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Sioux Center News Newspaper Archives Sep 4 1930, Page 1

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Sioux Center News (Newspaper) - September 04, 1930, Sioux Center, IowaYour publicity medium Sioux Center news boost together volume 39 effects of Sioux Center Iowa thursday september 4 1930 number 36 Goodr bad there has been much writing in farm journals about the possible air link f Fet of the dry spell Many editors agree that the effect has been Good that it has prevented surpluses an1 will result in better prices others at argue and we think correctly that that the results Are not Good but evil starts the heart of the county school starts again has larger than last year when the Roll was called Mccrav the High school it was discover the enrolment had 107 for 1929 to 113 of year superintendent May be True that the crop failures j coming wide areas will bring better Pricert Mert stated that before the to those fortunate enough to a was Over he expected that the Eiro men would be still larger or John Boeyink president some kind of crop but the truth there Are thousands and thousands who Are left with nothing thousands As producers in comper Tion with others Are out of the run Ning consequently they Are out of the running As Consumers As Well to will take some time for them to re cover misfortune effecting a Many people is a Public misfit in and we see no Good in it any economic system in which the Good Fortune of some people is Posable Only with misfortune to othes is far from perfect in this Aee we should be beyond the theory that ones pain is another loss there something too beastly about that philosophy Relief in Canada unemployment session of parliament itis reported that a special session the Board addressed the students the open Init Assembly meeting told them that High school Days the Best of ones life nor in that one had More enjoyment ing those Days but also because Rev were the Days in which one Trinel one self for the Many years to supt w j Hilr Neit the students on the purpose i a High school training after this Brief Assembly ten minute were held for the purpose of Assisi ing lessons the schedule classes was so carefully that twas not necessary to make 2 changes a visitor or Peter Wincel manager of to Farmers Union livestock Mission of Sioux cite stopped r it of parliament will be called Early i the news office Orr tuesday pie september for the purpose of deals Oie at the Farmers picnic at Rock ing with the Onemo Dyment of Canada at time it is expected that Relief measures will b rapids during the afternoon t figures to show the business on under his management considered along the lines of Tahr doubt edly people at Sioux cent i commencement of certain Public him As former manager if works supplementary Grants Road building and direct Grants of Grain association Money for Relief purposes Christmas boxes according to mrs Edward Fisher 1 Secretary of the Sioux Cross some wonderful and beautify work has been done by the Maurice Rock Valley and Hospers red Croc which will to sent to soldiers the Iowa hospitals in the regular Abri Mas boxes the Rock Valley women knitted a Large assignment of sweaters which b will hot Only be pleasing and accept Able but very useful gifts the to f men of Maurice made fifty Bath Robes and the Hospers women made diff mending boxes and supplied them with thread Needles Etc to be kept on the tables of the soldiers in t Hospital and to be used by them when doing their mending these things supplied by the county red Cross will be set to Iowa hospitals in time for their distribution at Christmas fishing in indies an entire new Industry for the dutch East indies is shark fishing in the Ingga archipelago in nil there Are about twelve shark fisheries in the world and though it is an Industry with rather mixed possibilities the actual profit warrants Tulej proceedings the fishing is done by i chinese fishermen under the guidance of several dutch fishermen four Small motorboats with one Mother ship make up the Fleet the Sharks Are caught in the nets in which become entangled by their fins Al local Farmers lumber fire truck a Beautiful red fire truck visit Christian school j opens the Christian school started on wednesday morning the first morning enrolment was eighty five a few More Studen q Tare expected the teaching faculty include i or Peter de groot principle i miss Nellie Huisman an5 vis Lyon county Farmers Union meets Lyon county Farmers Union on tuesday afternoon the Lynn county Farmers Union met in tic Rock rapids City Park the Gram was varied and interesting a miss though the committee was Handicap Ped by the absence of congressional woman badly Cut Jess in flirt state re Imei 1u l1jj to tar speech was Ven rare and contained or and mrs j m Stuart from much information on the financial Lincoln Nebraska tipped Over North Side of Road building he Sioux Center Law wednesday a5 thar Lyon should not j Ter noon the Stuart people were Bonds in order to build Road j driving a Large Bui Csc they were i about to pass a truck driving prefer i fast when they saw a car co Ning i from the South to avoid a Oisin i or staurt took the ditch the front j wheels cramped and the car old Over three times mrs Stuart was Mav have some internal injuries or Maris is attending m be cruise it is unnecessary there i a primary Road fund into which All Lyon county incl idea Lyon county is unfairly rent re counties have votes to Lorr themselves to build Royit Lyon county is one of the few that very badly Cut on her right leg Al Lavt tone so the state Roi commission argues that it Woulf unfair to bonded count is if they were to build roads in Terr but or Riemers just the cooperation in big county business class i county hns not been using or since 1913 Farmers have step i allotment of the Priman Road Fuji up the value of products sold co and also refuses of Bond herself operatively from to thus she saves the state the Mark which the commission turn around Grain and Dairy cooperative in nil spends on the bonded counts the list in commodity groups daring Tims the commission tries to Force the last season according to the Lvon county to vote Bonds my sales of speech is a protect he also told of an amendment t the Constitution of la that Way Cone before the people of this state to town one morning Siou has fire equipment Bur of Lent raise the insurance Raffs the grand jury is in session on the first panel the following were we t u Survey handled by 3448 associations a member of 610000 Dairy groups numbered with a person Ell of 650000 and Sals o Bond act passed some i fruits and live Stock time ago was declared in constitute were tied in total value at 320000 ional was now Rev have decided that in tar chosen def Citra Moss 0 live Stock associations number the Constitution should be the i act u will sponsor its de 2153 with 465000 members arid so that this act can pass the amrr3 annual teachers reception on Fri fruit were 1384 with a men fro he dropped As soon As the r Foi o Stan non j Lav evening september5 in thai has been spent on we dont want g fire truck because Pgar Bier its red Only but to lower insurance j Jungers d l de groot a National sing Bert Vrock be was handled by be town and City states will Echo the United of the George Washington considered by the Bicentennial com Mission following the customary address by the president before both houses of Cong res at noon on so t f Stulll i he tons birthday it is proposed sum of with that the combined Marine Navy an1 Cost of talc sur army bands Lead the nation through or a radio Hookup in singing of hymn loud speak scr school Church Public snare Industrial Plant and theatre to rough Gerrit Klein Joe Wolf judge c c Bradley occupies on thursday september 4 at two n chair o clock the regular annual Roll Gail the following assignments have Felting will be held in the Christian been made for the october session t f Higgins plaintiff is t e Hauser defendant wherefore the plaintiff demands judgement against defendant for the sum of s80000 with interest and the lors of the Central reformed Church to the it might Well for our readers the Public is very cordially Ved to attend Roll Call tons with 150000 members poultry associations did in watch for developments or Riemers also Teal ced on Tat business with 175 associations of 67atfon he says the taxation sri 000 members while 13 woo and Tern of Iowa is out of Date by 50 mohair groups with 40000 members years in Iowa the owners members did tangible Money real estate Eta the United states is rapid a be pay almost the entire tax while 1 ence Church at Alton when plans the nations for the red Cross Roll Call to be 0wn of held this fall win be made mrs Edward Fisher secy Sioux co red Cross most a Ite prize in the world our franchises Etc elude the assessor f Sioux Center is one of be and Are not taxed then too Many Tive work in cooperative incites assess themselves at from Only interest and of auxiliary notes Farmers enter Oil business the Federal farm Board Call r Huisenga plaintiff is Al Ekema defendant wherefore the plaintiff deman r vice pres mrs s b or vat t judgement said defendant for mrs Mary Areo Minn when on july 7 1921 the 7 months represent out the land would bring the radio the sum of s3975twith interest he measurer m p b mud Cottonwood Oil company was or 193 rare and cast irom Washington to an audience states the plaintiff is about to chaplain mrs r c Jon Ewaa j Gani Edthe comprises four Large Ine the first 7 ninth of 1929 remove from this state and refuses to mrs g wholesale organizations profits accruing from this be sail the in the following officers of the legion auxiliary were elected for tent on to the fact that Farmers Are the coming year going into the Oil business in a president Alice de Ruyer Way starting with a Small rec Tion at the Village of Cottonwood 30 to 70 percent of their actual value thus a Vita paving their share Arf industries Fri not taxed at Tims the bulk of the Buden own upon honest viral communities the of the Farmers com Mission at Sioux ctr read some to Fanf the amount of v handled by them in the Post an Moease that handled Dur approaching the million Mark Council proceeding pay the Bill marriage License Tohn de Boom 26 Vreeman onal Creston 26 19 Kreep Fng them submerged they actually drown in cases where they still alive when the nets Are in they Are killed by a few Well directed blows a club Only in the last instance Are they shot since the Bullet would ruin the skin for commercial usage shark is eaten by the native Sand the fins and skins bring Good prices Coop pays potato growers Isabel Cox Pera tic marketing paid potato growers Council proceedings Council met in regular session minutes of meeting of read and approved treasurer mation town marshals report read information a both reports filed petition to connect to City War Only a few weeks ago we f Jit Council moved to Lav when Sheldon announced one and one Naif Block of 3 pee course today we a Caroline Beemer 22 has m Horton report read for infer Kara m scr re nerd a Stallman 24 Olivia m Haup crr 21 Golf courses principally in Minnesota North Are invested in Liberty Bonds historian mrs n Dakota South Dakota Iowa mis the president who was a de Leyar Souri Kansas Nebraska the department convention it Montana and Wisconsin i fort Dodge gave a report on the meeting twelve members w present mately liquor in India Miller special investigator for the american newspaper Union says in hundreds of towns in India women fling themselves acro tin thresholds of liquor shops to then in old but be Sirtl Pioneer stepped up Dornblazer t said that he was born in 1841 h Mother was Scon Hirish and his father a mixture of Pennsylvania of dutch English German Wedil two and a half million Able Bod it Etc m descent people looking for work 2 pit is he always in Rcd for a Small figure but it Meins a unions about 60 years ago he to 2 the census Bureau report class of Ani Al to Csc Farmer dub and cast Iron water main along Pree St clerk instructed to advertise ids for digging ditch for w adv it sment in this c ounce two in a Gap on for built next rink m to Street and Ain treet and one is the toy and sort Entrance others Hep their on pct these i parcs Migu chop Down thousands of toddy Palm Arnjue against capitalism and Trees from which liquor is effaced builds Homes for workers of the Sioux Center news night watch instructed to the evening trains and to or unnecessary loitering around pot j town Council Nassel Reshit of Between december 1 1929 an to recommend to co univ by of april 30 1930 the government i supervisors that Taxe of the Are the Netherlands has advanced florins first me Peter Arendsen be suspended 4815097 51966039 to Are i avens a on motion Bill to the amount of municipalities and by women participate in massed Anks upon liquor shops smashing the fir Tings and Stock men and women attack carts carrying liquor to to shops and burst open the barrels a set fire to the liquor the religion of both the Mohammedans a d hindus impose abstinence from liquor upon the devout and for tie history Indian Womer prominent part in n 331 gave needing work to avoid ruin some i is support to another similar move states run As High As 33 pet it sjmmt28years ago helped to or interest tag to note that so Dak Iii of Ranize tie Farmers or tiny every word of its Constitution favor Jive though lie had Book ia1 of the old medieval form of Home those who or in a of this Section a bushels t3iis Yuuji Vulcu by Coop Rac Robers brought 60 a Bushel while the average was 28i89 were ordered paid out of nations under the authority of Politico struggle 1 dividend 10 consolidated fund and Bills o jaw designed to encourage the Buim r potatoes Market dec 155 a mount of s30810 out of Tring of dwelling houses for the work baseball drought Oyer rated says tie editor of the farm journal or Jenkins Hope his is True b Jive this is True after having driven through South Dakota an i coming Back to North vet Iowa obvious healthiness and or runes the crops makes Mur Merisier aboi1 serious the lie and South Sakom Farmers do not think have crop failure Smith shop that night he is Only one alive he Saim glad in alive and if i in my win about it ill live some mor be rambled on in Bis humorous by at Rimes he almost because eloquent often or showed keen insight Pic Ort anime the Farmers if Rhi if Goins Lovely we the firm cars Union in 32 this shows that is wrong1 eve class of people has its organisation the Farmer Union is necessary to the Farmer is tie Union of Railroad workers is w 0 on fund Council adjourned f Straatsma town join for league team it car on i classes this fund provides forced a team from Orange cite the bul dog of 1848 dwellings in tuesday 115 eluding in Many cases the land upon on monday which the buildings Are to be erected i won a 2ame from the town a Feu weeks Ngo the com be s if it would bum up in the 1m but after last weeks rain and lir he save proudly every Cool weather of this week the con he info the Farmers Boarder we the Junior league like a Sunflower has turned its fact Veem we toward the Sun and smiles Dera Rrt Cote Cmaj an by of i at the weather continued to Page 3

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