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Sioux Center News Newspaper Archives Mar 25 1943, Page 1

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Sioux Center News (Newspaper) - March 25, 1943, Sioux Center, IowaMake pay Day volume 52 number 4 official City and county newspaper Center of Sioux county Iowa f tuesday mabce6 aged Hull news Force the Iowa House of representatives turned Down a plan to cooperate with the Federal gov Emmert on child Aid by a vote of 60 to 35 instead of adopt my the Senate Bill to work with the Federal government on a basis of 500000 from the Federal from the state and from the counties the House voted to refuse the Federal Aid have Iowa raise and the counties raise the majority of 60 who refused to cooperate m a nationwide policy of child Aid openly admit that they Are reacting against the new Deal administration we think that is a very shortsighted View and disregards the Public need for a comprehensive and uniform Public policy on child Aid this group Are sacrificing the Opportunity to establish a decent Public social policy and reducing child Aid to political control governor Hickenlooper favors the Senate Bill which would with the Federal government but Arch tory Mcfarland has the House Well in hand and on the argument that everything new Deal is wrong is ready to deprive even helpless children of a decent Aid program Iowa and Nevada Are the Only two states in the nation that Are tit Coop Eratus the National child id pro Gram at is possible that the House reconsider now that it has had a Chance to react against the new Deal and agree to the Senate Bill the out look is pretty narrow however the Sioux Center representative on posed the cooperation Wiki the rest of the nation his views May have More Basic that merely disliking the new Deal and we invite his explanation mrs we Meerdink aged 77 died from Burns wed morning at her Home in Hull when her cloth ing caught fire while she was removing ashes from her stove mrs Meerdink had carried the ashes outside when her apron caught fire she was not aware that her apron was burning until she got Back to the House arid then her clothing had started burning too she managed to get to the Telephone but could not talk and the operator at the Hull switchboard suspected something was wrong so phoned mrs Mary bos a neighbor who hurried Over and found her so badly burned As to be scarcely recognizable Davenport escape Sioux Center Hoeven does not support foreign progressive policy c b Hoeven Republican Congress m the District did not sign the Accident occurred about 8 Oclock he Jer m 26 of Tae 55 new i the Moraine and Shn died of noon i kept can members of the House in the morning and she died of noon i of the House the same Dav i wholehearted support to a the same Dav i her Joel Dykstra son i collective Security Resolution Intro of or and mrs j Dykstra was sent diced senators for at once from it Knox Kentucky survivors include her six children George Meerdink of Hull Jennie mrs Art Van Veldhuizen Cynthia mrs Dykstra of Henry Meer Dink of Hull Dena mrs Henry de Wilt of and or Ben Meerdink of Rock Valley she has one brother Albert living in Wisconsin her hush bid died three years ago great grandchildren from 17 states the 26 House members Frojm 17 states signed a letter in which they urged establishment of a National for eign policy such As they said was embodied in a Resolution by senators Joseph h Ball rep Minn Harold h Burton rep Lister Hill dem Ala and Carl a Hatch dem no calling on this government to take the Lead in or j Frank Dobie of the University of Texas and author of a number of volumes on the history and traditions of the Southwest says recalls Bosses sit Down All the strikes put together have Nothe Dup production As much As shortage Day materials traceable to the refusal industrialists to expand they worked for tax concessions that would enable them to in five years some of the mighty corporation who wanted Todo business with Hitler but were poor prophets and were exposed Are now Yelling Stop thief and pointing at labor at the administration Ati anything to take Public attention away from their own nakedness i am not afraid of any men who sweat be they organized or unorganized i am not afraid of the men in uniform sowing seeds1 of hate am afraid of fascists whore trying to drive a wedge of hate and distrust Between the men who fight and the labourers who Supply them materials to fight with the president has submitted a Post War plan to Congress which will be the Keystone to future policies of our government i Stone willing about the plan says it is a very Good report opponents of the president have their cynical noses up in the we predict that the great masses of com Mon people an the great majority of Welte old returning servicemen will want to to weeks old canons Denma Funer services will be Friday 1 30 Mac and Poi Iticia at the Home and 2 Oclock at the first ref Church of Hull with Rev go Douwstra officiating the body will not be shown at the services Bond pledges still coming in Sioux county is still about Short of its goal of for Bond pledges pledges Are still com ing in and vote Hope Over the top soon May i again remind you if you have not signed a pledge please do so now or buy your quota of Bonds so that your town township and county May receive credit too Many people think it is not necessary to sign a pledge and that if they merely state they will buy that is sufficient it is not the Only Way the Treasury department May know what to expect from the people is that you either buy your entire quota of Bonds or sign your pledge and you can then buy the Bonds at your convenience during the year we will soon be publishing the Hono Croll of those who have signed or bought then Bonds get in before that time your name will not be included unless you have signed for the quota assigned you p b Mouw county Bond chm fire at machine shop does Little damage the fire engine was called to Ros ters repair shop last Friday after noon when a five gallon can of Gas tipped Over accidentally and was in wic Juuru i nations behind a program for econ interpretation the group said that As they interpreted the Resolution it called for immediate collaboration of the uni Ted nations to the most effective use of our resources to win the War limited set of rules to minimize the possibility of future wars c an International Force to Back up the rules d an Opportunity for All nations to subscribe to the rules there Are som people who con tend that these things should not be discussed or agreed upon until the War their letter said disagree it i american Jae Ople to their Leader sin Congress of what Ever party to exercise real statesman ship so that there May be no repetition of the present tragedy our nation alone cannot police the world our nation alone cannot prevent wars the world can Progress toward permanent stability and Neace Only through the collaboration of its component Peoples to deny this is playing false with the thousands who Are risking or losing their lives not alone to defend the nation but to save future generations from the same Fate Hoevens name was missing from the list of signers which indicates his de approval of the by the progressive group or Hoeven apparently has forgotten the tragedy which followed the last War when the Congress refused to support president in an International peace a fingertip fight for control United by Sparks from the cutting Torch John Kleene picked up the burning can with a Long piece of pipe and started to carry it outside but dropped it and started another fire near the door by this time Sev eral men were carrying in Snow and the flames squelched before ser ious damage occurred 500 baby Chicks perished in fire Rock Valley special Herbert Schmidt had the misfortune of losing 500 baby Chicks when the Brooder a tote exploded sunday afternoon or and mrs Herman Schmidt were there for a visit but nothing could be done to save the Chicks which the Brooder due april 1 the first half of the 1943 property tax is due next thursday april 1 alter that Date Legal penalties go into effect personal taxes and state income tax Are also due on that Date 0 in signal corps the Best news we have read in a Long time was an article by Max wer Ner in the april rebook Magazine who is an outstanding authority on Russia he says that Germany has Al ready lost the War and he produces sensible arguments to prove his Point this does not mean the end of the War immediately but foretells of certain Victory for the United nations Good neighbor Henry Wallace san Jose Costa presi Dent Henry a Wallace made the first official Stop on his latin american tour Here thursday he told the Costa rican Congress that the world after the War will have a tremendous producing capacity and that this together with a free interchange of goods will be humanity greatest Blessing on his arrival Wallace was Given a tumultuous ovation by More than 30 000 Flag waving citizens who jammed continued on Page 4 Community prayer service april 7 the next Community prayer service will be held in the first Christian ref Church wednesday april 7 1943 speaker will be Rev r Meengs music will be furnished by first ref and first Christian ref churches Ronken transportation specialist for this area the office of defense transportation at Sioux Falls so in its efforts to keep trucks and busses rolling announces the appointment of or Noel Ronken As maintenance specialist in this District the duties of the maintenance specialist will be to assist operators in the procurement of essential materials and parts and to cooperate with operators and other government agencies in establishing a training course for much Joics and Drivers a Tot to Jim score 33 to 31 the Sioux Center basketball team the Good showing at basketball tournament last Wees when they paced the fast Davenport team and came to within 2 Points of Nosmo out this big City the final score was 33 to 31 the local i Jid a v6ry fast Gara passing and do blog like veterans and Mak ing32 percent of All attempted shots a Man May establish a record of the 10 urn by Davenport has the largest High chaos m Iowa and the advantage of is to a team from Eam of to 3 m the of cur opponents Long the size Factor into consider Aoa Sioux Center was As Good As any team in the state tournament the Sioux Center Hoys were very rationing Board fundamentals of newest food share Fig f simplicity is the keynote of the new meats and fats rationing program just announced by the office of Price administration although the ration list a wide variety of foods meats and Many Well As shortenings and salad Osl Nutter and j Margarine and Many other items from the Point of View of the housewife who does fee1 shopping it will really be a simple matter All these food win be rationed with a single set of Staa ipe and the Busy housewife win have to consult Only one table of Point values to find out How Many ration Points any of these foods a fast no registration this time this latest program requires no registration of any kind War ration books two Are already distributed and when the program into effect housewives already have had a full months experience in the use of their Point ration books in buying processed foods one of the few differences Between the use of the Blue and the red Stamps m War ration Book two is the order in which Stamps Wilt tie dared valid clause from House ail Over the vast eld we will up ohs details of the game they appeared in the Des Homes Register see below Davenport 33 Sioux Center 31 eliminated Sioux Center 33 to 31 Sioux Center took a 5 to 0 Lead a Davenport at the Start of their game on bassets by Stanley Straatsma and Gorman Deiters and a free toss by Ikenneth Vanroekel but near close of the first Quarter Davenport acquired an 8 of 7 Lead on Shi Paul sons goal Bob free toss tied score at 8 to 8 but Eugene Baker broke the knot with a bucket and 16 will be valid be ginning on apr l and then on each succeeding sunday throughout april an additional set of Stamps will be validated All these Stamps from a through e inclusive off Temam in use ail month of 80 norts per person for april red Mase Rath Stamps purpose i Vadis to rows just before the by Rcv Saiu Eti Donn of i to rows just before the Peri carded wi8r housewife to life c i Fobas for a Nob c passing ered s passing ered Davenport passed the Bari Beautiful uniform Point Akies ust Jas Alf Lough v in Anu ii period As in the first one and most of his shots were of the close in variety a Deiters baskets and ases an then Mason and Deiters did the same the meantime a ofaire Faul a cum Calle on Schultz of Davenport and he was removed from the game Robert Gildea succeeded him and soon made a Famy Long bucket to bring the Ery retail they Are Paulson hits Paulson dropped in another after the above picture was taken by a Register photographer during the Davenport last thursday night bound at the Sioux Center Basket the picture shows the size advantage of the Davenport Bow much i to Titi some duty passing Davenport got most of the rebounds at each end of the court Straatsma made a Long shot after which Oliver dropped in one of two free throws Aad the score was 19 to 15 Stratsma mad Good on a free toss and when he was fouled As the gun ended the half dropped in another to make it 19 to 17 Sioux Center used a deliberate offence but was forced to Long shots for the most part a Asur i us Udove Yurt note now much atan Straat Sana Sioux Center i taller Mason is than Straatsma and Center and Cal Mason Davenport f How much larger the Davenport play Schulz returned to Davendorf s guard came to grips on the Bill after or stand Goa the left is than Normie p when the was assumed Bak their simultaneous jump for this Rei Deiters number 7 scored from the Post position after l seconds of play and soon thereafter pvt Gerrit Heunink pvt Gerrit Heunink son of Dick Heunink of Lebanon entered the army a week before Christmas 1942 he is a member of the signal corps at Camp Roberts Calif his Fiancee Artie Van Den Bosch went out to the coast Sev eral weeks ago with mrs Heunink to see Gerrit and remained there to work his present address is Btry c 55 Ca tag in 6209 Camp Roberts Calif in a letter received from him this week his parents said he had been hospitalized for the past two weeks due to a foot injury received while on a hike he has had no furlough thus far former Sioux center111 pastor sailed by death in Michigan members of the second Christian reformed Church received word in saturday that their former pastor Rev Ypma had passed away at the Hospital at grand rapids Mich Early thursday morning after having sufi fared a stroke on wednesday even Inge had reached i theses of 75 years i he is survived by his wife and two daughters Jennie mrs Gerrit lede Boer of Prinsburg Minn and Ida mrs Martin Vander Veen of grand rapids Mich funeral services were held for him on monday at the Oakdale Park Church at grand rapids and burial was also made there Rev Ypma who was the pastor of the Church Here for twelve years and i left Sioux Center nine years ago Ati which time he retired from Active ministry he moved his family to grand rapids at that time and be came a member of the Point prices of of meat will be different 77 Hsney Farmers produce some of the foods included in the sew ration Deq Gram for however the gave Hie farm t Retts Soj fed in an amount equal a pct value to the foods produced and eaten at Home when a Farmer sails any it Fiese Home produced foods be Mosi collect ration Stamps from his even if they Are the basis of official shit prices and turn these Stamps in to the office of Price Farmers who be instructed later As just when and How to turn in these Stamps Magnolia of be presented next thursday Aid Friday f j j Oinita Autris Luti retailer tipped in another Schulz Sank a ions one and Straatsma drooped Oca is from a Corner then Deiters and Oliver nit thai Arget for Sioux Center High school auditor Tum ports eight Point Lead was Cut m half i the musical after Paulson had dropped in a two will presented a the High school in apr auditorium next week twin Ruday and Friday nights starting at Oclock by the Sioux dub the comedy will be presented by air Al women cast part of the from who be negro characters the chorus will of Slot of White and coloured folks costuming is colourful Ana the action filled with plan new to take the family Lor an evening of fan the songs win All be do favourites such As my old Kentucky Home Jeanie with the Light Brown half Beautiful dreamers of Susanna Sumter Deiters Cut off an out of Bounds pass by Davenport and crib j bled under for a Basket but Schulz retaliated who a bucket Paulson made a free toss bringing the count to 30 to favouring Davenport As the period ended Gildea returned to the Davenport 1 tuneup this time for Paulson Mason l started the scoring with a free throw j and Straatsma made Good on a Setun j then Schulz took a rebound and scor Davenport slowed up its offence in Siulea up its of sense in dreamers us Susanna i an Effort to draw out the Sioux de swing Low Sweet Chariot and others sense Ard neither team scored for f tickets will be 35c and 25c and May sense Ard neither team scored for j be reserved at Dekraay drug Oliver scored on a set shot from a i and when a foul was called on Andrew be mme the crowd booed loudly Mason c a Eccl i Lilly pfc Richard Van Voorst Richard there in the Holland language nearly Ever sunday after Nunn Voorst son of mrs has been promoted he 16th i fore then Van Roeffel Sank and the score was 33 to 23 j with 25 seconds remaining Mason foaled Vanroekel and Paulson Leturno de to the Davenport lineup Van Roe i1 missed the first free throw and i Moran daughter of or Rand mrs pm Moran of Lemars be came the Bride Kcf Andrew Beernink the censer a Iii a Ion one do he had been enjoying Good health week easter Iowa s f04 Msj team thru i Herder will vacate that residence next week when she move to Boyden an of me one Ana preach a a Sermon u t t the sunday afternoon before he be he w now the Armor came ill on wednesday Rev and n fore school his new address is mrs Ypma made a Short visit with Sec Van Voorst cd 13 tag their Many Sioux Center friends the of cafe school fort past summer at which time he also attended preached at the second Christian operating and service school reformed Church when newes at Camp Chaffee mrs we de Boer of Rock Valley is a medical patient at the Oelrich Hospital mrs Frank de Haan and daughters have been ill with the Llu the past week the entire tournament As a fair Reward leg Aux invite for a Brilliant season of playing they j wives swe were Defeated Only once before this service men for Var year by Paullina 0 bake Sale the Mizpah Guild of Central ref Church will hold a bake Sale next saturday afternoon March 27 be ginning at one Oclock at Vande bergs piano store Arents wives and of men in service from Sioux Center and Community be at the town to fam thursday evening March 25th at eight Oclock cards have been sent out but it is difficult to get an accurate list so if you did no get it card fed free to come you by the american legion and

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