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Sioux Center News Newspaper Archives Jan 13 1955, Page 1

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Sioux Center News (Newspaper) - January 13, 1955, Sioux Center, IowaSometimes we must overhear our childrens conversations to recognize a truth about ourselves that Hud scarcely entered our minds before the other evening i heard our youngest daughter say to the older one daddy to babysit with us Toni lit Arent you glad my first reaction was a secret chuckle then i realized that these children of ours have become so used to having someone else come in to take care of them when their Mother is out for an evening that they Call their father a Babysitter when he happens to be Home one night my work demands too Many evenings at the office or away from Home some at two dont Sec my children at Center of Sioux county Iowa House House canvass High band c i i f in i planned ror March of dimes now wednesday at o c getting underway Here a thorough House House Campaign for March of dimes funds got underway this week in Sioux Center according to chairman Ger official City and county newspaper High school class of 54 Grad gets red Cross position Sau the first of the started making their Calls k s monday and that by the end of the week most of the others will be out Bosch reminded the Public thai Sioux centers quota is again this year and that All when they Are awake i get in n Early eat my breakfast before wil1 Feure the help of they Are awake and dont return until shortly after noon a Quick meal then and one at 6 gives me my Only contacts with them until Long after they have gone to sleep when i slip in and smack them on their Cheeks before flicking the lights off no wonder they Call me a Babysitter if i spend an evening with Thorn fortunately their Mother has a More orderly life i Hope he Day never comes when she is drawn a Way from Home so much they be Gin calling her a Babysitter also automobile dealers have nothing to fear in 1955 according to the head of a Large finance company he pointed out recently that 8 million automobile instalment contracts were paid up in 1954 and that 11 million More contracts will mature in 1955 he Points out that these people who have been Mak ing regular payments on cars Are prospects for new cars this year add to them a few million who Al ways pay Cash for new ears and you have quite a big list of prospects Tryone to reach this much of the Success the House canvass he said figure of the drive depends on the Housetop he also invited organizations that want to help with any kind of a program to Contact him for a discussion of plans he said he would Welcome any assistance of this kind meanwhile he announced the names of the team captains and a number of the who will help with the Campaign they Are listed As follows Irv Mouw Captain mrs h Boeyink mrs de mrs e de Vos o Kinsey Loyd ver Meer Arie Verrips mrs John g Vande Berg mrs Martin Sneller mrs Clarence Vanden Berg mrs Douwe Vande Berg Jake Moeller Barb Boeyink Vera Mouw mrs Nick Van Marel mrs Lloyd Ross Vernon workers after 15 straight indians move into big league Friday the Sioux Center indians chalked Victory up their tuesday 15th straight night on the Home floor by totally demoralising Hartley 92 to 44 it was the local clubs game from the opening whistle the Hartley win followed an uneven game with Hospers on Friday night when the indians built up a Quick Lead in the first Quarter and continued to expand it during the remaining three Hospers fell 8250 because of a sprained ankle Sioux centers big Center Kraayenbrink did not play the first half but his absence was not miss Hendrine Kosters a Gradus ale of the Sioux Center High j u schoo class of 54 and daughter All High school bands in Sioux of or and mrs Henry Kosters of county will participate in Leit Friday by train from1 Sioux county band festival at 7 a Wax cily new win p m wednesday Jan 19 at or As a teletype opera Snga City it has been announced i for the american red Cross at prominent Orange City Man first county Auto victim one of the highlights of the eve1 Ning will be the performance Given by a massed band made up of players from every school this Large unit will be directed by Leo Kleinski conductor of the Sioux City symphony orchestra this is expected to be one of Sioux county most colourful school events and is expected to attract a Large crowd it will be held in the Orange City town Hall bound Brook j Marcus Man Hurt Jackson Hospers Dies when car goes out of control near million Dollar Corner the Sioux Center band under of miss Kosters Institute at Omaha miss Kosters accepted the to f it ii sit Ion upon com i when car Rolls p e t i o n of at three months a 26 year old Marcus Man Ray course in Tele Simons received a Back injury Type operation i yesterday morning when his car j Jackson Hospers of Orange City prominent business Man there which she took Rolf cd Whie attempting to Stop and president of the Iowa title association was killed Early Friday at the electronic at the county Road when his car went out of control and crashed about 3a Miles South of radio television that meets three Miles Sioux Center u j Miles South i South of Sioux Center part i she planned to meet a will from Missouri at Chicago the larger units taking j girls will be employed by the the a cacti Henry Tepaske is he named vice Consul Hospers was returning alone to j his Home from a business trip in j Minnesota when the Accident of Ken Jensen takes Over local grocery store Van Wechel Sells Cash Way a Sioux Center food Market kens Cash Way passed into new Ken Van Wechel Orange City owner for the past Jensen said the store will re Tain its present name and that Many of the policies will be Coni tinted Jensen managed the store for Over the Stamen from years moving on the pebbly gravel How Orange City attorney has been apr d Toltl just try Dill log Loux n Fri l i cd local congregation Oyd Van i bad the locals held the Van Wechel for about a Al mrs Pete Rons Lead i810 4423 6533 and its opening in june 1953 later he i ot6s to Liq Holg i 8250 through the four quarters was employed at the Den Beste Bert Bartels Captain mrs Bert mrs Duits a l Case scoring was quite evenly divided on the Indian Chart Juffer was High with 17 while Scheffer mrs Orville buffing the remaining Points were split ton Asa Muilenburg mrs most of the other Ptah today Marks the beginning Fonie ver mrs Ben pol hers Hospers Goslinga dropped r t r j i 1 Nick Mcgilvra the Iowa Dairy foods festival a retail Trade promotion intended to increase the consumption of Dairy products for a 10 Day period if wed All decide now to drink an extra Glass of milk just before go ing to bed each night spread the butter just a Little thicker on our i mrs Al Terpstra mrs John c Kleene and mrs Bert Bartels miss Henrietta Schuiteman Captain George snieder Captain mrs n m punt and mrs go Steinan co captains mrs mar tin Moeller and mrs Gerrit Wandscheer co captains mrs Sioux Center won the b game 4123 in the earlier uneven contest Hartley topples with ii men accounting Sioux centers 92 Points against Hartley the Obrien county j bread at Mea keat ref tar i Ore than Cream or cheese it one or two uts mrs Anna and t0 meals each Day wed consume i mrs Dorothy Boeyink workers off Nicl of pm try it for 10 Days Start today Harvey Vemier Gerrit a if Auto manufacturers keep workers sopping up the motors of their malt Roubos Franken and Nick Vander Ploeg cars and mrs Case u11u Vilic every year they re going to Vanmuyden co captains John Nave to begin tossing in a couple i Van Horn worker 01 extra spare tires for the rear a n wheels the motors Are so power1 Ful now that these new Buee ies r Harskamp cant Back away from the Bleeker workers without spinning an eighth of an Inch of rubber off the tires and Treyve got so much getaway i Speed that the speedometer now to get them be Mink and Van Riesen looked Good on the press and Kraayenbrink used his height advantage to Snag Many a Long pass the indians led in each Noordhof had stopped at the he v Stop sign of Highway 75 where and admitted to tie bar of crosses Highway 5 and the Bosch Iowa the same year for a time he Church name members of the congregation of the second Christian reformed Church in Sioux Center voted Mon Day night to change the name of their Church to the Bethel Chris Tian reformed Church the change was favored by a i Mars Hospital but is now Back Large majority because Thev Felt j at Home that their new Choice was More City it j Deputy sheriff Ted Hoogland and Der treatment yesterday i was today by or j b j George Dunn v m j Vande Mortel nether Hospers was associated with his Maurice hands Consul general at Chicago he plan h Hospers in Afa Lyia Urice minister he win succeed t e Kay Gre Street loan and insurance Busi injured in be Mars i resigned this year i Ess 1d City he was Secre hts r t r h 1 mate Paske was born in or j of Sioux abstract co Kev Crest Bosch of Maunce Ange City May 2 1904 and receive saw visors Are the widow who received a Chest injury monday de his elementary school recently underwent heart surgery when his ear ers shed into a car j education there he attended f at Minneapolis the parents three m which or and mrs Henry Morningside College at Sioux cite i Sisters grooters of Noordhof of Orange City were ride receiving an a b degree a 1926 Peia ills Alfred Manweller ing Ine Accident occurred in be i and continued his studies at the Florences d and mrs Martin Mars University of Chicago Law school j we rfcs of Vermillion s d was graduated a j d degree in funeral services were held Mon car collided with the rear of the Noordhof vehicle both cars were headed South Rev Bosch was treated at the Day afternoon in the Orange City american reformed Church with practice Law with his Uncle the j Rev Veldman officiating he late Anthony Tepaske in Sioux j was assisted by Rev e Van Engel Center j Enhopen Rev Leroy mattress and the Pas face has taken an Active i or few Ezerman interment was a part in civic affairs he has served i the cemetery the town of Sioux Center As May be known hereafter As the Bethel j Christian reformed Church of Sioux Center Sioux county he is a member of the r Valley woman i Board Frame Captain other assistants had not been named by yesterday but would 169 High 4823 7434 and scoring men were Ufler with 20 and Vande Berg with 16 Sioux Center had full control of the boards the Indian b team had Little i be listed next week Bosch said difficulty against Hartley and he appealed to everyone to acts As a governor cant when they Are up with the rapid acceleration of the car tin the game 42 to 31 Heelan and be Mars indians will have to be i on their toes to win the next Bond quota Over one hardware Man put it this Way last week it would be easier a in Sioux county this year he claimed he haunt moved a shovel two Orange City play Heelan at tomorrow night and be Mars at be Mars next some people around Here Are stir trying to shoot these Arctic owls that Are spending the Winter with us this year according to conservation officer Gene newel these owl do a wonderful Job on Field mice but never bother thick t ens he had a wounded one a couple of Days last week before it apparently died of Buckshot Lead county for 1 955 j tuesday night Heelan has been coming up i steadily against some of the better teams in the Sioux City j area recently a double a t school Heelan boasts one of the in line with Treasury depart1 biggest clubs on the floor this recent policy of distributing the j year perhaps the largest Sioux National debt As widely As Poscente will have to face Heelan sible the nations 1955 quota for j has won four straight and will saes of United states savings i give the indians real compete Bonds series e and h has been Tion at Orange cite tomorrow l t increased to five and on half night game time is 7 Oclock e red raiders will j i i Tiv Trio ii Rel r f of Ujj Ken Jensen store Here he has been in the grocery business both As an employee and in the management end for a number of years Library to close saturday nights during the months of january and february the Public Library in Sioux Center will not be open saturday evenings it was announced this week by the Board of trustees Library hours Are from 4 to 5 p m on tuesdays and thursdays of trustees and executive n he says he plans to continue Ancl from 2 to 5 p m on Saturio offer a full Une of groceries Days fruits and vegetables at the lowest possible prices and will make Hunters Baj drove ments from him try Tea from time to time that will make for easier shopping the Transfer of ownership was effective Jan 1 although final de tails of the transaction were not completed until the Early part of this week Bull brings at Boyden Holstein auction j fort five head of registered committee of Northwestern Junior Holstein cattle were bought Quick and Academy he is also a by at the Peter Moret Sale near of the american bar Asj a Rock Valley woman was kill Boyden last week buyers came j the Iowa state bar asked and two other persons were a from As far away As rapid City Socia Tion and local bar association i Jared in a trocar collision thurs so i the View president of the Day afternoon at a intersection five Grade cows averaged the bar association for 13 on a Gravelled Road six Miles North East of sock Valley the victim was mrs Josepn de Witt 51 who was Riding in a car driven by her husband Joseph Aiso 51 the Driver of the other car was mrs t v Rogers also from near Rock Valley she was taken to a Canton s d Hospital suffering from undetermined in u j ii each and the sire sold to spies and Lien of Greattinger la for the top Heifer brought s700 and Rev h ten Clay another sold for a Heifer born last november for s290 the Moret Herd was con again a Sec Iii Mure Nero was con t t r Side red one of the Best in this part i Gran of Iowa auctioneers were Heuy in Moret of Sioux Center and Mitch Vandertuig of Primghar it costs 57200 to get a loaded b47 Jet bomber off the runway Ond time by the congregation of the first reformed Church Here again declined it was announced sunday at the Church he had been f called the first time about three j months ago raiders to meet Eagle Grove at of saturday Ida Mulder now Defeated Only twice this season i Guild Secretary of j 11 eight tuesday a cold Windy Day tuesday gave local Fox Hunters their Best bag of the season when about 80 of them made drives in the Hull area they killed eight foxes the men and boys will go out again next tuesday and plan to Ujj d f i in Wal Mese position j Sioux lond area Sale barn at All Hunters Are invited to participate Des Moines scribe gives indians Chance sports writer Brad Wilson who authors the prep Parade column m the Des Moines Register has been impressed with Sioux centers record on the Maples this season he thinks the indians Are destined to go a Long Way this season Wilson made the following comments billion dollars the 1955 quota is approx on half billion dollars j Vicau newel warns that the big White higher than 1954 sales for this contest the be Mars game about for weeks will be a owls Are protected some of us who have Laid aside Cigar ets in favor of a pipe and the braver ones who have quit smok ing entirely probably can account in pm sales dropped Ages Knockdown affair and will in 1955 is draw a huge crowd 200000 approximately teams Are still protecting lion dollars higher than total undefeated records for the sea sales of series e and h Bonds j son thus far the indians arc their Luck saturday night miss Lda Mulder local Beauty talked i 6ltljs ease Grove on the Orange operator although not City floor present for the ceremony was Eagle Grove ranks 10th on the installed As Secretary junes or de Witt suffered a fracture of the shoulder and was termed in fairly Good condition at the j Sioux Center to Hospital Coroner Haarold Jongewaard said mrs Dewitt was killed Al most instantly the body was Tak a to the Vanderploeg funeral Home at Sheldon la Highway patrolmen George Dunn of Sheldon and Craig Vin son of Rock rapids Aad Sherife Fred tonne of Lyon county investigated the crash or and mrs Dewitt would have observed their 35th wedding anniversary Friday through 1954 Charles h Tye 3ioux county and ranked at the top in the Sioux Eagle Grove ranks 10th on the j inst shed As Secretary of the have had in some time according the Best baseball shortstop state Junior College Cage list this Sioux coiffure Guild last to coach Paul Muyskens pets in that Section is a season while the raiders retain week at a banquet meeting in third position topped Only by mus the Warrior hotel cattle and Emmetsburg j miss Mulder is in Hawaii on Emmetsburg is the Only Junior a tour and was unable to at College team that has Defeated tend toe installation meeting i to in is a s has local participants be Mink 510 one of salvation army to end local funds drive this week the salvation army drive in guar purchases of Coo for the year win outcome of this contest be Only e and h Bonds Are credited toward county and state quotas the Treasury is More than Ever on purchases of savings Bonds by individual citizens Tye said in announcing the new quotas for Many years our government has urged old age assistance depending j payments made to 371 in december year school the raiders will try i to avenge this defeat next week or and when they play there this of will be broadcast by Kymn Sioux City mrs Mervyn Orange City j pm St time or another each of the Start ers has been top scorer and in one reserves include Letterman 10 Berken team nits to per cent Pas a Deadeye Junior who came sea jliluu1 there is one stick out however up from the b squad this Ron Juffer 6foot senior now play son ing his fourth year As a regular the indians also retained their sports an 18point average he hits top place in Alex Stoddard i with either hand from i i the Parent of a place 3nd pays a in the Mars Sioux averaging 80 Points per game standing Ball handler and atop this club 140 Doest have a Storball burglar while Duane Vande Hev Marion Klaaren or Over a 20point average at one Berg 62 is another rough Board of the Central reformed str inn that Nannt c c in Sioux Center presided at the dedication of the new shelter Home at the Mission at Winne Bago neb monday other speakers included Rev aalbers of the Mission and or Richard Vander Berg of new York City about a people present occasion thousand for the Iise Lynn born on the 6th both Sune rtt floor Manip were released on the 9th is 65 Dick a a total of was paid in old age assistance payments to 371 Sioux county residents in Decem this Community is being Finali Bonds but now Secretary of the i Ber if was this week by izod this and the local Treasury George m Humphrey Lac state department of social Wel committee expresses its apprec1 says that the savings Bonds pro1 far the parents averaged s59 is the ver Cornerstone of i 50 cd there is proper Public debt management Aid to needy Blind in the county amounted to s702 or an average of to each of the 10 cases Aid to dependent children totalled for 133 children the a Utcy for this cause still an Opportunity to leave contributions with Peter b Mouw treasurer red Swann Field representative has been in town this week assisting the local com Mittee in raising funds All that he collected will be credited to the local fund those on the local committee lire Martin Moeller chairman j p b Mouw treasurer and Rich Rozeboom Maurice to Punske and Ross Vernon weekly Story hour resumed at Library with the reopening of school following the Christmas holidays i the Library Story hour for All first Grade children has been resumed the Story hour is from 10 to 11 a j m saturdays rage per child was Bill Turner will talk at a bldg adult Farmers attending v night school class in the a build Nelda daughter of or and my in Sioux Center this evening mrs John will hear Bill Turner of Sheldon admitted talk on farm management in the t the Public is invited to attend the 7th these meetings which begin at Joe de wit of Doon was and and a lunch is usually served fitted week thursday John Mej on the Callister from the United petrol1 or Ane danger of m and Ikra Tyrns so has trite it f to 1 in j Pilj Nuiji Naa Morea an to fifth he Tri mrs Tom Van Asnen of Holl was admitted As a surgical patient on the 6th and was re the leased the same Day Gater of Zomermaand was As a medical patient in the was released on Down or of Eda Kroon elected to banking Assn miss Eda Kroon assistant cashier in the first National Bank of Sioux Center has recently been elected to member ship in the National association As an Accident patient j 6th and mrs Arthur Vande Eum company will talk on the uses Hoef of Maurice Are the Nar and varieties of oils and greases j cats of a daughter Arlis sue i born on the 7th both i released on the Lith mrs Herb keel was admitted i i As a surgical patient on the 10th social Security Man at o c thursday Ity office will House in Orange cite surgical patient on the Lith be m the court and w3s released the same Dav r at 9 thursday Kent son of or and mrk aviation Vries and mrs Jake Heemstra of Orange City were in charge of the open House refresh ments were served Many from this area attended the response from the re formed churches has been so great that the build ing is already debt free Bank women is comprised of for benefits and to Ivy inform it As More than 2000 women holding Tion 1uh executive positions in National j age and Sun ivors pro saving Banks and Trust j Sursi me Ion Carmel Church elects i new officers tues the annual congregational business meeting of the Carmel Church was held tuesday eve i ening Joe Riphagen is the newly elected elder replacing mar Ion Kuyper and Bill Schoep and Jim Franken Are the newly elected deacons retiring Dea con is Martin de Jager re elected As Eider was Gerrit j Schoep and reelected deacons i i Cluce ice wolfs Vinkel and the absence of Snow in Sioux Center was not bemoaned by this group of youngsters saturday morning when found the air Force Recruiter inc Hird and on the municipal rink sooth of the legion Hall t sgt Kenneth storm a native states ranks fourth shown lumbering up their Ankles Are Danny ver Hoef Marlow Scheff beef assigned to lation with 160 Mil 6rjimmy Boeyink Billy Schalekamp Vonnie duffs Pam Mouw duty 3n Force Recruiter at Vicki be Mink pm k and i Sioux Falls Sioux Center is in a by the news part of his new territory

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