn. Why i did not mar re u a Short simple Story not with us moral and i will Tell it if your. To Lirar it. 1 have never told it be . I Vin to my wife ludicrous some it Eliom sore. To take a ill Rind it a Good hear How Helen Van Horn k not to Day von know her began the, and will remember that he to be very Rich. However it out upon his death and after Liu were Aid. That there we left in in Pitt Anoo for Helen obliging her i netted child of Fortune to live with a time Economy Tiv or do you mean that run he never asked hit Gusit repeated Hume Noin Ami in Fiat May Boscon Thoi Story to which i referred. Tut not it us anticipate let us to it a grinning. Vening. Going to an on with miss Van Horn m the inuit ushered to unannounced into tin i found her engage Al in an minuted with a singularly Young Man who i saw at a Iruin-.-. Might readily become a Forn Iid rival and i full tar the instant a Hinig of that Nnami Able Disoso ii Timon. Jealousy. But As my Hail Boon unobserved i was . To a Oover myself before saying. 1.1 it Lium Lavt manner Good evening tin p it Luton started and stiffly re my Imja. As for Helen with Cheeks she said Why or. Good friends out of for Tho Ltd Usu Wuhu. As to Are Livre at my hotel let us enter and drink u Tho goed Fortune of or. Do flu Lotus i gladly Aoa pull Tho invitation and to were engaged in a pleasant con versa Tiomi when a loud noise was heard in tvo Street mingled with Tho cry of a woman in tatting to our foot we rus lied Forth u Render Ami Itanece. The first object that met our Rig it we Helen Van Horn covered with mid but happily More frightened than Hurt or. We also in a wrote bed plight but too. Much engrossed m might be expected Fram such a creators with own to give the least attention fallacies. Two Hundred Yean ago that quaint old writer. Sir Thomas Browne filled two urge with an account of what he conceived to to vulgar errors pseudo Doxia a Pidemia although modern science he done much to diffuse sound knowledge in regard to the Phenomena around us yet popular fallacies Lave not m yet quite disappeared. Kven our of popu Lar science and Many of oar scientific papers continue to propagate and perpetuate mists rns which May Well be with the vulgar errors of or. Browne. Thus nothing k More common than to hear of the tabular character of hair indeed almost aay oae that we meet will if asked Tell m that the Hain of oar Heads an vary Fine and yet every hair k a Good Cylinder a fact which he Dana published of times Bat which seems to have no effect upon the popu Lar belief. It k True that a hair when examined under the Microscope something like a tube hut then so a wild metallic Fine ample for pie. That which Rise to the tubular appearance k imply Umbright Lino which k always seen on every Cyl both people s Cru Dru. Inder for example of even Black Lead Pencil when we to he associate in misfortune whom he left to struggle to her feet unaided and to make her Way to the sidewalk where Hor recent visitors met Hor. End where she hysterically explained Bow a huge truck against which de Goth Lotus Carriage had Boon carelessly driven had left them stranded la Tho Taddy Street fortunately and Marvel lost it however without broken i Churchill called a Carriage and to escorted the wrecked Back to her residence at the door of which to congratulated her upon by Lucky Ca. And bid her Good night my new Friend then proposed that wit should drive at anew to to opera whore he hoped we might moot a party of his friends to whom to would a pleased to introduce to Aud in whose society we would find Raro Eaas for our disappointments in regard to miss Van Horn. I assented. Churchill s friends Wero met m to had promised and among them were two Beautiful Sisters. So attractive that they speedily drove All thoughts of a merely handsome Girt superficial and spoiled like Helen Van Horn out of to head of thu Bill m Well m my own. A charming evening at Tho opera ripened into a serious attachment on Tho part of Churchill and Mya Olf for these Sisters which ended in our marriage and no one Over had Juster reason for saying Taku the hair however and. Having Cut a slice off at the end examine the slice we find that it a not a ring As it would to if Cut from tour Ond of a tube but a solid disk. Another singular idea which he gaitaud Vury general ground k that the Moons of Jupiter can be seen in a look ing Glass and if some Bright night we try the Experiment we shall actually see Jupiter in Tho looking gum accompanied by a very faint Star which con stantly maintains Tho same distance from the planet. Further. .11 than i have i and now you know Why i did not marry Van Horn and also How two men for a moment about to to Mode enemies through the unscrupulous coquetry of inferior heartless woman by a Happy stroke of Fortune became friends and Brothers. For Hulun Van Horn she still in single blessedness and upon the la Oivory of her Many finding Hor Chlof gratification for Homo Yean past a recounting the various eligible offers she had refused including always Churchill and Mya Olf among her rejected suitors. A heavy which or. A talus had been Beni led about the time of Mim Van Horn s triple engagements for Tho same even ing resulted so disastrously for him that her doors Wero at once Rig july closed will show us that every Bright Star pre sents the same appearance. And. If we reflect a Little upon the Jafim Mumm. We see that the Moon k Only the faint image of the Star or planet re floated from the surface of the Glass while the Bright image reflected from the surface of the Mercury k what Call the Star itself a lamp or Candle held before a thick Mirror will present precisely the same appearance. Simple though the explanation be however there Are few errors that have taken a deeper hold on the of the pseudo than the. Amongst popular fallacies a prominent place must be Given to those which from the actual deception of the for neither our eyesight nor our of touch k to be absolutely de Pended on. Thus the Beautiful phenomenon known at the Sun drawing water k caused simply by the of the ran piercing a rift in the Aad rendered More intense by the prevailing gloom. Few people would believe that actual Meafeu Remusat of the Sun Aad Moon when near Tho horizon at rising or setting would fail to show that they Are then much larger than at other times t and yet allowing for the differ ence caused by refraction and which if too alight to to measured by any but the finest actual measure ment that not Only their real but their apparent Are Preci sly the same at All another fallacy which k very Preva Lent k that every drop of water contains of and that every Pebble indeed every fragment of Olid matter on the Bee of the Globe k peo pled with of these email Crea for Ink belief there is. However no foundation whatever. So far As Ani Macules Are concerned must and fragments of Rock Are Barren Des erts especially when dry Aad Good Spring water a so far m life k concerned a liquid a few May Norasie Onelly to found by m. X. Everybody poor child is. The children of the very poor. They sleep in that reek with Poison. Their food k insufficient Aad improper and their Puy Paleu k the Gutter. Yet in spite of All. They an often Rosy and healthy looking. In the narrow streets Aad alleys where Tho tenement Bouses Are packed with the lowest strata of humanity you shall Bob Bright oyed Aad girls who to need nothing but a Bath to make them pretty Aad a usable. The death rate of the great shows a fearful Bill of mortality among such children and it k perhaps on the Prin Ciple of the survival of the fittest that the weaker perish while the stronger Battle oat Lif Vaad growth. Fresh air even vitiated m it k in the Aad alleys k a wonderful Medicine Aad meet of the daytime of the Little ragged Brig Ade whose nights Are spent in Damp Aad hot attics k out of where they got their Hare of All the air Aad Sunshine that into their Street but who pities Tho children of Tho Rich i Cut plod in luxury tended with Dainty care their least Almeate watched Aad a physician at hand with Pilk or pellets whenever they have an ache or a pain they ought to be Strong vigorous Aad Beautiful. Many of the in Are and Many the reverse. Foi puny Nie Cipuns of infancy with thu stamp of do Asp prematurely set on the one necks to look no farther than into the wheeled Aud thu nurse s in Park or Avn to. Not Tho want of care apparently Aad so my the mothers who dress their Darlings so daintily and Send them out with Bridget for their daily pleasuring. Where that pleasuring is. What it in. Whether half toe afternoon out of doors k net actually spent in somebody s hot Kitchen or some other close fetid living Reom. Bow Many mothers know Are not Likely to be More devoted than mothers themselves and in the nomadic life most of them Lead rarely staying so Long with family that they learn to love it Aad to work for it m much for Sake Tor the monthly wages they get to caring very Little How they fulfil their tasks provided that they get through with Thorn. A Friend told to lately How she had Rah bag. From the too oat Given by vice con sul Green of the Tankian sponge fishery a he report to the foreign once. Which has lately been would seem i for m much i skill than to fish for minion. That to fish for if not More the sponge fishery k most actively ear Ned of daring the three of de Cember. January and february for at other seasons the places when the Spon exist Are overgrown with seaweeds. The during november and de Cember destroy and creep away the thick Marine vegetation and leave the exposed to View. Theft Chryk divided into . Ramaly. Summer Winter the former in March and ending in november and the utter m noted above Bat the to Letioa of k not vary in Mumm. M u k fined to the oar red of diving apparatus which can Only be used of Rocky Ana Fira bottomed with or to the of native fishermen who Wade along the icon. And feel for with their Fra am the Maas of seaweed. The Epos go us collected by the Abs Snake of an inferior Quality owing to the Small depth of water in which they have grown. Nevertheless Calm weather and Ana Ooth sea Are essential Tho Suo oops of the fishermen the Winter Mamou. Although lasting three Doe. Not generally often More than forty five working Days. The Arab inhabitant of the the late celebrated John Tram Hall when a boy. Resided with he father governor Toni nil. At he residence in Leb anon. Conn., a the neighbourhood of the Motu Gans. The government of the trill was hereditary in the family Eft he Naom. Among the Hein to the chieftain skip we an Indian named Zachary. Who. Though a Brave Man Aad a excellent Hunter we Drunken Aad worthless a Indian m Eodald Well be found. By the death of intervening heir Zachary found himself entitled to us Royal Power. Intok mow by the better Genius of _ fleeced seriously How can Soch a Drunken wretch m a to a a no.39. When us Hoobs 1 and it the touch Teof will be about the swifter pitch la Tho of Btry Young woman aged Tweaty-tbre., belonging to Mia Naoto dab. _ u rocks principal la from Kranidis near Nanelia Napoli de and is by hearing the of a neighbor s child not two Yean old Aad he nurse s violent slaps while the parents wore absent at Church and indignation when the same woman came to the window with baby a her arms profuse in when they came Home. The the tumbles and the pin Are bad enough Bat bodily fit Don t kit Wavrin have in Day Aad be Over when they an old enough to Tell of it. Far otherwise k it with mental injury. Tho Imp reasons made on Tho brain in Babyhood often linger a lifetime. The child of the most refined people will become insensibly vulgar ised if in earliest education k put into the hands of Coane Aad ignorant women whose and an often impure. All Are not so. There an Large Loving among the Irish Aad germans that warm to their charges Aad for Thorn loyally and in the South Youn Iohd ung Man of Good for to co Well by m pc aft Orvard told nut kelp for the moment that the Choice thing might go against him. Know called quite a lady Van Horn. A 1 Froin the an of a moment if in de tie Iouli Edi it mint be very wrong in me to u u Here a i Suilo Beauty the Pearly Teeth the and a you upon that admirer who like a quenched meteor from society. Mean while occurred the death of old or. Ton Horn which. M i have said left the daughter no other attraction than Mare physical Beauty that bad now be come so that it Eoa end to please Marriageable men. Aad she we no longer Able to make Throe for oae evening. Bos indeed Boon a life of lost v a a curious marriage recently took Plano in Mie of the parisian churches. The. Bridegroom while marrying his Bride utterly unable to give her he the reason we that to had no hand left nor right either to extend to her. It we fortunate that it was not the Bride who we in the condition at the in the water that we drink but if it k filled with Anima lenses. It k certainly not fit for human use either As drink or in the preparation of food. But while most of the fallacies which we have mentioned Are due to simple ignorance there k not her t tit which k based upon a sort of quasi Enie Nuno information and which Are far dangerous. A Good example of those k the opinion generally held by half to the taught that it k Aoi. Dons coating of the Giss sus and cereals that than owe their Power of standing other words that it k to the that they owe their Rte Fennei the opinion been so firmly held by Many that they have advised the Addi Tion of Silica to land for the purpose of giving stiffness to the Straw and thus preventing the lodging of the Grain. Now. When we learn that soil consists of at least one half Eiroa we shall to the Absurdity of such advice. The truth is. That the stiffness of Straw is not due to the Arica at All for chem uts have dissolved the Silica by Means of hydrofluoric acid and removed it from Tho vegetable Stem without impairing the stiffness of the tit tue. The Motherly old with their shining Black and stately and ample Are treasures indeed to that possess them. Math ers need Aad Mart have help or they will Wear out and leave their children when they most need them but if they can not have intelligent help but Mast depend on irresponsible injudicious persons they should of Mercko a who would had to to dispensed with on account of the ring formality. The fact of the Oare was that Tho Brave general her Ait. The had last both Tim vhf in of Lilly of of Wollor. Jehad Boer ordered to test immedi part of the carry a of us Grea ate a Portano to another just m he gathered up a Iwuc 9 in we. Feudi iub.untanuoouriv.4 Bottom in at the bloc than he Boea made general and Comman of the Lara ooh hid Boon Fame Ray Abo shod. It k Ltd however that Genius he made him a couple of Iron which Orvo so Well mechanically that he can even write he name with foe of them. It Doest make much diff a taboo what member of the body k Lort so Ioco can Supply it a system of registration o and labels the Amo Admon to Kalb Mark Protection societies Are now being formed in England and it is remarked that such associations would to useful in the country. The Angush society proposal i of Trade Marks it of the against the fraudulent a and piracy of Trade Marks and the Proa Pontoon fandom. Foj k not merely important to the of Trade but of Blu Tho interests of the Public and the morality of Trade an4 of Adaena a Trade Mark in Luik country k As mock the sub set of property a Montora of Perriat not the Trade of to Ope Tenev loan tarted an Indian in Detroit visited an be Avau Days the the first Teete set All he Teeth Julip ing and the next one thai one had an a lob on him it to the buy with to warm it up. The toy meted t on us move mind Tho duh and the tweet milk at one gulp then in fort the the of the master Are still True the hireling because he k a hireling Saroth not for the childhood k naturally fearless. It not tremble at the shadows Are Ite but when superstition fills the Cellan with rats Aad the with and imaginary Black men and women ready to Dart oat of every Corner who can blame the Little ones if they cry for a the cold hand of fear Many an imaginative child m it cowers Down under the bed clothes Aad sinks into a shuddering sleep. When they outgrow if they Ever do. The period of fright they have Learned either of two bad doubt or deceit one k nearly m hard to unlearn As the Ether. The summer with in splendours of sky and Shore k tempting Many to the and the shirts. Them be Happy children who shall Wear Haen and Calico and climb Aad Plav in Aad Hunt for a the Hay i with to fear of Towa fiery before their eyes. But too Many of the Little an going away with full of exquisite but is which Are for dress up Aad not for to Newt Aad what with their looks Aad their vanities their wretched Aad ten of clock sap they will come Homo from the country worn out and Klatz poor Rich children Ami Home. Are chiefly employed in Tho fishery the however being Tho most expert fishermen while the arabs Are the least skillful. Sponges the full mall Are obtained by spearing with a Trident. By diving with or without the Mir tenon of an apparatus or by dredging with a machine somewhat similar to an Oyster Drudge. The Arab fishermen principally of Markenas Aad Jerbah. Employ called a until by from four to area persons one of whom k the Harp Over. While the Othen Man age the a. The Spearman wat ohm Forte Spoa Gefrom the of the Sandal and us boat k puffed round on he perceiving one. So m to enable him to strike it the depth of the sea in which the fish k from fifteen feet to thirty five feet although the greeks Are most expert divan us majority of them use the they employ Aad Light just sufficient to carry a Spearman and a oarsman. The boat k rowed gently along while the Spearman searches the Bottom of the a by of tin tube of fourteen a diam Eter by Nineteen inches in length at one end of which k placed a thick Sheet in he water and a abut Thi father a. To View the Bottom undisturbed by the oscillations of Tho surface. The Spears used by Ubo greeks Are Shorter than those employed by Tho native. And to sicilians. But with wonderful they Are enabled to reach sponges covered by sixty foot of water. They hold a their from three to four and Dart them quickly Anil with each precision oae after Tho other that before the first he time to disappear under us surface the second strikes Ite upper extremities Aad thus it additional impetus to reach the sponge aimed at the to iliac Ako. Fth with a Spear and in Small rowing Boam Bat do not v the my ton look Down indignant upon can i succeed to the great ubom ay-1 will drink no Moray and he solemnly resolved Forth he would drink nothing stronger than water Aad be kept his is Olatta. Zachary succeeded to the Rale of he tribe. It we usual for the governor to attend at the annual election a Hart Ford Aad it we customary fur the Mohegan chief also to attend Aad on he Way to Stop and Dino with the governor. John Tho governor s son. We Bat a boy and on Ono of these at the festive Board occurred a scene which to will Giro a Trumbull s own one Day the mischievous thought struck to to try Tho sincerity of Tho old Man s tempera an. The family warn seated at there Wexo Alleata Homo bowed a on the table. I add Wod the old chief the bar is very Fine. Will you not taste us Tho eld Man dropped he knife Aad loaned Forward with a Stern intensity of expression and he fervid eyes Ling with angry indignation were fixed upon me. " John said he. You Don t know what you Are doing. You Are earring the Devil boy 1 if i motion of mob of us fairly the cholera Abby i a Nam of of la us How Cook of will be to Tive Pflum Amadai Law at . The speckled Trout on the first of july the in Taok will pout Tif the. Us Only Onnapatioa-------.--------------. And they Are exempt d from jury Daty. Woo aria wed into 3.730 of the i Ible a fear by the of my late Hook be a ripped Hora two bladed Kalfs. Aad a Peck of Hickory the Gold Moat a a Triet Vera a k twelve Mike Long a six Mylai qua and oae Hundred Aad fifty mining the Erekuf Vaadia to i Bear. I should never Stop to i got to my and i Avald become again the understand the employment of the tube and have not acquired the Knack of the in using Throe or four Spean they i consequently Seldom an equal Quantity of sponges although they Are always More than the the produce of the fishery k. It Sta Ted. Susceptible of considerable to have ump a never attend a More Valaau Precept demo theom could not have Given it with Mere i we thud Entrek. My Parent War. Deeply affected. Thev looked at me then turned their Gaic upon the venerable chieftain with Awe and a they afterwards from Montiy re minded me of the Oene Aad charged me Aero to forget k. He us buried a the Royal bark plam of he tribe near us Beautiful Falls of the Yantic. A nor wich on now owned by my Friend Calvin Reddard. I visited the crave of the old chief lately and above his Mold vein varying from Arfet feet which Earny. High m i. Silv. R per sat or. Bam 6. Kaigo it who ate Woody car Glove Goa Paay. Of tick. For i Jurk. Thrown from he was frightened by theirl after a five Yean trial c judgment against the h the Rkia gun Aiau m rapid or in Detroit i matai t apm Baan. Yean old we he Bini about the pow. Station for a Ather us other night Toa filial a Rostof to. A marriage took uce my Morita few act i Luty five a Vivar wive. Aad a girl of marry for Money far preacher and treating Tommy Tala Eort of notoriety a ire Fai the int of the hair sumalag a eat. There k a Eari Ooi Paege in the Memoir of Cardinal in which he

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