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Sioux Center News Newspaper Archives Nov 27 1930, Page 1

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Sioux Center News (Newspaper) - November 27, 1930, Sioux Center, IowaNot fear car do unto and Sioux Comer Iowa thursday nude Nihar t in memorial sitting in a waiting room of railway station staring ill at the drab surroundings your attention is suddenly caught by Rife face some person it May be the weakness or the strength of the in a Railroad station a stranger to All the world in the bleakest surround Ings seems to Bare a mans inner Sou the tragedy and comedy which Are hid even at his own fire and years later suddenly the face crosses before the dreaming Eye dim but somehow related to the original Pic Ture John Schat was caught by the passive Eye he passes now before my Eye and attached is an emotion of Schat is dead and like the Man in the railway station will never be seen again the picture int quite figure caught helplessly in the Hurd gurdy of life it is very difficult and indelicate to say personal things about a person you dont quite understand it is As vulgar to say Nice things about a bad Man As to say vicious things about a Good Man life is Only a Long forgetting after the Sun Down hidden away 0 Sioux Center at Central College the Central College Campus was a Lively place on november 12th for All the literary societies were holding Public initiations each new member garbed in an old array to distinguish his group went about serving the older members of is society and furnishing amusement for the entire College Community at noon each society had a Section of the College dining room reserved and partook of one of mrs Hal berts famed dinners private initiations which will close the Cere monies for the new members have been scheduled either for november 14th to 21st 1 free Sioux Center Young people figured in the Days activities Janet Scholten daughter of John a Scholten is pledged to the Adan Sonion society Frances Van Steen Wyk daughter of w a Van Steen Wyk is a new Alethia William Schalekamp son of h j Schale Kamp has accepted membership in rhe Philo society Sioux county buys t Elj Mihk Bridge material supervisors mate t real buy from a Peculiar bid the supervisors of Sioux county purchased their material for Bridges from the Nebraska Bridge Supply item no of description no pieces class d Fuji sawn rough Douglas fir and lumber co of Omaha Nebraska during the past week the prices submitted were by sealed bids and is the lowest for the past number of years the bid for some reason or other is rather oddly worded unit Price bid m amount bid dec Matt re contest draws big crowd w c t u notes our state vice president who is also the county president mrs Tepaske has returned from a two week trip to Houston Texas where the National convention of the w c i u was held a strenuous but very Fine trip is reported later we Hope to hear More in detail what has been done at the convention one of our local members recently contributed a very Fine article per training to Canadas liquor traffic which was printed in the Sioux Cen Ter news we feel confident that the organization appreciates the efforts of this person and Hope others will feel free to contribute too Send your contributions to the Iamb licit committee thus helping to create an a interest in the cause for which vat the committee appointed to handle the annual essay contest in the local Cleved Clover publicity committee the cent soliloquies i Arn one i wont buy a stick of Candy any More i wont pay the Gas tax on one Gal Lon i buy no newspapers nowadays i buy no bananas i cant even go to sunday school alone i can think of More things i used to do that i am no longer allowed to do than any husband in the world i will buy a Green postage stamp by you cant Send anything any Lier anymore with that eleven months in the year i am goo for nothing but in boy then i come into my own 1 buy the most Beautiful decoration for a christinas gift package i but a picture that makes the of Esther Boeyink was the Clever Clover hostess saturday november 21 there were thirteen members present Alice Muilenburg entertained the group with a piano Solo we then had a discussion on How to better our club next year it Vas also decided to try and make some Money for the club before thanksgiving delicious luncheon was served by Edna Vermeer Elen Verneer and Alice Muilenburg 6 merry be marry june Pooh what care we for such formal Romance there is a vernacular indictment of fall mar Riggs but what with Homes to make Early in March and with enough time to loaf around for a few weeks tale sri the technique we heartily endorse the romances Jacobi Van Voorst Jennie Maassen Nicholas Peter Baartman Ida Vander Berg Henry Tegrotenhuis Allie Kosters Henry a Kosters Katie Kruizenga Charlie Kuhl Loey de Jager Louis stall Percik beef can Henry Schull Irene Boener John s Prier Elsie l Winters i buy a sticker that a child loves to lick but i buy something thar Sticks to it Job until it gets where it stance to go i buy Hope for the sick i buy health for the child i buy happiness for the Man that spent me to buy Hope and health for someone else i buy a Christmas Seal Many Farmers to keep records a Large number of Farmers have already expressed their intention to attend the farm accounting training school to be held in Orang City dec by pc Galloway Extension specialist i he purpose of tins meeting is to assist the Farmer in attendance in opening a set of brinks on the uniform account Blanks prepared b Ythi Extension service and to give necessary instruction for earning on the books throughout the year individual assistance and encouragement will be Given to Farmers keeping these records at the end of the year another meet will be held at which time the books will be closed and summarized the results interpreted by or Jalloway anyone in keeping a Good set of books is invited to attend this meeting 0 miss Buchanan returns december 4 miss Fannie Buchanan will con act a music appreciation training Choo which is a continuation of the she started when in the county is May at this training school Buchanan will discuss with the Arm Bureau leaders selection of Nusic for the family songs for Hoys and chorus direction and will renew the musical moments with foreign mothers which she presented last Vear 1 0x12x16 1200 seems that Queen Wilhemina keeps close watch Over Juliana the she has a Rule which reads full ladies of the court not smoke recently Juliana 3 4 30 crested Southern Pine piling 225 40 putting one Over on her Rova Mother by smoking on the sly her father Henry Duke of Mechienberg caught her at it the Prince Doest mind Juliana smoking and pleaded with the Queen that in View 6 7 20 40 24 22 43 41280 45 the Young Ladys age and apparent Good health the Rule against smoking be somewhat relaxed if awarded contract duct from no 1 and 2 no 3 and 4 17515 no 5 6 7 and 8 but when the deductions were made it brought the total Down considerably Why any company should put bit of shocking news Wil give solicitous women organization in our country occasion to write rebuking letters to Juliana As they did to Queen Mary of England unit Price was not the a bid is to say the least reason for the news leaked out that she smoked cigarettes j by the the declamatory contest last monday night in the High school was very Well attended tile contestants were trained exceptional Well in stage technique and expression i he results of the contest Are arranged according to oratorical 1 the Constitution Donald Mouw 2 american motherhood Eda Kroon 3 tile rights of Man kind Lorance de Vries dramatic 1 the Littlest rebel Delia Wierda 2 Engineer Conners son lil Lian Van Wyke 3 the show must go on Bernice Schalekamp la urn Orous 1 naughty Zell Kathleen Olive 2 at die school exhibition Jay Sioux county school notes the pcs Moines Register and Tri Bune printed a special edition of their paper this week in which i Complete resume of the Iowa state 1 eachers meeting held in Des Moines was Given we have mailed each Rural teacher a copy of this paper we want each one to study this copy you will find Many Good things it will put you in touch with the most modern thought in Educa Tion also devoted to Rede i 3 lavs Miniatt Golf Eugene Jongewaard supt Vander Naak Maurice mrs Charles h to Orange City miss a cock North Western Junior College 0 s1oux Cente from 11 us with a deep appreciation for the manifold blessings bestowed us and Pray for divine guidance in our future actions we have in the past year enjoyed a Prosperity that should make us grateful May not have been a Prosperity As great As we have had in some other years but it has Only to be compared with the lot of Many other people to make us realize what blessings have been bestowed upon us we Are blessed with a healthful climate we have Bee visited by no calamitous Pesti Lence torn by no riots or strikes and we Are at peace with our countrymen and All the world our children Are enjoying the of Good education our Many charitable institutions Are being adequately maintained business is becoming Normal and the people generally Are abiding by the Law and let me admonish our citizenship to hold fast to christianity As the mighty influence to right living although our nation has greatly increased in population and in wealth and the people have been compelled to Bear additional burdens our form of government is apparently Safe and we have every reason to face the future with Confidence and hopefulness let us realize that these Are blessings bestowed and set aside a Day of thanksgiving a therefore i john7 Hamm ill governor of the state of Iowa by virtue of the authority in me vested by Law and in Observance of rhe Tinifu Honorl Mustora established by our lore fathers do hereby appoint and designate As a Day of thanksgiving and prayer and i do most earnestly urge and recommend that on that Day the people of the state of Iowa desist from their usual occupation and gather together in their Homes houses of worship or such other places As May be designated and Rotun thanks to the ruler of the universe for the Rich blessings so bountifully bestowed upon them an also to Pray for divine guidance in their future acts in if fitness Lilier cof i have Here unto set my hand and affixed the great Seal of the state of Iowa done at Des Moines this 22nd Day of octo Ber a d 1930 John Ham Mill e m Smith Sec rotary of state Smith is Sioux Center played an tar Cllon me of Basket Ball defeating Hul High school in an overtime period by one Point the score at the pm f the fourth Quarter was 20 to 2c he final score 25 to 24 smitty took donors by making 18 Points for Sioux Center the Hull team played a Fine ame having some Rangy players xxx Center was handicapped by the is enc of two regulars and will make a very Good showing in com Basket Ball this year farm Bureau women gather in Friday one Hundred Twentyfive members of the Home project work of the Sioux county farm Bureau attended the meeting in the farm Bureau of fice Friday afternoon to make plans for the music training school to be held by miss Buchanan on december 4th and for the annual meeting on december 15 mrs j r Karr county chairman presided and presented summaries of reports the township chairmen which showed a remarkable increase of results Over last year at the ladies adjourned to the Hawkeye Fotel where they were guests of the Range City women club at their ural gut Day program 0 there gathered at Yontl Onon the state spelling contest it is tin for All Rural teachers to Start work on their spelling contest work county supt or the and or and mrs Mann who formerly taught and coached debate at Rock Valley were the judges in the halva consolidated school declamatory contest on monday and tuesday evening they report a splendid con test the older boys and girls Confer ence will be Hehl at the american reformed Church in Hull this year on tuesday dec 2nd tins will Jean All Day conference and we Hope All our town schools will see fit to Send representatives West Branch township dedicated heir new school House in District 6 last thursday night this s the school that was chosen by the Tate inspector As the Best Rural built in Iowa this year miss Osephine Dykstra gave a splendid Hort talk rhe children of the Dis not gave an excellent program a quartet of boys from the Junior col Ege furnished some splendid music Vir p e de Vries president of the Oard or Tye county supt and Var Van Beck director gave Short Alks and miss Jessie Barker state inspector of Rural schools gave the cd cation address Refre sri ints were Arvedi attended the new Kiric consolidated school eld their annual declamatory Coli St last thursday night Deputy county supt mrs Tye acted As Edge she reports a splendid Tori or Brinkman president of the Matlock Hoard was a pleasant caller business at the county superin Fen ends office wednesday or rink Man expects to visit his Mother d father in Holland in the near future Reading township District no 9 has ordered some new pictures for their school Reading township has some splendid schools and they expect to make them better teachers should All feel Veek the Indian round table con Terence present were ski delegates in rhe state and among Terni Maina potent Nanc prime thus there was the Maharaja of Iatala Maharaja Lal War of Banda Maharaja of autimer and Etc All Una int table and very wealthy but i Vith Power depending on that of flirt British Empire they were i held a Enid Bur tactful the while these Nawab strutted heir age old concerts in London in Little Mahatma Dario res which Gandhi was being Cio Selv watched thankful this week that we have been called to work in a county which has rhe finest Rural schools in the state of Iowa our boards and our patrons have surely done much in furnishing us this Opportunity these buildings filled with eager Young faces Anil hungry Young minds let us All resolve to do our part Well and earnestly it is a great thing to he Lender n the Joi Bijj Iii such Muity and let u All do our Best to make county schools the Best Annai program planned official of farm Bureau and Well cared for in the Poona jail in India Bui this same Humble and Good Gandhi is More powerful than All the High maharajas put together he Speaks the feelings of millions and a inspired them in a movement that in transforming British India while the retitled princes Are thinking Only of them selves and their own privileges watch watch the East momentous to Iris Are happening there the focal Point of history is shifting eastward As Hir orians of future Ages Viii know to describe he Sioux county preparing for the t Mizual meeting that has been for Many years pres p k Kenneer has called meetings of the various committees at 9 a m on prepare recommend be presented to the general meeting at the county committee meeting last Friday the Home project ladies completed plans for the covered dish luncheon to be served at noon e Cevher

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