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Sioux Center News Newspaper Archives Oct 8 1930, Page 1

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Sioux Center News (Newspaper) - October 8, 1930, Sioux Center, Iowa Atm Well boost volume 39 Sioux Iowa number Muncil proceedings Sioux Lowd october 1930 Council met in regular minutes of previous meetings read and treasurer report read for same petition of Schale Karns for sewer Extension on motion ratification of cast Iron pipe on motion is voted to pay balance of funding Bonds which come due clerk instructed to inform Bond holders of the above so on motion it was voted to accept supplement Street lighting tract of the Iowa Public service As clerk instructed to inform above mentioned company As to above the of obtaining an ordinance controlling the Sale of pure was same referred to a same to report at next on motion t was voted that Bill amounting to be ordered paid out of the consolidated As by the finance committee and Bills to be paid out of the water works on motion Council Elmer Straatsma town clerk Sioux Iowa september 1930 Council met in now Ruth Suckow has had another of or novels miss Suckow Ved for a number of years in Arderi her father was a she has been coming to the at a tin of american readers As one the most promising Young tie title 6f her latest novel the and As do Host All of her father with Owa characters and scenes she apparently lived Here during her More impressionable the Iowa enrolment can be recognized her it should not be hard for Moux count ians to recognize Many Icide hts in her meeting big Success women influence for Good the of Sioux county re wide awake to the present crisis f the eighteenth and their tuesday meeting they a themselves on record with some Oble the evening program was an sex matter opening entered Joe Navis being the lowest bidder same on the ditch d was tug the on the 4 last Iron same was Given the order for 900 feet of above mentioned Council decided to install one additional fire the matter of connecting the property of the local Chr school with the City representative o the Iowa Public service inter viewed town Council and mayor in regards to additional on motion and Council decided to enter into contract with the Iowa Public service for 10 additional petition of several business men for additional electro lies ordered with tar on motion Council Elmer Straatsma town clerk Tepaske honoured while Anthony Tepaske a Busy about her Home last so received word from the state con vent Jon of the women Christian Temperance at Marshall that she had been elected Vic Epresi Dent of the state Tepaske has been Active i work in Sioux count and in this part of the state for the past Twentyfive and will there fore be Able to Render valuable Ai to the state this happened in America in 193 sheriff in a moving a negro prisoner to another town when a mob of 75 men sur rounded took his prisoner an made away to the ther by hanged they shot at the Nging they took it tie a and dragged if Aroun the town Square while a crowd Loo reliable witnesses say that the Pedro was Miles from the scene of to crime when it was to Edy witness to the alleged crime nine year old the mob too the word of the child As against the of a sworn officer of the this is the 16th Lynching in of pantry this n Iowa girl makes Good or mtg Motif if in Nous at her optionally one the Sioux speech of Daniel Steck at Farmers picnic Iowa october Center Community after a new weeks of hard work under the directorship of attorney Henry the gave a Fine tone to the pro two very capable speakers were n the evening from Sioux gave a Ery inspiring Clark re a ted some of his pre prohibitions advised that present con incomparably Lude with very Oft Nistico observations on the modern in school students attitude Hylkema very ably Analizer the immediate liquor sit he vividly explained the origin of the present agitation for repeal and the motives Back of the Hylkema is certain y a Well informed Leader and it were veil that Sioux county lives up to he Resolution to come to the polls on 4 and express our belief in to which he converted his eats Chicken worm pills for Candy the Little boy of Jim Coppas got the mail yesterday and on his Way lome opened up a Sample package of worm pills for which be proceeded to the entire town was excited As to the effect Thev would have on the after 24 hours his Only comment was that he was feeling Fine and that pills tasted luckily it was Only Chicken children Are often taught to Jet the and often poisonous pills Are shipped thru the mails which would have resulted into a serious local news legion election the american legion Post of Sioux Center held their annual elect Ion monday the follow Iii were chosen to Lead them for the year de vice finance de Andrew de groot and the girl graduates of last Springs class went to Ben mows last thursday even Mouw has been the Spon Sor of the sunny sewing Circle for the past few years at the Christian Steek anti try Charett made of Dickinson explains position in respect to president Dickinson is reported As hav ing said that the democratic party is responsible for the business Depres Sion from wich the country is now it is difficult to figure Low this could be the re publicans have had continuous control of ill the government since March they claimed that during a part of this period the country was enor Mously prosperous and took to them selves the credit for bringing this but now that hard times Are upon us Dodge responsibility and blame it upon the democrats Al though the republicans have had a larger majority in both houses of Congress during the past session of Congress than they had during the years of Republican surely this charge of Dickinson that the democrats Are responsible for the present depression is an indictment against the competency and leadership of his own Dickinson accuses the democrats of carrying on a Campaign of abuse against president so far As i know this charge is wholly without the democratic party has not abused president Hoover nor has it sought to discredit him in the eyes of the in Stead of fighting to defeat the presi Dent in carrying out his promises and pledges made to our people during the Campaign of 1928 the democratic party together with Republican progressives As represented in both houses of Congress has fought to redeem the presidents As Dickinson Well knows the president promised during the Campaign that if elected he would Call a special session of the Congress for the purpose of giving to agriculture the Relief it obviously needs and has Long been the specific pro Mise made by candidate Hoover were that he would recommend to a special session of Congress the passage of a Bill creating a Federal farm Board which should undertake a revision of our system of agricultural Market and also a revision of the 1922 Tariff act in favor of agriculture so revising the rates in the old Tariff Law that the agricultural Industry would be placed upon an Equality with other our people elected to accept these promises made by candidate Hoover and gave him their vote at the election in november As soon As Homer Hax been inaugurated he called a Specia Chas Gasser visited Rock rapids on Legal business this popular auctioneers Ramaker and de expect to conduct More sales this year than last last year they had Over a sesion of the Congress and when i convened delivered message ask ing Congress to fulfil his pledges and the democrats in the Senate joined with some of the re publican senators in the speedy Pas Sage of the necessary legislation t create the presidents Federal Farije in fact it was passed b the vote stood 4 yeas and 33 of the 4 favouring votes 32 were democrats and 22 republicans of the33 votes two were democrats and 31 certainly on this record be democrats can not be charged Ith opposing the president in his attempt to carry out his reelection the president had promised a re Ision of the Tariff it the interests of Gritt lure and i Hir message to the o the special asked con fess for such a demo rats joined with Republican Sena ors representing our Northwest agricultural Section in a fight for the sort of revision asked by presi ent we fought for raises i rates on agricultural products Here the Tariff could be made effective in an Effort to give the Domestic Market of these products to american we also ought to keep Down the rates on manufactured products so As to re uce or at least not to increase the Rice the Farmer and the general consumer must pay for the things he the republicans in both the Louse and the Senate Defeated the democrats and progressive re pub cans in this fight to redeem presi ent hooves pledges and promises when they passed the tar if Bill hich is now the the Fina ote in the Senate was 44 for the ill and 42 39 republicans and 5 democrats voted for the Pas age of the Tariff Bill while 29 democrats and 13 republicans vote against again it is Clear that the democrats were the ones who stood the president in his Endeavor 0 carry out his reelection the third major project of the resident during his first fifteen months in office was the naval Dis armament conference which Cul initiated in the so called London a Al in the fight in tin Senate Over the approval of this treaty the leaders for confirmation were senator Swanson of Virginia and senator Joe Robison of Arkansaw oth while the leaders o he opposition were senators Johnson f Ca forma and Hale of Maine loth on the final vote Here were 58 yeas and 9 o Hose voting against approval of the presidents treaty 7 were republicans and 2 again i would seem Clear to an unbiased mini Hattie democrats in the senat Lave been supporting the president policies better than the represent Ives o the presidents own Dickison says that i am seeking to return to the Senate 01 the democratic that it was wrong for president Hoover and of the Republican party to revise any thing but the agricultural schedules in the Tariff and complains because 1 voted against a Senate Resolution to limit the Tariff revision to agr cultural in my first Speed con timed on Page 4 ally Day at Hull draws big crowd Sioux Center girls Paiit tiny mates the annual rally Day last Friday t Hull was very successful in spite f the cold and dark Over thousand from far and hear among the articles sold he Art paintings offered by miss a Ypma of Sioux Center brought lie Best All the proceeds of he Sale were for the Hen fit of West in the Western Academy Board sex ends their thanks to the donations who contributed to the Success of the an Oil scandal in the making in acres of Public land in Western Colorado the government owns Oil to the amount of forty Bil Lon barrels and valued at one Dollar a what a prize to our no Oil if they could Lay lands on according to Ralph until ast week chief of the land division if the of Interior with office it some of our Large Oil companies Are trying to steal this property from the pressure is being brought to Bear upon government officials to lease bes lands to private concerns for Kelly says his protests Ere repeatedly ignored by the Sec teary of and that conces on after Concession is made to the in farsighted statesmen set aside these ands with a View to future the it is part of a Safe conservation our Sinclair and and Daugherty have no Thot or the future of they link Only of and will Toop to anything to Lay their hands n our Here is the making of another Oil we owe our Kelly a est of gratitude for calling our at mention to the the am rican people have been warned if e lose our Oil wealth to thieves this it is our own eternal vigilance is the Price of highest building erected at Antwerp the highest skyscraper in Europe Oon will be completed at it will be known As the Folk Bank de Louvain and will be Wenty eight stories almost double the height of buildings at Ladrid and which for Merly were the highest commercial the framework was in four while the rame of the usual eight Story con Inetal building requires a year for to skyscrapers Are outlawed in London and Paris for Sthenic and also Aris is built on because local news de Holtrop bought the Dray bus Ness from Elmer he mends to Start in the business the 20th of the Holtrop is Elling his farm equipment soon and will devote All his time in town As Doornink and Hulstien Are hav no a Large Sale of Home grown cows what seems to be the trouble about 200 people have responded to the red Cross Roll Call and about 400 have the schools have not All reported As yet but we know that even if these reports Are in we will not be Oever the have you done laughing Stock of the county we recently spent Day in one of our neighbouring towns talking Tot people on various and in variably the subject of Sioux Speed regulation came one Mace advice us to exert our influence have our traffic officer moved the predicted that if we did not do Sioux Center soon be the laughing Stock of every town in the and that tourist would boy Cott our Here in is our answer Sioux Center is situated differently than any other town of its size the its main business District lies on a Large and Busy state High this Highway is paved our City partly at the expense and partly at our on this Highway there Are two attended by approximately 200 child Ren under 13 years of to dangerous to have people travel past these schools faster than 30 Miles per our traffic officer never yet arrested anybody going test than that Sioux Center is a town build tar the Benefit to be derived from Trade with the people of the farm Community which surrounds when these people Are in town trading at our stores and business places we not wish to have their lives Endang ered by speeding we dont even want it to be necessary for them to proceed on our maw Street fearing that they will be Hurt by some passing since we exist Only thru their we Are going to do everything possible make their trip to town pleasant and1 while they Are Here spend ing Money with us we want it to be Safe for them to go from store store to do and not be in con Stant dread that some person pass ing thru our town with his nose pm the air is going to run Over Sioux Center docs not depend upon the Trade of passing if one wishes to leave a few with us we Are thankful and Tell Hiram but Sioux Center realizes that it a tourist is going to Stop he does not pass thru our main Street Over 30 Miles an the Man who is going considerably the life of one of our children is Worth considerably More than still that the passing motorists has Ever left with us in the past or will leave with us in the we Are will ing to have our neighbouring towns laugh at the wisecracks of some dumb travelling Salesman who might spend some Money with if we can have the thousands am thousands of dollars of Trade from the Farmer by giving him a Safe Anoy convenient to do that trading to the motorists who do not like going under 30 Miles an hour thru the Busy Street of Pur town we spread the report of our regulations and strictness far and wide to people who laugh we Tell every body you know about our policy of protecting our children and our customers for by so doing you Wolf cause people to proceed More slowly thru our town to our and will cause people with Money to spend to come to us because they appreciate what we Are doing for their safety and once More we Laur with the Man who laughs at we Are too Busy doing business with the people who have Money to 0 witches today the believers in spiritualism for Southern Wisconsin accused an old Farmer of having supernatural Power which he was using to dry up and to rot apples on the sen Ament became so Strong against this id Farmer that it became necessary or him to Appeal to the authorities by your bit it not please respond this week so your committee May report Sioux Center Over the top by the 15th Harry Vander Stoep who attends school at so spent the week end with his parents and Vander Schug and daughter Fannie were Orange City callers it almost impossible that people today still believe in witches and it is Only a Short time ago that they were Buring people for just this same thing in and even today thousands of seeming for intelligent people believe that ing under ladders and lighting three cigarettes from one match Are sorer signs of evil possibly we Haven progressed so much after Alt

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