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Sioux Center News Newspaper Archives Sep 11 1930, Page 1

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Sioux Center News (Newspaper) - September 11, 1930, Sioux Center, IowaYour publicity medium Well boost together Siou volume 39 Sioux Center Iowa thusly september ii 1930 number t farm Bureau Muster Day program j prisoners of War i i return after 15 i years Farmers of West Branch revive old custom recently two prisoners of War re i turned from Siberia to their Homes i i in German Silesia Homes they had left fifteen years ago hiring the t u world War they were captured by the in Accord with an old Custori it j t u russians Ana sent to a prison Camp Farmers of met last tuesday evening to c Ena themselves for the the Community now they were no in to guard against Indian raids j Phefe ther an other form of violence Hue to j and that they All were As Gnor Aru oui of the end of the War a protect themselves trom loss of the lit of their labor thru waste and selves had Bem for Low prices their weapons today Are to be scientific farming and co operative marketing the proclamation of the farm Bureau and pres Thompsons mes1 he the farm Bureau scattered outbreak it is Odd that a country which makes such a hew and cry about its love for the people would allow such a condition to exist legion takes Over subscription Campaign american legion d Sioux Center hns earned a reputation for Itse Hii being Active enter Prizny and successful they have earned the respect the people of Sioux cent eat a Vicinity in the us they have made of the Mone thru their ventures in some Way Orother they have used it for the Good of the entire brr Dimity once again they Are to marking on a business venture the profits from vhf Lavill again be used for the Good of the Community this time they Are Selling subscriptions to the Center news in subscribing for paper or renewing your subscription see any Mem Doc the legion if that is inconvenient bring your to the news office and Tell us Vou wish to Haveit credited to the legion grandmother takes court is in session i a secret ride in he to Vav to platform As 1 intelligent production 2 controlled up he which he said one word spells Success in the marketing of any Corn of hog cholera reported Des Moines Iowa september Ellerbroek builds business property injured in and at to Accident one East of Strubble modernizes building with three new fronts of ninth Street t Bob Greg and Paul Lens trom Frank Ellerb Roefs has begun Ireton while attempting to Cros state leaders of 41 clubs visits Sioux Center squarely in the Side and ripped Ovir Helmers from Rock Valley dry mrs Josephine modify and that work is control j scattered outbreaks of cholera j improving of his business property no 75 in a truck were strut no agricultural system can be occurred during the period the intersection of ninth strip Cess Ful if the products of that a january 3 to july 1 1930 in s2jana fourth Avenue while the e tem Are turned Over to another Iowa countes out of 92 that Agency Tion cannot your investment nor the Well being j of the Iowa department of agric vide it into three store buildings Back dub pro lems Wale Ito the Alley and place three of the Xyth broken shoulder and Cut face cussed wild the 1931 pro j court opened with judge c c Bradley presiding assignment of cases was made the grand jury reported at p m Grard 1 i jury visited the jails of Sioux county tuesday finding All factory except Alton they report Una were dismissed f next term oct 27th naturalization was held tuesday with r e Griffin examiner in Chari Twenty petitioners Ori Board 19 of these were Adan Tarj to citizenship and one was dismissed the following were admitted le12 de Vos Keunen manc Vander Roma Lippe Sykes Keizer Peter Meendering John t Snelius Pef Ler linde5 1 enrich Max Ramtu Jenny Ykema Adriaan hav croak Pieter Schouten Katherine Vander Werff Hendrik a Reugen a Roni Dikkers mrs Jeanette Gritti exert Vander Hoef and Jennie no Bel Tennis Van Hoff was dismissed he did not appear court will reconvene Friday at 12 p m two confessions of judgment i a 73yearold grandmother Ped from members of family at the Nebraska state grounds at Lincoln this past and took her first air plane ride t Pilot revealed wednesday she is i mrs a Bristol Ainslee i although the Mother of 10 cd i Dren grandmother of 36 and grandmother of seven she was the i first of them All to take to the air i at the Field mrs Bristol conf Del i inc us Ilu Iichi Ito the Pilot that she had wanted to cirs Kaen j f by apr several months but that re Keizer i Eter Meei Minui natives discouraged her alter Lano i Velde Jerrit Meyer co me she was enthusiastic Over the 0 i i j i r n or Schouten win yarn i ride and looked Forward gleefully to telling her children ave been filed j f Washer of your family if Vou turn Over to culture some outside Agency the produce of your farm to Market As they see it the Agency having control of the product will be the Agency to Bene fit 3 Equality for agriculture 4 Community development 5 enlarge markets for farm pro ducts 6 organization of which he said organization of a great Fellowship of farm people who through group activity i permanent is free Independent Ameri Prosper the woman auxiliary girls 4h club snorted on work they were doing and in completing the Survey reports Best Modem fronts secured from 272 located in 92 countes these men reported 664 outbreaks of the disease during the six Montels period Ritli a total death loss of 56s9 hogs be fore vaccination there were 49282 hogs exposed to disease and a total of 185955 hogs were vaccinated in some counties there were several outbreaks of the disease while in Only one or two cases were were not considered greater could normally be expected in summing up the situation from it will be Sheldon Best improve being so severe nent for the year Sheldon Mai i Lens was taken Home his injuries nor decl written with interest and costs decree signed approving final of Cise of d m mor gov Hamili and honed Campbell legion convention Roy f Pat Odonnell well1 i known livestock Farmer of Colo Orler authorizing Sale of lots 7 Ewas named general manager of thes and 9 bloc 3q Calliope to pc Slowa livestock marketing Corpora Rudson for j180q Cash by the Tion by the executive committee of i the organization in session last Fri Day at state had quarters of the Loua j farm Bureau federation with the appointment of Odon Nell and his acceptance last week Jand the Promise that this week would the actual handling of livestock under the farm Board plan through Mceiver of the Hawarden state Bank order signed approving final re port of referee in Case of Leslie i Visson it Al is George Davisson it at order signed approving Sale of real estate in Case of Emma bailing it Al is Chas Wattawa it Al order appointing t e Klar Orange guardian and Lite a 1 i o u n r 1 Milru Ichii Aii ii Tui m he Campbell congressman we reaffirm our belief Init he Eastern Iowa regional at Cedar lease of Golly county is Dora Schut the eleventh distinct in Iowa spoke the Reserve officers training corps rapids livestock marketing through j order signed in state of Iowa is at the convention Hall wednesday the citizens military training the Federal farm plan seemed to one Chevrolet coach ordering the cholera or Malcolm stated there j morning to the legionnaires or Camp the National guard and the be Well on the Road to general es1 con f is cation and Sale of Simc in the standpoint of control of is no question but that hog cholera Campbell along with Royal Johnson the main speech of the evening Jean be controlled through the use agrees that comprehensive pension was delivered by j h Schr Neler iof anti hog cholera serum and hog Bill should not be undly urged upon of Carrol county he is z cholera virus when they Are adminis the country at this time Cashel of the organization department Hist red by trained operators so far As i am concerned speech was of special interest in that due to the fact that we have hog there is something owing to service or Schroeder is himself a Farmer cholera in the state which May Bemen who were conscripted out of the and understands the farm or Mem further spread by fall Rains and privileges of civil life which must he compared the Early colonist carriers it is advisable to consult a be taken care of out of the National need for Protection from the indians j veterinarian for a proper diagnosis pension fund i Hope we May soon to our need or Protection from the if sickness appears in any Herd of be in a position to give the widows internet which exploits the farm hogs it is yen important that a land orphans National Aid products he showed the effective proper diagnosis be made Asho for the present congressman Ziess of Osgan eation by showing what cholera May be caused by adminis1 Campbell promises to continue the organized reserves is a necessary to abolishment for the state Der execution state of Loua part of our National defense Proi or Odonnell is expected to take Robert do Boer defendant order or Gram and pledge our support to these j the Field immediately however he to activities7 a Legionnaire by the name1 will continue to supervise operations of Harry Greene proposed that the of his livestock farm four Miles from Resolution be amended to read the Cool Iowa legion on record As supporting he is Well known Nynne live a plan for compulsory training in the j Stock producers though out the state state institutions apparently the for eight years he was county service men were not disillusion ii agent for Cerro Gordo county by the wretched Economy of War and this position doing much to bring j months pay a Fine of and costs also confined to jail for 4 order signed in state of Iowa is Bruus that he pay a Fine of and costs which he paid judgment of the court in Case state of Loua against Victor Berty was Fine and jail for 3 Are now returning to the second j Coop arrive livestock marketing childhood illusions of heroism the happened to the prices of Grain stering hog cholera virus to hogs that following program investigate following the War period and to the Are sick from such other diseases As fully the cases asking for Aid labor flu pneumonia or other ing a report to rhe committee on Fol Loving the War be scale of wages of organized first Resolution would have approached a human Beni fit if it read we Mak affirm to do everything in our compensation and if necessary argue legion activities in each Case just As a Civi Case in a court would by present wages did not go Down but the Price of Fram products did labor j was organized and the Farmer not he made a Stiring Appeal fori Rew members by showing what the the american legion has not All Thos farm Bureau could do for their Jour grown its purpose the army help members in helping them with Vaci Nien have been disillusioned on the j governor Hamili an important place in Liat Section of the state he was for four yrs j connected with the Extension depart ment of Iowa state College Ames decree signed granting permanent continued on Page 6 or to re move from the minds of our and is widely known in the state As a visitor Young people All thought of Wir and result of his judging its possibilities gov Hamili Rosi Iowa state fair Ami wort it the at Numen is to swearing eloquence in patting the District and county fair c rvs or str Sioux can i or Campbell Congress is willing Lucirio Aires on tiler Hack for the to help the service men and will a Vertile stand they took in which the facts prove need or Nick do Jon Gefrom Eagle Butte so Dak explained to us the offices of the Iowa livestock method of farming there he has marketing corporation will be main 500 acres under cultivation on their first Resolution Harry greenes proposed i Hement foiled nation of hogs and teaching them glory of War and Are the real peace legion activities of the past and of Weed control not to mention the citizens Many of the Neces their resolutions for the future with Ami cd them the hundreds of other helps and progressive movements in enthusiasm the legion must is an Lent of Mcnider and to civic and life Are sponsor organization of real men accept to Blanket for Brookhart a which he raises Oats Barley and Borah wins by the legion the american j responsibility of taking the initiative j legion in Sioux Center is Back or j n Pur minor political social and i a splendid Sioux Center economic problem needs a Library and Well built it for j governor Hamili said we must annual red Cross some excellent work a developed in our Young men the ability j Lone and Wea 1 ready hav dominate every Young Man Fine Library Sioris must have a dominating personality g Library fit very Young Man should he prepare rhe Best books on the Best Subjec sied to meet his problems in time of Ovien dates of september and october be senator William e Borah Idaho was renominated by the Rej publican convention with but Only Heel Flonc Ami one dissenting vote ill from Over of work saying not a word beyond the Venter have a Bare announcement of his Candida he received a practically unanimous Iuen the lest in Var 3 we As r time a support Dyall Means help them he endorsed the legions Resolution Ujj help them build the finest Library concerning military training in on j in the District vote Borah must have been pretty if he didst even try to make a speech he certainly has intimidated voters and politicians in the past by Cernig military training in on the Sioux county red Ernsy state institutions by saying Mill chairmen held re Weir Ani Cuil motrin of tary training in our state institutions in Alton on tuesday september 4 is necessary to develop a balanced j for the purpose of making pans they do sunny sewing Circle personality after saying that Ever the 1930 Roll Call which Wil again to oppose him and it is surprising so Young Man should have a dominate Heb Between the dates of Screm thar nobody took advantage of his the sunny sewing Circle is an ing personality and a balanced a Cher 15 and october 15 organization of the three upper tonality or Hamili stated the red Cross sunday will be observe 0 i grades in the Christian school they hardest problem of the human their first meeting in wedness the problem of teaching Ouri Timber 14 when every minister j Day afternoon the officers elected Young people we the count will speak regarding the Are must lift our youth above the level work of the organization in Des Moines Howard Jefferson of Washington and contrary to general be j courthouse Ohio recently named Illif v cry Good Corn or de lie legion made seven Fine manager of the Iowa Corpora As a Side line buys horses and endorsed Tion has accepted this office m i a to breaking them Sells them in Fri Jefferson whose record won for him i lore Cut Letl parts country our enviable position in Eastern live inst Lac 20 llen1 i Stock marketing territories is from an h narc to be the outstanding Man in the inf kill la the n direct movement of livestock Coopers a sent can la nil talc Jat ively he has already Hep his tre and alter starts work with the Eastern Iowa Region a 1 gain took the horses a v is soon As or de Jonge said the was an i Eastern Iowa regional is placed oppor Timov to rent seven sections or operation surveys of Otier sections j iof the so it will or completed other regional a will be formed officials of the Towi live tocts plans Jinq for drive by reservation land f10 cents Cre tile country the is one f la r c Verv c capital and marketing Cornora Iun have Pompeil out that the if the a animation closely Niilow the out continued pm nacre Little his father id in but one Iii St nor Many of our Young done intending Une year by the y win be on enc very ass Tana n race inthe Sioux county cur ones on h Imri Trunte safety Sioux Center has a Highway Nin Hing straight thru Mai Street the pavement is smooth and wide a very Fine drive after the narrower and rougher gravel tourists seem to disregard Speed signs and signs for the pleas ure of driving fast thru town not Tony speeders get by with it a vote of compliment to our traffic officer ire without food and proper co mum others Are without work nil state that because of tile Crouch this Pertha Wassin president of habit deeds alone arc perti1 a Nocial Effort will be made hey 1lave a tables in j Annie Vanoosbree Secretary Cut ambition is the greatest in see everyone in the county and ask Lupon Wincn hey f Henriette Moerman treas i Cennive to development and Success for their membership this year ofpcj1rj for foot miss Hattie vis and miss Nell our corpulent governor is an juicers realize that everyone cannot pc Ilsc of unemployment Siri Huisman Are the sponsors inspiring speaker and it is an event to pay 100 a year toward the cause liar on Aru the for och the red Cross i this dub will meet every wednes hear a governor speak but the speech shut they fee that it might be pos Sibi make mom1 Sioux county go there is or dutch to get Rich in of expensive machinery and Large numbers of narc of land a Settle there must be willing to stay for life and he willing to help the act my Day at Moon the purpose of this i itself was stamped wit club is to sell its Needle work and Patent fancy work and give the proceeds to resolutions the school for necessary equipment j the first Resolution proposed cannot afford to pay the entire yearly Ito families in destitute circumstances political for some to take out two or More memberships they Are also glad to i accept any donation from those who in Sony county and 11 Over the in Ron h or in orc to o 2 sri w c t county Conven Tion will be held on october 7 m fee

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