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M'Kean County Miner, The (Newspaper) - April 11, 1872, Smethport, PennsylvaniaHard a. Ii Boru. I vol. In. Do voted to l1tkkaturk. Ago mkt Kral 1stkll1qknck. Smethport m Kean county pa., thursday april 11, 1872. A Ysab or Adt Avob. No. 26. Till tool Iii Parebell. 1, ii ill Ful i i i. i i l id n Ticu Fittl 1 fill it. Aud Foi ulna i i. I Lar tar . I we a i i i in. A. I. Attim pitiful 4 v. I it. m ii i. R i. Fotr. 1.1 i faint Lair id Ull trawl. Warrer i ugh Ali it Uli Lull what s the taif Ferince. Or. Lull Between huddling Aud Hawkins Coal retorted old like pm difference nuff sir peddling Coal Ull right anyhow. I m at old Man old my Bones fairly creak with Rhc Matiz but i d licked him air i would. I d a la Muniec him into Tho i Idalu o next week sir my Pinion a Eddlin i killing his pipe with Crudo Navy the old Ian fished Ivoal from the Ola Favali toned stove took Throe Quick puffs an returned to the door where i Stoot pack in hand waiting expectantly an invitation to enter. C min interjected old like pm ii turn Aud make Yourse to Hui though not certain my ability to make myself to hum not being exact a humming Bird i responded to the la conic e min finding myself in the Odd eat old rookery Ever Conco Tisl in t i.-. .1 . i1 in ii. A. I 1 itl4-ll we . With a . I i is y i Viki pl.e is fifteen Miles lit old, Iii id within the Lim Tii town Stikl Fortl. Conn. Gem rally Dib la a , and it most exclusively by Coul Region forever in the a pits which wus to i Bluit the a Shiek r Orch in in trite lotion. Irim Iii Smithy a i my k4 isl its picturesque Tiu a unit. I my i inception 41 what with i. My Goblin. End in with i atmosphere its own through Jiu h shot Ilay Lucid tongues tile there was a the Goblin Iii the Region itself. Well in it inhabitants who merged Ami return isl 111 rattling Hick line us str.kllg4 u4 themselves. In alls a horse i Protti Rhul for Levin throughout tli4 4-Ntllitry Tolland Pieer As a Han i land county or anywhere along the it Wai one thos4 dim. Hay oct och Days which convert a Yan Lind Scippe inn a fairyland and to Ait Umnus Youbng Wim at height. This Muju Lull or. Cha. Tiht cd laconically i Loppin j the i in the Copula and the in the i mistress m i elderly lady armed wit i a belligerent Broom 4-Ntcrtsl the room and or. Lull to Blosl a kind court i with his he Wax trying t shake it Lull the gymnastic with tin attempt to shake i heal uni which however in Isicc Eiful owing to the Tough Nam certain to keep it on remarked or. Lull ing by running ringer his hair that his head was 4111 old no Iii this ii Young or. Al Lithoria ii Sybili Inyim lit .1 let Lull. La old r tile i Llull uti thut h i it got l from Yulip. 1i out u and Lur Blip you d like t Duk or u Little with him jest for Kepu Ini old Oman , mind be. Then to me s t Down and make herself to hum taking to tin invitation to , i dial. And in the old gentle Man ilits not tilt 1114. G4-t up again n Timi Lur to Nicks , Tun it Lull Tell Ltd Eon -1 with a le.velt.1 with Wains it Lyle Billle. Emirates. Like hop Yiirs. Skin inc i Ond. And its for to in. Who Ner Spring us Iii then with we Iii never fancy 1 i .1-1 that is hot the Well to the. And i vein tie i a leg -n.t. That the Misti .1 i Isiah Iii who Haifa nil i i i int. Tina Iii in until they Are All i Iii Mist it tin ill in Otlien. I id at Kuvell Hill at which i nit in my il.-s4-.-nt 1 4111 the i t for i am really a it ill ii Angl to Iii.l-. Lik. An la Ruvil priest in the ii a. On a High Hill not m the in a mile from tie t. S4 from it by a deep Imp usable Gurgi to Romeil the Viccii wind w m West it Tel a a thick r and the old i. .1 for Vuk ill a go Lilloll it a atmosphere from my , when i Wasa Imit. The Fiji thai it and be Olathe ram Liling 1 St it Iven Hill and overlooked i. Ilis net. How will and with terrible 1 Rem Emlet i repetition to the lurid internal that so Ink Tel Nii up from i Reinis diking kit a still Goblin i shooting lurid lire athwart tin night. I tie Gulf us a imy i Clever Crossl. I i Long after 1 had in sell into an Elic Velola i Rinaii 1 did it in old ill t41 h to Ami hit aug Eata Eolah at lion More lib Way to thu sticking Page up ii Musty t at list ii huh tempt an in or a month no my i our tit ntart4sl for lie coniing with the mime Mirt g that Stiitt have in the old Ballad when he Turt i Tor the Illuk Kong. Lowe i a i Imil uti Ikis my i the trip and did in or taxing a gob be pickets ha.1 inv Aib r who Gull w Ithone minting that t n in by mum u iriv. Ollavi it not i Goblin when i got there i fondly in tact i wholly at finding that were physical 4-Toltitioit-i them very phys real imps so i thut the harm iwed to the no Lei King Wainn. Though it took two them to make a whole Home were aria Tompert in Vert i i i. I t 1 Lital in to Iii asking. Reinforce isl with a st4m-k pint it my Ems. Inti and Iii t4 Lourige Alumit two or Ileayn and to Avail it ,.f to pita Lite for As Many w hut tis is j. I t what tis . In Tii Kiiu Lull vernacular by exp Ike Tell i Low n on tin shh your and take in no Turt Kiili a which or. Lull a with the a not by a i Only ave heard Tell Feller in scr or thank Fortin. He to Nee Iii my shacking with a pack on Hin do Tiht rightly intern Tisl his exe. Tiling by .-oiih4in.intal n t. My first Ilijin Hsion mrs. Lull w. That Wiiilie Hirv the Hromin Hali Ille had go into the Dri a that me am that the woman that ought in it had by in Itu Timil mistake b.-. Ii for u the old lady illustrating that Ohio a in Lici Iii y protoplasm which in Tol land Coli it they in the Simil Tif Lik King like a shirt 4111 a bean pole Iii her sunken Grey there some thing and a canal As i Hall once often into tin face mine Terribile apparition. Home terrible mystery in Thi woman ii i was just lating to myself strange metaphor tie leading to humic hidden Tomb in the dump every when a wild moan drop Mhz it were from the Point almost directly overheat my . On Tolge with noun thing Akin to a no Riddit. Rmour acct Ihirg with one fell i exit All my latent c Lii i ring this very on. the goblins which 1 Wax now the guest. May s Well t4 Lyle. Thut the. Old cab h old lik4i Ein cih.. With the name h4-iit4 it Iowa Scarcity vowels in Hin and then you want to you c n stay. It Ain t nothing but the wind Hoot Aii l 4111 to Hind panel. Y4in h4-4it comi i Down the Thieo the Ohl Stock a Tiliti in the Iii Idille. Ami Cut up terrible and there Ain t no Way to Stop it kept take the Stock in own. It and hollers and fairly behind panel. I be Lieal it say 1 . Deur dear Clear Over and Over again Jit like n Man we in Iii murdered. Taint nothing hut the wind and the neigh Bor ii Neison t nay while the old Man was thus haranguing me to the ability a Zephyr under certain to Icar mrs. Lull the room abruptly and i recently there wan n cremation the pranks that same refract iry Zephyr and i half fan ital i heard it moan by Way come dwindling into thu minor Previ Ous to Topping altogether. Then a ddts or. Still stating a Proth motion that wus Vioris enough and just then i heal the la filthy tilt sitting a it 11 in Gin agin at t4 Clork or and you la hear it All mime . . Over and Over and Over. The old Oman Nari taint but i b Lieve the wind can talk anyhow and i Guem hell it ran Long not 4-Aring to thut no having 11 half fancy that the old Man s talk Wax merely a fur a bit family Niya Tery i sauntered through the neighbourhood luring the Afu Arnwin dimly expecting to pick up Wiite hint More relevant to the solution Liat than was or. Windy a half dozen pint and Nee Lam and Many trinkets were o. In the course my Jaunt but no and a Little after Nix i strolled in the direction the rookery fortifying myself with sundry do-4.ii philosophy for the nocturnal repetition that name mythical . Which i could not agree with my him in do scribing to any mind however Tiu Ali gent. You meet with Nom it Range expert emus. I no Pehme. Or. I a marked after lighting a Cigar and prof Fering another to old like pm. Hyak. Ing head at the Cigar with the Al legation that it had t the flavor Good he tilled his pipe picked out the Coal to could find by Way Economy Vesuvius and at Lott Cludis to nettle into cosy in prandial confab. Drawled the old Coal Burner Ditlif brately. You a Man has to u out nights a great Deal in this business. Coal pits Are full cussed new one no 11 keep still All Day As still s a come nigh it la break out and Cut up terrible. By that Ain t the Wust on t. It s so cosset full o class dress that it la play Possum and pretend to be All right till Yon into the Wain and then it la jest begin to shop and by and by it s All afire. You was t Here when Jim Jim As the Calud Burn up was be r Wall Jim had nigh on to two Hundred an fifty on his Wain and had got half Way to Spring Field fore the cussed stuff stuck out its cuts and poor Jim did t Ever com they never fount a Bone him. Yon ure Jim was jog Ging along in the As eve Hail got to sleep stuck Way up on top his Load when the Coal begins to snap with a tinkle just like a Bell i was All afire in ten minutes and unit the seat away from under him and he fell Over into it. Else it migh ave Sci i the and you see they Start with a jump and Jim lid Tut Ubl Over backwards right into Tho Coal they Tell out on the How it was Light Day and How the Wain shot like lightning leaving a Long Tail fire behind it for Tiore n ten and the Hinti Mvi they snort4sl and run Anil the tire run joint an fax a they Ani i xxi Jim was t never again slut the lion we they just run till they drug died Ami for Miles Ami Miles it was Jet like the Devil a Ridin in a great Wagin fire und Adowin tire he went. But ill oily Ever Heel o Jim Holland again there wuss enough left o the Exir cuss to make i funeral old like Ein puff Tsi several path Chi puffs the Navy. And to be a agitating Over the sad a Milt Lim int but or Tom Utlz evolved another Hix 4-xct-.slingly 4-011 Thi Untal i. Tell be what Hullar i Tell y a that my make yer hair Tan right up i could. Hut 1 Mumi t. Y set the old Oman would t like Here or. Jull looked at Lull he would nay could t i. Old Ituen Ami mrs Lull Limik isl Lack you could with in he face that sail you must t for tin world St like pm 4liil divulge and the mysterious something left to it . Wall. I atm t then con tin util my Host replying to what Lull looke.1, Anil did not nay and then through the ceiling or Rattler through the Miike blackest so a 1110.111 to terrible i awfully preternatural that for the mutter making my hair stand on end or. Lieym s Wax n lid ered quit there s thut wind Aguin ejaculated my worthy land Long. It it. And it la be jest m All night Long. I Hastu Ineil to aver that i Wax nol timid. Can t what you mean by answer Tel the Ohl Gohlin Liden Ilig intently but i s Jmc you n not easily a Feird an mrs. Lull had left the room again and presently there a cessation the half Hoot half moan shutting o stealthily that a Goblin might have Lieen Suppo ivs. T4i 1 that him rut Itin again remarke.1 or. Lull again repeating a a evident Uon but it la Irgin after the git to bed. Lots o in thut Ain t human. Or. Ellithorp. Kalsu Why is t that the i oils talk in and never Waytt anything in the Day time indicating by an intentional Yawn that i would like to be piloted to my room or. Lull took the hint and Light ing a Candle preceded me up stain. It was a rickety old room with a rickety Bedstead ill it entered by a rickety door the which protested to ing Dimitur Lisl by creaking dismally. In fact they would have All tti4 same. I fancy anybody Hod look etl at Tilix with any apparent intention As they say at the tombs investigating its capacity for swinging. Tio barricade was impossible. There Watino except the fact that the creaking the hinges would answer an alarm in Cane any attempt at invasion. Or. Wind that had a habit saying could not have got through that door without eliciting a creak on the part their Iron joints and having an Excel Lent pair Derringer in my Valine i bad no More tangible to intrusions. Or. Lull had me an extra Candle and putting myself in the Best possible condition to a siege i went to bed having mumbled my with a sort profound grateful less for the fact that the would creak on so Light provocation. A strange prevision haunted me but t last i dropped into an uneasy slum Lar in Wnm i dry Guiod fitfully but with terrible distinctness Stealthy Root Elm gradually nearing the door. And they seemed to be in com ing and through All ran the oppressive conviction that at every step they were bringing me face to face with mime horrible creation Nightmare. Then i tiled to Hoar the old creak and in my dream it As they were iving and screamed. I started out slumber with a Ler. To find myself sitting up in bed and listening intently. The Candle turning dimly. It was nearly or quite Midnight. Examine my not because my suspicion that old like pm a robber but because some strange pre vision something impending i took the Liberty personally thanking Hpe Cial Providence for the those tinges and dropped off to sleep again my startled into consciousness once More by the opening and shutting a Loor on the same floor with me Suc oseted by the half moan with which or. Lull had so generously ered Tel the vocal the wind. Then crept across the lobby and presently i listened to Stealthy Fin or talons fueling for the door Han Lle accompanied with a sort intermittent that a person Stening intently for the least Indica Tion on my part ant prepared to effect a masterly Retreat did not happen to be sound Kougl asleep for All practical purposes. At the very first sound the open Imp and shutting that far off door i hat cocked both pistols and was now Hal sitting up in bed. With a ready Derrin Ger in either hand. The fingers had now found the ban die and very cautiously and gradually had begun to pry open the door. How the ancient hinges did creak As u somehow they meant to warn me approaching danger in the terrible stillness the Midnight they screamed notwithstanding the excessive caution and Gra duality mar Neo turn Al visitant. Half 1 donned Crew a Triplet from Poe As exactly descriptive the Way they did it Fruia 1114. And began to conjure not the. Phah the people tb4-7 lip m Abr in army Tiblin p4-Ople i Doir but an for my Bistro oui Doir hair la. And hav ing found it. Very Likely to oven wer in by sheer dint Ghunt How whimsically 1 Calcut iate4i, too the exact number Sec Nib it would take to the door it thai rate pro Greta it last in Ter Jining to my own Sutin faction that it would be about two Lui nuut Aud a half in Fon the would develop itself. Two Niin us a and a half mystery what hours were Tome Ever one them a geological per ii longer than the Long vat Ever Ilema dec by the most ortho4lox disciple now Nim run fuated Hutton. I Juit on the a mint jumping out cd an Tutsi Ting my Gobus half Way when creaking the gave Way they creak. Is. With a last in lao note that an oath and presently a face and head peered into the a face acid Luad so ghastly and Goblin no Gorilla like that i snap much Len both pistols with a strange no udder. Had 1 us a a woman in a novel i should prob ably have moaned dear Anil swooned affix Ding Nom heroic Young i Nile Muir an to exhibit he heroics by a suing me but and marry ing me but in ing a Man and not even the hero a novel so that i a shivered myself Quick i could the instinct self Patti Elvation got Thiu tur it. And i was a fabricated syrian Tecl. For half a minute both pistols cocked. I Aat and a isl great cleanly to he Nure but without a tremor. By seemed the shake the old rookery Wilh eve seconds i counted by heart heaths that cry thu Uip a breathing stealthily yet Itermo Routly my Goblin squeezed itself through the crack the door partly a tall gaunt Pinsl trial Appari crawled cat like on Alt fours in the direction the us i. With a Pur ring sort sound is min july not human it came. W through it now or thought i did. This was or. Wind so per inac Bounly dwelt ussom As being noisy o Nighland having some proximate pow articulation. The Candle was Dol ing dimly on the Little stand at the head the bed and. Comprehending the situation i guest Al. Or thought i did an in Tention on the part the intruder to put it out before proceeding to business. Starting into Suilen activity i Cov ered the uncouth Gorilla with both Tiitu Slop instantly the grim Ball uncut a died protoplasm uncoiled itself and was on its hideout a Thalf laugh and a half yell so commingled not to be exactly either both Ali ath Peru Tad Usu axles covering the exp to Point where the heart ought to fee it the existence which in the in stance in the body my i try no the gaunt Gorilla with hair matted All Over Bead and face and a couple eyes that gleamed lucidly in he dim religious Light the Candle oud first at me then at the Candle and vented itself in a laugh that Shook the old rookery with a quaver and shudder unearthly Jar. A a a a Fin and Gur Rio a has from its terrible Throat in Al i began to think that my spectral Ruest trying to kill himself with ugh Ter. Terrible deadly Consul had never heard a laugh like it before and Pray Ood i May never hear t again. the old Nick Ever As fancy i shall hear a Repe Ilion it some Day that is i am taken off As my orthodox pre dict and i Pray it May not be in world a herero shall carry the horror hat one convulsive Gamut fore encore. Can even fancy that Tho old Nick s might lie tolerable in with covered by two glittering Ubes my Gorilla appeared to Coni pre Kend that any attempt to put out the ight either the Candle or the pro Krietor would lie attended with in Ilca Sant risk i did t mean to Hurt a beefed he intruder with some approximation to humanity in cracked dissonant it Lisicky voice exhibiting a set wolfish Teeth. Merely called on be fora Ittin a a which Yon see. Has not rejoined when the gentleman had ended his sonnet a has. Perhaps better take yourself through that door i added menacingly with a Click the trigger indicating an in Tention to make Short work the mat r. Again that half Boot half moan or. Wind which with my visitor appeared to be a necessary precursor to by. N objection but i jest nought i d Tell be about that s he Gal what i m Here for. Yeaw Ca Sta to he my old Oman some a. Be won t never try to Cut me out will be stranger cause be try Saltpetre won t i was to be saved at All. Which the Rev. Or. Dogmatic Al Jones has always appeared to regard As a doubtful prob Lem particularly since my return from Germany i preferred to be saved with something else than Saltpetre but i had no present nitration cutting the Man out and hastened to Tell him so in the Blandes manner in fact having never been presented to Calista i was in a position to be explicit As to the question having no intentions either honorable or otherwise. I had taken occasion to scan my go Filla pending the negotiations these preliminaries with an exceeding minuteness scrutiny calling to mind Sun dry is engr from Cuvier by Way determining its relative position m the Simiao family which humanity according to Darwin u Only an educated navigator but was not yet Satis fied whether i was dealing with a very strange scrap humanity or one Cartel s Anthrop amorphous apes caught and caged and nicknamed wind by the rather eccentric or. Loll. In fact even at the present Date looking Lack through the Mist Many a foggy year i prefer not to bp4-ak pout ively As to so knotty a problem in natural history. I wan in the the Yankee who bought the elephant on Swiec. I might take my acquisition to new York and set up business on Broadway with huge placards announcing a Prodigy and ten cents admission fee but i was not fitted for a barn in Aud wanted a Little sleep just by Way preparation for the next Day s canvassing. However mentally i sex cogitate my placard eighth wonder the world. The marvellous Yankee Man eater fact stranger than fiction a Gorilla from new in gland walk in gentlemen Only ten to gee the great eighth wonder the world to on and so on ran my exhortation to the crowd when i was startled from my Subjec Tive career a Barnum by a furtive is Tion m v Gorilla in the the Candle. again i my nocturnal caller with Lith my Zelcs and fell to Specula Ting. Should i Ever ferret out these Quel to this Odd encounter my Vitant merely a Lunatic waiting an tier Unity to Spring upon me or was he in Noblr Only Parl eying with an Eye to an Opportunity to throttle me with those clawed his and Decamp with my valuables r the Drift my cogitations favored the latter conclusion for half a minute but at last i came to a in favor the former and upon Tho basis insanity accepted the ginning to discuss question Jet Ting my Tiger into his Den and caging him for the rest the night. My com Mittee and Means consisted to Derringer and with an ominous Click i ordered him peremptorily to leave the room in the very by it Yankiv i could think . Make tricks out o i co Ufim to a very dim Conception the exact Force making tracks and the process by which they Are made on an Oaken floor for example. But my Gorilla obviously comprehended the Idi oin better than i did having no doubt been engaged in making trucks at Norm period not very Remote. Sar Tinly stranger be mean it. N objection. But be must t never get to round Caluta cause won t save Little i cared about being saved by and by Way rejoinder i rely repeated make will you Sar Tinly mister but look out about my Gorilla pronounced misty with a sort Semi articulate a kind o Jal she with which comment Calista s attractions he began making tracks or trying to make them in the direction the door. Pursuing him step by irtes with a Candle in one hand and a men acing Derringer in the other. I had the satisfaction at last bolting the Oaken door his Den out which by some carelessness on the part mrs. Lull had succeeded in working himself. I did not sleep any More that night or listening to the Ste Torous breathing or. Lull s wind and half imagining that i heard it open and shut the door stealthily. Then cat like footsteps along the passage would set me shuddering with a strange half conviction that i had been dealing with a Goblin after All the locomotion which rocked neither bars bolts nor rickety he pages and thus the rest the night passed minutes Ages. Day dawned however and stray Jav Sunshine penetrated the thick Vapours Zik lag. Which from that time since i have religiously avoided with a sort consciousness that Saltpetre Oulen t save it Day dawned. There was Clatter pots and kettles in the Story beneath and presently i was called breakfast by old like pm himself whose first greeting Waal How be re slept pedlar r wind lion t trouble did it it s a bother to Livin in an old crib that s haunted nit s Long s taint nothing but wind i shall try to Stan i hastened to convey an intimation like pm s wind had Norred would t a saved Ham Ellithorp s boy and it Adall a had to come oat any contingency which old gentleman appeared to dec set with considerable More any that might have hem and to the Ellithorp family. Be what mister year bad a Narrero remarked that worthy ugly to that wind yours or Lull i answered exhibiting my Der Waal so e agreed the Host philosophically eject ing half a Gill Brown ish fluid from Bis month after which removing quid tory with right hand deposited it affection it then out head Ter and could t a been held ble. It Money to Send to the slum and i can t afford it no How but he would t a been responsible he had so needed yer Wool he. Pedlar a course i replied Sardoni Cally. And. The Matutina supplementation my Stock Prototo plasm with Ham and eggs cogitate sadly As to the still prevalent new eng land habit having people about the House who could t be held r Spon sible that old rather tangible. But be can t say t Yeve see any thing pedlar. Be might Are Heerd assented the old Coal Burner dogmatically. But the ghost never comes out trom behind the but the ghost did. Or. Lull i had invite a Long confab with that talking Vind the old gentleman stared first at me Hen at mrs. Lull ruminating his morn no Enid vigorously. Tell be what us. Old elucidated the grim old Zik lager. The oat s out o the bag and 111 jest out with he whole Story cause you see. Or. Elithorp Herall think strange. Wish old Oman. Cd let it All night Waal i jest wish i or. Lull dogmatically a in. Lull Shook her head sadly at proposition. Ton see Sandy s ugly name inns. And he d jest had a Fli on in Saltpetre Hen Ray it is the fashion now for girls to learn everything. College doom Are open wide to them and they Are freely admitted to full companionship with the other sex in the Mastery science Art literature. Cornell listens to the Knock ing female Knuckles and will soon number1 women among her As it should lie we Hail with de Light every sign that int locates the ele vation our sex. Twi it or or let or Mcfaw t. Fin k. It. A Ink. W All Tatul i but we think too ranch Wisdom can not be exercised in the Choice Young la make their studies and especially their accomplish menu. Everybody studies French everybody learns music and therefore a mum residing in Central Illinois or Nebraska who May never bean a word French in her life Days and in the acquisition that language. The May not have a particle love in her soul for the Concord Sweet sounds but to be accomplished she must drag through the drug cry practising two or three hours Weverjr Day and learning great Long operatic pieces that require1 the touch Genius to bring music out them which she Good girl incapable doing. Such a course sensible it it Wise there u reason Why an English woman should read and speak French. For Paris and London Are Only a few apart. But for most american girls to think it a waste time. How much More Good would they derive from a thorough and intimate knowl Edge Shakespeare and our other Standard poets than they Realise from the partial acquaintance they make with Racine Voltaire and Moliere fondly Hope that will improve their present so As to ill rive from them positive that they will read better than their mothers can that they will write More fluently that they will choices English in conversation that our Homes May reap the Nch fruition Ripe and cultivated womanhood. on Young ladies Leam music let make a specially such and harmonies As will Charm the Twilight at the fire Side. they take in elocution let the Home Circle furnish a constant theatre for their improved utterance. they study geology they May properly consider what an addition to the family room is a Well selected Cabinet minerals and make their knowledge practical by collecting and classifying specimens is May come into their Farna should add to an acquaintance with overlying certain strata otherwise what practical use is geology to them the great end education to pre pare woman not for a few Brief or social flutter and but for the Long stretch life from thirty to seventy will adorn and lighten the and toils period she should Moat earnestly seek. Among these we place Reading at the head. The who can with facility and appreciation receive into her own mind the Crystal aed our classic and interpret them worthily to with Tongue and voice with her a potent spell which she cannot be deprived. With this she mar in every place and during every period life Charm pained o or the Burnt weary world. Next to we place a knowledge history geography and biography. This will have an influence to keep a woman immersed a household from sinking into a Mere Drudge especially her fresh by orca the theoretical knowl Edge the various which acquires at College soon mind but history and biography an always fresh and rive in other and on own. Facility with the a most div sizable acquisition which re Terr Little oat Lajer exarch a. L set drawing costing half n Dollar a few sheets paper a bit in Dia rubber. A by a practice hand How much entertainment May be furnished. In on list homely would also Plain it wac. 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