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Sioux Center News Newspaper Archives Nov 6 1930, Page 1

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Sioux Center News (Newspaper) - November 06, 1930, Sioux Center, IowaSioux Center news volume 39 Sioux Center Iowa thursday november 6 1930 number 35 notes annual meeting of red Cross court adjourned from wednes Day to monday at 9 a m the following entries were made in the Case e b Husted against h m Wissink same was dismissed and judgment against plaintiff for costs in the sum of so order signed to pay shares to Miris sin the guardianship of Henry Kokenge incompetent order signed authorizing adminis Trator to sell personal property in the estate of Jan Landhuis deceased the jury has been waived in Ger Rit Kramer is Herman Klein Peter Jager is Albert Geisin and Geo j Miller is Clifton Moore the Case of a Van Hofwegen or against Joe Wathier has been set for the 2nd jury Case Jan term 1931 time to plead was Given in the red Wing advertising co against Teveltrup co same has been settled and dismissed mrs de Lundberg is Sam Blair it Al Diamond products co is s Vanroekel and Anna Hein is we p Gerst it Al order Fulcd for Sale of real estate in guardianship of the Van Duyn minors and the appointment of t e Klay guardian and libero for minors order filed approving final re port in the estate of Charles h Kluter deceased order authorizing confiscation and Sale of Dodge Coupe belonging to Guy Boyles order appointing Dan Scanlan guardian of Clemence de Smit a person of unsound mind int he Case of we Wiersma is n w rec hearing on motion for Dyr defendant set for nov 3 at 9 a m in the Case of John Roghair against we j auard judgment for costs against defendant and plaintiffs Possession of car in the Bank receivership of f e Frisbee against w m Smith it Al report application and order filed order signed appointing commis Sion to examine plaintiff As to in juries in the Case of c h Whitte Berry against h a Bolstad com Mission appoints John g de Bey and d j Gleysteen in the Case of John t de Jong against Geo Oelrich it Al an Amend ment to his petition asking for damages instead of As first stated has been filed order fixing time and place of the annual meeting of the Sioux county red Cross was held at trin Ity Church Orange City tuesday oct 28 every Branch was represented including Alton Boyden hos pers Hull Maurice Ireton Sioux Center Rock Valley and Orange City a very Large successful Roll Call was reported by each Branch As Suring that the county organization will not Only meet but exceed its quota gratification was expressed that the county organization has been continued with much Success since the War since which time Many needs and distress Calls have been answered and supplied by our own people miss Florence Lincoln of Alton gave an interesting talk explaining How the red Cross functions in the philippine islands the report of the Roll Call by towns was As follows Alton Boyden Hospers Hull 18060 Ireton 12995 Maurice Rock Valley Soo Center and Orange City officers who have served so Faith fully in the past were reelected namely mrs is Slagle of Alton chairman mrs j m Mieras of Maurice Vic chairman mrs Edw Fisher Secretary and Hubert Muilenburg treasurer Iowa Iowa Corn is drier Des Moines Iowa Field Corn in Iowa was 479 per cent drier on october 11 1930 than on the same Date in 1929 according to a very extensive test just completed by the weather and crop Bateau of the Iowa department of agriculture in this test 212 Well distributed samples were collected from 1738 Fields and 13847 ears or an average or80 earsperfieldj653 ears per Sample and 82 Fields per Sample the average moisture Content was 2335 per cent compared with 2o4 per cent last year and is about the same As two years ago tile wettest District was the goes Republican again democrats make gains in other state hearing and prescribing notice for Extension of mortgage in the estate of Roelof l Brunsting deceased has been filed in the Case of the be Mars Globe Post against Billy Rossman and Jack Rossman judgment for with interest and costs and execution is sued for Sale of attached property time to plead of 1 week Given in the Case of Mary e Kennedy it Al is Henry e Groth it Al and in the Case of Cora Floherty against Henry e Groth it Al judgment by default on verified account in the amount of with interest and costs in the Case of Cereal by products co against Klein Brothers a partnership stipulation filed in the Hawarden Bank Case against de Lambertson motion for More specific state ment filed in the first National Bank of Sioux Center against h j ten Napel new garage opens saturday marinas a Ouvas new modern garage open for Public inspection the new garage of the Mouw motor co is one of the most up to Date in Northwest Iowa it is 58 by 100 feet in size built of attractive Brown hollow tile has a self support ing round roof and is modern in every respect it is heated and will make a fitting place to store cars during the cold weather or Mouw is going to continue in the repair business As Well As sell Fords and other equipment Southwest 25 percent and the driest was the Central 222 per cent the Range Between the wettest and driest District was Only 30 per cent com pared with 71 per cent last year the driest Sample 155 per cent was gathered from 17 Fields in Highland township Guthric county on october 8 the wettest 312 per cent from 6 Fields in Ohio township Madison county on the same Date the next wettest Sample 300 per cent from 22 Fields in Madison township Fremont county a composite of All the samples in each District was tested for weight per measured Bushel and the result was very uniformly around 51 ibs it is not believed that those samples were As Well adapted to such a test As will be the ones that will be obtained about november 20 severe freezes Strong winds and abundant Sunshine the third week in october dried Corn rapid Vand made cribbing generally Safe Husk ing is progressing More rapidly than usual at the close of october Many new husking machines have been purchased in Northern Iowa starting with our unopposed r publican candidates for county o files we Are again wholly re pub Hcan the county election was Tarn and utterly unexciting it had Bee fought and won in the primary out of the 600 voters in the Stoiu Center precinct 500 voted at the in Mary and Only 270 voted yesterday at the general election Anthony Tepaske who was in apposed in the primary and Agai unopposed in the general election will be our next state represent give Dickinson Defeated Steck by Large margin everybody expected that and hence it is hardly news Turner won the election for Gover Ner evermore easily the contest in other states was far More exciting Lewis wet and Democrat won Over Ruth Hanna me Cor Nick Republican Fence St Rattler in Illinois Bulow Democrat is Lead ing Mcmasters Republican in so Dakota Roosevelt Democrat re Mains governor for new York hoi Dale Democrat is also leading i Republican opponent Blind Senato Schall in Minnesota Early returns show that the democrats will gain at least 8 seats in the Senate and nearly 40 in the House of representative tuberculin testing progressing rapidly Sioux Center enjoys itself halloween party put on by woman club Well at tended first prize for the Best dressed couple went to the misses Pearl and Jessie de groot Pearl was dressed in an old Swallowtail suit of her fathers and Jessie in an old Long narrow waisted dress of her mothers these clothes were worn by their parents some 38 years ago every body enjoyed their skating and got Nany a laugh out of their costumes miss Johanna de free won first As the cutest single skater the judges were miss Gerke of Amelia enter Iowa and mrs de Boll Orange City la the one act blackface pays we my in the extreme Allen Muile re John de Gooyer and p four were the leading actors the portrayal of the negro character v be to life and As such very Able Des Moines Iowa rapid pro Gress is no being made in starting the testing of cattle for tuberculosis in counties that have not vet started the test on the area plan according to information furnished by m g Thornburg Secretary of agriculture who is in charge of this work the recent decision of the supreme court has made it possible to go ahead with the work in a de finite manner stated or Thorn Burg i believe that this decision should Settle practically even Point that has been disputed in the past and As a result we should receive the whole hearted cooperation of All forces in order that the work May be finished As quickly and As economically As possible meetings have been recently held uth the boards of supervisors in Poweshiek Mahaska Marion and Jefferson counties the work has been underway for a few weeks in Lucas and Wayne counties we expect to soon Start the work in ring Gold and Decatur counties this will leave Only Des Moines ply Mouth Cherokee and Ida counties that have not started the work or already have finished it there Are now 54 counties that have completed the work and Are accredited declared or Thornburg the remaining counties Are being completed As fast As the combined state Federal and county funds will permit 0 two Hospers men fined for shooting out of season new game Worden makes an we have a new game Worden i Sioux county and two citizens with out guns and spending Money Gam Worden aug born brought in her Man Buersma 20 from Hospers an charged my with 1 shooting pheasants out of season without a License and 3 shooting from a Highway or Boersm pleaded guilty and Justice Teve Trup fined him and his gun a cheap single barrel supt of schools of Hospers Mulder was arrested and fined Las week for shooting out of season h too pleaded guilty and was assess and his new gun rather expensive pheasants it is a significant fact that some arty books a Day Over 11000 a in Are stolen from the Boston Vic Library and that the thefts Widener Library at Cam killer of skunks is shown mercy by a Kentucky judge Lexin Tonky magistrate de Lawrence is a Man who will repay a favor five years ago he tried a defend ant for catching skunks out of sea son and made an unpleasant mistake by permitting the evidence to by brought into court judicial proce Dure was sadly disrupted tuesday Squire Lawrence had a similar Case before him the defend ant William Gilkerson was consid Erate enough to leave his thre in Unfus outside before appearing for trial the Squire assessed the trapper and costs then made him a pres ent of the costs for being so solicit of magisterial dignity the county school masters club met at Sioux Center moriday after noon to transact routine business and ready for declamatory and other student activities supt Morford f Ireton is president and supt Hil Mert of Sioux Center is Secretary Tasmania leads the world in the capita consumption of electrical Ower Canada coming next on the St while the per capita use in the United states is Only half that of Canada president Hibben of Princeton ays the world needs above every Ling else men of integrity of Char ctr and possessing minds so Dis lined that they Are Able to think or themselves Asa Rule men who link for themselves Are branded radicals reds or those eminent americans or Apoate of Chicago and or Dia Ond of new York remind us of i old general who on his death de declared he had no enemies be Zuse he had killed them allow looks to an outsider that Capone were elected City manager goths car stolen in Sioux City recovered after a Jesu hours search Gotz made a business trip to Sioux City last thursday he parted his car and after fifteen minutes returned to find it missing the police were immediately notified and they instituted a thorough search but found nothing at about 2 Oclock in the morning a woman called the police and notified that a car had been standing in front of her House for sometime with lights burning upon investigation it was found to be or goths new Chevrolet it had evidently been taken by some youngster who drove it until they ran out of Gas no damage was done to the car and or Gotz was out merely his time and the Gas in the tank Creamery butter makers and managers meet at Waterloo Waterloo Iowa Waterloo will be Host to the Creamery interest of the state when the Iowa butter makers association and the Iowa Creamery secretaries and managers association held their joint sessions at the Russell Lamson hotel in Waterloo on tuesday and wednes Day november 4 and 5 g r con Way of Garner is presi Dent of the first association while r g Kingsley of Mcgregor is pres ident of the second part of the session will be held together while others will be held separately in or Der to transact special business of each association the feature banquet of the joint sessions will be held on wednesday evening november 5th butter judging contests As Well As contests for the Best butter manufactured in the state will attract of attention a great amount Sioux county school notes Clever clovers these and More we found at the Center schoolhouse c halloween evening by the i ight of Jacko Lantes the Clever Clover girls found Many of their Ellow members much changed in appearance by their hard time cos Umes some beyond the Point of paper eco motion each girl was Given a crepe of and for her head then followed treasure Hunts finding fortunes and various contests the girl win ung in any activity received a sticker or her head band the final prize Vas awarded to Hertilda de Boer who von five stickers a trip through the Long dark Hall roved most exciting screens and Aughter a heavy clinking of chains and a pair of Bright eyes at the top f the Steps made the trip thrilling it fearful the refreshments consisted of poles peanuts pie and Coffee children sur prise parents or and mrs Gerry Hulstein Given Surprise party by children and grandchildren on their 44th wedding anniversary the 28th Day of october was the 44th wedding anniversary of mind mrs Gerrit Hulstein they d not intend to celebrate it in any a and hoped it would pass in of icel but at about 8 Oclock in e evening some one knocked at the or and when it was opened mind mrs Hulstein were surprised find Al their children and grand Wildren come to celebrate with them the children brought prepared it if m he could probably would put an end to vice by tilling off All who fail to deliver the goods or Diamond occupies a similar position both Are men of nerve Confidence and ability that is being recognized if he steals half of your property Are so flagrant that drastic i he is a thief of he buys or Sells to has had to be taken it Speaks set is profits and cuts the value i for the books property by half he is a Good financier unch along and spent the evening in greatest enjoyment with their parents or and mrs Hulstein feel that they can not give enough Praise to the lord for having Given them so Many years together and having blessed them with children and grand children or Hulstein is 68 years old and mrs Hultsten is 61 the average bankruptcy creditor ets Only eight cents on use Dollar War enriches older or Slicker men who remain at Home but it achieves no other purpose the Goodwill school in Grant township certainly have a progressive Bunch of 8th Grade pupils they have made a bookshelf at school and they have filled this shelf with Good books of their own suitable for 8th graders they have their own rules and regulations and have thus established their own Library under their own librarian they Are greatly interested in Good Reading and Are helping solve their own Reading prob Lem the project and the Way it is working looks to us or Edward Glessner is the teacher by this Means every 8th grader in school has an Opportunity to read most of the Good books not Only of the school but of the neighbourhood county supt Chas h Tye gave a Short talk on Rural education to the Lions club at Orange City Mon Day noon Eagle no 2 dedicated their new school last tuesday evening the children of the District gave a splendid program or and mrs Tye gave Short talks and this was Fol Lowed by delightful refreshments miss Mary Jacobs of Hawarden is the teacher Eagle no 7 dedicated their new school wednesday night the child Ren of District no 8 Eagle assisted in the splendid program which was Given by the children of both districts or and mrs Tye gave Short talks and splendid refreshments was served several useful articles were auctioned off by or Treiber at the close of the program miss Ellen White of Ireton is the teacher in no 7 and miss Marie Sinkey of Ireton is the teacher in no 8 the people of Eagle township have the right to be proud of their new schools Lynn no 2 has added a new clock new primary table and chairs and new Sand table miss Bertha Bosman of Boyden is the teacher when we visited Lynn no 1 last week we found the classes ail going in Fine shape at 1j30 and at the same time one of the Large girls was watching a hot lunch which the teacher had put on to Cook at recess miss Sadie Kruise of Sheldon the teacher together with her pupils and patrons have fixed up a Smalt room in the Hall and each Day her pupils Are served a hot lunch at noon the pupils bring whatever they want each Day and it is warmed up and cooked so that the children Are Given some tiling hot at noon the school has their Sowri Oil stove dishes and Cook ing utensils this school has also added new clock new phonograph new pictures and several new Library books miss Kruize has taught this school for a number of years and has tilings organized and running in Good shape the Hawarden High school foot Ball team covered themselves with glory last Friday when they held the Strong Central High team of Bioux City to a 6 to 0 score when Hawarden meets be Mars you Are oing to see another Battle Royal Asle Mars has one of the strongest eams Ever had if you like Good football get out and see this game at Hawarden Orange City boys Laved a wonderful game this week end and held the Strong and heavy Marcus team Toa 13 to 6 score Orange City outplayed Marcus most f the Way but could not stand the Hack of their heavier opponents and had to yield in the closing minutes the game Orange City is Likely o devel ppe another team that will Ive plenty of trouble to opponents n a year or Garfield no 1 dedicated their Lew school last Friday night a splendid program was Given by the Hildren of the District assisted by he children of District no 6 miss Vander Mulen is the teach r in no i and miss Marcella Tuy Man is the teacher in no 6 both hese teachers live in Rock Valley or Tye gave a Short talk or chilling president of the Board made a Short talk and or Talsma the director gave 3 Short talk splendid refreshments were served by the Adies of the Community Garfield 1 has needed a new building for some time

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