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Sioux Center News (Newspaper) - March 7, 1974, Sioux Center, IowaEditorials the plight of tto Cottle feeders a serious matter your Faith & mine thursday March 7, 1974 the Sioux Center news Page 2 after sitting in on the cattlemen s meeting at the Tri state sales ring Here monday evening and listening to the plight of the feed lot operators we Are con Vinced that the Only Way the cattle feeders Are going to be Able to make the kind of year round Long Range profits they must make to stay in business is to some How exert a Strong influence on the Range producers beef processors and retailers and get their full cooperation in setting up the Type of meat producing process ing marketing program that will let everyone make a fair return and at the same time assure the nation an adequate Supply of Quality beef at prices affordable to the consumer. Everybody has to have a fair shake in the Over All operation or someone is going to be on the losing end where the feeder is right no Wand this can Only pro Duce adversity for All in due time. The processors wholesalers and retailers Are surely aware of the fact that if the feeder can t make it they won t either. The consumer must realize too that if he wants Sioux county court House news Quality beef on the dinner table regularly then he must be willing to pay a Price that will provide the incentive for the beef to be produced processed and made readily available to him in the local meat markets. There is no logic in any one group be they feeders processors wholesalers retailers or Consumers trying to gain an economic advantage Over other segments of the Industry or society. It can Only bring More problems if not chaos. A spirit of Compromise fair give and take must pre Vail. There is no other workable answer. The feeders have in recent months been getting the worst end of the Deal and they seem to be unable to bring about without the full cooperation of other segments of the Industry the changes they must have to avoid the loses they Are now suffering. It seems to be a Case of United we Prosper divided we a collapse could adversely affect us All at least our diets. Kenneth w. Hulsten has filed suit against Joyce Sjaarda and Judson Michael Sjaarda. Plaintiff alleges negligence on the part of the defendants which caused an automobile Accident on january 19, 1973, in which he suffered injuries. He is asking for damages in the amount of$50,000.00. Eunice Hulstein has also filed a similar suit asking for damages in the amount of $15,000.00 legislative report by facts Dekoster the Iowa Senate this week took up on what amounts to a time available basis the proposed revisions to the Iowa criminal code. While this does t give it the priority that i would like it does seem unlikely that both houses will pass this legislation this year so i presume that it in t wrong to give other import ant Bills the priority occasionally and to sidetrack the code revisions. I believe that i have mentioned before that the Iowa criminal code is a Hodge podge of individual sections of the code which have sort of been added to and sub traded from on a piecemeal basis Ever since the state was founded something Over a 100 years ago. Because of that there is no sort of classification and Pena Al Les prescribed Are simply those which the legislature of the time though proper. As a result you end up with some pretty ridiculous situations. For example if you Are found guilty of a bad Check charge the sentence is an indeterminate one of up to seven years in the Penitentiary. On the other hand an assault and Battery of a person would result in a sen tence of a maximum of 30 Days in jail and $100.00 Fine. It seems to me that the treat of severe injury to a person should be penalized much More strongly than the bad Check charge but because of the Way the Iowa criminal code has grown we have this sort of mixed up situs Tion. The code revision in the substantive part is an Effort to reclassify and in some cases to redefine those acts which Are considered criminal in Iowa. It is a result of some five years study by various study committees who have combed the Iowa code picked up those matters which they Felt were still relevant and Sel them up in classes for the Sake of pre scribing penalties. In the revision there Are seven classes of crimes ranging from a class a felony which is punishable by life in prison to a simple mind Eleanor which carries the same penalties As the present misdemeanours that is 30 Days in jail and a $100.00 Fine. In the new code every crime has been fitted into this kind of classification. For instance theft of Arti cles or Money having value Between Zero and $100.00 is a serious Misdemeanour punishable by up to one year in jail and a$500.00 Fine. From $100.00 to $500.00 the classification is an aggravated mis Demeanour which is punishable by up to two years incarceration and a Fine of$2000.00. From $500.00 to $5000.00 the act is a class d felony punishable by 5 years and $5000.00 and Over a$5000.00 theft is a class c felony punish Able by up to 10 years of incarceration. Other criminal acts Are similarly classified As either a certain class of felony or of misdemeanours so that there is some sem Blance of order in the penalties prescribed. There have been a number of objections to the Bill by various people including the attorney general of the state of Iowa. His principal objection seems to be that the penalties Are not severe enough. Also Iowa has for a Long time operated under what is called the Mcnaughton marriage licenses marriage licenses this week in Sioux county Ole Tho wild Lund 20, Hull Wanda Faye Anderson 18, Hull. Leneth Dean Visser 21, Orange City Allyson m. Drake 21, Orange City. 9tat of enter a few 32 3rd . Sioux Center Iowa 51250 Roy Publ Lihtz every thursday,2nd clan Poitie paid at Sioux National newspaper Uttmi Siim in Sustainingmemiei-1974 subscription rates county 1 ,-$5.00i 2, $9 outside Sioux county $6 per year 15 a single copy. Official City county paper Rule. This Rule states that a Man is in sane and therefore of a crime essentially when his mind is so deranged that he does t know right from wrong. The Bill proposed to modify that some what to state that a Man was criminally insane if his mental state was such that he could t understand the criminality of his action. This sort of thing is of con Cern to lawyers on both sides of a Crimi Nal Case because it sets the pattern for the instructions which the judge gives the jury. I am not personally convinced that the jury pays such close attention to the instructions of the judge that they would really make the distinction either Way. I think the jury is far More swayed by the evidence they have received and will proceed to make the determination of insanity based on their own ideas far More than they will on the very technical and slight difference in the instructions Given to the judge. However the attorney Gener Al and some prosecutors Felt very strongly about the matter and the Senate did pass an amendment to restore the Mcnaugh ton Rule to the Bill the attorney general has also argued and lobbied strongly for the death penalty and has come up with his own propos Al As reported in various newspapers. When Iowa repealed the death penalty several years ago i was one who voted a galust the repeal. However or. Turner s proposal goes a great Deal farther than i would go in prescribing this penalty. I have Felt that the death penalty might be useful As a deterrent to a prisoner who is confined for life and who might think of murdering a guard or another Penitentiary inmate. For those reasons i might be willing to accept the death penalty for that very limited Type of crime. I certainly cannot go along with what appears to be an almost blood thirsty approach which would establish a rather Large group of crimes for which the penalty would be death. Or. Turner has other complaints including the argument that the Bill does not contain provisions for him to tap Telephone lines and make other wire taps in an Effort to apprehend criminals. The Fri already has this authority and if a crime is serious enough they can and will do it. I would like to preserve a cer Tain amount of privacy for the citizens of this state and so i have generally opposed allowing state officials to also have this authority. I simply Don t want people running around doing a lot of snooping by Way of wire taps and the like. The debate has really gone rather Well. We accepted the amendment to replace the Mcnaughton Rule which some people think will make convictions easier to get and we took out a provision which would have allowed police officers to enter a dwelling without identifying themselves. Under that provision the police officers would go to a District court judge obtain a search warrant indicating that they had the authority and then could break into a dwelling without amending their at rival. The theory is that particularly in drug cases it is rather easy to destroy Evi Dence by Flushing it Down a toilet Stool or the like. If the police can catch a drug user by Surprise the suspect has much less Opportunity to destroy the evidence. On the other hand there have been sever Al incidents where police have entered the wrong dwelling and completely ransacked the place before realizing they were in Thi wrong place. One of the senators who had been a police officer also suggested � real danger in the event that someone in the House would move quickly out of fright while the police were entering with a net result that the policemen who Are Al so pretty tense might make the mistake of discharging a gun in thai direction. This is one of those provisions on which it is extremely hard to cast a vote be cause it requires the balancing of a desire for prompt apprehension of Law Breakers Over against the rights of a private citizen who is not a Law breaker but whose place in society is threatened because of i possible mistake. In the end i voted to take the Section out of the Bill although my feelings were very much divided. There remain a number of Amend ments. Those that Are addressed to the substantive part of the code As opposed to the procedure Are mostly in the area of obscenity. In order to comply with the supreme court guidelines on this Type of Law it is necessary to write Laws which to some people might approach the obscene itself. They Are pretty graphic in their description of what is prohibited. There Are also widely varying Opin ions on what should be prohibited and what should not. For instance one of the amendments would prohibit the exposure of a female breast to an audience of More than one person. This would seem to prohibit a Mother from nursing an infant child in the presence of her Hus band or most certainly in the presence of both her husband and her Mother at the same time. I am sure this is not the intention of the amendment but it seems to have that almost ridiculous outcome. I presume that we will be debating the this Bill More next week and perhaps by then an additional report on what is adopted and what in t would be in order the Senate this past week also passed Bills to allow right turns on red lights unless they were prohibited and a sign was in place indicating the prohibition. This Bill would also allow left turns on a red she if they were made from a one Way Henry Block has 17 reasons Why you should come to us for income tax help. Reason 1. We Are income tax specialists. We ask the right questions. We dig for every honest deduction. We want to leave no Stone in turned to make sure you pay the smallest legitimate Tom Westfall ""111111111" the third dimension in our family we play a game called if i were dictator of the the object is to pick out some blaring social problem then describe How we would solve it if we were actually dictator of the world. It s fun and allows our imaginations to soar. It also Calls attention to some real remedies for the world s ills. For example if i were dictator of the world i d compel All parents to provide for the spiritual nurture of their children. I d make sure every child had the Opportunity to know god and learn to love him. The end result no doubt would be a better global society and a much happier one. In t that really what s wrong with the world so much of it is Pagan. Millions of children never develop their spiritual Side because of the indifference of their parents. This seems to me the number one problem facing us today. How can anyone live a worthwhile life if one s spiritual dimension is stunted or starved god made us three dimensional creatures whether we recognize it or not. We Are physical mental and spiritual beings. If we ignore any of these dimensions our whole being suffers. If for instance we fail to feed our bodies they become weak or diseased. If we fail to feed our minds they never become capable of functioning fully. If we ignore our spiritual needs we Are in effect Only two thirds human. I believe the latter is the main thing wrong with our world people spiritually undeveloped who function Only at the feeling or intellectual level foisting their half baked theories and Pagan ideals on a Gullible Public. No person can live life satisfactorily without a fully Deve loped spiritual awareness. That s Why if i were dictator of the world everyone would get a religious education. Street into another one Way Street. They also authorized the increase in mileage allowance to City county and state employees from 10� a mile to 15� a mile. The Basic reason for this was the in crease in the Cost of gasoline and other items. A 50% increase seems to be quite Large but the majority of the Senate seer de to feel that is was proper and the Bill passed rather easily. New corf if Tori to slow conty we tax new autos Royce c. Toenjes Ireton Honda. Ray Van detest Sioux Center Chevrolet. John d. Stegemann Boyden Ford. James Thomas Streff Alton Pontiac. William or Ruth Heubrock Hawarden Mazda. Loucella Barents Ireton Ford. Duane or Rebecca Woodward Hull. Dat Sun. Robert Dekker Ireton Chrysler. Gordon Brink Orange City Ford. James Leroy Mulder Sioux Center Chevrolet. Bernie Postma Sioux Center chevre Henrietta Beernink Maurice Chevrolet Gerrit j. Van de Stowe Fairview Chevrolet. Daniel de Ruyter. Sioux Center Ford. Peter William de Yager Hull Mercury. Quad states ind., Orange City Olds. Northwest implement co., Orange City Chrysler. Dale w. Or Ruth Stover Hospers Ford. Dennis Fiihr Boyden Chevrolet. Dale Kock Rock Valley Ford. New trucks Hein Van der Schaaf Sioux Center International. Farmers Coop society Sioux Center Fri Speren feed & Grain co., Hospers Jake Van de Stowe Hull Ford. Dennis Filer Boyden. Chevrolet. Fan disco enterprises inc., Orange City Dale appliance Hawarden Ford. Paul m. Lubbers Hospers Ford. Edward m. Rozeboom Sioux Center � Bernard or John b. Reinders Orange City Ford. Marvin r. Pruismann Rock Valley Home sales Sioux Center Chevrolet. Jack l. Or Lorraine Ellis Sioux Center Chevrolet. Herbert John Remmerde Rock Valley Chevrolet. Harry Dick Hoekstra Maurice Chevrolet. Heln Vander Schaaf Sioux Center Chevrolet. Soo fertilizer inc., Hawarden inter National. Edwin j. Or Charlotte Meyer Ireton Chevrolet. Harold f. Heuer Rock Valley Chevrolet. Fred de Jong Hull Chevrolet. Soo preme pkg. Co., Sioux Center Chevrolet. Leslie l. Vander Weide Sioux Center Dodge. Laurence Jay ver Steeg Ireton Ford. Duane or Linda Terpstra Hawarden Chevrolet. John Broek Orange City Ford. Doornink rendering Sioux Center Ford. John Wiechers Hawarden International. Jack l. Borchers Hawarden Chevrolet. John j. Or Janice r. Kuiper Hospers Chevrolet. John Franklin Serr Sioux Center Ford. The Iowa College foundation of which Dort College is a member is the recipient of a $4,200 Grant from the new York life it Durance company new York. The Grant is to be shared by 25 colleges that make up the membership of the foundation. Local representative of the new York company is Irvin Mouw More than 3,500 Are enrolled know your Bible join the by or lung in the free Union Horn Bibl study course by mall. For ump a on and your Nam and Addran to know your Bible Box 306. Sioux Conur. Iowa 5125o Jon can t Fly away vacations never get off the ground when you re Short of Cash. And it in t much fun when you come Home to Bills. For a pleasant flight away from it All open a vacation club account at our Bank now and enjoy later. Start your vacation plans from scratch at the wide awake Bank. Flu wide awake vacation dub makes it All so easy or helping is our business first National Bank member Odic Sioux Center

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