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Sioux Center News Newspaper Archives Sep 18 1930, Page 1

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Sioux Center News (Newspaper) - September 18, 1930, Sioux Center, IowaYour publicity medium Well boost together Sioux Center volume 39 Sioux Center Iowa thursday sept is 1930 number 28 court is in session h j Noomen Dies Here j h j Noomen on a visa in this j country from Hee stede nether lands while visiting his daughter at j Sibley was taken with a stroke o j and died Friday sept 12 Carmel wins Sioux Center Ana Carmel played the third of a series of five games on tuesday afternoon each team j had already won one game and car coops launch Grain Agency a judge c c Bradley adjourned j i or Noomen is remembered by manv1 court Over the week end i Etc Petit i a Bioux Center people As the recent Tun has been excused except Tneia in i j at the Teveltrup Home present pane 01 12 who Wii f to the trial of the firs National 2 Lurf at the me Bank of Hawarden Van else Singer it Al came to after working in the Case of we Wiersma j on farms for a Short time lie entered against the c new by Cote lumber business at Orange Oto j which Hung on All week the tallow about 16 years ago it sold ing jury panel retired at pm business to the Slagle people and thursday j f de Young Foreman returned for a visit to Holland John Brower Mable Osgood c there one of his daughters became Vander Meer we Brandsen e Jill and after lingering or some j Ruys Martha Boeyink Thomas time she this event so chang1 Linnan c e Hoflund George i Jar no omens plans that he has Eason Alfonse Gloden and Jennie made his Home in the Netherlands Mcnally they brought in a Verj since then he visited this country diet for the plaintiff in the amount Jabout every five years to look after of including interest allow1 Nis extensive real estate interests Here de by them in the amount of s3278 he is survived by his widow and the defendant was Given 30 Days one daughter to fill objections to the instructions or motion for a new trial the costs taxed Are j the next Case to go to the jury was John Willemsen against John Van Pelt defendants attorney asked for directed verdict which tie court granted and costs taxed to plaintiff in the sum of me the to 4 Mulde third with a score of and Bruinsma were Post Grain pants burglar 82 year old Pioneer visits news worlds greatest newspaper one of the most important Steps taken in the development of the cooperative marketing of farm pro series for Bioux Center Mulder and Duce has been Iaun fled Grotenhuis were batteries for new we Etc the Farmers me dealers Assn of Iowa the game was interesting players More Ort years at the Jand tans alike reconciled to armers a Oulu Rickwell j sprinkled with errors it is surns Iowa led by Thos Ujj j b King that any Bassali at All could be Densmore Dan Cal i played on the Sioux Center Diamond Lahan j h Brown w f Doderer i the a yield is rough Ami grown Over Frank aug others that with Long and tangled grass Trees j com Mulley sign nazi a cooperative grow still in Center yield a Road elevator company am cnfa2eil in the and a ditch run thru right Tell of own Etc a Cornfield Servetas a Barrier and Amor a critics alld their Windbreak in left Field in fact the Man irrai1 Diamond is nearly ready for discard history of Tilc struggle that land the town should be prepared s More Otiss common remodel or rebuild 1 of cooperative development watch for the last two games of for a of approximate la ten fifty eight years ago one of our old friends came to Sioux county driving a team of tired horses on a heavy Wagon starting out from a Wisconsin with three oxen on the last wednesday night mrs Hyink lagon travelling with his Young Bride Sioux Center was awakened by a to feel his Way West a few in the House she called or iweck5 of Prarle Road wore the hoofs that our readers May More fully 1 their Home to ten paper and know its real Worth As found out to be and proven to o1e of the largest users of newspaper space by j foreign advertising Agency we the series f t i geared into the night following jurors were on the panel f ii j d in Iii Pursuit was delayed Elmer Anderson Ben Woolbe Kkt r Hinks attention to it but in doing to the oxen Down so much that they so alarmed the intruder who Dis sap Coli no Ioner be relied upon to years they remained in the Field practically alone about 1903 the plan took Root among communities in Iowa and in the Fen years that followed they developed very i rapidly this development has con tin vied through an Era that has seen i give what c s Crane of Campbell my to take advantage of Oil stations arrive Movell left beware Ewald company had to say not Long by tricking them m Money change j Aero 1 i he fellow hands the station Atten it non pm i Keliik program of american Agri Dant a s1000 Bill and receives Nis Rhyins Emma Lendt Gerrit Krone Ever j Stella Goebel Frank Dejong Agnes Vossers Ere of he found another m and any Progress tile oxen were because his traded for Alvo horses and so they their place completed their trip then began scout equipment Little Money but Gaeke Peter Raak Nic d Becker j Tarang the prowler a Short of Eood in and health Settle Andrew Sneller Tance from found his no on tale lonely Prairie courageous i had been abandoned j people these pioneers by the the a farther a House to Ive in the Case of Blanche Husted rile key ring and Wallet were found first years hard work plus one Annavan Sloten and sue Meyer against h m Wissink was dismiss but the thief had gone and with him Lolar for nails and two windows de by plaintiff without prejudice at went thirty five cents i was the Price of a Home Mot a plaintiffs Cost j last Friday night or and mrs vermin Ridden Home but a Dick Roetman of Hull were awaken Flash Light playing Aro years of crop Short change artists some Bright fellow has been try1 the greatest newspaper in Ort j t America is not published in new change he then says did i York City Chicago has none that you a is 000 Bill i might As Well i compare with it Florida or Cali have gotten rid of this Fornias Large cities know it not Force trades his for the arteii1 the greatest newspaper in no rvs dams keeping his change and America wields ten times the in1 driving off fluence is read by a Hundred times not always does be get by More readers carries inestimable j keeping the change but the More pages of advertising than any appears so innocent at first j newspaper in any great City in this that anyone May be taken in the Case of m Kelly Hawarden against Dan Morgan Hawarden j was dismissed at plaintiffs costs Ami their bedroom the manipulator but continent of ours i trick is an old one in the Days when the greatest newspaper in North Bryan was crying Silver Standard Ini i r i i v America gets closer to its readers is the trickster used the ignoble pleasant for its dutch n coif Ihil Westen towns he received Tor its dream of future Progress the outcome change on some Small Purchase Nore elections exerts a greater land would then offer to relieve t4ie Prog failure is Lis Mirescu Uit Nikii i l s 1 t 311 i More elections exerts Imit to 4050 01 the Light commanded them to lie Grasshoppers flood and Terv m0rc Bunting to Oju Rillet Lvir it stir relic mfr Mornh b Power for Sells in Ustiy or Utler tie seven Vears weathering such i n the Case of Mason Lecocq vell he then inquired of or Cirous Toncos on in Vii Jedla Lylse m i hiring the the quest to eting has been a National ques and has perhaps cried More i comment and discussion by economists politicians and statesmen than and other one subject under discuss Iii in America inh Eirin Vear 1930 found approx innately six Hundred Farmer elevators Piuva the majority of which Are handed together in the Farmers dealers Assn of Iowa with the promulgation of the ices of the farm Bureau asking that regional units be established in trick Lance neg of the i ton co against Jerry Raak same the whereabouts of the family purse didst give up be sowed fifty was dismissed and defendant was Roetman told him the visitor bushels of Grain and harvested six found it and picking up or Roet Bushel he divided his Grain with mans trousers again disappears in his neighbor for the next years Battle j night Bill Oost Eirini ordered to pay and costs Alice Collenbaugh in her petition for divorce from Fred Colien Baugh asks for temporary Alimony to cover attorney fees in tie Amouli of which the court ordered paid into the clerk of courts he Forf noon of sept loth 1930 same has been paid notice in probate has been issued for oct 7th at am in estate of Emetine de Groom to tie night Hil Oste Nini was called the town was searched schemes were devised Imi no stranger was seen and the trousers could not he found an estimate of the lost is i 1 his thing is becoming a mystery our own Little mystery wednesday night and Friday night and when these people Hin r against nature Gamble and their staunch Faith won for them a respect which we should not forget to pay big Parade than any metropolitan published the greatest newspaper in North America is issued in tons year published in 1im1h us superstitious merchant of the s200 r us imn us i Jurii Tiemit localities rur the purpose More Wro Iris nil by Navior in Siver watch your t More i or Molg tic 1aiin Ever change cars the big Parade at Joyland i separate newspaper offices in Suo towns and villages the ii out the United states a Liili occupy a combined floor space Iii in excess of that afforded by tie Grant 1 building in new York and the Wrigley building in Chicago the business of this greatest tele1mionk Assn convex Tion at Sioux Center thursday sept is the 1 Euphone association of North Western Iowa will meet Here or business and instruction during the Forenoon Many round Tible discussions will be held with the Malinger of the in the aggregate would various towns in an attempt to help notice in probate has been Issue Gen the completion of the skat tie again shall we meet this Man Burg n to i i hrs loot Homes All of the court a succe3 even the president of am ii them save their problems a Surv Thev to for valuables Tow we Ricas largest Industrial corporation i the Junior ladies Aid present thursday evening Ali Tittio a inn when a Man prowls in the night and i tie greatest in Rte Tinea in the estate of a Van Hofwegen takes so him t appfa3 for sept 29th at am f he has mania air Roet p notice in probate has been issued Rouen pc for sept 30th at am the tells mystery j they fit Man we May never hear of him again if not he May search another night Roetman pants were found sat urday Forenoon i suppose they did not fit from now on my trousers go under the mattress unless i have them on if some Man looks you Over and you thing Hes taking measurements of your pants grab him estate of Franz Willms notice in probate has been issued in the estate of Jan Landhuis for oct 14th at a m continued to Page 3 join red Cross greatest newspaper in management was very considerate of is Home town paper better known patrons providing seating room most of us a the Cumry Vic la i in the Center and along the outside j qty Ala of think Wall several representative Copl made it a Point to Tel Isth cd enjoyed the program and am Ikon eni features first reformed a dinner at the part voted to business of the Day will i miss Barnes class of the Church will serve Hall at Grain dealers Assn took the initiative to organize its members in to a Central Selling Agency a num Ber of meetings were held in which managers and of ices the were called together my Linalln the in operate e Orrin co was Orini Ettl As of pundit tiny t Elan tar Niin Paues to act together instar As possible m solving their Selling problems it is tar re the organisation to build conservatively and fully in is a nonstick non profit choir native or in Xvi under Iowa it Hopes to be Able to accomplish its Ler at the rail at noon i j purpose of assist instr in the marketing of the Atter non Wilt he de of Iowa s grains in larger units and tie remainder i to j 0 local vigilant vigilant for bandits Telephone it the High school Gyrn to undeveloped Fields particularly i to serve those communities that Are Tor operations i j ers and a Luck can re reach the exhibition on the use of the visitors last inlay thick Blue shirted Bandit shortly after noon robbed Harrish Iii so Dak Bank and escaped 5200000 they were driving n Large car and started East in no it h directly from the local elevator companies continued to Page ugly speeders former editor returns or h Brandes and sons few Fhy not join Nova before forget Send your membership through your school or take it out at either j the most interesting visitors of the Banks i the week came in to get a copy Holland Floyd Lynn and Cape township farm bureaus will inert in a joint Muster Day program at to befall sheriffs new Kiric school Friday at 8 pm were notified sheriff Synhorst Call from speeders in fact Many of Aladdin Are Back we Hope or Muster Day takes its name from i de the Sioux Center vigilant to the tourists and frequent visitors Are Brandes and his family will be Able the colonial custom of calling Al help him watch highways and sice aware of the vigorous guard and j to adjust themselves of military age to the colors roads apparently the bandits didst j behave nicely while driving our traffic officer has been doing Fine Job in keeping the town Safe a Manv lets do it now Jour paper and stayed to talk the age for a Day of Drill til farm Buri come our Way undoubtedly the red Cross Wilt were three Young men but recently i eau makes Muster Day a Day for for that reason donations above the has been in America for two and a will be accepted but we ask f or j half years and Bert Buursma and Only per family membership j Roy Heide Only a year and a half if eve family subscribes this will j they All speak remarkably Good eng faring in great Deal of Money let j Lish i reviewing past achievements j planning future activities my new garage driving thru j or Brandes will resume con Sioux Center Many of the speeders Section with the news temporarily i behave like gentlemen when they Are Vve Are glad to have him with us Sioux county i sapped lev make explanations i and Hope that his plans for the f u Schoot notes inv r1er on their Way Ture May materialize editor As the j they have been working on farms j m Iowa and Dakota during tie or Mouw for the past years a Mechanic in Sioux Center is preparing to move into his new garage on treet the new building is Sioux Center be the first county Over the top summer moving from place to place Argentine president in a car the boys Are looking distinct improvement to the a a location in which to Settle Down j Yearance of main Street the build Jand farm a place where they s constructed As a storage garage Argentine in South America than their j o1 de presidents recently in a character Good health and ambition to Back woman club r it i come Tir As Knou Institute will i p 7 on i i in i or Oll child of be on sep t myth and How and a name Nasty things Ever Del mite motor motion will be mailed to All teachers in the near cheerfully but some of them Bej tie ugly when apprehended and 0 peace officer by saying j Peru has an election too future we have just received information that the Rural school inspector has selected Sioux county schools As having built tile these persons permitted their Rej Law to become us if the facts be Hope to Tell you some details of any county in the state m actions to Law to become Annec Csc on of South Sard viscous it the facts warrant Amer Tam Eif colons we might Wirsu Tion the one held in Peru a week or ago the method was the same ral schools j business partner Star Tsas that of Argentine pics Leguia i stoically Latina Erica fashion pres ident Irigoyen Good Friend of our them they Are doing what our 19301 on new career who has been ruling Peru off and in the i Ion since 1908 overdid it got too rav Tamminga sold his interest j Bossy and they revolted against him grandfathers did pioneering out the women club with own Hoover was deposed by Rethey Are Tycar where ourm Ilaryi chairman of Olu tonary forces he took Refuge grandfathers did it with oxen ways and Means committee to the on a Cruiser but did Dot get away fast enough for he was soon arrested by his successor Gen Uriburu now they dont know what to do with him some years ago they would have shot him As an incident of the revolution such methods dont Mac All things drink fruitful Earth drinks up the rain Trees from Earth drink that again the sea drinks the air the Sun drinks the sea and him the Moon is it reason then Dye think Well with our Monroe doctrine so i should thirst when Al else drink they Are a Little More careful lately i from the greek of anacreon planning a dinner Are in thursday the Trees evening sept 25th needless to say you All know the reputation of their dinner and this one will doubt be a greater Success watch for further announcements in next weeks paper and on the posters up town let us make our pennies serve two purposes built during 1930 we have selected in the Tarri fingas grocery to his the new Boss of Peru is col Cerro West Branch no 6 taking into j brother Jake j the Leader of the revolution sex consideration the building improve Ray has enrolled As a at j president leg i is in jail guarded the grounds trimming of j Western Academy intending to Fol by a Man who was just released from clean up of the Low this preparatory course by study the jail where he had served As a x inc Sioux county school that has done most during ing voice at some music conserva political prisoner on orders from the tory altho we Are sorry to see exp resident 1930 the picture of this school i Ray Lay plans beyond our town we these revolutions seem to work will be sent to National headquar1 Hope that some Day we May be Able off quite smoothly Down there at ters and Wilt appear in the journal to recall an acquaintanceship with the j that they might be a whole lot of the National education association the Board of West Branch continued to Page 4 great Tenor cheaper than our elections what 1 3 11 we Welcome Jake Tamminga in with expensive primaries and to the realm of Busine i and a lot less painful

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