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Sioux Center News Newspaper Archives Jun 29 1977, Page 1

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Sioux Center News (Newspaper) - June 29, 1977, Sioux Center, Iowa Norfe West binding co. 5020 Prescott ave. Lincoln neb. 68506 weather report. Order supervisors to reinstate employees by Kerry Kircher an arbitrator s decision received june 14, has ordered Sioux county to reinstate with full Back pay two secondary Road department employees Laid off dec. 31, 1976 for alleged economic however in a special session Friday the Board of supervisors directed assistant county attorney Harold Postma to proceed with an Appeal of the decision to District court. Arbitrator Lloyd r. Fraker of Lincoln nebr., said in a one Page report unadorned with much explanation or Legal reasoning that Bernard Schiefen of Hawarden and Dan grooters of Orange City were Laid off in violation of the contract Between the parties and directed that they receive Back pay minus any earnings they May have had in the interim and minus unemployment  compensation payments that they May have received during that Schiefen and grooters Are members of local 1774 of the american federation of state county and municipal employees of some. At the May 12 arbitration hearing in Orange City they contended through of some general counsel Ray Conley of Des Moines that their layoffs violated article 12, Section 9 of the Union contract with the county. That clause reads employees shall be Laid off in the inverse order of their seniority and ability As determined by the the county maintained that seniority applies to Crews within the secondary Road department while the Union argued that it applies to the Road department As a whole. Schiefen and grooters worked on one of two county Bridge Crews the county also has five District Crews at the time of their layoffs. County Engineer Orville Dorschner testified at the hearing that the county could not afford two Bridge Crews and decided in december to abolish the one on which Schiefen and grooters worked after comparing the two Crews by seniority and although the arbitrator s report apparently vindicates the Union s position on the seniority Issue it does not do so in so Many words. Coupled with the report s Lack of directions for implementation of the decision the failure to clarify seniority prompted the Board Friday to consider seeking a judicial remedy. The supervisors were unanimous in condemning the report. Chairman Bernard Smith of Hawarden said it s an interpretation of the contract . The seniority clause that not Only we can t live with but the men can t live with he expressed fear echoed by others that if seniority is applied to the Road department As a whole when a Layoff does occur men will be bumping those below them on the seniority list All Over the county. Smith compared it to the Railroad system in which a Laid off employee is allowed to take the Job of any Man below him on the seniority list a bumped employee allowed to replace another below him and so on. Complicating the matter is the Board s current policy that employees in the five District shops live in the towns in which they work so As to be near their equipment during emergencies Sioux Center supervisor Arie Schimmel was Adamant in supporting an Appeal to District court. We have no Choice but to go to court on this thing he said. Postma criticized the arbitrator for incompetence. He the arbitrator never addressed the issues. He just flipped a Coin and Bingo he said. Postma added that at this Point we Don t even know How to comply even if we were to i the Crux of the problem is reinstatement. Schiefen was rehired to the remaining Bridge Crew april 12. However grooters has worked at another Job since his Layoff and although the Board is mandated to rehire him the report does not specify How. Grooters old position no longer exists and although he has seniority Over seven District crewmen he does not have seniority Over anyone in the remaining Bridge Crew nor Over anyone in the Alton District shop. The Board rejected the idea of creating a position for him to comply with the arbitrator a decision. Grooters was unavailable for comment while the Board directed Postma to meet with special counsel Gerald Kraai of Sioux City and to proceed with an Appeal it is not certain whether a court Appeal is a Legal recourse for the county. Of some attorney Conley contacted by phone sunday said there is no Appeal. The Beauty of the arbitration concept is that both sides agree before hand to accept the decision As final and Conley said occasionally arbitration decisions Are overturned on grounds such As fraud malice and irregularity of procedure and he said perhaps the county would question the competence of the arbitrator Fraker is nearly 90 and hard of hearing however since they did t object until the decision was in i suppose the first thing Kraai will Tell them the supervisors is that they re crazy he added. Kraai was unavailable for comment. The supervisors also expressed fear that changing the arbitrator s interpretation of the seniority clause by renegotiating the contract the current contract expires july 1978--would Cost the county dearly because of a weakened bargaining position. It will Cost a lot to get this decision out of the contract Smith said. Fraker s Bill came to $976, half of which will a paid by each party. In a related development the trial Date for a personal liability lawsuit filed in Federal District court in March by of some has been continued indefinitely. The lawsuit originally scheduled to be tried july 6, charges Sioux county s supervisors and the Engineer with an unconstitutional pattern of Union busting activities. Conley said attorn ies in the Case Are having problems with the credibility of Van Berkel decides against re election school Board sets nomination dates the 1977 school Board election will be held on tuesday september 13, which is still a Long Way of.", but it is time that the paperwork prior to that election is set to go. Nomination papers May be secured from Irvin Mouw Secretary to the Board of education and can be filed with him anytime Between monday july 11 and thursday August 4. Two positions on the Sioux Center Community school Board of education will be up for election on september 13. These will be for director districts no. 4 and no. 1. Director District no. 4 includes All of the Rural area North of the Kroon s Corner Blacktop no. B40, and West of Highway 75, while director District no. 1 includes All of the area within the City limits and North of 2nd St. . Candidates must reside within the director District but they Are elected by All voters at Large. Currently or. Severt Van Berkel represents director District no. 4, and or. Howard Beernink represents director no. 1. Or. Van Berkel has announced that he will not be a candidate for re election while Bedell opposes water projects arguing that they cannot be. Justified on economic or environmental grounds. Congressman Berkley Bedell voted to terminate funding for 17 water projects yesterday. Bedell supported president Carter s request that the project be Cut from the budget this year. Though the Effort was unsuccessful the sixth District congressman said he was pleased by the closeness of the 194 to 218 vote. Terming the projects pork barrel As usual Bedell said they May have political mileage for individual congressmen but cannot be justified in terms of Overall National spending priorities. Because of interest in Northwest Iowa Over the Oahe irrigation project in South Dakota Bedell said he has made a thorough study of the project to assess its merits. My first reaction was scepticism As to whether it makes sense to spend $500 million to irrigate 600 farms when Many midwestern Farmers Are already suffering from Low Grain prices due to overproduction when a majority of the Farmers affected by the project do not support it and when the project would decrease the volume of electricity at a time when the country is Short on Energy he argued in a floor speech. My research has borne out my initial Bedell said the Oahe project would irrigate land Over half of which May be too Saline for production according to soil experts. He argued that completion of the Oahe should adversely affect the water level in the Missouri downstream from the dam disrupting Barge traffic and Cooling for conventional Power plants in the Sioux City area. He argued that the government would be or. Howard Beernink has announced that he will be seeking the seat once again in september. Or. Van Berkel will be vacating the Post after serving a total of six 6 years two Anrce 3 year terms. During his terms on the Board the planning for the . High building was started and the building completed and occupied. Or. Howard Beernink will be seeking his fourth three 3 year term having first come on the Board in 1968. His term has been an integral part of planning and completing the present facilities. Spending some $735,655 per farm for the 60s farms benefiting from the project. This direct subsidy for a Small group of Farmers raises significant questions about the Wisdom and equity of the project he said. Lions club learns of seeing Eye program at the meeting of the Sioux Center Lions club tuesday noon Henry Vande Berg from Orange City spoke to the local Lions concerning the Leader dog program training of dogs for Blind people. Henry has one of these dogs and told exactly How the four week training program was handled to acquaint him with his dog. This program is funded by Lions clubs of the United states. The next meeting of the Lions will be tuesday july 5, at 6 30 . I monies discussed Ria general Synod elect missionary to up 1 by Dennis Durband continued from last week. Wednesday action after the theological commission reported on wednesday morning it was voted to criticize the Devine principle of Rev. Sun Syung Moon and to affirm that All believers have the gift of the holy spirit yet should Pray for it earnestly. It also asked the Ria to study for a year the possibility of allowing baptized children to receive communion. Prior to officially joining the Church. Commenting on that Virg Rowenhorst president of Northwestern College said the Synod is assuming its responsibility to All the Many things that Are happening Here and of course As it related to this bit of action i think the Synod responded correctly in being very cautious in making any definite decision and is asked to work at this for a while before there being any definite the chaplain s commission report resulted in the deduction that this commission is no longer As effective As it should be and because of changes made within the chaplaincies it was recommended to disperse this commission by the end of 1978. It will no longer hold status As general Synod business. More involvement in the Overall business of the Church was urged rather than segregating specialized chaplains. The Synod voted 145 to 90 in favor of requesting Congress to pass legislation Banning the manufacture and Sale of handguns for personal use. It urged Church members to Render their handguns inoperable and encouraged the Church to seek refinement and enforcement of present handgun control legislation. Women of the reformed Church met at the first reformed Church to hear two special speakers is. Christy John general Secretary of the women s Fellowship of the Church of South India and mrs. Arvella Schuller the wife of Rev. Robert Schuller of the Garden Grove California Community Church. Thursday action at its morning session on june 16th, the general Synod of the reformed Church in America elected the Rev. Albertus g. Bossenbroek As its president for the coming year. This 171st session of the highest judicial body of the denomination has been meeting at Sioux Center Iowa. Or. Bossenbroek has for the past 14 years been the executive Secretary of the Synod of York. He was elected on the second ballot. He was born in Alto Wisconsin and grew up in that state. He received his undergraduate degree from Hope College in Holland Michigan and completed his theological training at Western theological Seminary also in Holland. Since his ordination he has served churches in Guilderland Center York Chatham York and Hastings on the Hudson York. The Rev. Harvey Hoekstra who with his wife Lavina served Many years As a missionary in Africa was elected vice president of general Synod for the same term. Between 1948 and the present time they have been involved in missionary work first in the Sudan and More recently in Ethiopia. Their most recent activity was in translating the testament into the language of the people with whom they worked and developing a cassette ministry implemented by the pilots of the May. They Are in this country working with portable recording ministries inc. He passed election on the fourth ballot. Or. Hoekstra received his education at Hope College and Western theological Seminary. Graduate work was taken at Scarritt and Peabody colleges and Hartford and Fuller seminaries. Bossenbroek spoke on his dreams for the Ria my dreams for the reformed Church Are entered largely around the program of Church growth being sponsored by the general program Council. When i say Church growth i m thinking primarily of a deepening our relationship with Jesus Christ. We have projected a great program and i believe that we can succeed with it. We can do whatever we design to do. This we have decided. We have Many plans on paper to Start congregations in old areas to Start churches in areas to increase our membership in the City in the Small towns. I believe that a Success in achievement in this area will be great for the reformed Church in America. It will give us continued on Page 8 faculty announced for Sioux Center school District the school Board of Sioux Center Community school met in regular session last week monday june 20. Superintendent reported on staff members hired for the 1977-78 school year. Resume of teachers the faculty for the Sioux Center Community schools is Complete for the 1977-78 school year. A total of four people have been hired. Following is a Short resume of each miss Dee Schryver third Grade replacing mrs. Doris Kuipers miss Schryver is a native of Sibley Iowa having graduated from High school there in 1971. She attended . Missouri University Worthington Community College Mankato state University and graduated from Sioux Falls College in 1976. She did her practice teaching in the Harvey Dunn elementary school in Sioux Falls . This will be her first teaching position. Or. Robert Mars fifth Grade replacing mrs. Kay newel or. Mars originally comes from Orange City Iowa and graduated from the Maurice Orange City Community schools in 1969. He then at. Dutch ambassador enjoys lunch an honorary lunch was held Friday for the dutch ambassador and Bis wife the utter fete conducted at the Dort College commons. Pm Ifft . Elinor Bedell ambassador Sioux tended Northwestern College and graduated from there in 1974. He did his student teaching in the Sutherland Community schools and then remained there to teach for the following two years. He then moved to Iowa Falls Iowa and taught there this past year. Or. Mars is married to the former Susan Mouw also of Orange City and they have one child a son Matthew. Miss Patricia Zwagerman Elemen tary Art replacing miss Edith Shee Haan miss Zwagerman is a 1968 graduate of the Maurice Orange City Community High school. She attended Iowa state University in Ames and graduated from North Western College of Orange City in 1973. She has previously lived and worked in Phoenix Arizona and the past semester was employed As a playground supervisor in the Sioux Center Community schools. She did her practice teaching in the Sioux City Community school. This will be her first full time teaching position. In this position she will work half time in the Sioux Center Community schools and half time in the Rock Valley Community schools. Mrs. Leanne Mouw learning disabilities teacher or. High replacing or. Steve Albrecht mrs. Mouw is a native of Sioux Center having graduated from the Sioux Center Community schools in 1971. She attended Iowa state University and graduated from there in 1975, since her graduation she has served As a learning disabilities room teacher in the Nevada Iowa Community schools. She is Narried to James Mouw also from Sioux Center who will be entering the practice of. Veterinary Medicine in Sioux Center. Sioux Center High school still needs a learning disabilities teacher but does not expect to find one for next school year. The Motorola company made a presentation on cd radios for school buses but the school Board did not regard them essential and therefore did not Purchase them. Bids were accepted for the Sale of a 1968 Chevrolet school bus. The bus was sold to Saft liner of Des Moines which put in a bid of ,050. Correspondence from the school s insurance company revealed that the school will no longer be covered for using trampolines and mini tramps. That caused Sioux Center s school Board to decide to sell the schools tramps. Bids will be due on july 13. The Board approved a title i Reading improvement program and signed a compliance form from Section 504 of the disabilities act which promises that the school will not discriminate in hiring the handicapped. The Board took no action on two items which will again be discussed in future meetings equipment for the care of grounds and secretaries salaries. Dutch co act on at Dort the dutch memorial collection located at the Dort College Library has recently received a copy of the dutch Emigrant records expanded edition compiled by or. Robert p. Swierenga of Kent state University history department at Kent Ohio. Area news in Brief Rock rapids Grants totalling $22,100 to Young people in the Community for educational programs have been announced by trustees of Murray Trust. The Grants were Given to 51 students for this coming school year. Orange City or. , Bakker ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of the kingdom of the Netherlands to the Usa was honoured at an open House thursday evening in Orange City. Bakker was touring this predominantly dutch area and made Orange City a Stop at the urging of mayor Robert Dunlop. Hawarden the Man who has been the City s fire chief he past five years has been honoured by a fire fighters publication fire information service. Mose v. Hendricks is a 20-Ycar member of the Hawarden fire department and a member of the Iowa firemen s association and the Iowa society of fire service instructors As Well As the Sioux county firemen s association. Be Mars voters Here have Defeated a proposal to construct a jail Center by the scant margin of eight votes 937 no to 929 yes a simple majority was required to pass. The proposal called for the spending of $250,000 from Federal Revenue sharing funds to build the Center at the site of the present county courthouse. Alton Alton plans to celebrate on the fourth of july this year. Scheduled Are a baked Good auction by the Jaycee ettes a tug of War games a Jaycee food stand a firemen s water fight at 3 30, and a baseball game Between Alton and Remsen at 8 . Inwood Inwood voters approved franchises for Iowa Public service company to operate the City s Gas and electric businesses for the next 25 years. Approval was obtained from a special election held june 21. Rock Valley Peoples Bank and Trust celebrated its grand opening last thursday ground was broken for the building located on Highway 18, last october and Joe Van Tol of Doon was appointed president in March. Several prizes were Given away during the grand opening. Hull the Street paving project Here has been completed at a Cost of More than $10,000 less than the estimate of the engineering firm of the project the 2234-foot paving project co Jet jul a under $95,000, but was projected to run. Slightly Oyer $105,000. Mid West or casting of Orange City handled the construction work

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