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Sioux Center News Newspaper Archives Oct 16 1930, Page 1

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Sioux Center News (Newspaper) - October 16, 1930, Sioux Center, IowaYour publicity Media i Well boost together Sioux Center news volume is Otje Center Iowa thursday october 16 1930 number 32 Sioux county school notes Henry Gerritsen died tuesday 84 years old fac regular october teachers examinations will be held at the court House in Orange City wed thurs and Friday oct 29 30 and 31st All teachers a who do not have first Grade certificates ought to be taken examinations Chance have those teaching on third Grade must come in and examination As this is your last Chance miss Martha bos and pupils of Linclon no 1 gave a very excellent program last thursday evening at the dedication of their new school mrs Chas h Tye gave some read ing mrs can Pitts of Alton gave a talk and county supt Chas h Tye gave a Short talk a Large crowd of patrons and friends attend delightful refreshments were served by the ladies of the commune at the close of the program Lincoln no 1 has a Fine school and the patrons and children should feel proud of their school a special election will Ibe held in Lincoln no 3 saturday oct 18th for the purpose of electing a sub to take the place of or Izzer who resigned the election trill Start at 10 am registers and plan books have arrived Many have been sent out teachers needing them should write the county supt county supt Chas h Tye met Nith the school Board of Grant township on Legal matters monday evening a Large number of the City superintendents and their wives were guests of the Actu at Sioux Center last tuesday evening supt m g Clark of Sioux City gave the principal address this was a splendid meeting in every Way the food was Good the speaking was Good and the music was Fine i am sure every one enjoyed the meeting and Felt better for having been pres ent Nassau township has added a or Henry died tues Day morning after a Brief illness some time ago or Gerritsen broke his leg this unfortunate Accident tapped his strength considerably and led to his Graduel weakening it is sixty years since or Ger Ritsen immigrated from Apeldoorn i Gelderland he settled in Alto Wisconsin fort five years ago or Gerritsen moved to Iowa the bereaved family Are mrs Henry children William Albert Jake Arie mrs c de groot and mrs a de Lange costly pastime four Hospers says arrested and fined for raiding Melon Patch new set of reference books in All their schools the foundations of some of their buildings have been improved and the general condition of their schools made better county supt the expects to spend most of the next two months visit ing our Rural schools and holding Board meetings and teachers meet Ings for hogs Excel ground Oats cause most rapid gains but feed costs is High Price is the main thing to consider Vincent Stover William de Vries Adrian Van metered and Gerrit Beimers All under 17 were caught by s p de Jong of Newkirk in his Watermelon Patch the boys had driven their car into the Patch and when the owner appeared they drove out through the Gate taking the Gate however with them at the hearing before mayor James Hyink at Hospers wednes Day the boys pleaded guilty to Petit larceny and were fined apiece with the exception of Stover who paid a Fine of the amounts covered the amount of fines and Al so the Cost of the Gate for which or de Jong insisted on receiving payment the arrests were made Iby Sher Iff Tribune quite evidently stealing water Nelons int what it used to be once upon a time a Farmer Only chased the raiders for the fun both be and the boys got out of it Rais no watermelons was a game very Ady played at the Farmer would try to hide his Patch and the boys of the Community would try to find it and get As Many As they could without being caught but May be people Are losing their sense of humor 0 Long lost relatives discovered Arie Van Der Gyp in his Home in Brabant Netherlands found a letter in an old trunk 22 years ago this letter stated he had relatives in ame Rica he wrote and insisted on know ing who they All were this started an investigation and the result so Many years later was that mrs al1 Bert Poppen discovered a whole Gene ration of cousins and Sec cousins in Detroit Mich Man years ago or Washington township farm Bureau the Washington toxin ship farm Bureau at the annual meeting oct 8 elected e Brunsting chairman mrs i f Cooper Home project chairman Roy Searle Secretary and n p Westergard treasurer or Bruns Ting and or Searle replace Henry Benit or respectively for the past eight years and a who requested that they be relieved of their duties township projects adopted Are organization with a View toward a Standard township rating boys and girls dub work Home management and a need eradication in developing the latter project it is planned to attempt to have All grass Clover and Alfalfa seed Analysed to prevent introduction of noxious weeds and to carry on a vigorous Campaign against a vend next year 10 Weed eradication and soil problems to be studied by Sioux township at a meeting held in dist no 2 schoolhouse on oct 9 the Sioux toxin ship farm Bureau Laid plans for soil Mana Grent demonstrations and for a concerted attack against the Weed infestation on of protestant Christian reformed Church in stall new pastor last Friday the protestant Chris Tian reformed Church of Sioux Cen Ter installed their new pastor Rev Veltman Rev de Jong from Doon conducted the services and preacher a Fine Sermon Rev Hinckl from Hull then formally installed Rev Veltman All the pulpits in Sioux Center Are nov occupied by regular pastors we Welcome Rev Veltman to our town the More rolling land in the toxin ship erosion is a serious problem and the assistance of a soil specialist vill 3e secured to combat this loss the j Xiv cell project Calls for seed analysis a Survey of the toxin ship for noxious j a needs and for a United Effort in eradicating them Rock Valley men arrested Fob pheasant shooting or Alexander the state game Varden irom Spencer Svore out a warrants for the arrest of or Schutz and e b Smith of Rock Valley for shooting pheasants out of season a Fanner made the complaint charging that these men shot Pheas a night he trailed them to Rock Valley and took their License number and then notified the War Den attorney Van oosterhout seated the defendants in Joe the Vel trips Justice court he asked for i change of venue to Cyrene de books court in Orange City the request was granted tile Case will tried soon a care 0 Clever clovers in choosing different preparations of Van Der Gyp a brother of her a Oats As a substitute for Corn in the ther settled in Detroit this Uncle had seven children Riox All married and having families they All made Good the Van Der Gyp relation comes Origen Aily from Noord Bra Bant Netherlands one of the Sec Ond cousins who is in business in Brabant a vote a letter to his cousins Here in pure English growing and fattening of Spring pigs says c c Culberston of the animal husbandry department at Iowa state College Many Farmers Are using Oats this year to supplement their Short Corn Supply when Oats alone Are led a longer feeding period is required and gains Are slower whole Oats self fed Evhen added to the basal ration of shelled com Tankage and minerals on rape Pas Ture made the Best comparative showing according to data secured in tests Here ground Oats were excelled by the whole Oats altho the pigs consumed much More of the ground preparation de hulled Oats self fed produced rapid gains but made an uneconomic the de hulled Oats proved too expensive because their Price s High As a result of the Low yield of de hulled Oats per Hundred pounds whole Oats and the High Cost of detailing the pigs which were fed de hulled Oats made the most rapid gains o legion auxiliary news october 9 1930 the Clever clovers were cigarette lady hits Post j at ten Oclock saturday a mrs Craft by Omaha i in a Large Buick roadster at one the lady Vith three broken tragic death of baby 1 near Hull two year old baby drowns in Milt cooler Friday morning John Wolfswinkel Milkman at Hull Iowa agreed to go on the Cream route for his brother Bernie last Friday his duties for the Day were doubled and in a great hurry to Start he forgot to cover the milk Low tank filled with water the two year old baby girl playing alone in the Yard later that Day fell into this tank and drowned or Wolfswinkel Xmas a milk Man to support his family on Friday he contracted double frequently hustled extra dream of advantages for his daughter after a few years for two years the parents of this child have been developing a Home a dream of future which in its every detail included their daughter every habit even Hope baby and the baby is local boys make Good Sioux Center students have Honor Able positions at Central College every passion included their dead Gas and Oil burglars Standard Oil and Farmers bulk stations looted the bulk stations of Standard Oil and the Farmers Coop Gas Oil companies were burglarized last Friday night 30 Gallons of Oil Xmas taken from the Standard station the Gas tanks were tampered Vith but Evhen they could not be tapped the burglars moved on to the far mers bulk station and tapped about 300 to 400 Gallons of gasoline the burglars As in often the Case left no name cards the night a watchman missed our on this Little episode he is firmly resolved hox Vever to get the Vigi lants Back of him if any night Snitch cars again Lav hands on our property 0 Monahan Post band coming to town the Best legion band in the u s is coming to Sioux Center oct 17 this band has won first place in National Competition six times they Are Knoxon in All circles a there Good music is appreciated or Sieperda is sponsoring this program Here it vill be held in his roller skating Pavilion ions club of Orange City meets or Henry Eggink who returned to Central College Pella Iowa for his senior work this fall has woe for himself a place of respect Trust indicated by the positions to a which he has been elected by his Fel xxv students or Eggink is presi Dent of the Myca and also of the student Council a which plans an Active part in the student government on the Campus he is like Vise presi Dent of the local chapter of i Kappa Delta a National forensic Organiza Tion he won his membership in this organization through his debating Vork and last Spring he represented the school at a National i Kappa Delta debate tournament at Wichita Kansas or Eggink is the son of h k Eggink of Sioux Center another Sioux Center Young Man William Schalekamp son of h j Schalekamp is just beginning to win a place for himself on the Central College Campus at Pella Iowa or Schalekamp is Only a freshman but he has been chosen As a member of the College glee club in spite of that fact and in spite of the fact that there were Over forty trying out for sixteen places he is also a Mem Ber of the College band visit Many poultry flocks find much interest in practices improved visits extending to Many farms in the Sioux City area where poultry is raised successfully brought out Many interesting facts about the business i found on farms where chickens Are raised the farm a woman declared that poultry is a profitable Side line but it requires More care and attention than ago largely trained at the Harrje of Ellen and j ribs and quite shaken up walked in Geneva Vermeer thirteen members to a banners Yard North of Sioux Center we Haven investigated the Speed necessary to come so far so Little time but the lady sex Werc present the girls checked their individual club and county standing in 4h work the average Indi dual stand1 planned that she a loved Down to 60 ing came to about 57 per cent which Miles per hour to Light a cigarette is excellent since this is the first year of club Vork the club standing could not be accurately checked on account of a few Points but it was who slows Down to 60 Miles per hour checked at 72 per cent the doctor after a few when she hit the Post and wrecked her car the phantom lady am Laclav standards were merely read questions the doctor surmised that the later if Oats Are to be self fed in addition to a rotation of self fed com Tankage and minerals on rape pasture whole Oats Are More satisfactory than the ground or de hulled Oats mainly because of the Price Accord ing to or Culberston Hax Maralit Coda the Only fairly Complete text of the Hamm Rabl code bras found at Susa inscribed on a Diorite Stele 8 feet bib it had been taken to Elam As plunder by invaders fragments of the code were recovered at Nippur and an assyrian copy the seventh Century at Nineveh tie following committee chair men Yvere appointed for the coming year by the president at the october meeting mrs Gerrit Vermeer hostess mrs we mrs g de mrs n mrs John mrs p b mrs de activities the child welfare committee re ported that pyjamas and a Book had been sent to the units adopted child who at present recovering from an operation for appendicitis a great Many More donations Yvere received for the Hospital Box a which is to be sent in soon any Mem Bers have donations for this Box please notify Alice de Ruyter the District convention vill be held in Sheldon on oct 21 miss Alice de Ruyter and mrs p b Mouv Yvere chosen to represent the Sioux Center unit there or p b Mouw gave a talk on some time Xmas spent in planning Accident might be serious and Sug a hallo Veen party several come tested an ambulance the suggestion mittens Yvere appointed to plan the details delicious refreshments Yvere served by Rena Rensink Hattie Edna Schutt and Ellen Vermeer Sugge Xmas nonchalantly dismissed Vith no give me a cigarette and i think a car vill do alright so to the Hospital in a car the pressure of the broken ribs on the smoke absorb ers Xmas annoying and the doctor interstate meeting brought the Lun Case Hack to its evening the lady Xmas picked up by some male Friend nearly 200 farm Bureau people a who likewise appeared from far 1 he Lions Chili of Orange City is making extensive preparation for n Public Hil Loveon party to be held in the streets of Orange City Fri Day evening october 31st to a which the Public is cordially invited even one is asked to come in costume the program vill commence at 8 Oclock p m Sirh a Parade after a which entertainment and stunts vill be Given on the main platform Jack Oln Tern contest is being planned for the children and prizes xviii be Given for the Best stunts and costumes a detailed program is to be announced halloween suggests comedy Bihari to and it is the aim of and the cities in no time at All and xxx risked her away to some great City for a cocktail attended the interstate farm Bureau Rne Etin at Hax Garden last Friday night de Johnson chairman of tie Virginia twp s Dak farm Bureau presided Paul b Harding j Maurice Man killed welcomed the meeting to Hax Garden r m Crowder formerly president of the s Dak farm Bureau federation spoke on the necessity of organization and told of the Vork of the South Dakota tax commission l m Johns president of the Sioux City producers comm Assn told of the Progress being made in cooperative marketing of lines Rocic music Xmas furnished by the Buncombe tuesday morning officer the Vei Trup stopped a speeding automobile the occupants or George Vander Braak and or we Van Harson showed him a Telegram stating that or Vander Braaks brother William had been killed in an Accident Clear Luvema Minn our officer bade them to Speed on or de Brake apparently broke Orange City Lions club to provide clean and Xvi Holesome entertainment in a likeable Vay for old and Young alike there vill be no admission charges and everyone is Welcome q gasoline spills Auto Burns de Moss dropped a Small barrel of gasoline from his car spun Over the barrel and xxx Hon the Gas splattered on the hot exhaust pipes a fire started and burned the car to the Frame or Moss had barely time enough to get out of the car before it was covered exit i fire q Dick Vanhunnik injured legion conventions meeting adjourned slickers hostess township orchestra and a pair of j something in his truck he in look Dick Vanhunnik a while employed As n Carpenter on the next Mouv garage fell from the roof tuesday unto the Side Valk fortunately he landed on his feet at first it appeared As if he Xvi re not at All injured but after a Short time pain Dexel it did 10 to 15 due to disease troubles or Steve Cleary of Saix a who maintains a flock of 500 laying hens says i am keeping Only Pul lets for layers As i have found by experience that pullets Lay Many More eggs Evhen the Price is highest than do yearling hens pullets arc Xor pc olde Nens Are on the roosts i a would Cut Down the Busi Ness before i a would keep yearling hens in the laying flock another poultry Raiser a who is keeping records of his flock is Arthur Combs of Whiting lox a or Combs maintains his laying flock in houses All Winter and keeps Only pullets for layers he says pullets Lav about on fourth More eggs than yearling hens and they have less disease among All of the successful Poul try raisers visited there was a rather general agreement on about 10 Points of management 1 Early hatched pullets Lay More eggs than older hens 2 keeping Only pullets the laying flock is the Best method to follow a in controlling tuberculosis if any yearling hens Are to be kept for layers they should be maintained separate from the Young Birds 3 sell roosters at the end of the hatching season 4 remove All a Thrifty or sick Birds from the flock 5 laying houses should be cleaned twice a week and thoroughly Dis infected every season some clean houses daily 6 Strax loft houses Are liked for ventilation and keeping Down Damp Ness Vith Xvi Doxas on the South Side 7 feed balanced rations some prefer Home feeds As they Are cheaper others like commercial mixtures As they Are More uniform 8 keep 100 laying hens in a House 16 feet by 20 feet 9 baby Chicks must be raised in clean Brooder houses and have out Side runs on next ground or on soil cultivated Texo or three times a a car j Black faced comedians from Virginia i ins for some Vire to Patch his truck oped and it was necessary for him to j 30 separate pullets from roosters mrs John twp entertained the crowd with a came in Contact Vith an electric Xvi quit Vork exactly Hov seriously when Chicks Are from six to eight Clever act Aruj was killed instantly he is injured is not yet known weeks old

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