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Sioux Center News Newspaper Archives Mar 10 1955, Page 1

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Sioux Center News (Newspaper) - March 10, 1955, Sioux Center, Iowa As this was written monday night following the Warrior win Over Sioux City Heelan and the Monarch Victory Over it was much too of to Tell if either Sioux county team would find a berth in the state tournament next All we knew was that two of the county Strong Cage outfits this year were making a Good showing against some of the Best Competition this part of the state had to to get this far the Sioux Center indians had to overcome such Strong teams Asle Sheldon and while Maurice has had to upset Hull and Blaze past Trues neither team had progressed this far without meeting the roughest Competition in its so win or lose from now both the monarchs and the indians have earned our both teams cant go to the state this be cause substrate Competition places the Aas and is All in the same one will have to eliminate the other if both get to the substrate and now monday night both face big of Maurice must overcome Sioux City Central and the indians will have to get past undefeated we should have the final score of the Warrior game before All of this Issue is printed and were go tag to try to get it in the paper i i volume 64 numb Ift 3 Center of Sioux Iowa official City and county newspaper March 1955 indians defeat Heelan in substrate opener College ground breaking ceremony set for 2 saturday at building site Arnold christians of president of the Midwest Christian Junior College will have the Honor of turning Over the first Spade of Earth at the new College site in Sioux Center Satur Day afternoon when0a Brief ground breaking ceremony is while Sioux Center has been favored by sports scribes to go a Long the indians certainly Haven been favored by fans in the thousands of people have been waiting for some Strong outfit to come up and trip the even for Many right Here in the county the warriors Success has lasted too and theres a Good Chance that if the indians and the monarchs should most fans will be rooting for the fighting Little outfit from Maurice at least one basketball fan in be Mars is on Sioux centers and we have a letter to prove this who for some reason wants his name is proud of our this is what he had to say on your very Fine High school by we in be Mars wanted to but we lost to a better better and More important to me was the Fine display of sports Manship and gentlemanly conduct of your you can be sure All by fans in be Mars Are pulling for you to bring the championship to Sioux Good Luck and Success to your the same could have been said for the be Mars bulldogs had they won in the the indians met one of the Best teams in the state in that and the game could have easily gone the other it was a clean game All the and both teams were playing head sup the indians can Al ways be proud of that just As the bulldogs can be proud of that it was High class basketball played that and As one radio announcer it could have been a state tournament both teams were of that naturally in proud of this years Sioux Center basketball but its a Little hard not to in that Maurice team those kids have a Fine record again this and it seems a Little unfair that two Sioux county teams have to come up so far in the same one of the two should have been starring last year so that we could have Given it our undivided support in the Many remember the state tourney two years ago when these two teams were both Down at Iowa and As Fate had it they met in the opening round the indians Defeated the monarchs and they had to go All the Way to Iowa City to do the ceremony is scheduled to commence at 2 on the grounds on fourth Avenue North East where the new College build ing will be erected this Spring and according to Van Schou Public relations director for the a simple ceremony is planned for the ground breaking and a More elaborate program will be held at the laying of the Corn Haan will give the opening prayer and Zyl Stra of Clara will read the the address will be give by Richard Venema of the Bethel reformed Church several other visiting ministers and educators will be on hand for the Public is invited to attend the seven assigned for sky watch duty because the ground observation exercise originally scheduled for 20 was called off because of bad the same men Selec Ted for duty that Day will be As signed for next sundays the Post on top the Grade school building will be manned from 9 to 4 with the following on duty 09001000 Bierma 10001100 Irvin Mouw 11001200 Bill Schutt 12001300 Eugene Schutt 13001400 Gary Verrips 114001500 Gary Vander Berg 15001600 Kroon heat bulb causes baby pig deaths five baby pigs died Early Fri Day morning on the Kenneth Hul Stein farm North Vest of Here when a heat bulb accidentally dropped Down onto the smoke was discovered in the hog House at about and Hui Stcin called the Carmel fire department flames did not break out until the fire men were present and the door was there was practically no damage done to the lutherans secure Minnesota pastor members of the peace Luth eran Church and our Saviours lutheran Church in Rock Valley have secured a new minister to serve both he is Urleb of Prieb expects to move to Rock Valley april is to begin serving his two k610 raised for Experiment farm need More Money the Sioux county drive for funds for the proposed Experiment Al farm in this Corner of Iowa lad not quite reached the half Way Nark for the county As a Mil in some townships the goal has Jean West Sheridan and Grant townships had overshot their goals by a Large while Plato and Logan townships Are also Over the most other townships still have Money to raise before the drive is conclude four townships have raised no Money so according to figures released this the county has raised toward its goal of the breakdown is As follows township quota Baltad to go music in the barn is apparently unheard of in according to Keet dutch farm trainee who it spending about 11 months on the Arie Schimmel farm near Sioux who stand along Side Schimmel in the photo on the left pointed out the radio in the barn and said in Holland they think of one in the Young Perdok climbed on Schimmels big far mall tractor for the picture on the he anxious for the planting season to get underway and wants to see Corn Buncombe Capel Center Eagle East Orange Floyd Garfield Grant Holland Lincoln Logan Lynn Plato Reading Rock settlers Sheridan Sherman Sioux Washington ave come West Branch Nassau 130 540 450 400 360 500 360 430 600 530 210 450 460 400 460 170 460 420 450 540 560 460 0 310 50 85 90 10 80 530 20 none 220 80 470 400 10 none 970 80 none 170 110 815 110 130 230 400 315 270 400 280 none 580 530 none 370 none none 450 170 none 380 420 280 430 none 350 Light Plant to pay More for Gas the Only Gas consumer affected by the rate change made Public i the publication of ordinance 99 St week is the municipal Light and Power according to own clerk Rich the Gas rate was increased nightly for the Light and it ill become effective on the Bill no of april 2 directors to be elected in local school election both members of the Sioux con or Independent school terms expire this de Bruin and Bernard ver have filed for their names arc the Only ones hat will appear on the ballots March when the polls Ipen at 12 noon at the town the polls will remain open until i directors will be elected for free year Blank spaces Lave been provided for two write n All citizens residing in the school District Are eligible to vote and have been urged to Mark their totals 9840 4610 something he has never seen in the by the news dutch farm youth but not new York found metropolitan too much in a hurry will spend 11 months on Arie Schimmel farm if All americans were like those he met during his first few hours in new York Cornell Hindrik Perdok would have been ready to turn right around and go Back to his Home in the nether new yorkers were in such a hurry they even take time to talk to the Young dutch he a 26 year old lands farm trainee who will spend 11 months on the Arie Schimmel farm 2 Miles Southeast of Sioux says those Early unfavourable impressions have been by the Friendly people he has met out Here in were More like his people at and he likes it Kees dutch contraction of the name Cornell and pronounced like Case is Here to see How much he can learn about american far Ming and Rural hell earn a month while Hes Here and will live with Schimmel Schimmel will pay him monthly maybe you Haven Given any thought to it when youve squeezed the toothpaste out onto your but those Little Metal tubes that contain so Many different things were invented Long before the civil and hey Haven Ca been improved much and will Send an additional the reason youre buying Coffee at a lower Price these Days is be cause Brazil pulled the props out from under the and some Coffee Beans dropped As much As 16 cents per Pound Down there in the Middle of local men buy Hawarden store Vanden Berg and Floyd Ach who operate the furniture Hart in Sioux announced last week that they have Purchas Brays furniture in an establishment that has been in the same family 65 the Hawarden store will be managed by achterhof for the time while Vanden Berg continues to operate the Sioux Center the addition of a second store is expected to give the furniture men an advantage in their according to the two the store has been renamed As the Hawarden each month to the american farm Bureau the Organiza Tion that brought the youth to Iowa and will be keeping Tab on his welfare while he is in Ameri Good will ambassador in Kees is a Good will ambassador from Holland and will re turn to Tell his people about How we farm and carry on in our daily while he will be expected to follow a regular Dayto Day work schedule on the Schim Mel just As any farm labor or Kees will have plenty of opportunities to mix with the peo ple of this in that Way he will learn More about How we the tall youth with a heavy Shock of Blond hair comes from a 125 acre farm which is owned by his father and will someday be Long to Kees in Groningen prov he has two 15 year of who Are in High the family carries on a general farming raising such diverse crops As seed rape sugar Mustard Al Falfa and ten acres Are in permanent Kees father has a Herd of Blocky cattle called Groningen White faces that Are heavy milk producers As Well As beef Kees says the chief disadvantage to raising Groning Farmers in feed mostly ens is that they consume larger a mounts of feed than the strictly Dairy dutch Groningen Provence silage and beet Grain supplements Are fed sparingly be cause of Kees says no Corn is grown in the province because the weather is too stay through crop season Hes anxious to spend the full crop season in and hell be following it through step by step until after the Corn Harvest late in the then when he returns Home hell be called on to give talks at various Community Gath giving his impressions of How we farm and Bow americans already he has begun snap Ping pictures of things of special Young Perdos Opportunity to come to America As a trainee came rather he happened to read a Small item in the news paper about the Chance for 10 dutch youths to spend a year on american he hardly knew a word of English when he applied to but he knew hed have to learn it if he was to be with Only three months of study and he was Able to pass the examination and was one of the 10 selected to make the Kees has a remarkable command of the language and this writer had no difficulty whatever in conversing with Kees would have taken English in High school except that the language was forbidden in dutch schools during the German hint that Young Perdok didst like the nazis is found in the fact that he distributed underground news papers and circulars during the of he was Only a boy in knee pants but the risk was just As great As if he had been a tractors which Are owned by three one is a track Type vehicle and the other is a Fordson Row crop these machines Are used two Days each week on the Perdok the Perdos Al so have four horses and a Small four passenger while he has spent Only two weeks on the Schimmel Kees has already seen three basketball he wants to learn the rules of the game before going Back to undoubtedly hell also see some baseball in the Spring and summer television holds a lot of Novelty for in Holland to sets Are still much too expensive for most people to own and they have none on the Perdok de Rozeboom of Sioux Center is the county farm Bureau trainee representative and he will visit Kees from time to time to find out How he is getting along and if he needs any kind of when the writer remarked a bout the name Perdok not sounding very much like a Holland Kees had a ready to my he there Are Only about six families in Holland with that farm strange mechanization is not to on his Home farm they have the use of two new Case tractors to be shown Here two new Case 400 diesel and gasoline models will go on display next March at Kosters repair and manufacturing it was announced the two radically changed machines have attracted wide Atten Tion in the farm machinery Field and will be viewed by Many when they Are shown Kosters will hold open House during the after noon and will serve lunch in the shop to All attending the big encyclopedia purchased for Loca Public Library the Purchase of the first be of reference books in Man years has been received by the Sioux Center Public Library an has been placed on the Shelve it is a 20 volume set of col Liers 1955 Edi and a year these is considered by librarians a one of the Best in the Field of general profusely illustrate it includes much late information for reference the encyclopedia will be for use i the Twentyfive other books hav also been placed on the Shelve they include the following fiction All quiet on the Western Remarque a lantern in her Aid Rich variable winds at Jalna de la Roche Good Mornin miss Patton Anne House of Montgomer go in Davis prisoner i Rogers my brother classics House of seven a inspirational prayers of Pete Marshall Power of posit la Peale Man Killilea seven Days to Lama sports the tumult and the collections this i current events but we were born family the first five years of autobiography my several others Ballet for Draper Bette crackers Good and easy drub at Sioux City Maurice monarchs top Truesdale to get semifinal Opportunity the Sioux Center warriors pushed their Victory total to 29 for the season monday night by giving Sioux City he clan a 6047 defeat in the first substrate game at Sioux this earned the tribe n Chance to meet Correctionville wednesday night in the Sioux county Only Omir team still in the state the Mau Rice also got by their first substrate opponents monday ripping through to a 63 to 51 Victory Over a Strong Truesdale outfit on the floor at Correctionville upset Spencer in an overtime to gain resume evening at Public Library Reg ulnar saturday night Library hours will be resumed this week for the convenience of those wanting to draw or return the Library will to open from to 9 through the Spring and summer the Public is urged to use the books and facilities City attorney nominated prexy Henry Tepaske of Orange Ity is the nominee for presi Dent of the Iowa state bar for nomination is tantamount to written ballots Are sent out with formal announcement of the election being made at the Isba annual meeting june 13 Mercury shoots to 60 degrees Here Sioux county residents enjoyed second straight Day of mild Spring like weather yesterday when the Mercury Rose to 60 de Grees and wilted old standing Snow Janks in shaded the sky was practically Clear and the warm air gave More than a few people a touch of Spring water ran in the creeks and exposed Snow in level Fields completely it was the first Warmup in March and hint but did not an Early its berth in the while Sioux City Central outclassed 76 to stay in the the indians were scheduled to meet undefeated Correctionville at 7 Oclock last night and Maurice is set to tangle with Central to night at the two winners will meet in the substrate finals Satur Day night at Roll on charities the Sioux Center indians might have repeated their performance of three weeks when they won by 30 against Heelan if coach Muyskens had left his first stringers in through the final but Liberal substituting kept the final score a Little closer final score Sioux Center 76 Correctionville 72 368 in county get old age assistance during february old age payments went to 368 Sioux count ians during the month of according to figures released last week by the state department of social welfare in pcs they received a total of or an average of ten needy Blind cases in the county received or an average of Aid to dependent children totalled with payments to the 134 children averaging per county legion will meet at Orange City the regular joint meeting of the american legion and auxiliary will be held at Orange City March 22 in the town it was announced this week by Paul Gourgen of a representative from the Sioux Falls Veteran Hospital will be pres ent to All members Are urged to make plans to big increase in traffic accidents in county in 1954 the state safety department re ported thursday that Sioux county Drivers were involved in 312 traffic accidents at a total Cost of in damages in the county traffic Accident loss last year was accounted for by a Cost of for property damage and for personal injury in the figures compare with a county record of 191 accidents and a loss of for property damage and for personal injury in accidents in according to Milo director of the state safety responsibility Sioux county traffic Accident record was part of last years All state total of accidents and a total economic loss of mayor urges full support of easter Seal Campaign mayor Maurice Tepaske joined county chairman de Bruin today in issuing an Appeal for funds in the Sioux Center easter Seal he named the period from March 10 to april 10 As easter Seal month and urged All citizens to not Only support the Appeal generously but to learn what they can do to help crippled children As in addition to mailing out thous ands of easter Seal letters this the county chairman says that attention will be called to the Appeal by Little canisters placed on store counters throughout the de Bruin urges people to support the work of the Iowa society for crippled children and adults with Rabid dog bites three in be Mars three persons who were bitten by a mad dog in la Mars recently were under treatment this week against one of them was a Daryl pm who was located through newspaper publicity after it Wai Learned that the dog that bit him was the boy was bitten when he stopped with his father in be Mars March 1 to look at some construe Tion Daryl said the Collie dog came up wagging his Tail in a seemingly Friendly Man and then bit ripping s piece out of his then the dog seemed to run blindly into the Side of an the boy received first Aid and the father and son continued on their when it was Learned thai the dog bit two be Mars teenagers it was discovered that the animal had the two la Mars youngsters were Denny Brown and Kathleen who Are now getting anti rabies Koops joins Rons motor shop staff Kenneth who operated the station on North main about a year before Selling out to Ernest Kempma is now employed As a Mechanic at Rons motor he brings to the Pontiac and Buick garage nearly eight years of experience and automotive know How and will join Gerrit Van Voorst in the repair according to an announcement appearing on an inside Page of this weeks the garage has also added several pieces of new equip ment in the Hoeven appears on local to programs the first of a series 15 minute television programs Over both a Vav and Sioux were presented this week by congressman Hoe the programs were aired sunday night at and Mon Day night at different programs for each the time for other programs will be announced from time to Hoeven said in a letter to Sioux county the tribe began to Roll on two free throws by John Van Riessen seconds after the game got under and from then on Heelan never by the end of the first Quarter the score was 18 to 11 and was 36 to 23 at half Sioux Center was dead on at the free throw line and actually won the game at the the tribe dropped in 30 out of 36 attempted Charity at one Point in the final Quarter Sioux Center owned a 26 Point Dick Kraayenbrink and acc rink led the Indian scoring with 23 and Van Rissen made 11 and Van do Berg playing a Good floor accounted for 6 Maurice rips Superior height and a ripping fourth Quarter scoring spree saved the Day for the monarchs after seeing the score tied up at 4646 late in the Ball employing a press defense and fast was riot in the Market for defeat and faded grudgingly and the tigers were in command at the 31 to Paul a balls Ealing Hust Russell Eddie and Bob paced the Trues Dale but with the monarchs hitting six of seven Field goals in the fourth led by Wayne jagers baskets and three the final verdict was is Norman Van Emmeron broke the deadlock As the fourth Quarter and closed his contribution with a 20point de Jager was High with 27 Tal Eddie of Truesdale logged with teammate Cradit pegging Swine raisers will hear Quaife at meeting tuesday Extension animal Husbandman at Iowa state College in will hold a Swine feed ing and management meeting on tuesday afternoon in the Sioux Center town it was announce social Security Man at City Field representative of the Sioux City social Security will be in the court House in Orange City on March 17 at 9 he will be there to assist the people of this area in filing claim for benefits and to give information concerning the Federal old age and survivors insurance pro he will remain until All callers have been cared but in All he will remain at least one hour after his redbirds lose out in tourney after thoroughly convincing the Sioux City airbase five in an ear Lier game in the sectional at Sioux City last the Sioux Center redbirds were dubbed by an team in semifinals thursday traditionally loaded with College the independents that tangle in the tourney Usu ally match the Best they can find against the Best their opponents can the acc Birds were with out the services of several College players because of conflicting and they tagged practically All the Way against of Al Kraayenbrink dropped in 19 and Wayne Juffer 12 to Lead the it Cebird scoring the redbirds had Little trouble rolling Over the Sioux City airbase after nailing a solid 44 to 24 half time Al Kraayenbrink fired for 16 and Gary la humus racked up 14 to Pace the Topping the airbase Quint scoring were Kenneth and Everett Quaife cd this week by Maurice Sioux county Extension the meeting will be held at and will be open Ireton men seek school posts in election monday Melvin Borgman has filed for the Ireton school directors Post vacated by the death of Henry and Gerrit Juffer will seek reelection when the oils open for anyone wanting to hog there raisers and feeders Are especially the polling place will be open urged to be from 12 noon to 7

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