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M'Kean County Miner, The (Newspaper) - April 4, 1872, Smethport, PennsylvaniaH Altic a Hak Boru. Vol. In. A Lull to 110uk . Alf Oak Oral 1stklliqkkck, Smethport m Kean county pa., thursday april 4, 1872. 12.00 a tub or Addax cd. No. 25. To commow. 1 , Ull. Lor. A Lect with jul will u to u. Run her till i liar in f Luu rpt in path War itau.1. Not Alyc Bat Lilua. Aii a Turuta Milf tit with Al ply Shii ill Ului or foul Llwis. To Amity in. Flirt Teiml w by Prtrt. Tur. Tfir Iliin ii the fsr uhf Why to Hist from tire fell borrow out it in. Our t Nair. Will in with nose Bini i Nur that Low Portal. Anil a a in to Natal Knur. Antl w. Al Mil Tuni Midur Tecl Willir for m alive a air or tin Southern xxi int it tin gloomy Niu Mari to u it win lit tin Lillif it ilium which we shall write tin Northern limit it mexican a in in tin til so Inoru. Tin Uris Ulm luxuriant Valley beyond portals Lii us n Century let orc Toiv the in i Harvest of n Hundred cult by towns More than noun Fly i Nuti oits in u life com und in fact. Manifest no Ilet Irr to receive Lover like Zitti nations us her curly up. To Litchi who were most in their wat one Jom pm Riario. Who Hill niaili1 first it tire in the h your Kiev Init it of whom Little known i., von i the fact that lie tile Lui Tinett of t railing with the lower it he and u profitable in All Reijm ctr one of Alicz d .111. Ill who it would he won most by Civ to Nii Creed in hit he however Worth in the of Taler Rind i Aughter. I . Wat Home Thisie cruel and must tar in hit take something furtive about the e of hit that made the father Hiippi Sioum and ill at cute in Hon Nee und the girl to shrink him. Hul. If he Wax aware of the re pug n me.1 with which Wun to the i Eru tax. The inti titty of he p Tor him to continue Milt even after nhe Biol lately but firmly. Dec Mil Hiki Itti Titio it. I Laid ing her immovable Lui Wever. He Appi used to the father from whom he i n tired lit chilling a reception. Thereafter for a time nothing u of Riutor and to Ivan lat on lie Iii Welt rid of him. Hut one even ing when wan enjoying the Cool arc rec in an ural Lucial Grove in air t building he Wun a Murthil by thu no of Thi Man Benoni her. Ilo docked her and out Mott Appi 4ilrt to her to tin n Lui love for her und accept jul die Tiet tic bling wit i right i Iii Mil. And lie Uhitil nhe de Inamur to in Jermit till to return to the loll to. Angelil and exc Leiu control in her violently within i. In. I. While he him in out. Hunt. Miry you Hull not leave me until you Coll i it to 1 by fair or foul ii Ann you Mutt Mitie i had Mii of it ten a the wit lit when tin in Iid Iii wat torn from Liin Gnipp he wan Diudick Tio Lelitia to the nth by no tender hand. He looked up i Ilii Rovit that it Wim ionian who had Uncle this Tini by Puih Amii ii in i ill of hit daughter and who Hvist Over my threateningly in spite of Ines i Wil unit u Tuen. I wat Giul to away without flirt liar ii it Only at the eds of of tin Kline lout c k Tik 1 a Imtair of i Vange Agibin to the Lathi Rand Ell old. All of Joswph i Ruvencio the threat of Lizul Mowod r. Ii the mind of Don Ito inn fur. When he found himself necessitated to make a journey to one of the lower settlements that would reel mix his absence from Home several Dilys. Admon Uhing hit Foreman to guard against an attack from their Ever watchful foe thu apaches and Puy fully advising not to pundit any of her i Gallant suitors to run away with her a kissed her a cheerful Good by and started Forth. He hurried his business to a cloak and hastened homeward do lighted in think ing that he would give Lues u Happy Surprise by his arrival so much sooner than she would look for him. In the Gray of breaking Down he Ruo Ehod his Hoiu Ostad to fluid his a mass of soldering ruins Many of Hii depend Gnu stretched lifeless around Thorn und thu dead body of his murdered Inus lying in her Tore that warm out Side her burning Home i inned on bar was r strip of Bax Fly Nigel stains my these written 1 Havo my revenge. i la of the peons Hail Escofi Fuhl to the . Carrying the fearful Rutelli i Getice of Tom night attack in Don Man s House. None of the to Opelc of the could be induced to venture beyond the limits until Daybreak and when they reached thu rim a Hoim tier found Iton Homan lying across the lifeless Lynly of his beloved Inez. Whim i recovered consciousness he no outward grief but listened a a Frozen Milliner to nil that win in Usu of the terrible massacre. To attack Hill in in made about Midnight while the in Siple of the House Unius i a Yousaf the danger went soundly aug. To def Nisic wits made and most of the defendants Hud Lieen butchered Wulc attempting to Luuke their into the grounds. Tom attacking party Hud not Bow ii Large not a dozen in no Max a. They were Patichen led by the to ind. Jimm pm i Provincio. A shallow grave was Hur Ricilly be Ixia de out for the reception of Inez s in Jay for a moment the childless father wept Over the pulse less form with his hands to Hei Viiu and All heard the Ter Rible vow unit he Mode to follow Ali track of hair Mun Leroni. And to Adcul out cited one Ivi horrible a death they visited Inez. He kissed the Forth cod Utill Bluit wen1 As Lovely in death As they had Ite ii in life und suited until the last handful of Eurth Hud in in thrown upon the Gruve then with Ull the eagerness of u Lull shed Uway the Trail of the murderers followed by of the men from them Ltd Cmunt. The to Neil soon broke up into several that led into diverging ways. This was evidently Donu by Tom to avoid Purs lit. The mexicans Ulso divided into inking up a no Max r of parties each one and following of tin diverging trails. The of Don to Iurii tint one taken y Joth pm Ami it qua hit Trail that 91 Followill Ai Compani Eil by a number of bin neigh dirt. The Triu Mimi Lix into the. Streum. Hareli wus mud Banks of the Stream a live and 1 id of the along the it no of the broken Trail could i found i in this dilemma Wax Ade to Don Llo Inan but it imn a thut he whith he had gone und what court he had . 11, ing Umi Vai in list thut none knew and after wait singly mint of the Day. In the h most a Xii tent Agai supplies in than he would return to them they in Turied Sud Anil i Spiritvil to the settlement tiny in the belief thut Don la Oikun us Wendy wus or would in a Vittini to bin i tighter s murder ers. I the Pur Iuit of the other parties who Hud followed the diverging Trail proved unavailing and they re turned to their Homes. A week passed in which nil Tomt Tomun a Tuimil to live when they were Start nay wonder stricken at his Sud Den in their midst Pale Haggard wild in bin to pm Urance but with u tinker gleam of exultation in his Eye. J he Ansir Rod no queries vouch Miil no inform Ilion but limed Stod thu it to get beyond the he talc ii. He had come in for some ammunition suit and some in us us he had serum Linsted Tisil Awny again. Home people of the settlement were led by their Cun Otily to follow him but when they saw Liim go within the fearful jaws of the Chajim de a Ciauri they hed Back in terror ill Lieving that his grief Jiaxi Don i Tolu in pm a full Well How vain would in tin that Uny of those who were with him could in in Lucid to follow him there und while they were Engin til in their fruitless search he continued on directly to the Ravine. In one if the caverns that its Walls contained he carefully concealed himself nil the Day and night without seeing. Aught of tin murderer. Hut his Faith did not desert Liim he knew Tiit the Apito Hes would return through Ravine to their Bolas and that Joseph 1 Provincio would Ucucu Sipany . Toward the evening of the second Day hit Pii Ticic was Reward ii by the j of several a Puchis it the Mouth of the Ravine where they linger ii mud at inti re Sis Wen Joi Tuil by others until u Dosen of the lends Hiden with plunder from own Home Stead Hud gathered there so Clow to him that tie tioiild1 have sent a Bullet crashing Tjho nigh any of their he in anti to grow fearful that Josejsh i to vinous might not join Tuuu but the dusk if evening began Toaetolu Fiat worthy Alto Mode appearance a Compani Ihil by is veral More apaches. A Ron siltation at Ono held among the party which was Over heard by Don Komi i ill his place of concealment and it win that pro up i into tin Ravine for about a league to mini during the night. They were Well Rawani that no tarty of pursuing would under any inducement venture so far be tween Tho gloomy of the fearful abyss but they did not know of the desperate that filled the heart. No plan of revenge had yet formed itself in Don Boduan mind no settled plan could be effective but he had Faith that some Way would be rave aloud to him at the right moment whereby be might hurl distraction upon his Lur Dervon. Ile waited in his put of concealment until his enemies had disappeared up the dark Gorge and then be stole fur ther Anil Clau Bierod up to comb of one of the precipitous of the Ravine. He continued along it keeping proc with the Savages in Low in their Progress. At last the apaches halted Aud Niadna for Enca Ping for the night at a Point in the gloomy Ravine where nature to have indulged in her Wildcat freaks when shaping it. The watchful Man Lxiv e Themi nud Jie receive that they must have taken Post Miraum of a Saveni or com nil a formed by a projection of thu of Ruck in thu precipitous Wall on the Coulib of which he stood for within it they their plunder while at its Entrance they made a fire. Kor Don roman Lay with h in july half Over the in Cipcic looking Down into the frightful chasm that made yet More frightful by thu lurid Glare of the Savages tin. Lit watched them i they huddled around the glowing Ruiu is cooking their meat und he saw their fearful dunces und Lis to their demonic glee their fran Xiii rejoicing Over the destruction of the Homestead and the murder of his of xxi Inez until his Bruin whirled am Lis blur nil with madness. Anil wildest and Hunt Daimon inc in his glee wus Jim Mph Provincio. Near Midnight they Sii Meil to get tired of Thi in orgies und the Gnu ii a Ulm a of them withdrew into the Cav Ern while the stretched them selves around the tire at its Entrance und Mem Gav. Every Eidem i of in ing asleep. Doll Ito nmn Felt that his time to Uit Hud come. He determined make his Wuy Down into the Ravine and while his enemies Wen yet pour in up on them the co Nunu of his Rifle and re Volver governing his thereafter by the Sucee As of his shots und the extent of the panic among the survivors. Hut in Fon doing this he crawled out on u great hat Moss of Rex a renting on the comb of the precipice and Hung Hulf Over the chasm und directly Over the Cavern and made sure that his Foch were Tui i up. He Hail not rec had tile outer Edge of this overhanging Rock when it to Sway frightfully und three tamil to top ple Over into the chasm. On utly alarm he put nth bark to the comb of the precipice again but suddenly a wild startling thought came to him and with a cry of Joy he stured to put it into execution at once. Laying aside weapons. He gathered together such of the he my musses of thu that Wen strewed thickly around us he could lift Ami it gain to pile them upon the outer Edge of Ali Over banging Rock. Thus he slowly using the utmost caution and watchfulness in movements. Kor More than once Home of the sleeping Savages below sprang to their fact ular Meil by some slight ii him und it cd up the face of the rocks suspiciously. Hut when he Hail timid cd this la Lair the overhanging no a still Clung to place though inclining a Little More Over into the Ruvine. He not Dis heartened but went away Ami retune a in an hour with Hisiu a bout Skile that he Hod hacked off with knife. He hastily prepared a leverage under the ruined Edge of the Rock and ust us the tint Gray of morning x Gull to now themselves he applied the pole us u lever und threw his weight it. The Rix k swayed but did not other Wise move its again and again i tried the lever with the same result. With desperation he also threw himself a Jim the lever. A the great Oaks moves it slips another Effort with the lever and Thi overhanging was surely sliding Over the Cliff und town into the a Dull heavy murmur just above them like dim Tunt Thunder awoke the Savages and their from their Sluman a but Ere they could do More Thun huddle together in terror of Rock came rattling Down around the Mouth of the Cavern and then followed a mighty groan and crash if the Mountain hit tumbled Down them. Don Tomun the great Moss of lock Over the i Dan of thu precipice with n strange fascination und then he nning for his weapons and prep incl to them while he Hung Over the chasm. He saw the immense Rock Settle Over Cavern that held the Mur Derer of his daughter and remain there. He saw it crush the life out of those who Hail made their bed by the dec and he Hail no doubt that some within the Hail met the same Fate but there were survivors for their groans and f terror ii Himil throughout the Ravine. And in this do he a Cognize ii jute pm 1 Provincio s voice. He Waiuli Tor some of the to make their appearance from the Cav Ern while he held himself in readiness to shoot them Down they Kaiue Forth it none Apon ared. An hour he waited. It still none came Forth though their of terror continued loud and tearful. What could thin mean he searched for Aud found a Way to Ift Cerid into the Ravine Aud he then usefully approached the Carinn. At a single Glaum All revealed to him. The great of Rock had settled Down close Over the Mouth of the Cavern that there was scarcely space enough or pining left for the passage of a hand Joseph 1 Provincio and the surviving apaches who had shared the deed of murder with him. Were forever entombed within the narrow Roc bound Cham Ber. The exultant and mock eries of the avenged Don human did not Long leave the terror stricken Joseph Previn Cio in ignorance of the hand Slutt hurled this Fate upon him. Hadde Aad. And endowed with the of fury he tried to splinter a opening through the Granite Barrier. The toe perceiving object used their knives upon it but after two Days of constant Amsdil Euing labor they had scarcely removed a from the Rock and gave the Effort up Hope less. Still Joseph Provincio survived through All if it intended that his punishment should reach the utmost limit. Onoe Don Kouan left Bis sight or a etude exultation Over and that wan when he visited for Zipplies and luring All those maddening Days no Force of Apachi spanned through the Ravine or Camu to their Relief. In the eighth Day All within that Ter Rible chamber were Lif Cli in except i Mph i to Tiricio. He pleaded for a single drop of water a single Crumb of bread that the avenging father left almost within his reach he plea dial for mercy and deliverance and it last on Tho tenth Duy of inn awful in Raul alive h tired. I Eranui i i the settlement and Indus Eil u to acco Mitny him into the Reviue to witness the truthful of his narrative. He led them to the awful Tomb of tin. Murderers and when they beheld the night within it they Mil from the Mem let Ling thut henceforth a double terror would in their minds surround the Tijon Nucos Uri. Monroe and i be Wafie. If or. In Oliribi did not share the Culibr tastes of Marshall Henry and Tyler it is presumed that he was inon than sushi civil of the love of Good Cut ing which characterises every True Vir Ginian. Us Muy in sufi Rcd from the Fol lowing Romai Kahly occurrence. On return from abroad with hit Ite Dutiful Bride he tarried for a of Days in the , of his native stall Ulm while then was entertained Magn Ilii ent by by the him Stuhle citizens of thut Plique. By tar the Clit retail Zinent Given him wus it the House of a very wealthy highly . And eccentric lady. The fashion the intelligence the refinement. The a atty. And the chivalry of Richmond. Then in her Jenl Mitt Days Weri Fruto Jentle in the Umile Lort. I under the blazing Wax lights in the Candela Ibrom moved u throng Dames and Chi Oselles in diam oils laces Silks und Feut Hert. In due time runic the hour for and ii recently u a Timex a of a Rva its anti nil. Bringing with them a Ijuan Tity of Small tables which were distributed us amt the rim Imil chairs also we not wanting with Etc. This sex i title some co aim it. Hut what the amazement of thu whole company when the int Nerti Cook in longing to the Etui Nunu lady walked in holding pm Fon her an Imi Wietin. Tray of butter. While behind her came n negro with tint a Thrif of to try h nil tit trip Jet Irit nothing by thut Gix ally company the old Bixik Wal kit straight tip to the fireplace in which a Tine was burning a isl then and then pro ii did to make her Wallies with a dexterity and jux Rufii Tion which some other1 Virginia might have but mine could Ever hoax to surpass. They were served hot und with but Ter and other appropriate accompaniments and enjoyed by nil preset t. But by no one More than or. Monroe. The lady of the Bouse con fessed that the in Mitling was rather Odd. said she. I knew or Monroe Man had t Hud any jul lit tit to eat since he left Virginia und 1 wins a Termini a he should have some. And what net mint Are Wallet if Thi a tin not hot und what s the use of eating if you can t sit Down and eat comfortably like a initial 1 of blur. A who Livial in King land worke.1 it his Trade from morning till night. He was a Man of very inferior xxi wars in Ull respects but one in solving pin Alcuis in Tig Urf she unrivalled. In to nude his talents of use to Minim of by exacting a Small charge for exhibiting up Iii in stall a Lieluck i turd and a piece of Chalk. Any one who paid him three Pence might give him any problem in a tires he the Cobbler would take the Chalk Ami write Down the solution on the instant. Kor a shilling he would answer questions for an Nour. He would multiply Long of by Cai h other apparently without a moment s reflection dealing it rapidly Aud unerringly with fractions and fractions of fractions As with integers and would set Down the equivalent in a Nyplu fraction of any null scr of ones the moment he had read them. Being How Many is j-4d. There Wen injun he replied immediately Well there will ii a remainder so much writing Down the and the figures for jotting them Down a As his could move not the least curious feature in the care was the fact that he cd to have no intelligible notion the Means by which he proc risk his results at any rate if he had. Lie was quite unable to give any explanation of them. He was invited to give a lecture at a Mechanic s Institute on mental arithmetic und proud enough he to accept the invitation. He fitted in decent Woood hand apparel and he went with his Long Black a cards and chalks. Host astonishing he certainly did in Tho calculating Way detaining the audience to a Lute hour As he performed one Marvel after another. Dut neither by attention or exacting could there be gained the inkling of the Fiat were pm Aing rapidly in mind. He had no action to give. It utterly Impan ble for him to teach what to Hinnell breathing. Plier to not Only betrayed great irritation but were vague con Anaed and contradictory. A tattooed Mab. In the Wiener Hudun to Krill a full to count u Given of a tattooed Man. An albanian forty of age and unmarried greek native Tongue Speaks arabic and persian fluently French Spanish italian. Oerman and knit Ian with various degress of fluency and correctness. According to own account while working in the Gold mines of chinese tartary he joined in an insurrection and was captured and tattooed by the chinese. The operation was thus performed the victim was held fast by four Strong men struggles being further quieted by threats of instant Ileath while for tune Sucht Mac hours daily the artist worked away at him. In lest than thaw he tattooed from head to foot. When the Man. Who is of Middle height and Isau Tif ully and strongly built is stripped it though the Bolo of the body was tightly web of richly Woven turkish stuff. From Tho Crown of by head to the tips of tons to love Rod with dark Blue of Ani Mals and plants in the interspace of which appear to la in Blue and in cinnabar nil. The Are tafe toned on both but Only with Nisi Ripe join. The Blu top Short at Tho of the feet but the tattooing is continued along the to the Roou of the in the form of the nil through the very of the Scalp and of the Beard aug designs in Blue. On the forehead one on Wither Side Are two As would say and separated in Tho Middle Lino by red characters. There Are altogether on Thi to Fly no less than Pih All of these Are of a Blue color and represent apes bats Tiger eagles Crown in 1 sphinxes storks swans men women elephants snakes fish Lions snails fruit leaves Flowers and quivers. Home of ant fairly done of tar nation others ure Ixon Van tit on the surfaces of the in Long. According to professor Muller to Tho language of Huv muh. The Man that to has in in in Tho Region of this country. The skin everywhere even Over Tom Tig urls Smoth and nipple and moreover Fri by the and Char Uiti is May in in Allied into single Blue or nil in hints of Tel nut the us of a head in the Centre of etch of which a whitish near like pit. The instrument with which he tattooed and which he has brought away with him u split like u pen at the tip i that fluid could easily be taken up by it. The Man Huea photographing. Of parts of the body of the Nat ural site will appear in part h of pro Fessor Athu. In a Short time he will leave it a. Tion to visit other towns among them Herlin and in Mon. A old apology for Ide a second i. J. 1 Etter. Father of the Over for of Wisconsin has lately taken Zintu himself another help not and thought proper to Send the following a Vilogi tic communication to the editor of the the divine Poi to of England said or Domestic happiness thou Only Bliss of Paradise that survived tin fall Kven the ancient Hen a Prophet left on that said it u not Good that Man Stoulil be and therefore in a strange Way he provided an help moot for him. All experience the world Over shown that if Domestic companionship u the perfection of happiness at the sgt of Twenty five it a greater Neces sity i completion after fifty years of this earthly pilgrimage like a vision away. If the single stick of Bachelor immunity is justly looked upon with a de Gree of contempt after he thirty years who can be surprised that if by it pavement to Are Mode solitary at sixty incl Tri fully a Entinne aloof that to soon lose social merely tolerated by former and neighbors and then to ated social for Over eight weary years you and i have on the solitary lonely and tin yet plan tried to eke ont All of humanity that Oil intended should fall to our lot Aud we have made a total failure of it. There could to no change with Ordinary judgment to guide but would to for the better. A Emit with but one Ilc Evi is but half a coat any was you can fix it unless you Udd the lacking sleeve. For an with no fasten ing would to a poor instrument for him to Cut on tuyt with but Ono leg Are converted into a Mere poker of a poor tire. I Ottili it with but out handle Are rally thrown aside useless not Capa ble of even raising a puff under the editorial heading. To it not How intrinsically Good and worthy of to item you and i May be still if that Good confined u self alone to but half live out the Manifest intention of our creation. Now doctor after you get Over laughing at and about me which i pose it will take but an do thou Iro and to like arid no longer trag your single hone cart through Kenosha Between but get up a Ull double team Well harnessed and pitch it to a now and then go Canadian mechanics intend taking in favor of the nine hour move ment the first meeting looking to this Baa Bem Bald in Toronto and have been adopted memorializing the employer to adopt system. Two Nave started a new paper in California called the Oak in tended perhaps a an injunction to their husband in the title constantly say Oak leave unto to Batalu Lacy. Week in a Naigh Sodden end to a Little drama far which we purpose room ure. We Ita Baars More Marly on lives at a Large class of our than National debt or Choice of oar next president. About Twenty years ago a girl baby was born to a Carpenter and his Wim who had boys already a warming and Aan Achlias about room Boa a. Baby shared of solitary among she was the something rare and unwonted which had never come into their com Mon life before was the bit of porcelain among rough crockery her father and the Biggrr dubbed her Little carried her Ami proudly on monday afternoons whoa their own were coarse and Steh de enough but she bit of Ambroi Ilary or a Feather in her Cap. Hho unlike myriads of other children born to no inexorable inheritance of poverty or dirt or crime. The oar Penter was a hard working honest Domestic old Man whose highest ambition was to give each of boys a steady that they might never need to take to shifty to earn a meat for Lucy of course he hoped for some thing wife a Thrifty Hootch Iris woman who had lived in Ono Houm at service for fifteen Yean be fore her marriage and could command a High salary at any time now Bouse pm per. In the old she Watro set work from the time they could walk. They did not need to Drudge so Here. There were chances for them in a fron she never passed a Rich Man s daughter delicately dressed that she did not think of these chances that numbered not Only easy living and refinement but equipage velvets diamonds. Educa Tion placed All men on a level. Her heart was lore and tender. Why should not her Little Rirl enter in to that High unknown world of luxury from which she Hail been shut out r god had Mode no life so full of that it ought not to to possible to Lucy with her Loving Blue eyes and wonder Ful Bright hair. It was quite True that god had made no life of Nappy woman Hood which not possible to the child. Hho had a practical nimble intellect was Frank Earnest affectionate and tears came quickly signs of a delicate nature and tender conscience. Id fitting to a servant u Queen both of them being children. One would have Laid the girl born to be in time a pure Maiden a Loving wife a faithful Mother. She went to school Yean after her were at work but Learned Little to love mud ability she had assuredly did not lie in the path of i Tjok knowledge the bought her a cheap piano at auction on which she strummed a few Street people who the readiness und winning manner told her Mother it time she was making some provi Sion for her and offered to take her in to their As servant. But menial work was a certainty which to vague chances an insult. Even Drudgery at Home Iran a her that she might run with her school compan ions or read the cheap of the Day. Gradually the Fine delicacy faded out of her foe her voice grew loud Quick dragged lazily it a matter of course for her to watch her old father work for her while sat Idle. At last the turn came the elder married the old Man and his wife died a deformed brother kept the House with Lucy but it was necessary that she should earn her own living. There were half a dozen Homes open to her where she would have had Light work which would Hare fitted her fur her duties when she wages and the Protection and seclusion of a re fined Christian family. Dot this girl Whoso Muster born a a table was indignant at being asked to take the place of a servant. The went into a Mill. The Wen Good. The had her ambition. Velvets and made the lady. She could at least flaunt in Terry and Milton Gold. The had the a pagination of other Young test for love adventure. No knights or gentlemen came about Tho Mill or lovers to the Bouse but there was the Chance compliment from Young men on the Tho encounter on the Street ears going Homo at night. The Story u told. There came a Day when the deformed brother who had watched Over her since she was a baby with a sorer tenderness because no other woman could Ever be now or him cursed her and drove her from the door. The wet gladly. The Street suited her no in for the change in not begin in dross or voice. It worked out from within. Year by year her training had corrupted soul and brain. It mattered Little the symptoms of decay showed them selves to the world. For Yean she has tested the Street life. Last week it ended. In the Bright sunlight a bloated filthy woman crept ont of the prison Van into the archway of the City prison and the Iron Gates with their heavy cling shut on her not to for two years. Lucy sentenced for grand whether when they open her ruined body will be there to drag itself out into Light again Marten Little. It May live until old age. But Lucy honest Unsel fish pure in thought died Lone ago. If a had been Only to sleep with bar Mother on yonder Hill aide we might ban made the grass Green above her know ibs that the child would again. But she still living went Down into a grave from which then u no place of resurrection though we seek it carefully and with tears. Perhaps it a a Story without a least u Baa if mothers do not find it for t. Tribune. Playing the Harp a getting to a very fashionable a very fashionable to Capua especially among Young ladies nature has gifted with whom fresh toads bring a dozen in Lon Don. 8t Paul Mian its prison n. In cleaning sidewalks. A new cab l to twi Emu England Aad Spain. Magnhil Anait hotels in process of erection in Chi ago. U a a Hopkins county. By. Called to is uppity. Bast in the Market is said to oat of tomatoes. Proposes to poles and give them Alexis for Viceroy. Cincinnati spent six million for lager Beer vast year Hopes to beat it in 1872. About Worth of Cigar stumps Are annually picked no in the of Paris and Remau cared. The International association counts fan Ali Wrights. Among a Germany. The emperor William has granted pardons to French still held by Jennana for civil and military often see the famous Vatican at borne of w separate buildings with 14 court Yards and rooms and occupied by persons. American fishermen Are warned from Washington not to encroach on Canadian fishing grounds the provisions of the treaty Are not yet in Cone. The Boston society for the Preven Tion of cruelty to animals design to establish an animal Home for disabled and strayed or neglected during 1870, Philadelphia produced f Worth of carpets is.500.0oo of prints of Silks and other fabrics to the of horse flesh is yet the favorite Sod of parisians. On the 3d of january last Twenty urge shops were opened in the French capital for Ita exclusive Sale. A movement a on foot for All work men in France to labor one hour per Day extra and devote the to liberating territory from the Orr the identical Collar of the Golden fleece with which Christopher Columbus was decorated Sosa four centuries ago has been Given by icing to thu count of Flanders. 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