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Sioux Center News Newspaper Archives Sep 25 1930, Page 1

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Sioux Center News (Newspaper) - September 25, 1930, Sioux Center, IowaYour publicity medium Well boost together Sioux Center news volume 39 Sioux Center Iowa thursday sept 25 1930 number 29 Western Academy j student Dies child desertion charges lodged Eanette yonder Schaff Beautiful editor decamps i fit Toton records is year old Gerl buried at Hull tuesday on the first monday in March 1891 our Pioneer forefathers arose after a lingering illness of six at Daybreak and with a determined weeks Jeanette Vander Schaf f air hied themselves to the Board i died at the Hull Hospital she was walks to assure each other that they i about sixteen years old at the time had come to Sioux county to stay i of her death she Vas a Sophomore the Romance of adventure had j at Western Academy having entered matured into the Romance of Home i there last year As a scholarship Stu building this Fine monday morn Dent she was popular As a student ing in March was picked As a fitting time to organize legally a common opinion that Sioux county was a land of Canaan and that a private trading town was a privilege earned taking a prominent part in student activities and maintaining grades in her studies v the funeral was held in the Christian reformed Church when with rustic vigor a Constitution was the Sermon was preached by or r drawn and adopted incorporating l Haan the Academy students As a town and the town was called attended in a body at the cemetery Sioux Center Sioux was the county the schoolmates of the deceased Sang the town was the Center j a selection at the conclusion of the Carr editor of the first services her class mates filed past newspaper in Sioux Sioux Center times an English weekly of four pages hand set published in the building now occupied by Van up the Constitution and received the the grave one by one dropping Flowers into the grave it is hard to part with one so Lovely and so talented there Comfort in the thought of an eternity where there will be no end to life we join in expressing sympathy to the bereaved position of clerk on the first Council Peter Egan the banker was elected mayor Tunis Wayenberg became treasurer five notables were elected As councilmen George Spencer George Hilmer u p Naiberg John Ellerb Roefs and p l Schoup and these men counselled As did their generation and today we have a Rea town a Monument to faithful and j the annual poultry marketing Day honest labor next March and for which is conducted each year by the Exten poultry meeting at Sheldon october 7th bureaus n to years will have passed years fill state dept of agriculture de with experience experiences which j Sion service and farm by bind us together next March is j this part of the state will be held the Fortieth anniversary of the com1 at Sheldon on tuesday october 7th Unity next March we at 10 am the Armour and co shall celebrate this wedding feast i poultry packing House will be reminiscing for one Day on All that j thrown open for inspection and visit pms has been bythe aged and Ronall Char j tors May observe the methods Ott Ata should be by the youth Struble Rural mail Carrier and daughter by Dakota i authorities Alice co Wienbaugh was a divorce from Fred w Collenbaugh Lemars Sentinel sheriff Huginio car 6th decree filed Gran Tim Maxwell received a Telegram a few j her absolute divorce upon Payne edit Days ago from sheriff t w wad of costs by defendant which has Dell Martin so asking him to been done i hold Frank Long of Struble and i the court appointed w def Curri Rose Long wanted there on a charge 01 Orange City As a member of the of abandoning an infant the mes1 inheritance Tux commission to fill Sage stated that Frank Long and j the place of f j Lohr who is ill Rose Long had stopped at Martin on Jodge c c Bradley adjourned a trip to the Black Hills Thev i the sept term to saturday at l 1 am accompanied by i met of when a 15 minute session be held Dakota City neb they Are alleged j in the Case of a l lock against to have left a recently born infant Juhe incorporated town of Rock Val in an hotel at Martin while on their j e same was taken under advisement was to the Black Hills i vacation decision and entry officers from Bennett county j in the Case of Geneva Gonnion were in Lemars tuesday and went against Henry Lammers and mrs baby beef clubs seven members of the baby beef club entered their calves at the interstate show and Sale at Sioux City last week the calf belong in to Alfred Meyners of Boyden which was placed first at the Sioux county fair won fifth place in a class of about 100 shorthorn this calf is an outstanding White cafe and undoubtedly would have stood higher had the feeding period been started a Little earlier last fall it is planned now to close baby beef entries on december 1st this year Lawrence Van Wyk and Vernon Green were placed in the seventh division in a class of 124 herefords the boys showed their calves on wednesday and Sale was held on i thursday at which the calves brought very satisfactory prices 4h club the Clever clovers met at the Home of Christine Vreeman on sat urday sept 20 Only ten member were present the Roll Call was answered by a weak health paint then an interest ing discussion was held on Lvov we can improve our exhibit and where we scared off with the Leader Elida Den Herder in charge the canned goods which had been on exhibit at the county fair were looked Over by the girls and they found several Points which could have been improved Good Points were also found by the girls As Well As the county judges the club was awarded second to Struble and took charge of Long Henry Lammers motion and his daughter they will be Given Spraic statement was submitted and a hearing on the charge on their Are overruled Ami defendant Given 3 rival at their destination or Long is employed As a Rural mail Carrier out of Struble he and his wife Are members of Pioneer families in this Vicinity and the news Days to plead further in the Case of Hannah Jio Gersom against Henry Lammers and mrs Henry Lammers motion for More specific statement was submitted and of his arrest has caused a sensation overruled on ground 1 and sustained in Struble and that neighbourhood on ground 2 Given one week to Amend the Falke motor co secured a judgment by default against Ptter j so liver for 546738 at s percent Dystra and mayor Tep cuke in Teresa and for at i per rent convention at Hull among speakers j interest Rind costs amounting to the american federation of re1 in the Case of c h wlm Teberry Forrend Young men societies is hold j against Habostad defendants ing its annual convention at Hull notion More specific statement this week one Hundred delegates j submitted Anil overruled nid Given from Distant Points Are in attendance 3 lavs to plead which Lias Inen done coming from As far cast As new the Palmer Candy co were Given Luu c1um1u i prize in two classes and third prize y new and Masse Chusett j a judgment by Denult against Kalin in another class the prize Money totalled about five dollars and As far West As Denver Anlo am Greigg for and s1005 j Large delegations from planning a Way of earning i a Lacago Alul Pula present i in the Case of John t de Jons several lectures on the theme George of Lovli Oti Urs Ould be by the youth j feeding killing dressing Refrigeri night Ball game at the stockyard Noney next delegation to i lectures the Thynie v Leon Carr As clerk of the Council w and grading thereby becoming Hall Park and at dinner on thursday Ames Dominca band practice was and de plants motion for More specific i i Rne Wolfi Upp Oivin i i Iii statement 111 had the care of All town documents j familiar with the details of handling As editor he had the care of All the j poultry after they leave the towns Good seems he learning the value of Quality in managed the to Many poultry products j Bills it to avenge himself i after dinner the producers and for an organized Boycott he dealers will meet in a general session j to do a Good Job of it and mis1 d Termohlen Extension mar1 manage his first care also marketing specialist will discuss the mar held delicious refreshment were served hers by the refreshment committee Kev h j Kupter i letter of represent e Tai Ive Campbell Hoover May talk j before a f of l i were Given by Church i statement submitted and overruled and Given 3 Days in plead further if of grandson advised rapids presided at the meetings two i i the Case of j k Frise r against Sioux Center men were prominently j f m Slagle co it Al defendant demure Battle Creek Iowa september 20 1930 Carr disappeared one Fine Day in Ket conditions As he recently found i septera 1s91 abandoning his credit As Ai i them in new York and also his Roelofs Exchange for the town records new ser vation made on his recent Europi Sioux Center Iowa Constitution it Al the record i Enn tour i dear her Roe loft were recovered but the Story wis j to Brown Jey head of the in1 received your letter asking if didst want towns to know about today j dept of agriculture will discuss no laugh could shatter us j the state regulations and the work it was a predicament though for of the produce dealers j the Only Way to demonstrate the w m Vernon Extension Pep Arti contribute from time to time to town was a piece of paper and thei input will held a special session on paper was gone imagine losing production problems i Green invites resident to address i convention in october an invitation to address the featured on the program and a Soo demurrer to plaintiffs petition sub Center Quartetti furnished music j fitted and overruled and Given 10 Rev j m def Citra of the first avs to Plond further reformed Church deliver1 n of Allen Vin Wec Fiel de a lecture the reformed Young Al again John p Mui Einbu Man and the air Ani defendant i Thony Tepaske Well known attorney the other j Flection department of the state Soulli contribute articles to Sioux Center news i Nual convention of the America i for the legislature and i federation of labor at Boston Ner present mayor of Sioux Center spoke october was extended to t1e reformed Young Man As Bank of Hull against this poit demurrer to plaintiffs petition submitted and taken under advisement in the use of the first National Jua j cvv5 w i non Jiing j i appreciate very much this Invin Hoover yesterday by William Green a vital zen i i i in Cirii pm birth certificate i nearly 100 Sioux county poultry producers attended the poultry meet rings last year the number should Bridge out car be this year for the present plunges i conditions make it imperative for every producer to be familar j tation when i am in Washington president of the federation i contribute from time to time to after his House visit different papers of the District said president Hoover had j e will certainly be glad to contribute to accept the invitation if it local boy has serous arc Tient unguarded excavation with marketing problems 0 Santo Domingo such article As i believe Are possible to do so the chief ing to the Public for your publication Krec Urive plans to address the an it has been my further privilege Nual convention of the american Many practical Church society Lite reports paper i problems of i answer federation were discussed that on the the Young demurrer to defendants submitted and sustained and Clear Ijain is Given 15 Days to plead Fisher judge c c Bradley held a 15 Cal Mist was especially interesting minute session of court saturday at the Young calvinist has a Reading inc court House at which time he list of Well Over 3000 recently it rifled n number of orders and re u Nas been my Turtur privilege 01 me Rome can to attend court at the time of the which meets in Boston at from a monthly to a i voted the parole of Guy Boyles of naturalization of those who came time semimonthly or r Postma is the Hawarden and ordered him to serve from foreign lands most of them a Citren Saji la Taij pics being Holland people and i was in let the business Survey conferences disaster pressed with their sincerity and their held at the White House last fall desire to become True american Sumbad with Little exception served sects and i am sure that your paper to steady and maintain the wage and will act As a medium in this direction working standards which prevailed sincerely yours de h Campbell editor Headquarters of the federation Are at grand rapids Mich a furious incl j hot Cost Day 111 in Industry prior to the period which marked the beginning of the unemployment situation Washington Post aug 6 county schools Clarence Eggink driving a Buick Sedan on saturday evening on no j 75 North of the Perkins Corner j decided to take the new Short Cuti which looked As if it had been come travelling from 150 to Isomi plated having no signs to the contour swept Over Santo Domingo and tray the Bridge was out and he i nearly demolished the City the sunday aug 3 1930 was the Hori unsuspecting by drove into the River j City of Santo Domingo was hit the test Day Lowa Ever experienced con Lincoln no i will hold Liei the Road was in perfect condition j hardest altho the wind continued i sideling the state As a Whol on dictation exercises for their right up to the Edge of the River and across the West indies and lost it that Day the average of the maximum school House on wedge Tio Driver could be blamed for i lid entry driving into the Gap the fact that no signs were up to warn traffic of the absence of a Bridge is obviously Gross neglect on the part of the officials in charge of construction or egg info stopped at the Schuur Man Oil station at about Oclock he bras found on the Bank of the River at about 11 Oclock by two la borers they changed his clothes and took him to Doon or mans later took him Home he is quite seriously injured although the exact nature of these injuries cannot yet be deter mined new evening r j a Viii in cruise Quay evening sell Only a Short distance trom temperatures reported from 104 oct 8th miss Martha booms the stations was 1064 degress the teacher it is hoped that the patrons hottest reported was 113 degress at and friends will All attend Sac City and the lowest maximum All teachers who have not filed Flonda Banto Domingo is the oldest am Encan City said to have been 11 s funded by Columbus and reputed reported was 95 at Postville in the their certificate s the burial place of this great Exi Northeast portion of tile state supt must d Lorer Many of the historic build some of the higher statewide new teachers is with the county i t i do so before oct 1st other people were seriously Hurt have 11iir poorer Many of the historic some of the higher statewide new teachers in the county should c of new Ewers n the county Sou mrs were shattered before the recent averages obtained from 103 to 113 especially make arrangements about my of the inhabitants stations were As follows july 24 your certificate if you do not have Fth him 1 1 i t 1 inn Gale were trapped under the debris Man 1901 1061 degrees july 21 1901 one t o Jet v1iw burned alive when tire swept thru 1056 degrees july 22 1901 1054 fett fags te3c Starrs of Rhi intr to inn inn j 7 a parts of the City the recent wind of destruction was by no Means a new experience to the people of the West indies and of Florida the winds seem to store All their venom for one furious at degrees july 4 1911 1051 degrees have arrived and some have been sent 3iv1044 Der pcs july 26 teachers and boards who Are s94 1041 degrees not supplied May write in and we abundant records Are available Len Serd them out needed since 1390 or Charles d Reed the Hawarden High school foot director of the weather and crop tin finder of his 10 year sentence at the state reformatory Guy Boyles was found guilty of or jury in 1925 and the 10 year sentence was a fac recommend Vav Uii Idil Tion of the county attorney he was i paroled upon Good behaviour having mrs Fred Bertram from Ireton broken that parole he must now Well known in this Community his time tuesday night twelve Days ago judge Bradley then adjourned the mrs Bertram was in a fatal Accident september term without Day she was sixty years old of the time notice in probate has been issued of her decease j for oct 21 at 10 a m in the is at the time of the Accident mrs tates of Thomas l de Boer deceased Bertram was Riding with her Daught and Hette Keizer deceased Ter and Soninlaw or and mrs Lawrence Vogelaar minor who Herman Beernink a new Nash j was brought up before judge Brad car on Highway no 75 near Merrill j Ley in juvenile court was ordered or Miller from Marcus la to George Dunlap probation a Large Studebaker while attempt officer ing to pass a truck collided with the Bertram Nash mrs Bertram received fatal injuries none of Thoj pheasant Hunting it is Likely that Sioux county will sympathy to the friends and rela Tives of the late mrs Bertram bowl Hunting this fall petitions Are being circulated at this time to be vr7t 7z cure the required 150 signers the Arcond offence oct Valley Bee reports that Here j Are thai Many Farmers around Rock Schnit by Hort arrested Guy j Valley eager for a decrease in their on thursday afternoon i i Wim guests Boyles had 32 Gallons of liquor in the season seems to have been his Possession at the time Boyles for pheasants Farmers report formerly convicted of perjury Ashmore than Ever in spite of

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