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Sioux Center News Newspaper Archives Jul 21 1955, Page 1

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Sioux Center News (Newspaper) - July 21, 1955, Sioux Center, Iowa Volume 44 number m Cinter of Sioux Iowa official City and county newspaper july 1955 fathers Arent All of but we All have one thing in and that is what a Brilliant statement May be some of us think our children Are a Little brighter and a Little More talented than somebody but sometimes i think dads do less bragging on that score than mothers the reason May be that fathers dont see As much of their children and so they Are slower to come to any conclusions about but Ive noticed that dads be come More inclined to brag when their youngsters become a Little older and Are Able to do More the other Day i heard a father brag about his boys fish ing another told about the industriousness of his boy in boastful and Only last week i heard a father telling a group of other men about the Way his daughter has Learned to Shes of a regular fish in the he mothers Start bragging when the child is a baby and quit Only when there Are grandchildren to brag this i believe is True in All and maybe its Only human but parenthood is a great institution that has a booming future from now into and it is wonderful that children can have mothers and fathers that think so much of few children realize until they Are grown up themselves How much love their mothers and fathers have for they take some of that for granted when they Are Small and Seldom have reason to doubt their parents after serving 50 years in Sioux Center c Aue will retire immigrant from Holland started As boy custodian and Rose to serve As president of same Bank after working his Way up from a boy custodian to Bank presi Dent and serving the same Bank for 50 Fred Aue will retire next week and will turn Over Many of his routine duties to his associates at the first National Bank in simply going to take life a Little he said last and i want to see a Little More this great country Aue will retain his title As Bank president but he will step out of his daily he will also retain his position on the Board of his retirement is effective at the end of this my heart will always be with this he but in not going to be Here every Day any arrived in wooden shoes Fred aues life history is typically he arrived in the United states from hol land in a pair wooden he was one of five children in an immigrant family that settled we have three and each is quite a different i divid one daughter will throw her arms around my neck after Ive Tow her a Story she liked especially Well and give me a big the other daughter is More Likely to throw her arms around my give me a kiss on the and can we go to the Frostie House daddy the hug comes before the treat with our son is still rather a predict but in one thing he never in the at noon and at night he always Waits until in half Way to the car before shout ing to me to come Back and kiss being the baby of the he seems to enjoy this bit of affection most and i Seldom get a Way without pecking him on the and no mat Ter Long my whiskers May they never seem to bother he can take a bristly Peck or a smooth some weeks ago a Little feature of fathers that i got quite a chuckle from appeared in the daily Pap ers and id Uke to pass it on this its a series of Brief Para graphs written by children on Why they like their these in in the kids original were submitted in the Milwaukee sentinels my pops tops con test held this ill Guaran tee at least a couple of chuckles from Here they go he lets me take Cordine he lets me practice when i practice out Side he goes he can Tel belter from a in As and has steadily first in Colorado but moved to Sioux Center a few months later in Fred attended school Here and graduated from High school in a month later he began working at the first National Bank for a a wage that his father thought was too High in View of the fact that he was learning a As time went on he was promoted to assistant Ca and in 1946 he reached the top position in the Bank and has served in that capacity for the past nine during his Long and Active service with the Aue served the Community in num Erous other he was chairman of three Bond drives in world War helped with the Myca during the same in Praise of his the Resolution is printed in full below whereas Aue has served this Bank for the past fifty starting As a Young boy climbed the ladder until he was elected president of the Bank in and has so served until this and for fifty years has continuously served this institution and served it be ing vigilant in the Trust that was placed in his he has always held High the standards of business which is evidenced by fifty years of continuous uninterrupted service of the his personal stand Ards were lofty and worthy of we will miss his counsel and advice As an Active officer of the Bank and we Are Happy that he is retaining some of his holdings and will continue to serve As a member o the Board of now therefore be it resolved by the Board o directors of the first National Bank of Sioux Siou in regular meet no assembled this 28th Day o that we express our Heartfelt thanks to a for his Many years of faithful 30 he dont spoil he spoils my sister wow is she he can fix the wac Hami the thing is All the time pop always finds time to read the comic Book to my Little brother Why even if Jackie goes to sleep ahead of time my pop reads the comic to what i think is my pop likes to read comic every child should love their father because if it was not for their father where would they be that where they if it was not for fathers you would it see hardly no children a round i know More about it than most kids when i say my pop is other kids have their first father but were on our third one and for More than years he served As sunday school teacher at the first Christian reformed he was also treasurer in the Church for Many years and for More than 20 years served As Secre tar treasurer of the Community cemetery association land of Opportunity life in America and these 50 years in Aue says with deep have con Vinced him that there is no other country in the world like the United where a boy can Start out with nothing Anc work his Way up to a position that will provide him and his family with a comfortable Liv that is just As True today As it was 50 years he says there Are countless opportunities for Young men who Are willing to work and Aue was Given Recagni Tion for his 50 years of banking service a few weeks ago by the Sioux county Bankers association and More recently by the Board of directors and employees of his own Bank when a special Resolution was passed service that him on his we congratulate successful Caree coming to America As an Immi Grant child from the nether lands and climbing to the presidency of this Bank that is our sincere wish and Praye that together with or May enjoy life in Hall and strength for Many years a a Reward of his faithful serv and be it further resolved that a copy this Resolution be spread Upo the minutes of the Board of that a copy be mailed to that a copy be published in the Sioux Center news and that a suitable por trait of Aue be placed in the signed chair Man of the George de Maurice the Vernon and the Board of the employees the join with the Board of directors in the above Resolution and express our sincere appreciation to Aue for his Long and continuous Eda Wilma Frances Lyla Hars Anna Mae Ella Lorn in county hassling out much of the Corn in Sioux coun y had reached the hassling stage y late last week and was making rigorous growth under warm Sun Hine and with frequent temperatures continued in the High 80s and 90s through last Veck and nights were local observers Are beginning to predict in Early Corn Harvest and another Ligh yielding most that it May be a Little of Early to speculate on the qual to and vacation edition this is your vacation Edi Tion of the its not Large and it Doest contain a lot of late but it meets the requirements set Forth by the Post office department for a second class mailing per which requires 52 mail Ings a the publication of Vaca Tion editions by weekly Pap ers has become a popular practice since the War and More and More weeklies Are doing it year after it is about the Only Way a weekly can give each of its staff Mem Bers a vacation and still main Tain an uninterrupted publication we ask your indulgence this one week out of the year when your hard working news Force takes time out for a Little Well earned Redrea Well be Back next week to bring you a Complete news paper with the usual late hour news that subscribers have Learned to expect in the Sioux Center my pop never talks Back to my but when she gets after him to Moe the Lawn pop will say that he is sick and needs to Lay Down and he could any son have a greater pop than this when my pop was a Little boy he used to go to the grocer a Little girl there Al ways gave him out a big sour Dill Pickle which later turned out to be my when children forget to close the doors in the Winter we Tell them there letting the cold in in the summer its flies they let in but wed certainly miss some thing any time of the year if we didst have children around to be let bless there such an important segment of our Popula but its probably a Lucky thing they dont realize tall Corn Corner ear belonging to Arie Bomgaars of Orange City results of collision a till Corn Corner on gravel Road Southeast of Accident happened thursday but no was seriously by the news Hull youth leaves for boys nation at Nelson son of mrs Cynthi Oostenink of Lef by train yesterday to attend boy nation in from july 22 to he went from Hul to where he joined othe boys from Western states in the trip to the the other Iowa boy designate to attend boys nation is Earl a of mount Earl served a governor of the 1955 Hawkey boys state in the boys will be housed on the Campus of the University of Mary College the Iowa boys will join to boys from each of the other state which participate in the boys Slat Only two boys from each state Are permitted to attend boy during boys the boys will visit the White House and president the Penta the state the the supreme naval Academy at Ainapo and Many historic shrines in and around d Nelson received a letter from senator Bourke Hickenlooper in which the senator invited Nelson to have lunch with both senator Martin and himself on july because of the heavy schedule the boys will this would be the Only free time they would have for such an Many of the people in the Hull Community gathered at the rail Way station to give the Young lad a sendoff and wish him pleasant trip to body shop grand opening set for saturday Library gaining popularity As Board Steps up purchasing of new other materials the use of the books in the Sioux Center Public Library has More than tripled in the past two years and hundreds of new books and reference volumes have been added to the with More and More books being added the Library is becoming More popular with girls softball game planned for july 26 the first girls game of the sea son will be held at the softball Diamond tuesday july when a group of local girls will meet another girls they will meet at and the second game will be played by Carmel and the yellow tomorrow evening the indians will tangle with Rock Valley in the first game and the Nightcap will be played by Hull and the cd due to the Early deadline it is impossible to report any details on the girls game but an evening of Fine entertainment is e Grotenhuis cuts Range City Down with 21 strikeouts scoring 11 runs in the seventh Sioux Center ripped the id Oft the game with Orange City and wrapped up a 151 Victory Here thursday it was a big night for Pitcher s the he struck out 21 batters and allowed Only two and to make his record even More Brilliant he socked out four singles himself to help pave the Way for the smashing Indian Vic Lehudis did the Orange City scored its Only run in the first and the indians didst get going until the Secor when they brought in a sixth inning rally brought in an other and then the fire works came in the Ken de Vos was credited will two singles and a three Bagger while Sandbulte made the Sam kind of a this was Sioux centers last regular game with Orange the indians will play Akron there tonight and will play their next Home game against Remsen Here tuesday both Are classed As Good six escape serious injuries in first tall Corn crash six persons in two automobiles escaped with hardly a scratch late thursday afternoon when the two vehicles collided on a gravel Road intersection three Miles South and one East of Sioux visibility was reduced by tall Corn on two of the Arie Bomgaars of Orange Driver of the one car suffered a few strained Muscles after being thrown from his and Stanley Siebersma of Orange who was driving the second suffered skin abrasions on one none of her four Small children suffered serious Siebersma was driving North at about and Bomgaars was going East when the two vehicles damage to both cars was the Accident was investigated by sheriff Havy first reformed plans special event All present and former members of the Christian Endeavor society of the first reformed Church of Sioux with their Hus bands and Are cordially invited to attend the Christianen Deavor meeting sunday july at the meeting will be in charge of former Irvin de Vos and Art Van Ries partners in the new North Side body shop in Sioux Center announced this week their Gram opening which has been set for Friday and they will serve Coffee and doughnuts All saturday the two Young proprietors opened in their new building late in june after buying out the Sioux body shop from Clarence ver Hoef and Gary they Are equipped to do Complete body and fender alignment work and Glass the new build ing is located on North main Aven 25 Are enrolled in korean vets farm class Here Twentyfive men Are enrolled in the korean veterans institutional nonfarm training class started Here july most Are from the immediate Vicinity of Sioux Center and other nearby under the instruction of Max the class holds regular meetings in the Voca agriculture the institutional on farm raining program is designed to create improved practices and greater Eloc Cincy in general livestock crop Arm farm safety Arm and Home Agri cultural economics and credit and farm management Are some of the areas to be covered Dur no the almost three years of a total of 16 hours o classroom instruction and 8 hours of individual on farm instruction per month Are minimum each Man in order to be eligible for in has full management and operational control of i farming Enterprise which take up his full men enrolled in and under taking this educational program Are Tony John Meen John theron j and Richard Van Reg All of Sioux Center John Harol Milton Sandbulte and ring Roc Valley John will Marvin Mey and James Boyden Loroy Gcorge Morris netting Hull Leonard Elme Van Elmer vender Pla Hawarden John de Jon and Vernon Orange City John Sheldon James Hospers Ralph and Merrit Vonk of we regret we regret very much that a few news including one wedding missed our Early deadline last these will be held Over for publication next gaining in popularity month by month it Sioux centers Public Library pictured top photo a general View of the Library with Well filled in the second picture one of the Library Harriet skips through a Book that looks in librarian de Mots and her Barbara was Are shown at the desk in the Bottom an average of More than 600 books Are being borrowed monthly Many of which new and current Best by the news Perkins station to hold grand opening Dean new operator of the Perkins Korner Oil company at the Junction of highways 75 and announced thais week his grand opening event which will be held Friday and july 22 and at the continued on Back Page women group sings every monday at Center singing every monday can be that what a group of women who practice at the Sioux Center town Hall each week and Treyve issued a special Appeal for other women to join it is published below As follows a Blue monday of we Start the week happily by singing every that is the expression of the 30 members of the Sioux county woman it is surprising How soon it becomes a habit and then is really easy to break away on a and Al so is very Good for How about More of you ladies joining us every monday at in the Sioux Center town Hall if you enjoy singing and appreciate Good mus we feel sure that this will be an afternoon Well Leon hogged is our very capable director and Gerrit everyone is Wel come regardless of Church or club town or we have ladies from Holland West Grant and How about other town ships our next program will be at the county fair and then at the state do pay us a both children and located in the basement the Bank it is a Cool Retreat Cor summer proved by the record of withdrawals in More than 675 books were loaned out in while the total for january was Only Sioux Center Doest have a Large Public Library and its space is but it has enjoyed a booming business since about two years ago when Public attention was attracted by a report that the Library Board had shrunk to two or three the Council promptly appointed a now Board and allotted More Money for the Purchase of new new Board the now Board reviewed the Library needs and began study ing lists of books that members Felt were they wrote to other libraries in surrounding asking for advice on Vari Ous volumes that they believed should be added then they began More than too new books have Oen added since books for every age group and almost every on the adult list 334 new volumes have been placed on the and 275 new child Ren and juvenile books have gone onto the this has inc runs 3d substantially the interest and traffic in the the Board also decided to sub scribe to More magazines and swelled substantially the number of periodic publications coming in among the magazines now available arc National popular Mech saturday evening a Merican american sports readers i Good radio and boys my chum and Jack and while the present Library composed of Louis Bert Byron Richard Edna miss Evelyn Cecelia de Narine to vol Trup and Marie makes no pretence of having All books that arc asked for in the i the Board does feel that Long strides have been made to Ward bringing it up to a better level of during the summer months miss Janice Vermeer is conducting the weekly Story hour for children every Friday from 10 to 11 she is doing this As a voluntary service and has a group of regu Lar listeners who come each de Mots is the librarian and Barbara Wassenaar is her As during the summer months the Library hours Are As follows tues 4 to 5 to 4 to 5 and 3 to 5 and to 9 Sioux National to pay dividend a 12 percent dividend payment was announced by the Sioux National farm loan association of Orange City this nearly 200 Farmer stockholders of the cooperative credit Organiza Tion in Sioux county will receive checks totalling eve report the payment was made possible by a dividend which the association received from the Federal land Bank of Evenson the Sioux owned entirely by local Farmers and is one of 167 National farm loan associations which own the capital Stock of the Omaha land directors of the association Are Julius de Orange president Gerrit or Ange City Henry Vande Hull Edward Ireton and Hans Cadet band will make appearance at band concert Here next wednesday to be featured with the regu Lar band next week will be the Cadet band playing four or five the concert will Start at 8 wednesday at the band Shell in the the Complete drawn up Well in Advance of the concert is listed As follows program Shelby Noel Washington Post March Sousa Sandra overture Holmes Stout hearted men Romberg Beautiful Garden of fill Moro Hall of Fame concert Olivadoti songs of Faith selection of hymns Scott on the mall red skin ramble Walters colonel miners Rosenkrans National Anthem

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